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Kelli Jo (Nasby) Hardy
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May 11, 2015
Happy Mother's Day my beautiful sister sorry it's late. Sure do miss you need to get up and visit you and bring you flowers. Love you and miss u dearly blowing u kisses.
May 10, 2015
Happy Mother's day in heaven my dear niece!

Love and miss you,
Aunt Deb
January 16, 2015
My Beautiful sister it had been awhile I'm sorry. Well holly is having another baby in May I know you would be so thrilled. She was having Oreos and milk she said you must have told her to have them cause she loves th for the time being. Mom is doing good some days are still so hard for her but your right by her side to get her through . We need to get up to visit you so very soon I so miss you sis I wish I could just give you a hug. Give gram and uncle bob Amy hugs for me also. I love you so much now and for ever lol sis. Love sis gerianne
June 24, 2014
Hey mom just thought I'd let you know that upward bound is going good and Katy's grad party this weekend. We are all excited! Will be nice to see everyone. Love you sooo much
Love David.
June 01, 2014
Hello Kiddo!
Well, another one of your babies has graduated. Katy, on the honor roll. How proud you must be. She is a beauty like her sister and mom. Dave made sure she had that perfect gift like Sara. So beautiful! You are so loved and so missed!!
I love you dearly, and I see you in those babies eyes everytime they visit.
Love You & continue to watch over them!
Peace with the angels Sweetie!!
May 30, 2014
My sis Kelli well Katy graduated and I know you were by her side the hole time. Making sure her hair was perfect pretty dress. So has grown into a Beautiful young lady and I know how proud you would be. All three of your children have grown up so fast and they are so wonderful be of you .I hope you liked your flowers sure was nice to visit you it's still hard but we get through it.i lofe and miss you . Love Gerianne and family
May 11, 2014
Happy Mothers Day my dear sister love Mom Robbie David we miss and love you each and sis Gerianne
May 09, 2014
My sis Kelli,well today your son turned 15yrs old. I know how proud you are of him. He has grown into to such a handsome young man. I know you were with him all day and every day making sure his day is special. I love and miss you love sis Gerianne
April 20, 2014
Happy Easter my beautiful sister I miss you so much your always on my mind. I love you sis Gerianne
February 14, 2014
Happy Valentines Day Kelli!!
Hope you & Amy made Uncle Bob his favorite chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting. His favorite so I'm sure the two of you are right on it!

You must be one proud Mom watching your 3 kids so grown up! Stay close to them, and your Mom and siblings!!

Love Always
Aunt Deb
February 11, 2014
My sis Kelli
Well Sara is 21yrs old today I remember the day she was born. She was just a little peanut. I know how proud you must be and would be of her. You would be so proud of all three. If I could have one wish I would want to hug and kiss you I know you would be so excited for her. They are such beautiful grow young adults and beautiful just like you.we will get up to visit you love and miss you so much.
Love you sis Gerianne
January 02, 2014
Happy New Year my lovely sister thinking and missing you so much. Love you sis
Love sis Gerianne
January 01, 2014
Hello Kiddo,
Another year and more loss. I just know you have been close! Your Orb is bright like Amy's. Uncle Bob is still the biggest and brightest. Maybe cause he's new to heaven. :)
Your kids are doing so good. They always have you close honey. As we all do!
I Love You,
December 28, 2013
Hello Darling!!

I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas in the heavenly home of yours! You are loved - you are missed! This is always going to be a rough holiday for the rest of the family on earth :( We are continuing with our traditions as that's how all of you would want it.

Love you kelli,
Aunt Deb xxoo
December 28, 2013
Sis Kelli Just want to tell you hoe much I miss you. Love sis Gerianne
December 20, 2013
Me again sis I also wanted to say
Merry Chritmas my Love
Love ( biff) Robbie
December 20, 2013
My Dear sister Kelli
Well it's that time of year you always couldn't wait to make Xmas cookies and banana bread.oh my how you could bake.I couldn't wait to have your treats. I miss it all so much sis. After six years the pain is still in my heart, when I here the Christmas music the tears flow down my face. But I know you are with me. I still watch the Christmas shows we always watched. You always had that smile so now when I hear music and see the lights I smile to. Well my honey I will keep that smile, as much as you did. You will always be with me and in my heart. Watch over us from above my angel and when we get weepy give us a tap and tell us to stop. And remember your fun smile. I miss you more than words can says is. I love you miss you. I don't care if it has been six or sixty years my heart still hurts. I love you sis love Robbie
November 29, 2013

November 17, 2013
Hello Kiddo,
It's been too long since I came to visit. I will have to change that. You must be bursting with pride Kelli! You have some pretty amazing kids and we all love them dearly!!
By now, Uncle Bob is with all of you, no doubt he will make you all laugh and smile.
I love you Kiddo! Peace and Comfort Hon!
October 11, 2013
This is the hardest day of the year for all of us. You left us to soon your never forgotten miss you so much love big brother
October 11, 2013
My dear Niece!

So hard to believe it's been 6 years ago today that we lost you. Much too young, so much to offer, and 3 babies and a husband left to try and figure out how to go ahead.
Know that your 3 kids have grown up, are so respectful and easy to love!!

I will let you go now, I'm sure Uncle Bob has you & Amy cracki' up!! Give them all a hug from me :)

Love Always,
AUnt Deb
September 14, 2013
My sis just sitting thinking how we would be at walmart like we always did.I miss them trips with you.but we always go tjhere when we come to visit you that will never end and we take brother woth us lol.please watch over mom.Robbie wanted me to say Happy Birtthday to you as well as Mom.
September 14, 2013
Hello my dear niece - - Happy Birthday!
Please you & Amy behave with Uncle Bob with you now. It is very much a loss for all of us, but he fought long and so hard just like you two girls.
We are grateful he went peacefully in Aunt Chris's arms. Watch over her ok?

I love you,
Aunt Deb
September 14, 2013
Happy Birthday my beautiful sister well i hope yoi have a beautiful up in heaven you have another angel with you.uncle Bob who i will miss dearly will take care of you.we will be up ti visit you.give him a big hug for me.I love you and miss you.again happy 45th birthday.
September 13, 2013
hey mom, I sure hope you're enjoying havin Uncle Bob up there with you, even though we miss him here we know he's with his angels :) I told him to give you a huge hug for me, he said he would. I miss you every day and since I'm writing now I'll say happy birthday early :) I'll bring Katy and David to see you tomorrow, it's nice for us to come visit and talk to you, I know you hear us and help us any way you can, you're always here and will be here for us. I love you and miss you so much and I'm glad you can keep uncle bob company up there, I know he was lookin forward to seein you and amy. I'll write again soon gonna go pick David up from school. love you

love always, your little peanut :)
June 06, 2013
First week of upward bound is almost done I had a lot of fun and I'm learning lots just thought I'd let you know mom love you so much
June 05, 2013
Hi mom just wanted to let you know that things are going good and I got accepted to upward bound and I'm having a lot of fun school is going good too, I love and miss you so
Much bye.
May 12, 2013
Happy mothers day sis,hope mothers day up in heaven is beautiful as you.i miss you so very much to talk to you,little Gavin is getting so big you would just love him up. He will know about his great auntie Kelli when he can. Me holly and gav are going to Robbie's today with mom and Lora Lilly and maybe Toby mom is doing good need to get her out of the house.we my sis I will write you soon and we will get up soon to visit you. I love you and miss you so much,
Love sis gerianne and si Robbie
May 01, 2013
hey mom, I know it's been a while since I've written but I think about you every day. I was gonna stop by and see you last week but we got a big snow storm and they didn't plow but I drove by and said hi from me and everyone else. I've had a rough last few weeks and I wish everyday that you were here. I went to church with grandma melody on Sunday and I could feel you sitting next to me, it was a hard service for me to sit through but I'm so lucky I have grandma. if course Katy and David and I have been spending lots of time together and I'm very much enjoying bein their sister again and not tryin to be a mom. I miss you every day and I watched a thunder storm the other night and I remembered how you used to wake me up to watch them with you and have Oreos. I know you're always with me but it's just not the same when I can't hug you or hear your voice but I'll keep talkin to you as if you're sitting right next to me because I know that whatever problems or things I'm goin through you'll find a way to give me advice and comfort me. I love you and I'll come visit when the snow melts and I'll bring Katy and David by too

love always, your little peanut :)
March 31, 2013
Happy Easter our sister Kelli,hope you are having a heaven easter uo there with Gram,Amy.Robbie wanted me to tell you thank you for the touch and the smell of your cherry blossom.We miss you so much holidays are and always will be without you here with us.for ever loving you and always love and miss you lil sis.
March 31, 2013
Happy Easter Kelli! Hope you have a festive day with all of our family angels!

Missing and loving you,
Aunt Deb
March 16, 2013
my sis kelli,sorry it has been awhile,I have not forgot about you and never will.Just busy being a grandma,Gavin is alomost 7 months old already he is such a joy in our lives.can you hear me uo there in heaven,I miss your voice and that laugh.we need to get up and visit you very soon and bring you is doing good just keep your big wings around her ok.write you soon.
I love you,Love sis Gerianne
January 03, 2013
Hi Kiddo,
Happy New Year in Heaven with the family! I think of you daily and wonder how proud you would be of your babies. They are growing so fast. Good looking kids too! ;)
Love & Peace with the angels Kelli.
I love You!
January 01, 2013
Happy New Year in Heaven Kelli!! Love you!
December 27, 2012
My sis Kelli, sorrry i did not get to write you for chrstmas,merry christmas to you up in heaven I'm sure it was beautiful up was a wonderful christmas this year with gavin with us now,and being with the family.I miss this time with you and i know you where with us all.I love and miss you so very much my lil sis,i will wrrite you soon.
Love sis Gerianne
December 25, 2012
Merry Christmas with the angels Kelli!!
Enjoy your holiday with all our loved ones with you!

