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March 22, 2018

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March 22, 2018

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling.

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 Memories & Condolences
This Guest Book will remain online permanently courtesy of Saundra L. Abeyta-Tain.
August 13, 2017
Hi Dad,

I know it's been quite a while since you've heard from me. Time goes by so fast, but that's no excuse. I'm sorry I haven't written in quite a while. I keep missing the holidays, but don't you ever think that I forget you. Not a day doesn't go by that your not in my thoughts, my heart and in my mind along with the rest of our family and friends that are with you. I know Uncle Joe Garcia is with you now. Grandma Abeyta has her brother again. So many things are happening here. Joey and Alma's baby will be here next month and it's a boy! Finally! Poor Michael is surrounded by girls in this family. You should see him dad, he's so handsome, polite and is now in his senior year. Infact, he just had his senior pictures taken. He's learning to drive so he can get his permit. You'd be real proud of him. As for Patricia, Jaxx passed away recently. So you have another 4-legged fur baby to watch over. How many is that now dad? Way way too many. They come into our lives and then they're taken from us way to soon. It's really hard. Yesterday was Marti's "1" year anniversary of not being with us. We miss him so much. Please, please keep an eye on him. He's headstrong and stubborn, but that's our "Marti". You use to call him "Scare Face or Killer."
Also Dad, please wish Grandma Torres a Happy "100th" Birthday from all of us. Her birthday was Friday and I hope all of you celebrated her special occassion.
Mom is doing fine. The front of your house was just redone on account of dry rot underneath the windows because of the hedge. Turned out really great dad. It looks just like when you built the addition. Talking about additions dad, we want to extend the area in front of where the kitchen table sits. Where are you dad when I need you, I always need you. You were so smart with everything, but when it came to projects around the house you were your own carpenter. I loved working along side of you and you taught me a lot. I remember when you built our large family room so we could have a place to invite our family and friends. The party's we use to have were so much fun. We'd play pool, listen to music from your wonderful stereo system and you didn't care how loud we'd play it until mom would make us shut it off. All our friends that we grew up with loved and respected you so much and as we became adults our friendships grew and so did yours. You were everybody's dad. You always loved having your family around and that's why you also extended the kitchen. You showed me how to remodel a kitchen from beginning to end. Which takes me back to the day we tried laying down the linoleum floor. What a day it was between you, Uncle George and myself. Talking about the blind leading the blind. I had never done this before and neither did the both of you. The cuts weren't coming out and what Uncle George was suggesting on how to fix it was hilarious. Looking at it in hind sight, you should of hired a professional. This brings tears to my eyes dad, because I miss you so much. I loved being around all of you. The relationship all of you had for each other always amazed me. Coming from a family of 10 siblings, everyone got along. You'd tell each other off, but in the end that respect was always there. What wonderful memories you've given me and this is what we'd do every Sunday morning when mom would go to church and we'd talk on the phone. We'd reminisce about the past. I loved hearing your stories.
If you don't mind dad, I'd like to send a message to Marti through you.
Hi my sweet boy. It's grandma and I can't believe it's been a year that we haven't seen each other. Grandpa, Milo and I miss you so much. The house isn't the same without you honey. I pray the you are now healed, walking around and playing with all the other little animals. Knowing you, you're the leader of the pack. Please stay close to Li'l Grandpa and Li'l Grandma. They love you very much also. We received flowers a couple of weeks ago on your behalf from the company I ordered your food from. That was so thoughtful of them to had remembered you even though they had never met you. Milo is now using your stroller. We're back at UC Davis, of course for Milo. He's lonely and he misses his brother. We take him just about everywhere we go. Lookout for him, honey. He's having some serious health issues and I'm not ready to lose him either. Your Auntie Kathryn told me that this weekend being your anniversary the Perseid meteor shower is happening right now and this is you smiling down at us. I tried looking last night, but I couldn't see anything. When I'm finished writing to you and your Li'l Grandpa I'm going to go outside to see if I can see your smiles. If I can't see anything that's okay, because everynight I look up at the sky and find the brightess star to tell you, Li'l Grandpa/Grandma and the rest of our family, how much I love you, miss you dearly and wish all of you a good night. That bright star is my line of communication with all of you. I hope you can see me. Good night my baby Marti.
Thanks dad for letting me talk to Marti. You may have to translate for me. I'm going to say good night to you too. Please give my love to all our family and look after each other. Again, thanks for all the wonderful memories you've given me.

