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April 25, 2015
Happy 88th Birthday! It doesn't get easier not having my Mom where I can talk to you .... Miss you so very much ... Thank you for being the best Mom I could ever have!
November 24, 2014
Today marks the end of the second year without you here on earth ....but you are with me still,and I know you continue to watch over us ... words still cannot express how much I love you. I miss you every day!
May 11, 2014
Happy Mother's Day, Mom... your second in heaven. You held us together and gave us priceless gifts of love, faith and example. We know your hands are folded in prayer for all of us. There are no words to tell you how much you are missed.
April 25, 2014
Happy Birthday, Mom. Your second in Heaven. Two years ago today we were together to celebrate your 85th; today, Sarah, Katie and I are celebrating the birth of your first great grandchild, Clare Elise, born to Sues & Chad on April 21st. Sarah continue to lead the way, and she says she is learning to grand-parent rom your example. I miss you more than ever, your hands still guide me but it is not the same. With great and ever growing love!
November 24, 2013
One year ago today was the hardest day
of my life ... I miss you so and am so grateful for the gift of faith and all you taught us. I know you are in peace ... your deepest longing ... and words cannot express how much I love you.
April 25, 2013
Happy Birthday, Mom..... I am certain this is the biggest and best Birthday ever ... and I know you are surrounded in God's light and love ... Words do nothing to express how deeply I miss you... All My Love, Cindy
April 24, 2013
Happy Birthday Mary, miss you.
December 28, 2012
A Memorial Mass honoring Mom will be held at St. Thomas More (formerly St.Luke's, where she was a lifelong parishoner) in the Spring as opposed to the original plan of early in January. Details to follow.
December 22, 2012
Pleasecorrect my contact information .. my email address is
December 20, 2012
Mary is A Woman of Great Faith, A Daughter, A Sister, A Wife, A Mother, A Godmother, A Grandmother, A Friend

Born in April, 1927 in Saint Joseph's Hospital, St.Paul

She grew up in Excelsior, Minnesota on College Lake where one of her lifelong regrets about her childhood was that she did not learn to swim .. And now I know why I can't swim.

Her strong Faith has been a thread in her life since very early on .. she writes that she remembers being taken to Church for the first time when she was 4 or 5 .... and that it was a quiet place where you couldn't talk. As I recall, she got me to be quiet in church by pinching me in just the right spot on the back of my arm.

She attended Excelsior High School where she developed an interest in writing and served on the school paper.She also applied for and was accepted to a summer internship program in Journalism at Northwestern University in Chicago . she writes that she travelled alone by train to Chicago and loved every minute of it.

As a freshman at the University of Minnesota, she met Dad and fell in love ... she says it took about a year .. when asked how she knew he was the one, she said "You just know!! When asked in 1999 who had influenced her life most profoundly other than her parents, she answered it was Dad ... because of his courage and his fearlessness in overcoming his handicap.

They married in 1948 and have seven children .... her most difficult days came when we lost our brother, Rob. She writes that burying him was the most difficult thing she ever had to do ... yet she showed us her faith by example and refused to be unforgiving or bitter during this tremendous time of grief.

Mom loved this Holy Family Residence, the people here and, I quote "the little bit of heaven" that it is gave her great joy and peace in her last years ... and we are all very grateful.

She was bright ( sharp as a tack to the end), beautiful ,independent ,strong, had a great sense of humor and was insightful beyond bounds. You didn't fool her for a minute .... she would even pick up the "suspicious" from the sound of your voice.

Mom loved each of us unconditionally ... she separated behavior from the love she has for us ... we have always known when she didn't approve of our choices or actions....but she has the most amazing way of loving us unconditionally anyway!

As I celebrate her joy at finally being in her Heavenly home and as I grieve for my Mother, I find myself fixated on her hands .....

The hands that taught us to pray

The hands that rubbed our foreheads when we were sick or sad

The hands that prayed to show her deep devotion to the Blessed Virgin

The hands that fingered a rosary almost daily .

The hands that wore the wedding rings of both our grandmother's ....

The hands that held the silver reflector when she was baking in the sun in the backyard.... something she did to the point of excess with her sister Joanr

The hands that created a special Santa gift spot for each of us in the living room on Christmas Eve and drove us to the 6AM Mass on Christmas morning before we could see our gifts.

The hands that sometimes left scratch marks on our arms when she was trying to catch us and we were dumb enough to pull away.

The hands that wiped her tears but continued to pray when she lost her father, her mother, her brother, her sister, her son, and the father of her children

The hands that accompanied that look on her face as she waved off those things she disliked

The hands that took the buckles and bows off of everything because it had to be "classic"

The hands that polished the silver and set the dining room table days in advance of any event.

The hands that signed the many notes on days when one of us was not going to school.

The hands that pieced together solutions in difficult times ... and there were many difficult times

The hands that wrote about the great times she and her sister, Nan, had growing up in their home by the lake.

The hands that cared for and prayed for her sister Joan as she was dying.

The hands that held those chocolate covered potato chips from Sarah , or Nancy's great toffee, or her Mother's blueberry buckle.

The hands that wrote about the Valentine flowers Sue brought her when she was a little girl.

The hands that pointed when her message was definite ...