Miss and love you,
Aunt Deb
December 10, 2012
My sis Kelli,sorry it has been awhile been busy spending time with Gavin,holly you would love him so much he is a very good baby.he is going to be 4months old soon growing so fast,I was you where here to see him.well christmas is around the corner and I know that was your favorte time of the year sure do miss that banna nut bread you would always make us,I just miss you sis so much Mom is doig good i know she misses you so much as well as all of us.your children are amazing they are growing up so fast and so pretty and handsome,i see you so much in them.I always have my angel on for you,I know you are getting things done up there in heaven you always had to be busy.well give gram and amy a kiss and hug,kisses and hugs to you my lil sis I love and miss you i will write soon.
Love sis Gerianne
November 24, 2012
Hello Kiddo,
Another Thanksgiving came and went. All the families spent time with loved ones. Keep your wings around your Mom, we worry about her. :(
Hope you had a peacful Thanjksgiving with the family.
Love & Miss You Kelli!!
November 22, 2012
Hi Kelli!

Just wanted to tell you to have a Heavenly Thanksgiving with all our departed loved ones.

Missing and loving you,
Aunt Deb
October 21, 2012
hey mom, sorry it's been a while since I've written, I've been pretty busy, but not a day goes by when I don't think of you, can't believe it's been 5 years since you left, me and Katy and David miss you so much. Aunt Robbie, Aunt Gerianne, Uncle David, Uncle Rog and even cousin Zach came up, it was sure good to see them and spend time with them, I know it's hard for them to come up here and not see you but they are always there for us and we are so thankful but I just wanted to stop by and write quick, know I always think of you and miss you and I know Katy and David do too
Love you!!

love always, your little peanut
October 15, 2012
Hi Kiddo,
Hard to believe it's been 5 years. It seems like yesterday. Sometimes we just protect ourselves by trying not to remember these dates. It never works. I know you enjoyed your family and the visit this past weekend. You have such a devoted family and children. You must be so proud of all of them.
Please give Grams a hug from me and one for yourself.
Love You Kelli,
October 11, 2012
Dear Little sister
it has been another hard day you left us 5yrs ago an the pain is still there theres a bond between a bother an his sisters you are missed so much some days are easyer then others but your thought of all the time i have you memories in my heart we will be up to see you tomorrow an bring some flowers for you KELLI i miss you so much
Love your big brother
October 11, 2012
kelli,i cant belive it has been 5 yrs when we lost you.some days are harder than others,to pick up the phone and to hear your voice one more time.Im sure you are busy up in heaven cause i know how you always had to be busy.i know you are with your children today to comfort them as well as all uf us,watch over Mom wrap them big fluffy wings around her,we are comming up to visit you tomorrow and i cant wait oh yes and flowers would so love your new great nephew Gavin he is so amazing i cant get enough of him,i know you would be asking about him,well gotta go sis but i will write you soon,We Mom Robbie David and me miss you so very much and will always.
Love your family
October 11, 2012
Dear Kelli!
It certainly doesn't seem like 5 years ago we lost you to your new home in heaven.
Please know you are so very missed and loved by all of us! I know as a Mom you will be with the 3 kids, and knowing the relationship you had with your siblings - you will comfort them thru the day!! PLEASE take a bit of xtra time to wrap Mom in your wings today! Only a parent will understand!

Missing and loving you,
Aunt Deb
October 02, 2012
Hey my Niece-

I know you are busy baking for grama's birthday today but wanted to let you know how loved and missed you are!

Your cousin Holly's baby is so-o-o cute! All these new little ones in your family would make you so proud!!

Well honey - gonna let you go back to the heavenly kitchen but just wanted to let you know you are very much missed and loved,

Love always,
Aunt Deb xxoo
September 19, 2012
Hello my lil sister Kelli,well you know how much you are missed,keep your big fluffy wings aroung Mom for us,I hope you enjoyed your angel food cake up in heaven just like Aunt Chris said.I know you would love and spoil Gavin he is so beautiful and handsome.One day i will sit down with him and tell him about his great auntie Kelli and I'm sure you are right by Holly's side hepling her,she and Tommy are wonderful parent's,I thought the years get easyier but they are not at time's i want to hear your voice and tell you all about my grandson Gavin.I know you can hear me when i need you,we will be up soon to visit you oh we will be loud just how you liked it when we would come up.Matthew is doing good you would love Heather also.well my lil sis i will write you soon.
all my love,Love and miss you so very much,Love sis Gerianne
September 14, 2012
Happy Birthday Sweetie! Love and miss you!
Aunt Deany
September 14, 2012
Dear Sister Kelli
Happy Birthday & happy anniversary i miss calling you its a hard day thought of you all day they say time heals well thats going to be awhile want you to know this bother miss you so much
Love you an miss you sis
September 14, 2012
Dear Sister
Happy birthday & Anniversary from MOM ROBBIE DAvid GERIANNE we miss u so much they say the heart heals an the pain slowly goes away well not sure on that all i know is we miss you so much you would be so proud of Sara Katie & David jr. there growing up so fast hard to belive we all miss you so much today is another trying day for all of us we love an miss you so much we'll be up to see you real soon
With all are love
MOM Robbie David Gerianne we love you
September 14, 2012
Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday my beautiful niece in heaven!!

Your 3 babies look wonderful and so mature!! I know you are smiling down on all 3 of them.

Today will be an especially rough day on Mom - please hold her tight in your wings! For your other loved ones - - just stay close to all of us and pick us up should we start to fall down.

Loving and missing you,
Aunt Deb
September 13, 2012
Hi Kiddo,
I want to say "Happy Birthday & Anniversary" You are so missed my girl. Now you are a great Aunt to Gavin. He is adorable and I just know you would have spoiled him properly! ;) Anytime we spend with the kids, David and Laurie are really special. You have a beautiful family.
Enjoy your angel food cake, I'm guessing that's what you get in heaven.
I Love You Kelli!
September 04, 2012
my sis Kelli,sorry this is late Holly had Gavin he is so beautiful,i know you would have been here when he was born.youre a great auntie again I you be so happy,i could just see that smile of your' would say your a grammie now i can just hear that voice of your's.I miss you so much and i will tell Gavin about his great auntie.sara is now back up by you she did a job transfer,she is happy to be by the kids and daivd.we will be getting up soon sis i cant wait to visit you!!!therre are so many days that i wish i could give you a hug and kiss,i feel you so keep it up.your chilren are so wonderful you would be so proud of them.they learned from their mother,hummers are still comming like crazy.well my lil sis i will write back soon,I love and miss you so very much.
Love,sis Gerianne
July 20, 2012
Kelli,well this is the weekend of the walk up north,but i had to stay back this year due to holly maybe having the baby i know you would understand cause that is what you would say to me.I know you will be right by sara's side and katy,davids side walking with them cause the walks ment soo much to you.we had such a great time with the kids when they were down here for a week.they are so much like you they are doing pretty told them some stories of you and lil david loved hearing them,I miss you sis there are day's i wish i could have you here,i know your at peace and pain free just to see you smile like the songsay's (just to see you smile)well i hope to get up soon,keep in touch with me sis you are my everything.
Love you and miss you so so very much,
xxoo Love sis Gerianne
July 03, 2012
My sis Kelli,sorry it's been awhile been busy helping out holly getting ready for little Gavin to come your great nephew I know how excited you would be and i wish you where here when he arrives.I know you where with us o sunday for the shower at robbies,she did such a good was a fun shower with our aunts and cousins,and our mother.I'm getting ready for his arrival can't wait to meet him.holly is doing great i think she is going at the end of the month but i could be wrong the doctor said he is in postion face down at 36weeeks so we will see who wins the baby pool.I miss you lil sis i will be up i have not forgot about you and never Will just so much going on right now and i know you would understand.i will write u soon,I love you so much and miss you so very much.
xxoo love, sis Gerianne
May 13, 2012
Happy Mother's Day Kelli! Hope you are at peace knowing your 3 kids are doing well. Of course today is a tough day for them, and no matter what we may say or do - it's not the same as having "Mom" with them. Wrap them in your wings today!

Missing and loving you,
Aunt Deb
May 13, 2012
Happy Mother's day with the Angels Kelli!
Would love to give you a hug and share a few laughs.
I hope you are dancing and enjoying a pain free eternity!
Love You Kiddo,
May 12, 2012
To my Dear sister,
Hello my darling sorry I haven't wrote in your book for awhile.Well my love the hummer's are now back.we have been waiting for them.just not enough time to do what i want,work has been very busy.I miss calling and talking to you about flowers and hummer's.Gil is doing good I sent your son a birthday message but haven't heard back.They are the best kids ever.I hope they stop to visit you and bring you flowers for mothers day.I can't wait to come up and visit you.sometimes I wish you were down here so we could visit you all the time.I miss you kelli,but i will let you go for now.I want to say happy mother's day to you.You were the best mother ever to your children no one will ever be that to them not like you.
keep intouch sis I Love you
Happy Mother's Day my love.
Love Robbie(biff)xxoo
April 12, 2012
Kelli,well sis holly is having a boy i know you would be so this would be your3rd as a great auntie.not much else going on,sara got a beatuiful tattoo omg you would be so proud of her.she works hard goes to school.katie is going to prom this year and lil david is getting so tall they all are so wonderful and you would be proud of them.I love and miss you so much lil sis,we will get up soon to visit you soon.
Love sis Gerianne
April 08, 2012
Happy Easter in heaven Kelli!