Love, your daughter

P.S. Next time we talk about the S.F. Giants. NOT GOOD.
April 1, 2017
Hi Dad,

Happy April 1st. Sadly special day that will be with me forever. Long time no hear huh Dad, but I'm always here. Life gets so busy and time passes by so fast, but always know you're in my heart. This past March brings back so many memories of our last month we got to spend with you until the 1st day of April. Four years ago today our lives changed. You left us to go to Heaven and 2 hours later Aunt Mary left also to join you in Heaven.
The holidays have come and gone and now were into another year, 2017. Were already into April, we're all getting older and the most recent exciting news for our family is that a new addition will be arriving in September. Joey and Alma are having another baby. I wish with all my heart you were here with all of us to see our family grow and share these special times together. I wish I had the power to roll back the years to when I was that young innocent little girl that always loved being with her daddy. Well, I'm an older woman now that still and always will need her dad. We all need your guidance, wisdom and most of all your love. It gets lonely, you were our rock. You know what I haven't seen Dad in a long long time, your vehicle. Everytime I'm in Napa I'm looking for it. I really need to see it. Coincidence maybe, but it gave me such solace to see your Pathfinder on the road. Somehow to me there was a connection. You don't come into my dreams, in which I've asked you to, but maybe that was your way of showing me you were there for me. Show me a little sign, okay Dad?
Well, baseball season begins tomorrow. Let's hope the S.F. Giant's are better this year. I'm pulling for the Oakland A's too. They're long over due for a win. The Oakland Raider's are moving to Las Vegas, Nevada and the 49er's, I don't even know what to say about them. They're nothing like when you and my uncles would go to watch them in S.F. all decked out in your 49er clothing. Those were the days Dad, those were the days.
We just lost another member of our extended family, AT, Mary Jones grandson. You remember him Dad. Loretta and Michael's ring bearer at their wedding. Please open up your arms and embrace him for us. Remind him of how much he's missed as well. He was so young, only 24 years old. Life is so precious. How's my Marti and Tank? Please tell me they are with you and the rest of all our 4-legged babies. Please tell Marti we miss him so much and that we love him dearly.
As for you Dad, always know how much I love and miss you dearly. Please give the rest of our family that are with you a big strong hug, kiss and smile.

Love, your daughter
October 1, 2016
Hi Dad,

How you doing? We're watching the S.F. Giants game right now against the LA Dodgers and we're winning. The Dodgers won the western division and right now we're fighting for the wild card against the St. Louis Cardinals. Now baseball is finally getting exciting. The first 1/2 of the season the Giants were in 1st place. In fact, we were so far ahead of the Dodgers. Then after the "All Star Game" it's like they forgot how to hit and from there, everything went down hill. They couldn't find their mojo. Now they're back in it, fighting for the wild card. They just finished their game. They won, Dad! If they win tomorrow, they'll be the 2nd wild card.
Today is Marti's "16th" Birthday. If it's alright with you Dad today is going to be a remembrance, tribute to Marti. This is my only way of communicating with him through you.

