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This Guest Book will remain online permanently courtesy of His Forever Loving Family ~ Gerda,Louise,Steve,Meliss
a,Chris,Jason,Steph,Rylee Jae, Nicholas Anthony.
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May 27, 2016

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May 27, 2016

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed.

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February 11, 2015
My loving dearly missed daddy ~ it's so hard to write to you your absence has been from all of our lives so devastating I keep you alive in my thoughts ~ prayers~ and my everyday life ~ Life is so lonely without you ~~ you were the glue that held us all together ~ especially our respect and love for one another ~~ this year is so heartbreaking yet comforting (first you passing on Mom's birthday 1 year ago February 19,2014 someday we will know why the thought that you are at peace is most comforting for your poor soul you suffered so much ~ and yet gave so much to so many on earth! you rest my dearest daddy you are always with me as I know I and the family are always with you~~ I Love you Daddy forever your loving daughter Louise and Mom is hanging on for you were her life she loves you so much
September 24, 2014
My Dearest Daddy ~ Life has been hectic ~ Jason and precious Nicholas have come into mine and Mom's life ~~ Oh Dad I know he was sent from heaven above he is what life is all about ~~ being a grandma is such an honor ~ and if you're blessed God grants us this loving title ~~ I know you're alive in his soul and Rylee's ~ please keep watching over us that what ever life we have left on this earth be it God's decision we may pass on all the love we have within us to these beautiful souls of Rylee and Nicholas ~~ Mom deserved these loving hearts into her life ~~ we endured so much sadness ~ to much to comprehend in 1 year or even a lifetime ~~ I know you hear our loving prayers and want solitude and peace ~~ it will all be what it is to be ~~ and you know I will do what ever I need to do to keep the peace for Mom, my children and especially my grandchildren my (family) I Love you Dad ~~ You are Forever Loved ~~ May God Always keep his Loving arms around you ~~ Your Loving and Greatful Daughter for being in my life ~ Louise and Your Forever Loving Gerda :) Miss you :(
July 31, 2014
My Dearest Daddy its been a while since I've written to you ~ I miss you so much and it hurts so bad, but everyday I push myself to go on ~ I will always be there for Mom and keep trying to be strong ~ Rylee keeps the light in my life and Melissa and I have finally crossed over to a beautiful Mother and Daughter relationship ~~ I know you always wanted us to get along ~~ I never knew how much she did love and care about me ~~ she does worry about me and mom ~~ Oh my dear dad losing you was a tragedy to me I really never thought it would be so hard and so sad I really thought I could handle it all ~~ I know your at peace with God and that helps my mind and my soul ~~ God keep you safe in heaven and may the Angels always surround you with comfort and Love ~~ Rest Peacefully my Loving Dad ~ Forever in my thoughts and in my heart I Miss you so ~~Love Your Daughter Louise
May 26, 2014
My Dearest Daddy today is Memorial Day Me, Mom, and Steve went to your resting place me and mom just hugged your stone and I gave it so many kisses and mom did too I hope you always know you will never be alone through thought, prayer and so so much love ~~ It is so so heartbreaking to know I can never get you a warm blanket, or hold your hand so you don't feel afraid ~~ we miss you so much daddy ~~ we will be there again on Father's Day ~~ only this one I can't hug you or tell you thank you for being god's greatest gift to me the greatest dad and man on earth that I have ever met ~~ Well daddy I also want to say thank you for serving our country and giving so much of yourself that you always done normally for our country and everyone that came across your life ~~ missing you ~~ sending all my love to you and praying god will always and for eternity give you peace ~~ Mom sends every breath she takes of all her love to you too! All my love I send to you in the beautiful heavens above ~~ Your Loving Daughter Louise ~~ I salute you my loving Father ~~ on this Memorial Day May 26,2014
May 17, 2014