Watch over your loved ones!

Love you,
Aunt Deb
April 04, 2012
my sis kelli,well holly is doing great getting big,she will find out what they are having on friday.well Matthew got engaged you would be so proud of him and you would love Heather she is wonderful,they are so cute together she perfect for him.well gotta get to bed i will write you soon my lil sis.I love and miss you so very much.
Love sis Gerianne xxoo
March 06, 2012
my sis kelli,I miss you so so much you dont even know,thanks for your touch when i needed it.need to get up to visit you soon honey.well i will write back soon sis.
love you fluffers
Love,sis Gerianne
March 02, 2012
Hi my dear Niece!

Thank you for listening to our prayers!!

Loving and missing you,
Aunt Deb
February 23, 2012
Hey sis,well as you know I'm going to be a grandma I'm so excided started buying things last year just little things.You are going to be a great auntie again,you would be so happy.They will find out want they are having in april.And of course you know robbie is already to go shopping,Holly and Tommy are so happy.sara is doing so good in school working hard and having time to herself.You would be proud of her.I miss you lil sis but i know you have your big fluffy wings around us all.Matthew is doing great his new girlfriend Heather is a amazing women he finially found the dream girl we love her and you would really like her,she is moving here to be with him.Things are so great i could not ask for more in my life.I miss you sis i wanted to share my news with you i need to come visit you.well I will write you soon ok.
Love you and miss you so much.
Love sis Gerianne
February 20, 2012
Well hello there! I cannot believe how long it has been since I have dropped some lines to you... life is busy but I still think about you a lot, I see all of "our"things downstairs in my hutch everyday and they just bring a smile to my face. I'm sure you already know but it is my turn to be expecting! I am not due until August 7th, but I know you will be proud! Mom is so excited she barely can stand herself! hee hee she has been shopping and of course dad tells her to stop that until the baby is here but she loves to spoil :) Everything has been going really well so far, so I couldn't ask for more except for a healthy baby of course! Sara is doing well down here, although I don't see her a ton, I talk to her more through text and mom fills me in as well as I check in on her facebook ;p. I am proud her of, she is one hard worker! Katy and David came down for Christmas, it was really nice to see them also! Well I better get going got to read a book for work, so I must get busy! Talk to you soon! LOVE AND MISS YOU VERY MUCH!
February 14, 2012
Happy Valentines Day Sis
Love sis Gerianne,Mom,Robbie,David
Love and miss you so much.
February 09, 2012
My sis Kelli,I miss you so much wish i could talk to you.As you know Sara will turn 19yrs old on saturday,wow you would say where did the time go.Wrap you big fluffy wings around that day she knows you will be right by her side.your kids are growing up so fast and you would be so proud of them sis.well hope to get up to visit you this has been a crazy winter no snow?but sara is going to bring you some flowers from us all I know you would like that.well my sis i will write you back soon.
I Love and Miss You so so much,
Love sis Gerianne xxoo
January 20, 2012
hey mom, its Sara well i've sure been busy!! school started again so i go to class every day from 8 to noon then i work at night, don't have much time to do anything else haha i miss you so much and i wish you were here, me and Katy and David all miss you a ton!! we came to visit you the last time i was home and that was good for the 3 of us, David has a really hard time with things still so he could use a little extra comfort from you, actually all 3 of us could use a little extra comfort from you. we love you so much and we'll stop and see you again the next time i come home. love you mom
love always, your little peanut :)
January 12, 2012
Hey sis,
well i want you to know that our soaps are done on friday,I know you would say it's about time.I guess i will have to clean more or something,haha.well thanks for your touch the other night wish you could be here to talk to,but i know you hear me when needed.everyone is doing good,Mom not feeling good maybe a cold comming on.Robbie will be going back to work soon,Brother he been getting some fishing in.well that's all for now i will write back soon.
Love and Miss you so very much(fluffers)
Love, sis Gerianne
January 05, 2012
My sis Kelli,
Happy New year sis a little late again u know me either I'm early or I'm late.I hope your holidays in heaven with Gram,Amy was beautiful,some days are harder than others sis.I hope to get up to visit you,much over due.well all is good everyone is either getting over colds or getting one uhh i hate being sick.well ihoney i will write back soon,I told sara to blow you a kiss when she goes by,she is going home for the weekend,she is doing such a great job Kelli you would be so proud of her as well as katy and lil daivd.well honey give Gram& Amy a hug and kiss for me you as well.
I Love and Miss you so very much!

Love sis Gerianne xxoo
December 26, 2011
Dear Kelli!

I hope your Christmas in heaven was as beautiful as you! The family loses members, and then receive new members, but the loss is the greatest of all!

Wrap your wings around all of your loved ones, they so need to feel you!

Love and miss you,
Aunt Deb
December 26, 2011
Sorry i forgot to write to you yesterday,merry christmas honey i will write back soon
love and miss you so much,love sis Gerianne
December 24, 2011
Merry Christmas Kelli! Thank you for helping with our little miracle during this special time of year. You are so dearly missed and loved! Your family is awesome, every one of them. You must be so proud. :)
Sprinkle a little angel dust on your loved ones from time to time.
I love and miss you!
December 23, 2011
Hello my sister Kelli,
Hi honey well its that time of year,I know how much you loved christmas.The kids were down here for our xmas it was great to be with them.They are so funny you would be so proud of them Kelli.Sara has done very good in school and katy is almost taller than me,and david well he is so funny and so much fun and handsome i should say.They are wonderful to have around sis,All is well.I miss having you with us Kelli but then I know you are looking down at as all.I hope you can see your blue snowflake I put it up for you,Well honey I will let you go for now,I'm sure you Gram & amy are baking some goodies.I'm sure all the anfels will enjoy.Well my love keep them big while wings around us all?I love and miss you Kelli keep intouch and watch over your kids.As we will!

Love & Miss you
Robbie & Gil
And Merry Christmas HoHo
December 20, 2011
Sis Kelli,well christmas is this weekend and you will be on my mind you are always,but the holidays are still a bit hard with you not with us.I miss that phone call away to hear your voice and for most a hug,I know your watching down on us all plrase stay close to Mom its going to be extreamily hard for her this year.Please give hugs to Gram,Amy for us all.I love and miss you so
Happy holidays up there in heaven.xxoo
Love sis Gerianne
December 11, 2011
hey mom, well David and Katy came down and spent the weekend and we had such a blast!! we made your sugar cookies of course :) and had Christmas at Aunt Robbie's, we all had a great time :) missed you though!! i put a picture in of me, Katy, David, Aunt Robbie, Uncle David and Aunt Gerianne :) love you and miss you lots!!

love always, your little peanut :)
December 06, 2011
Hello my sister,well the kids are comming down this weekend sara is meeting David to pick them up to bring them here for our family christmas.Sure will be nice to have them here with us,It is still so hard with you not here.but i know you will be with us making sure we are ok.The laughs and just being with family.Mom will beso happy to have all of her grandchildren there with her,and yes we will get lots of pictures.I miss you lil sis wwrap them big wings around us all.Love you fluffers
love sis Gerianne(stuffers)
November 26, 2011
Hi Kiddo,
Sorry, it has been awhile. Your ole AC has been busy. We love having Sara so close now. Uncle Bob calls her his "earth angel". You and many others are his "heaven angels".
Your family is so beautiful and caring. You must be so proud of them.
I love you Kelli, and I miss our trips up north to visit you.
Keep your warm and loving wings around those who miss and love you.
November 24, 2011
Happy Thanksgiving Kelli with all those we have lost and all the Angels!

Love you,
Aunt Deb
November 22, 2011
Hello my dear sister,
I hope you liked yourflowers and pumkins we left for you when we were up to visit you.Well it's almost thanksgiving already it all sure comes fast.I'm having xmas this year I still have to get my lights up.The kids we be here with us I can't wait,we have so much fun together.I wish you could see them Kelli,they are so funny,but that's what family is about having a good time together.We will always be there for them,they are great kids Kelli they are smart they are funny and loving.We love them so much,we will never change them they are who they are.I thank god for them everyday.I'm sure you will enjoy thanksgiving with gram and Amy.well honey I will keep intouch.So keep them white wings wrapped around the kids they love and miss you as we do.But i know you are with the best.
Happy Thanksgiving sis.
I Love &miss you xxoo
keep intouch with me like you do.
Love Robbie(Biff)
November 02, 2011
hello sis,well thinking of you so much lately I'm sure you know that.well me and sara carved pumkins mine was not good hers turned out so nice,it was fun doing that with her.Things are going great with her here with us you would be so proud.wellkeep a waych over mom,sara goes there to have dinner with her on monday's thats so sweet of her to do and visist's her.well off to make some dinner hope to get up to visit you before the snow starts.Love and Miss you so very much.
Love sis Gerianne(stuffers)xxoo
October 27, 2011
hey mom!! well i finally gotta job cashiering at Menards!! i love it too :) i've sure been busy between school nd homework and now work!! but that's okay :) i try to come home as much as i can and come visit you, i miss you lots!! but i better get some things done :) love you and miss you!!