"Happy Happy Birthday my sweet little grand baby, Marti!!" I wish with all my heart you were here with us so we could hug you and kiss you like we always did everyday of your life. From the very 1st day I met you, you would get so excited to see me and let out a little stream and wiggle out of the arms of the person that was holding you so I could embrace you along with Milo. Once you and Milo came to live with us, your grandparents, was one of the happiest days of our lives. We were so happy that you and Milo were back together again. We have so many wonderful fond memories of what a charactor you were. When you both came to live with us we wanted you to learn how to socialize with other dogs. Oh Marti, what you did to that 6 month old huskie's nose. He was 4 times the size of you and then you had your back up, Milo. I know size never matter to you. Being a minature daschshund, you had the napoleon personality, the little people syndrome. You were the leader and Milo was the follower. One day you were trotting from the backyard with a long branch in your mouth. You were so proud of it. You tried to go through your doggie door with it in your mouth, but it was too wide. So you dropped the branch infront of your door, went through it and then the flap went up, out popped your head and you pulled the branch through lengthwise. We stood there watching you in amazement. What a smart little boy you were. Then you and Milo always running around, chasing each other doing relay races. How you use to chase the squirrels when they would try to out run the both of you when they were on the fence and then they would come to a stop to tease you. That's when the 2 of you would start with your barking. One day you began digging in the backyard along with the help of your little brother. You would stop, turn your head to listen, trying to figure out where the noise was coming from, then continuing with your digging. We didn't realize what you were looking for until one day I heard some type of scraping coming from under the ground. You would dig so deep that your face was buried in mud with your butt and hind legs up in the air. You wouldn't dig with your paws. You would bite the dirt with your mouth, toss it to the side and then continue the same way. I'd bring you in the house wash you all up and right back outside you'd go. You were so determined to find what you were looking for. The yard looked like the moon with pot holes. Finally you found what you were looking for, moles. I think you surprised them or they finally became deaf from all the barking and that's when you nailed the both of them. You were so proud of what you had acomplished, that you brought them in the house to show us. We couldn't make out what they were. I thought they were birds, until we went out to the the backyard to see. How we use to love having you in our bed. You use to love to burrow under the covers. You would crawl all the way to the end of the bed and Milo always next to me. Then when you would get too hot you'd crawl back out and you'd throw your body ontop of the covers. It didn't matter where you landed. You never had a concept of fear. When it came to breakfast Milo would wait patiently and as soon as you smelled grandpa's coffee brewing you'd start with that little noise you use to make to let me know you were hungry. If I wasn't fast enough you'd let me know. Gradually you would get louder and louder and then came the barking. You were always the verbal one and boy would you tell me off. These are just a few of many memories we will always have of you. I'm so sorry Marti for everything you had to go through with all your health issues. What a trooper you were with me, taking you back and forth to doctors trying everyway possible to help you. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being in our lives for the 14 years we had each other. You and Milo have fullfilled our lives in everyway possible. We miss you and love you so much and I know Milo misses his brother too. He's so lonely without you. He's so quiet without you. You use to be the instigator. The only time he barks is when a stranger is passing by or if one of Kathryn's cats is in the yard. Gee, I wonder who taught him that many many years ago, you! Happy Birthday Our Little Wigglebutt!
Dad, please give him a hug and a big kiss from his grandpa, Milo and me (grandma). I hope he is listening to you, staying close to you and now pain free. Please let him know how much we miss him and love him. Always keep an eye on him Dad, he is so little. I don't want him to get lost or lonely. The only thing that consoles me is that he is with you. Please give Tank a big hug and kiss for us also. Wish him a "Big Happy Belated Birthday." He turned "13" on Sept. 23. Mom misses him alot too. Tank was her companion. I'm visualizing all our 4 legged fur babies running around you Dad. You've got a lot of responsibilities having to take care of all of them and they all love you. We love and miss you too, Dad.

Love, your daughter,

September 10, 2016
Happy Birthday my Sweet Sweet Dad,

I can't believe you're "83" years old today Dad. I'm sure you're having a wonderful celebration with all our family and friends in heaven, but we're missing the special family celebration here without you. You always make every party special. You're not only celebrating your birthday today, but Uncle John is also celebrating with you in heaven his daughter, your niece Andie's marriage today to Christian. Jonathan and I weren't able to go. I haven't felt up to going out for a while. Milo hasn't been the same since Marti left us. He won't leave my sight. He follows me everywhere. He is very insecure without his beloved brother. We take him just about everywhere, even to a restaurant that allows outdoor dining. We haven't been the same since we've lost Marti. Please tell me he is now with you and Tank, running around again with all his legs free of pain. You can always tell me in my dreams Dad. You know, I still haven't had a dream of you yet, I'm still waiting. Marti is my little boy and I don't want him to be lost and wondering around by himself. Please comfort him and take care of him like you always did with all of us. I miss you, love you and Happy Birthday again to my one and only special dad.
All my hugs and kisses.

Love, your daughter

P.S. Well Dad, what can I tell you about the S.F. Giants that you already don't know. The guys have been playing their hearts out, but as usual management stinks. Up until the "All Star Game" they were in "1st" place, 8 games ahead. Now, they're in "2nd" place, 4 games behind the LA Dodgers fighting the NY Mets and St. Louis Cardinals for a wild card spot. Dad, send them a little of your baseball guidance.