The hands that struggled to write the answers in a book called Reflections from a Mother's Heart given to me on my 50th Birthday... she said I could just guess if I couldn't read it

The hands that held the book called something like "the Talk ...from a Mother to a Daughter" as she told me about sex. How my friend Pam Doty got it only to present it to Mom and I years later at a luncheon,I will never know.

The hands that were much missed when she spent 4 months in the hospital to ensure the birth of her youngest child.

The hands that loved to arrange or plant flowers.... except in the discarded toilet Roger Conway left in our backyard to use as a planter. What a treasure to live in a neighborhood of Conways .... we were surrounded by faith, fun and laughter

The hands that placed and dusted and replaced her many knickknacks over the years...

The hands that made the wheat thin and Peanut Butter cookies .. you can find the recipe in the Little Sister's cook book. Please be careful, though, they could cause diabetes.

The hands that volunteered here at the residence for many years.

The hands that broke off the small pieces of the huge Hershey Bar to share with us

The hands that made our lunches so we could come home from grade school every day.

The hands that signed cards to family and friends on all the unforgotten occasions ...

The hands that held her grandchildren.

The hands that helped at Ann's the times she spent holidays or recuperation time with her.

The hands that showed Ann where to put the knick knacks back after Ann dusted.

The hands that welcomed John (her godchild) and his family who came from California for a visit

The hands we held when she was sick.

The hands that received communion given by her son, Chris. Receiving communion from him was one of her great joys.

The hands that folded to pray every day of her life

The hands that lay peacefully and motionless wrapped in a rosary at the time of her death.

The hands that wrote the answer to the question "what would you like to leave as a legacy ." Her answer: "that the gift of faith is the most important, treasured gift that one will receive; If you have this gift it will see you through any challenge".

Mom, you have given us life along with that treasured gift of faith, you have lived it every day of your life, and we will cherish it and you always. We will deeply miss you and your hands .....we will watch for the signs ...
December 07, 2012
Great memories in the old neighborhood!

Our thoughts and prayers for your Mom and the Carley Family!

The Budges
December 07, 2012
Carleys, I'm very sorry for your loss. For some reason your mom liked me even though I continued to eat all your Fritos. Your mom was big part of my childhood and will be remembered with kindness. My thoughts and prayers are with you all this Christmas.
December 06, 2012
Dearest Sara, Joe, Sues, Patrick, and the rest of the Carleys,
I was sorry to hear that you lost your mother/grandmother. She was an amazing woman in many ways. I will remember her fondly and will miss seeing her at your family functions. She was always very kind to me. My thoughts, prayers, and love are with you.
December 05, 2012

Mom was a woman of faith. She knew that God would get her through anything, and that he would only give you what you could handle in life, that that would make you better and stronger in the end.

She certainly did that for me when she decided to go against doctor's orders, ignore her own safety, and let go and let God. With her faith, she fought to bring me into the world. For that I am truly grateful,because with out that, I wouldn't be here and know that the greatest gift I have been blessed with
is being a mother.

Mom's relationship with all of her children is very special, each different and unique. When I spoke
to Mom, we always picked up right where we left off! She always made me feel as though the distance between us, was only in the miles we lived apart, and not in our relationship. Each and every time I spoke to her, we would say our "Good-byes", say I love you, knowing that we really did mean those words, and that we were at peace with our relationship. It truly was a spiritual connection that I can't adequately express in words, and I know in my heart it will always be there.

Mom's passing, is a passing into a new found relationship, not of endings but of new beginnings. Our relationship will continue without limitations. I know that she will continue to be apart of my everyday life, apart of my kids day to day life, as I already feel her watching over me and my family.

With all our love,
Katie, Larry, Melissa, Erin, Robert, Lauren and Jacob
December 05, 2012
Mary was one special lady! She will be missed. I have many fond memories. Did you know that your mom taught me to iron? Each time I do a man's shirt I think of her and our talks on the front steps of the Carley home on Goodrich. Hello to all of you and my sincere wishes and prayers. Cinny Durkin Sobieski
December 04, 2012
Cindy, Sue, Chris, Sarah, Ann and Katie,
The collective sense of family looms much larger these days than it did when I was younger and so too does the collective sense of loss. My memory of your mother is that she always left me with a smile and something pleasant to say and it always will be. Everything that happened between Fairmount and Lincoln in my memory is only a moment away and I rely on that frequently, if not daily. I am sorry for your loss and eternally grateful to have been so fortunate to have known your mother as I feel I did: as well as all of you. I truly believe the greatest gift our parents gave us was the ability to remember the good and that is really all I can and chose to recall and hope that each of you to do the same with love.
December 04, 2012
Katie and family,
My thoughts and prayers are with you. I hope that the peace of the season will help to ease your sorrow.
December 04, 2012
Sarah and Family,

Your Mom will be forever remembered for her kindness and her enduring strength. I know you will miss her terribly. You are in our prayers.
December 04, 2012
Rest in peace, Mrs. Carley. Give Rob a big hug for me. To all of the family, my heart goes out to you. I'm sorry for your loss.
November 30, 2012

Frances Mary Carley

04/25/27 - 11/24/12

In Addition to the Funeral Services on December 6, 2012 held at Little Sisters of the Poor, there will be a Memorial Mass and Visitation held at St Thomas More, formerly St Luke's, on January 3, 2013. Complete Notice will be published the week of January 3, 2013
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