love always, your little peanut :)
October 24, 2011
Dear sis
could you give monaci a huge hug from all of us it is her 21st birthday we miss her as much as we miss you let her know are love for her is as strong today as it was 21 years ago give grama an amy a hug love an miss you every day
love big brother David
October 11, 2011
My sister Kelli,
It has been 4yrs today when you left us,their are so many tears and a broken heart.I know your at peace with other loved ones,I miss your laugh and that smile and blue eyes I think of the gret times growing up.Looking at the the kids I see you so much and that helps,They are getting so darn tall,and very good kids Kelli you would be so proud of them.the falling leaves and the crunch I think of you.
I Love and Missing You So Much,keep in touch with me ok,
Love Sis Gerianne xoxo
October 11, 2011
To my dear sister Kelli,
I'm remembering you on this day that you left us.So many tears and so much pain,There isn't a day I don't think about you.To help me heal I think of all the good times we all would have together.Your laugh your smile is alway's with me sis,And your chirldern they are the best.They are you all the way they bring me so much joy,when we get together we have a blast.You gave us the best of you,they are doing good Kelli.I'm sure you are watching down on them with all your love.And as you asked us remember you in the fall as we walk through leaves of gold.I do Kelli I've been sitting out on my deck watching the leaves fall and crunch when I step on them.Well my wondreful sister I will let you go for now,but do something for me honey wrap them wonderful wings white wings around us all and the kids.We will feel your love honey.Watch over the kids.
I Love And Miss You Kelli,bye for now
I Love You Biff(Robbie)xoxo
October 11, 2011

can't believe its been 4 years since we lost you. we miss you so much, there is not a day that goes by that we don't think of you. we wish you were here. we love you and miss you!!

love always, your kids :)
October 11, 2011
My dear sister
4 years ago you left us theres not a day that goes by that i'm not thinking of you an how much i really miss you the hole in my heart is still as big as it was 4 years ago just too let you know i miss you so very much love an miss you little sister
love big brother
October 11, 2011
My dear Niece -

It is very hard to imagine that it has been 4 years ago today that we lost you! It doesn't seem that long, there are times it feels like yesterday.

Losing you was very devastating to our family, and know that we are always thinking of you and hope you are at peace with the all family angels surrounding you!!

Loving and missing you,
Aunt Deb
October 11, 2011
My Dear Niece'

While it has been 4 long years, it still feels like only yesterday that we lost you and how it has changed our lives. What hasn't changed is our love for you and how badly we still miss you. I miss those beautiful eyes and that wonderful smile.

I know that on this day you found peace, yet I know that all of us would do anything to have you here with us.

Watch over all of us and protect us.

With Love,
Uncle Rog
September 27, 2011
Kelli,well we will be up soon to visit you can;t wait.wrap your wings around him and guide him in every way you can.I love and miss you so much lil sis,
Love sis Gerianne xxoo
September 18, 2011
I am so sorry for forgetting your Birthday! I love you honey and I miss that beautiful face. I know you would be here if you could. Please guide him any way you can.
September 15, 2011
Happy "belated" birthday Kelli!!

I didn't forget at all honey - but know you are well aware of what our family is facing once again.
I hope the heavens and Amy gave you a nice party!!

Love you
Aunt Deb xxoo
September 14, 2011
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!!!! i love you and miss you every day. the kids say happy birthday too, i know they miss you as much as i do, i'll write again soon!! love you!!

love always, your kids <3
September 14, 2011
My lovely sister Kelli,I want to wish you a Happy Birthday my loveI Miss you so very much.
Love sis Biff(Robbie)
September 14, 2011
My sister Kelli,I want to wish my beautiful sister a Happy Birhtday I miss you so much xxoo
Love sis Gerianne
September 12, 2011
Hellommy sister,
sorry I haven't wroteto you in a long time.All is well just working alot,I will be working once again for tee it up for the troops,this might be the last year I don;t know yet.They don't have anything to buy like the frist time oh well.Sara is doing very well down here,you would be so proud of her.She is is trying to make a life for herself,she will do just fine.You gave us three wonderful kids to love kelli.They will make their way in life and I know they have you by their side.I know they miss you alot,you were the best mom to them and they will always love each other the way you showed them.I tell them always say I Love and hug each other cause you never know when you don't get that next chance,And theydo.I miss you so much sis I wish you were here so I could wish you a happy birthday comming up on wedesnday so i could give you a hug so big.But I know you are with us all,well my love I'm going to let you go for now o.k.I will see you when we come up?we will bring some wonderful flowers.I hope the kids will visit you also.
I Love And Miss You sis.
September 04, 2011
Hello sis well I got you some flowers from all for us,I had sara bring them up for you.went to the fair had the same food as always.other than that did so deep cleaning today know just kicking back.I miss you lil sis think of you all the time i know you know that.will get up to visit you soon.well i will write back soon.
I Love you and miss you so much,
Love sis Gerianne
August 25, 2011
hey mom!! well i'm all settled in :) i've even applied for jobs already lol i had my first day of college on was it crazy and different but i liked it!!i miss the family back home but its nice to be closer to everyone down here :) i sure miss you but i know your here with me in everything i do :) but i suppose i better get started on homework ha i'll write again soon and i can write more often now cuz i have internet all the time :) love you and miss you lots!!!

love always, your little peanut :)
August 20, 2011
Hey sis,well sara is all settled in,her room is all set up nice you would be proud,katy not far behind she's going to be a sphomore this year wow time is flying by.lil David has a girl friend man is a hottie deany got that right hey.well mel is going to have tobey in wed csection in the morning,lot's of baby's and one engagment that's great.holly some time when they are ready,,i know you would be so happy for all of them.well i wish you were here just to talk and laugh i miss that so much,ta
hanks for the touch i knew you were there.well off to read my mag.
I Love And Miss you so,
Love sis Gerianne(Stuffers)
August 10, 2011
hey mom, well I made the big move today, it was really hard but I think I'm gonna like it down here :) and I'm closet to the family which is AWESOME!! But it's time for me to get some sleep, I'll write again soon :) love you and miss you!!

Love always, your little peanut :)
August 04, 2011
Hey sis,been thinking alot of you today,went and brought Mom her birthday dinner she love's donatelle's David came over and had din with us.She's 73 yrs old today was niceto be with her and she talked about you also on how you would call and sing to her as well.She know's you were with her today,not much else going on just work and cutting grass.well better get to bed i will write you soon my lil sis.
I love and miss you so much xxoo
Love, sis Gerianne
July 27, 2011
Kelli,well my glads ae opening up,its crazy i bought deep purple and they are yellow i dont get it but that ok,you would like them.hope to get up again to visit you bring you moer flowers,i miss you so much was nice to visit i know you knew we were there.well write back soon lil sis,
Love sis gerianne
July 11, 2011
My sis kelli,well we gave sara a graduation party Robbie,David,Me,and Mom,it was really nice lot's of food lot of laughs,you would have been pleased.we knkow you were there with us all making sure thing's were going just perfect for her and it did.well we will be visiting you when we come up for the walk,flower's for sure,thank's for the touch the other night.I miss you lil sis some day's are hard and some are not so bad.I know you are watching down on us,had fun with the kid's they are all so beautiful and kind.well off to bed we will visit you friday I'm sure you will knkow when we are there.
Love and miss you so,
Love sis Gerianne xxoo
July 11, 2011
Hey Kelli,
I just wanted to tell you your 3 kids are amazing...Sara all grown up, Katie not far behind her, and David is a little hottie! What did u think of Adam & Jessie's engagement announcement, I saw you smiling! It's about time he asked her! I miss and love you!
Aunt Deany
July 11, 2011
Hi my dear niece -

Your 3 babies are absolutely incredible!! Of course there were 3 empty chairs at Sara's party but you know what honey? Talking about you and the traits they have of you made us all smile.

I am asking you, Amy & Grama to do some divine intervention for a member of the family. It would be nice for once to get some good news!

Sleep peacefully honey!
Loving and missing you,
Aunt Deb
July 09, 2011
hey mom its Sara, well i brought the kids down with me for my party in at Aunt Gerianne's so that's what we're doing today :) i miss you alot but i know your here with me, we'll come see you on our way home tomorrow. gonna be a good day today, can't wait to see and visit with everyone, i'll write again soon. love you and miss you every day

love always, your little peanut :)
June 10, 2011
hello sis,well we went up for sara's graduation david did not tel her me and robbie were comming with,she was so surprized to see us.I know it was hard on her not having you there but I know you were right by her side the whole time,It was bit hard for her and as well for us but we did the best that we could.You would be proud of her and katy,and david as well.They are growing up so fast,I see you so much in the kid's when i see them i see you and that feel's so good.did you like your flowers we brought you,we will bring you more when we come up for the walk.Keep in touch with me ok,I love and miss you so much sis.
Love sis Gerianne xxoo
June 05, 2011
Hello Kiddo,
How proud you must be of Sara! Not only is she beautiful, she is bright and determined. She so reminds me of you.
I know you were with her yesterday and everyday.
I so love and miss you Kelli!
Love You Always,
June 04, 2011
Hey mom it's Sara, well I just graduated!! Aunt Gerianne and Aunt Robbie and Uncle David came and suprised me :) I miss you so much but I knew you were with me cuz I could feel you sitting next to me. Now I just gotta get ready for college :) but I'm havin lunch with the family so I'll write again soon!! Love you and miss you every day!! And be with Grandma Nasby cuz I know she misses you just as much as I do :) love you!!

Love always, your little peanut :)
June 03, 2011
Hi Dear;
I know how incredibly proud you are of Sara on her graduation weekend. You know as I know, how very hard it was for her to make this accomplishment without you physically by her side. I know you were with her in spirit and she knows it too.

I think you are proud of all your kids, they have grown so much still do and will always miss their mom. We miss our niece.

I know that you will be beside Sara when she receives her diploma and her tears will be yours and hers mixed with saddness and happiness.

Give a hug to all of our family in heaven.

Love Uncle Rog
June 02, 2011
Hi Kelli!
Well darling, it will be another "1st" for your family! Sara's big day and one chair will be empty!! It will be a sad moment for all, and yet what an accomplishment for your daughter! You did a great job with raising her and the reward will be on Saturday when she gets her diploma.