I wrote to you on my birthday and Mothers day because I missed you so much since you left and went onto your new journey life here has and will never be the same I know in time we will be together and the wonderful journey on earth will follow us on to the beautiful peaceful loving and respectable place that you`re at ~~~ the years here will have no love just tears ~ when we meet again the bad will be gone to where they belong and maybe just maybe our family will be one again ~~ I am sorry for your great grandson for poor mom will never know him we thought he would be your legacy and our love for you would bestowed upon him but we see it will never happen ~~ please let the lord know we know there is good and bad and real bad in this world and we got the worst which the lord knows and you KNOW we never ever deserved this ~~ I miss you so much my loving daddy wish you were here life sure was so different ` PEACE BE WITH YOU FOR YOU ARE FOREVER WITH ME IN MY HEART AND SOUL GOD BLESS YOU ```FOR YOU WILL BE FOREVER MY AMAZING DADDY WITH ALL MY RESPECT TO YOU FROM ME FOR ALWAYS LOVING ME AND NEVER TURNING YOUR BACK ON ME ``LOVING ME UNCONDITIONALLY THAT'S WHAT FAMILY AND LOVE IS ALL ABOUT GOOD NIGHT MY PRECIOUS FATHER ALL MY LOVE TO YOU FOREVER AND ETERNITY YOUR LOVING DAUGHTER LOUISE
April 22, 2014
My Dearest Daddy I did write to you on Easter Sunday ~~ to wish you all of God's Love Peace and Comfort on your eternal journey in the heaven's above ~~ but my message never made it to you ~~ you are in my heart ~ thoughts and in my soul every second and every breath I take each and every day Again, Happy Easter my forever sadly missed Daddy ~~ Peace be with you always hope your keeping all the angels laughing ~~ God Bless you miss and love you so much Your Loving and saddened daughter Louise and dearest loving wife Gerda 57 years we had you for the holidays ~~ this is our first without you, but we know you would never want us to not celebrate any day or holiday ~~ so in your memory you will always be with us for eternity ~~~ peace daddy your are forever loved
March 28, 2014
My sincere condolences to the family. It was an honor to know you - thank you for your affection over the past 20 years.
I miss you already.
March 17, 2014
To all the caring, giving loving ~ Doctors, friends, family and acquaintances of Nicholas Barbera ~ Thank you for showing and letting us know what a positive mark he has has left in your life ~~ we as a family always knew he was very private ~ yet very caring, giving and was always trying to find a way to help someone and was totally for finding justice for all the right reasons ~ as for his catholic religion he was a strong believer in the afterlife ~ my dad is at peace ~ and we hope someday in the future our family will find comfort and peace with his absence from our lives on earth, but with all the sincere condolences we have received we thank you and god bless you all for your heartfelt blessings and knowing the true wonderful man my dad Nicholas Barbera was ~ may the light of this candle burning get you through all the dark days in your life and give you light to shine on to people who will need someone so special as my dad was and to show them the way to special people who care, listen and let you know how special you are too ~~ and finally, thank you for opening up your heart and letting him be that special positive person who has passed through your journey on earth. Our blessings to all.
February 27, 2014
My Dearest Nick God looked around the garden and found an empty space. He looked down upon the earth and saw your tired face. He put his arms around you, and lifted you to rest. God's garden must be beautiful for he only takes the best. He knew that you were weary, and he knew you were in pain. He knew that you would never, be well on earth again. He saw the roads were getting rough, and the hills were hard to climb. So he closed your weary eyelids, and whispered peace be thine.
Rest in Peace ~ God watch over you ~ Miss you terribly ~ I Love You Gerda
February 27, 2014
Dearest Daddy I lit a candle for you today ~ so you may never be without light ~ this light will guide you through the heavens above and the warmth you feel is the love from your family ~ and as time goes by our souls will meet in heaven again someday and your candle will be so bright that we will all join you on this miraculous journey and so the light will become our guide and we will never feel pain, illness, sadness, or be scared just let the light guide us to one another for peace family, friends and most of all love ~~ may the guardian angels dance and sing around you always and I know I have a new guardian angel to protect me and that's you daddy (You will forever light up my life) till our souls meet again keep this candle burning :) sending you angel kisses from below love your daughter Louise

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