Stay close to all of them Kelli - it will sting their hearts once again.

We love and miss you very much!

Love Aunt Deb
June 01, 2011
My dear siter,well saturday is sara's big day graduation and i know you will be with her.You would be so proud of her,the smile that would be on your face.the emptyness will be there but the memories are in our heart's.I miss you lil sisand i knkow you are watching over us all as this day come's.sara will be all smile's and one big one for will bring you some flower's from all of us i know you will love them,I will write back soon ok honey.
Love and miss you so much,
Love sis Gerianne xxoo
May 21, 2011
Hello sis,well sara looked so beautiful for prom,you would be proud.well lil daivd has a cell phone pretty cool he is so handsome.when i see the kids i see you so much they are growing up so fast.have to come up and visit you again soon befroe things get to busy,haveing sara's grad party here at our house will be fun.well i got the hummers this year uyou must have sent them to me hey,think odf you so much lately i wish i could call you just to hear your voice,i know you heard me right.well i know your with us alot watch our Mom ok.well sis gotta get some things done i will write back soon.
I love you and miss you so much.
Love, sis Gerianne
May 19, 2011
hey mom, well i've been pretty busy haha school is almost done!!! 5 days left to be exact and i got all my grad invites sent out now i just have to get ready for graduation. i also got a job at the green house you used to work at and Bonnie loves having me there and tells me every day that i work just as hard as you did when you were there and her and her husband Blake call me Kelli ALOT haha but i don't mind, so i've been busy working and i get my car tomorrow :) it was leaking gas so Uncle Gary had to order a new gas tank for it then i'll be able to drive :) i also went to view the college i'm going to, Century College, and i love it there!! and its an easy drive from Aunt Gerianne's to the college so i'll actually know where i'll be going and Grandma lives right down the road from the college too so i'll go visit her quite often :) but i'm supposed to be writing a research paper about IBC so i'll write again soon :) love you and miss you every day, oh by the way lil David is in track and he loves it and he got all presidential on his physical fitness test the other day so he was excited and told me to tell you :) he's also got a girlfriend and he says she's cute and really nice and she cheers for him at his track meets haha but i gotta go, i'll write again later

love always, your little peanut :)
May 09, 2011
Hello my sweet sis,sorry i did not get this in yesterday Happy Mother's Day my Love,I Love And Miss you so Much.
I will write you soon
Love sis Robbie(Biff)xxoo
May 08, 2011
hey mom, we're out having lunch with grandma and grandpa then me and the kids will be out to see you and bring you flowers (david picked out the flowers too) happy mother's day, i miss you alot but i'll write again soon :) love you!!

love always, your little peanut :)
May 05, 2011
hi sis,well mother's day is upon us,like uncle Rog said if we could only turn the hands of time.I know you and Amy will be walking right beside the ohter's.Sara looked so beautiful for prom and her date was cute..You would be so proud,I miss you lil sis I want to wish you a Happy Mother's Day.I will be with Mom this year me Robbie are,Davis will come over after the walk to be with us.
I Love And Miss You Dearly xxoo
May 04, 2011
hey mom its Sara, i wanted to wish you a early Happy Mother's Day and me and the kids will come and see you on Sunday. i put a few of my prom pictures on here for you and everybody to see. i had so much fun, i wish you could have been there but i felt you with me all night :)but i gotta get ready for an award ceremony tonight because i'm gonne be awarded a=some scholarships and stuff so i'll write again soon. tell both grandma's i say hi amd i love and miss them too. love you and miss you :)

love always, your little peanut :)

PS-i told you my date was really cute ;)
May 04, 2011
Hi Dear;
I have been thinking a lot of you and Amy the past few days, probably because Mother's Day is nearing.

Only a few of us will be walking this year for the Race for the Cure, but it will still be done with a lot love for both of you girls. We miss the two of you everyday and wish we could turn the hands of time back to when we were all together.

On May 8th, we WALK in memory of our beautiful girls. Walk with us.

Missing and Loving,

Uncle Rog
April 30, 2011
hello sis,well was nice to visit you,your flower's are so pretty you can see them from the road.was nice to see the kid's,they are getting so tall.Holly did sara's hair it turned out so nice.she is going to look so beautiful her dress is wow so pretty you would be proud.well haning with the dog's tonight so i will write back soon.
Love and miss you so much.xxoo
Love sis Gerianne
April 28, 2011
Hi sis,well tomorrow i will be up to visit you and I can't wait,I will bring you some flower's me and holly she is doing sara's hair for prom.I know she will look beautiful her dress is gorgous!!I know you will be right by our side to make sure she look's beautiful cause that's what you would want.well I'm going to plant my glad'a for you kind of late this time but the weather has been crappy,but i will bring you some of them when we come up for the walk.well honey i will visit you soon.
Love you and miss you so dearly lil sis,
Love,sis Gerianne(stuffers)
April 27, 2011
Hey mom I'm a little late but happy Easter!! I've been really busy cuz prom is this weekend so I'm making sure me and my date are all good to go and have everything ready :) it's gonna be so much fun and my date is super cut too ;) but I know you already know that cuz he got to meet you before you got really sick. I know that my prom was one of the things you were really looking forward to being there for but I know you'll be there :) I got the blue dress for you and I'll definately put picures on here for everybody to see even though every one will get pictures lol oh I almost forgot to tell you.....I GOT ACCEPTED TO COLLEGE!!!!! Century college
too :) I'm so happy and excited to go to school there cuz it's what I wanted :) but I'll write again after prom, love you and miss you lots!!!!

Love always, your little peanut :)
April 25, 2011
Hi my sweet sister kelli,I'm sorry i forgot to write you and wish you a Happy Easter,I'm so grams has it all under control up in heaven for you and Amy,nothing but the best for her girl's.well can't wait to come visit you on friday.
Love you and miss you so very much xxoo
Love sis Gerianne
April 21, 2011
Hi honey!
Happy Easter in heaven Kelli! All are doing ok, moving forward as best as anyone can, each in their own way. We are all missing you!

Love always,
Aunt Deb
April 20, 2011
Hi Kiddo,
I wanted to wish you a Happy Easter in Heaven. Is Grams taking charge? :)
Love and Miss you Hon. The family is doing real good.
Hugs & Kisses,
April 20, 2011
Hello my darling sister,
sorry it's been so long since I've put anything in your book honey.well it's another season for me,well it won't be long before sarah's out of school.I'm sure you and gram and amy are having a great time,all is well.we hopr your tulips that brother planted for you will come up.Gil is doing good,the hummer's have'nt come yetjust waiting.Gerianne put her feeder out already I started laughing and you would have also.I miss you sis,Melissa and russ are having a little boy,and lily is getting so big she is so funny.can't wait for holly and tommy next.Well honey I'll let you go for now.Ii wanted to say happy easterto you gram and amy.Keep looking over us ok I will write you soon.
Love and miss you xxoo
April 19, 2011
Hello my sis Kelli,well Matthew turned the big 30 on sunday,we had a surprize party for him went very nice.I know you were by him the whole night you would have helped us plan it cause you alway's like to do all that.Holly did a very good job.I misses you being there with us but i know you where at all are side's,I miss you so much,how gram doing up there in heaven with you,i bet your busy all the time.well sara is going to prom and holly is going to do her hair so i will be there to visit you and bring you some flower's.I will writ you soon o.k.I Love and miss you so very much,
Love sis Gerianne xxoo
April 02, 2011
Hi mom i am doing good school is going good tonight we are eating supper at the scenic pine. With family I miss you alot
April 02, 2011
Hey mom, it's been a while since I wrote but I've been busy. I got a dress for prom!!! It's blue and silver and holly said she'd do my hair :) I'll put picures on here after David sure misses you alot, he's been sick and kinda had a rough couple weeks but he's doin better :) but I'll write again soon

Love you and miss you lots

Love always your little peanut :)
March 17, 2011
Happy st.Patricks day sis,you would ask if i wore my green to work and i would tell you that I'm not irish and you would laugh and say that's right.I so miss them phone call's so much,anyeay sis I will write back soon ok.
Love you and miss you so much,
Love sis Gerianne xxoo
March 14, 2011
My sis kelli,
well spring is on it's way can't wait for the hummer's to come.And can't wait to come up and visit you I know you will like that.Well I can't beleive sara is graduating already wow where did the time go.It's kije she was just born,i remember we were about five min late when she came into the world.she sure has grown tinto to a beautiful young lady you would be proud of her.Mom is doing ok now that it is getting nice out she can take her walk's and me and robbie are going over to her house to change things aound a bit for her.we will have he make us some fried mac all of our favoite heehee,well i better get in the shower and do a few thing's i will write back soon.
I Love And Miss You So Much,xxoo
February 23, 2011
hey mom, well back at school after a 4 day weekend ha but i got to go get my car on Sunday after church and i'm sooooo excited to finally be able to drive it!!! i just have to wait till dad gets insurance put on it. we brought it to Melody's and she let me park it in the garage to clean it out and let me tell you...IT NEEDEED TO BE CLEANED!! haha i spent almost 4 hours on monday cleaning it and vacuuming and i Aromor Alled everything ha dad even ran it through the carwash quick so that helped. that car looks brand new, i didn't just clean that car i say i mom-cleaned it :) which means that i cleaned it like you used to clean everything until it was spotless. it was alot of work but it was worth it. kids are doing good, they sure stay busy ha Katy cleans and rearranges her room almost every day and David loves to be outside (he even got me outside to go sledding with him the other day believe it or not) that made his day, on the days we have off all three of us watch movies together and just be lazy which is nice ha but i better get going, i love you and miss you lots every day. the kids say hi and they love you and miss you too :)

love always, your little peanut :)
February 21, 2011
My sister kelli,well we are back from vaction,it was beautiful had a great time.thought alot about you when i was by the ocean just sitting watching the waves with a cocktail.well sara is a young lady know and has a car you would be so proud of her.oh I saw two humming bird's down in cabo san lucas me and John could'nt get a picture cause you know how fast they go but was great to see them.other than that just wanted to write you back and tell you about our trip cause that what you would have asked me.well I will write back soon ok I Love And Miss you So Very Much,Love Sis Gerianne xxoo
February 15, 2011
Hey mom, I know I'm a lil late but happy valentine's day :) well I'm 18 now!! And dad got me a car for my birthday!! We just gotta go over to grandpa's and clean it and change the oil and stuff then I'll be able to drive it!! I sure do miss you and both grandma's ALOT but I did have a good birthday and alot of family showed up on Friday to celebrate with us so that was nice. The kids say hi and love you and miss you too , I'll write again soon :) love you!!

Love always, your little peanut :)
February 14, 2011
Happy Valentine's Day Kelli!!

Love you,
Aunt Deb xxoo
February 12, 2011
well sis just want to say heading off to cabo san lucas will be thinking of you,i know you will be by my side when im down by the ocean.I love you and miss yopu so much,love you lil sis,Love sis Gerianne xxoo
February 11, 2011
Our Little Peanut is 18 today, Where did the time go. just seemed like yesterday that she was born. Family coming out tonight to celebrate with dinner and dessert. Laurie's making sloppy joes I think and she already made the bluberry crisp out of Great G'mas blueberries(Sara's request)instead of a Birthday Cake. Tell them all Hi up there and keep your wings spread over us all. Thanks again for bringing Laurie into our lives she's an Amazing women and a wonderful Mother to the kids. Will put pictures in later from Sara's big day.
Love, Dave
January 29, 2011
my sis kelli,well thinking of you alot these past frw day's.even though that will never end,you are alway's on my mind.well getting clothes pack for mexico i would alway's call and tell you that.this year we are going to cabo san lucus can't wait to get to the ocean and soak up sun warmth,loving and missing you so very much.I will write back soon,is gram keeping you busy.give her a kiss for me.Love you lil sis xxoo,Love sis Gerianne
January 21, 2011
hey mom, well grandma's funeral and everything went alright, it was really nice. i stayed with Aunt Robbie on Monday night after the wake and we made your spagetti, it was really good and we just watched tv and talked and we went to bed early actually haha :) after the funeral we went to Aunt Chris's and had food and just visited with the family, that was a good time i just wish we could have stayed longer but it was good to see everybody, even if it was for another funeral. well i gotta go bell is gonna ring, i'll write again sometime next week. love you and miss you lots!!! tell both grandma's and Amy i said hi

love always, your little peanut :)
January 20, 2011
My sis kelli,well Im sure you and Amy are having fun up there in heaven with grandma,she is now with her two angels and I know uyou both will take good care of her.I bet her and grandma hardy are just chattying it up,It was very hard with grandma passing she is at peace know and the memories are forever in my heart she is the best grandma i could of ever you and Amy take care of her ok.stay intouch with me lil sis,I love and miss you so.I will write you soon,Love sis Gerianne xxoo
January 17, 2011
hey mom, well i know you and Great Grandma K, Great Grandma Hardy and Amy are all having a blast up there and tell them i say hi and i miss them too. i've been having a really hard time with Great Grandma K passing away, it just makes me think about everything and brings back memories that ain't always good ones. i lost you first, then Amy then Great Grandma Hardy and now Great Grandma K, its tough but please be there for me tonight and tomrrow cuz you know i have a hard time with funerals but i need to be there. but on a happier subject i made the honor roll! i got my economics grade from a C- to a B! it was alot of work but it was worth it but i gotta finish up my research paper, i'm almost done i just wanna get it done, i love you and miss you alot!!!

love always, your little peanut :)

oh sorry i haven't stopped by and seen you lately but we got sooo much snow i can barely see the top of your headstone!! and your's is the biggest one in the whole cemetery so that's how you know we got lots of snow
January 16, 2011
Hi my dear Niece!
Grama has joined you & Amy and the rest of those we so loved and have lost. She called you & Amy her 2 angels, and at the end of her journey here, we thank you for carrying her peacefully!!

Loving and missing you,
Aunt Deb xxoo
January 15, 2011
Hi Kiddo,
We are sending Grams to you, Amy and all the others. Please hold her tight and guide her.
We Love You so much!
January 15, 2011
Hello sis,well i bet you met grandma at the gates up there in heaven.was thinking of you so much and you sent your touch to me last night and i thank you for that.well your going to be a great aunt again melissa and russ are going to have a baby due on our wedding anniversary,and Mom did tell grandma and she was so exiced to hear that she said the more the better.well sis I miss and love you so much i will write back to you soon,give grandma a hug and kiss for me.
Love you sis,Love sis Gerianne xxoo
January 03, 2011
hey mom, just wanted to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! i can't believe we only have 5 months of school left! its gone by soo fast. me and the kids went down to Aunt Robbie's and had Christmas and we made the sugar cookies of course :) everyone loved them and the kids had fun too, David got to hang out with Matt and Tommy so he was pretty excited ha but i better get back to writing this paper for an assignment we just got but i'll write again soon!!
love you and miss you lots!

Love Always, your little peanut :)
December 31, 2010
My sister kelli,well christmas was great still hard without you with us,but we made it through.well wishing you a happy new year honey i will be thinking of you on the ball drop cause i would call you at midnight and we would make it short and we would laugh.well i will write back to you have a good new years up there with the angels and amy I'm sure you both will.I Love And Miss you So Very much sis.Love sis Gerianne xxoo
December 24, 2010
Hello my sister,Well christmas is here I know this is your best time of the year.I know how much you loved it.We had the kids down for our family christmas get together it was great we had it at my place the kids were so wonderful.It was great to have them with us it was like you were here with us.I miss you kelli but i know you are beside us all.I hope you seen the blue snow flake on the north side of my tree.I'm sure you have every thing nice up in heaven,well honey I want to wish you Merry Christmas from my heart,for you will be forever in my heart.keep in touch ok I Love And Miss You I will talk to you later.
I Luv you sis xxoo,Love (biff)Robbie&Gil
December 24, 2010
My sis kelli,well i want to wish you a merry christmas it will be another holiday with you not with us but we keep your memories close to us.The kids came down forour family christmas it was a blast with them.Sara made sugar cookies,she is now a driver in the road you would be so proud of her.Katy and david have grown so much oh boy,it was wonderful to have a aprt of you withus that night.I know you where with us watching over all of us that night.Well I'm sure you will have your favorte snacks for Amy.well wrap your wings around us all for the next twoo days ok stay in touch with me.I Love And Miss You So Dearly little sis,i will write you soon,Love sis Gerianne(Stuffers)
December 23, 2010
My dear Niece!
As Christmas creeps upon us quickly our thoughts and memories remind us that we have 2 angels with us at all times.
I hope you like your treats Amy will make for you & the rest of the angels and I guarantee she will love your sugar cookies!!

Stay close to your family, wrap them in your wings and know you are very missed and loved!

Love Aunt Deb
December 15, 2010
hey mom its Sara, well I PASSED MY DRIVER'S TEST!!!!!! i'm so excited, just wish i could actually do some driving!! i wasn't nervous at all and i was worried i would be but it was easy :) me and David and Katy are going down to the cities on Saturday morning to have Christmas with the family, that'll be nice and David and Katy will have fun i just gotta find time to make sugar cookies with them, we'll probably do that later tonight that way we can bring some down with us for everybody, they sure like that :) well i should probably get back to my homework love you and miss you lots!!

love always, your little peanut :)
December 10, 2010
sis kelli,well you would be so proud of sara she got her driver's licence so proud of her she was so excied,i know you where there hepling her along.As she said the holiday's are the hardest i know it is for me,mom robbie,david.I going to try and make your peanut butter kisses and sugar cookies this year.Ii was just going to buy them but i told robbie that you would say oh just make them they are easy,so i will give it a try.well going to get a snow strom tonight an sat,i can go out and make more snow angel's for us.well gotta get thing's done i will write back to you soon.
Love you and miss you so very much,keep in touch,Love sis Gerianne xxoo
December 08, 2010
hey mom, its Sara. wow we've been super busy and i've been busy with school and college stuff and grad pictures and getting ready for Christmas. we went down to see Great Grandma K on black Friday, she was glad to see us and it was good to visit with her and everyone else that showed up, it was a long day but it was worth it. i got my grad pictures done the only one i got left to do is the one with you in it and i've found a few pictures of you that i know will work :) me and Katy got a dance on Saturday, she's excited for her first high school dance ha so that should be fun and I TAKE MY DRIVER'S TEST TOMORROW!!!!! i'm super excited but nervous, the lady i did behind the wheel with said i should have no problems passing so i hope i pass!! i'll let you know how i do :)and maybe dad will let me take David and Katy to aunt Gerianne's for Christmas down there beings he's got other plans but i should probably get back to doing homework haha i'll write again soon!! love you and miss you bunches, especially over the holidays, those are hard for me but i know your here

Love always, your little peanut :)
December 05, 2010
hey sis well went out to shovel yesterday when i was done i did some snow angels for brought back memories when we would make them.When we came up to your house and late at night that's what we did me you robbie and the kid's oh boy did we have a blast.than we went in and you made hot coco and toast.sara's picture's are gorgeous you would be so proud,katie has grown to be just as beautiful as you and daivd also wow.well i hope we can get up to visit you.keep in touch ok.
Love and miss you so very much,Love sis Gerianne xxoo
December 04, 2010
Hey Auntie! Well we had quite the snowfall last night! I need to go out and shovel but the house is so much warmer! Think I will head out when Tommy gets home, shovel and play with the dogs and make some snow angels for you! Dogs love the snow so Ill go roll around with them! Thanksgiving was very busy as we made our rounds to all the houses but it's good to see everyone. Sara's pictures are absolutely gorgeous! She said she's getting her license soon! Oh boy i hope she keeps the car on the road this time instead of the ditch! hee hee well I will go for now and write soon. Thanks for watching over us all and keep sending your love. We all love and miss you so much.
November 24, 2010
Happy Thanks giving sis-snowing like crazy you must be doing this so i go out and make a snow angel right,well i will do that for you.I will make sure i eat lot's of turkey and cranberrie's stuffing and all thaat good stuff just cause i know that's what you liked.Well we got to see sara's proof's for her graduation oh my gosh they are beautiful you would be so proud.well keep watch over MOM as she will need it.keep in touch with me when i go out to make that snow angel i know you will be right beside me.I Love And Miss you so very much.
Love sis Gerianne
November 24, 2010
Happy Thanksgiving - Kids are doing fine as am I. We'll be busy as ever for the 4 day break and we're suppose to be getting one heck of a snow storm tonight & into tomorrow. Turkey Day we're heading to Laurie's Mom & Dad's for early feeding then off to Uncle Arnolds & Aunt Elsie's for 6pm eats. Hoping to head to the cities early friday morning so we can spend the day with G'Ma Kloeckner. Keep watch over us all. Love your husband, Dave
November 22, 2010
Hello my Niece!

Thinking of you today with fond memories in my heart.

Hoping you are finding the peace with all the angels. I can visualize 2 little angels making it a very fun heaven! :)

Missing and loving you,
Aunt Deb
November 15, 2010
My sis kelli,well david and robbie will be up to visit you this weekend.I won't be with this time,but you know i will be thinking of you when they are there.just want to say how much i miss you lil are for ever in my heart.keep in touch with me o.k.I love you,Love sis Gerianne xxoo(stuffers)
November 09, 2010
hello sister,hope you liked your flower's.hope the deer did not eat them,keep brother in mind for a deer.cause bucky needs a friend.You know what i biff(robbie)
November 09, 2010
hey mom its Sara, well opener was last weekend and Aunt Gerianne and Aunt Robbie came up with Uncle David and lil David shot at his first deer but he missed and he was bummin but he said now he can get a buck ha and of course we all had a blast and they loved all my grad picture proofs haha and they told me about Great Grandma K and i really wanna go see her but dad says we have too much going on but it be nice for me and David and Katy to see her before she goes it just sucks that i can't be there like i was with you and Great Grandma Hardy but i gotta get back to school work so i'll write again soon!! love you and miss you tons!!

love always, your little peanut :)
October 30, 2010
Hello sis,just wanted to say happy hallowen.There isn't one day that goes by that i don't think of you.trying to get up to visit you a weekend that aworks for us all.I know you would say whats taking you all so long.Love and miss you so very much lil sis.
Love sis Gerianne xxoo
October 21, 2010
Hello sis,well the leaves are all falling like crazy.You must be blowing them in my yard aren't you:),remember at our other house and i would tell you how many bag's of leave's i would rake up.How much i hated doing that,well here they just go all over.Your on my mind so much i think on how you loved the fall with the change of colors.i bet your piling them up into a big pile up in heaven so you and Amy can jump in and toss them in the air:).well just working alot not much else.well better get to bed so i will write back to you soon my lil sis,Love sis Gerianne xxoo
October 15, 2010
hey mom its Sara, i have a minute so i thought i'd just pop in quick and say hi. i miss you a ton and school is crazy! i'm hoping things will mellow out after homecoming is over though, i'm taking the kids with me to the game tonight with Sarah, member our first homecoming game?? haha we froze cuz we wouldn't take dad's clothes and no place sold hot chocolate and if they did they closed at 9 ha the picture of me and you on your guest book is of our first and last homecoming game :( my high school years would have been sooo much more fun if you were still here but i can't change what happened. wish you would have been feeling better to take me to more games but me and dad and the kids go so thats nice. been thinking of you alot lately and i love you and miss you lots! i'll write again next week to tell you how homecoming was :)

love always, your little peanut :)
October 13, 2010
Hello my darling sister kelli,
Thinking about you as I was sitting outside at work.The leaves were comming down and I got this little smile on my face,As all the boxelder bugs and ladybugs were flying around.I remember how much you hated them.You would get so mad because they would be all over the place.I miss you so very much sister,I knkow you are near by me.Everything is good still busy at work.Fall is here and it won't be long before the snow comes.I will think about you then to as you are alway's on my mind.Well my sis I will yalk with you soon ok I'm sure god won't let the bugs in,as he knows how much you don't like them.ok babe Love and Miss you Keep in touch ok.
I Love You Kelli,Love Biff(Robbie)
October 12, 2010
Hi Kiddo,
I have been remembering 3 years ago and it still feels like yesterday. You fought so hard and hung tough longer than expected. You were always strong with a beautiful sense of humor.
Keep giving them the strength they need to move forward. The missing and loving never stops.
I love you Kiddo and always will.
Sweet dreams on your pillow of peace.
October 11, 2010
Hey Kelli Jo thought of you alot this weekend, as you already know today is my mom's birthday and your the 1st person to cross my mind when I woke up, how can I forget you got your angel wings on her birthday. I can still remember the time my mom gave you those hiddeous elephant pants back when we were 10 or 11, like why would we want to wear those rediculous pants that she use to wear. I still remember how we rolled around on your floor laughing our butts off because they were so dam ugly. We sure had some good times. Oh how I wish we were young again, I still wonder about the could of beens should have beens. Thanks for all the great memories when we were young, as you already know I ask myself why alot and how life isn't fair and wonder what if to many times. Well I better get of to bed, I know I don't get out here much, but I talk to you often and I know your listenting. Keep watching over your family.
October 11, 2010
My sis kelli,I can't belive that it has been 3yrs since you left us.It just don't feel real sometime's.I can't call you but i do feel you around me alot.God sure knows who to was a harday but kept you close to my heart and all the wonderful memories you gave.There is not a day that goes by that your n ot thought of.we will be up to visit you and bring your flower's.
I Love and miss you So very Much My Lil Sis xxoo lOVE your sis Gerianne
October 11, 2010
hey mom! wow i'm having a super rough day, school drama sucks and it don't help that it was 3 years ago today that you left me. i miss you sooooooo much and i think about you all the time. i went to school today it was rough but i made it. well i just wanted to say hi and i miss you and i'll write again soon

love always, your little peanut :)
October 11, 2010
Hard to believe that it's been 3 years since you left us. Driving by this morning I noted that your solar lights are out so I'll have to replace them so that you're never in the dark. We're doing fine but we miss you each & every day. Sara had grad pictures done now we just have to pick the ones she wants. Katy's doing good and loves school. David's in football and loves it. I'm coaching his team and we only have 2 games left our record is 3-0 now. I know that you're watching down on him. You'd be proud of all of our children as I am. Say Hi to Great Grandpa & Grandma for us and we Love & Miss you.
Love your husband, Dave.
October 11, 2010
My Dear Niece:

It still seems like it was yesterday when God called you to his side. I still feel your family's pain of losing you, though I know that you are in a better place.

We all still miss you very much and ask that you watch down on all of us and keep us safe.

Uncle Rog
October 10, 2010
Florida was a blast we definitely had the time of our life! Back to reality tomorrow.. Speaking of it will mark 3 years already you have been in heaven, there is still not a day that goes by I don't think of you.. All the pink stuff is out : ) I'm off to bed but will stop back soon and hope to make it up to see you and bring you flowers : ) love and miss you very much
October 10, 2010
Dearest Kelli!

Tomorrow will be 3 years that you ended your journey on earth and started a new eternal life in heaven!

It doesn't feel like 3 yrs., many times feels like yesterday!

God certainly does pick the best, but so difficult here to be without our loved ones!

Know your family is doing well, trying their best to keep your legacy alive!!

Loving and missing you,
Aunt Deb
October 04, 2010
sis kelli,well i have never seen that pi of you that aunt chris put on for is beautiful,well i know i would be calling you to tell you how it is going with the dog's.going very well you would be laughing holly and tommy are having a great time,thinking of you lil sis.well better get to the dogs and let them outside love you lots.miss you very much,love sis gerianne xxoo hoping to get up to visit you soon.
September 30, 2010
Hi Kiddo,
We have been going through some of our pictures and I found your baby picture.
I'm adding it so everyone can see you were a beauty from day one.
Love You!
September 27, 2010
hey mom its Sara, been super busy lately, i did grad pictures yesterday and when i get them back i'll have dad put some on your guest book so people can see :) i know you'd love them and i had alot of fun doing them. well i just wanted to say hi cuz i had a few minutes, i love you and miss you lots and i'll write again soon

love always, your little peanut :)
September 22, 2010
Hello my dear sister Fluffers(kelli)well been thinking of you alot today you just put a smile on my face when i think of you.giz is doing great still loves his water,not much else going on working and getting things put away for the winter.well we are going to bring mom up when we come up not sure what weekend soon.we will bring you double the flowers for you cause we did not make it for your birthday.I know you will lkie that,sara said she went to see you on your birthday that was nice hey i bet you felt her there.well I'm sure her pic are going to be beautiful just like you.well my sis i need to go take a shower i will write you soon.Love you lot's miss you very much.Love sis Gerianne xxoo
September 18, 2010
Shame on me kiddo, I remembered your birthday and anniversary day. I just didn't put it in your book. So sorry.
Know that many thoughts were of you on the 14th, some smiles, some tears, but very much love.
Hope the angels rejoiced with you.
I Love You,
September 18, 2010
My dear sister Kelli
i know i'm late in wishing you a happy birthday. i just don't know what more to say i miss you so much some will never know just how much it's so hard some days. but you know i love you so much.
love big brother. i'll come vist you soon
September 17, 2010
hey mom! its sara, sorry i'm late in sayin happy birthday but i couldn't make it to a computer so one of my friends took me to see you, but i just wanted to say hi annd i'm doing grad pictures next Sunday. i olove you and miss you lots!

love always, your little peanut :)
September 15, 2010
Apparently I am like my brother and a day late.. We were a thinking of you yesterday.. Happy belated birthday! All is well Tommy and I are finally taking our honeymoon! Other than that same old same old! I will stop back and let you know how Florida was! Love and miss you very much
September 15, 2010
happy birthday a day late... just thought i would stop and say hello. thinking about you. not much new with me just working playing ball and just started school again. well better get going. love you and miss you, please keep a good eye on me..
September 14, 2010
Happy 42nd birthday sister,I hpoe the angels celabrate for you up there.I Love Youand miss you so very much.
Love sis Gerianne(stuffers)xxoo
September 14, 2010
Happy Birhtday Daughter,Thinking of you today,your alwaly's close to my heart and on my mind.Love Mom(Gerri)xxoo
September 14, 2010
happy Birhtday sister,Love Biff(Robbie)
September 14, 2010
My Dear Niece:
Thinking of you on this day and missing you.

Uncle Rog
September 14, 2010
"Happy Birthday" Honey. Planning to have a little dinner to night in your honor for the kids. They sure are growing up fast Sara's a Senior, Katy's a Freshman and little man's in 6th grade. We sure miss you but I'm glad that you brought Laurie into our lives as she's a great role model for the kids and I. David started football so I'll be busy with that over the next 6 weeks M, Tu, W, Th and some games on Saturday's. Katy loves school she's so chatty when she gets home and just jumps in to get her homework done. Sara's looking forward to her Senior year and isn't committing to anything as of yet once she graduates. We LOVE YOU and miss you say Hi to Grandpa/Grandma-Greatpa/Grandma for us.Happy Birthday & Happy Anniversary. Love your Husband, Dave.
September 14, 2010
Hello dear Niece!

Today you would have been 42!! Much too young not to be here to celebrate!
Thinking of you always and talk about you so often.

Hope in heaven the celebrations are glorious and fun!!

Stay close to your family and know you are so very missed and loved!

Love Aunt Deb
September 11, 2010
Hello my sister,
Sorry it's been awhile since I've talked to you my love.Well fall is comming my flowers are fading,and it won't be long before the hummer's leave.I have two females still hanging around.I read wear the male are already going south.Well the kids are back at school and I'm sure they are happy.I know sara is this is her last year,How the time fly's by.But you have wonderful kids sis,they are smart good looking and funny and growing fast.They remind me of you sis,I thank god for them cause you live threw them.I miss you kelli there isn't a day that don't go by I don't think about you,you are with me every day.Gil is doing good he's feeling good.All is well honey,well I will get back to you later got to get some stuff done ok.I Love You sis and miss you soso much.keep in touch.
I Love You!Biff(Robbie)xxoo
September 07, 2010
Hello my dear sis,well you have been on my mind so i wanted the write to you.well holly and tommy are finialy going on their honeymoon,they are going to florida.I get to watch the dogs and cat's house sit for them,should be fun.well fall is comming flowers are all done.still got the hummers comming,didnt go to the fair this year.well I'm hoping we can get up to visit you and bring you flower's for your birthday.i know you would like that.well i just want you to know how much i miss you and will be up tp visit you soon honey.i will write you soon,love you and miss you so much.Love sis Gerianne xxoo
August 22, 2010
My sis kelli,we had our family reunion get together is was wonderful.I know you and amy where smilely down on how much fun everyone had,lots of great food and a lot of love around.well katy turned 14teen wow does she look like you,all around the day was beautiful.not much else going on,wanted to write a little.hope you liked your flowers me and david brought for you we will be back up to visit.I will write to you soon.I Love And Miss You so.Love sis Gerianne
August 11, 2010
Hi Kiddo,
Wow, it's been pretty busy lately huh?
Your resting place is as beautiful as you.
I know you guide your loved ones, you had that special strength and love.
Keep them close Hon, they still need to chat with you.
I Love You!
July 31, 2010
Hi Kelli!

Just letting you know I am thinking of you today and hope you are shining down on your family! Comfort them in their weak moment and wipe away their tears.

Love and miss you,
Aunt Deb
July 28, 2010
my sis kelli,I want you to know how much i miss are always on my mine and alway's forever will be close to my heart.I hpor you like your flower's that me and robbie and david brought up for you,oh we will be back to visit and bring you more.I would bring them once a week if i could,well we are having the family get toghter reunion at our house should be a great time,i know that's something you would love.well just working alot getting things done around the house,been hot but we got the pool to cool off.things are changing and it is all good,you would be to hang with the kids at the walk that was sure nice,lil david one a cake at the cake walk me and him did it this year we had so much fun.not a much of a turn out this year but it was still great that's what we come up to do and will keep doing.well my dear i need to get to bed but i will write you soon.I love and miis you so very much.keep in touch with me o.k.
Love sis Gerianne xxoo
July 27, 2010
Hey mom it's Sara, it's been a while since I wrote so I thought since I have sons time I'd say hi. I miss you so much and it seems like everyday I miss you more but I know your here with me. We did the cancer walk a few weekends ago and it didin't really have a great turn out but I spent the night with Aunt Gerianne and Aunt Robbie and Uncle David and we sure did have fun haha we stayed up till past midnight and ate circus peanuts and chips of course junk food :) then in the morning we ate breakfast at McDonalds and they told me stories about when you worked at Burger King and stuff, I love it when I'm with everybody from the cities and they all have stories to tell me about you, it makes it seem like your still here like you didn't leave me but I'm sure excited to have the family get together at Aunt Gerianne's it's been a while since I've seen everybody but I'm gonna get back to having lunch with dad and grandpa, I love you and miss you everyday

Love always, your little peanut :)
July 22, 2010
My dear sis kelli,well we did the walk this year not many people this year.did you like your flower's,I'm sure you heard us comming.I know you were right by our side the hole time.We are going to have a family reunion at my house this will be alot of fun.well kids are getting so tall,they are growing up so fast you would be so proud.david has done a great job.well me and holly went to sams club we went by the baby stuff stuff and she said i;m sure i will have to buy alot of this stuff someday hey.well when they are ready.little lilyanna is so beautiful,robbie did a great job on the shower,grandpa daivd is so proud,you would be to.well staying at hollys tonight .I just wanted to drop in our computer is down right now.I want you to know how much i miss you sis I'm sure you have heard me right,well i will write back soon ok robbie said to say she loves you and miisses you so very much.I Love You.Love sis Gerianne
July 10, 2010
Hello my dear Niece!

In the next couple of weeks your family is going to have some difficult moments. I know you will be beside them, comforting them with your silent touch!
You and Amy have shown us a great deal of strength and we are trying very hard to follow the footsteps! Somedays it seems like we are not as good as the two of you were, but we keep moving forward as best we can.
I think of you so very often and hope you hear my prayers at night!

I love you Kelli,
Aunt Deb xxoo
July 10, 2010
Hi Mom,
just David hope you like your headstone? I really miss you a lot. I'm going to be in 6th grade all by myself because Sara and Katy will be in the high school. Laurie is a great person and Dad and her are getting married at the end of this month and I'm going to have a brother and a sister and were all in the wedding. Thanks for bringing her and Dad together and I was with when they met. Just been busy getting the house ready. Well I will write in here again soon love your son David.
July 01, 2010
my dear sister kelli,well robbie had a baby shower for lora it was great she did a beautiful job.our brother is going to be a grandpa how great is that.just want to wish you a happy fourth of july,i know how u liked putting all your stuff up.we will be up soon to visit you cant wait.well goota go to work,i will write back soon.
I Love ans Miss you so very much.
love sis gerianne
June 20, 2010
hey mom it's Katy. I'm so glad schools out, I'll be a freshman, yay! We've been kinda busy sometimes. Sorry I don't always write to you, but I just wanted tmo say hi and I miss you. Talk to you later, love you!
June 15, 2010
hey mom it's Sara, I got some time so I thought I'd say hi. I'm at Katrina's we're leaving for Moondance tomorrow sometime, it'll be fun. Well I'm a senior now! I can't believe it, I'm so excited! Been busy this summer, lots of grad parties and I've been babysitting for Kim which is nice, I've been going up to her parents house at Side Lake and swim and sauna, it's nice to go there and hang out for a weekend. I sure miss you and Great Grandma alot, it's different going out to her house without her there. Well I'll write again soon, love you and miss you lots!

Love always, your little peanut :)
June 03, 2010
my dear sis kelli,well sara is a senior as of today,wow that went fast.thats what you would say.well I'm going to start getting pictures ready for her grad party and oh yeah they will be good ones.that what you would want.I can't wait to come visit you hon it's been awhile i know.well just working alot,cleaning flowers are going good thanks for the help the other day.other than that not much else going to be a busy month.well i will wrtite you soonn ok.I love you and miss you dearly.Love sis Gerianne xxoo
May 31, 2010
It's been a while since i wrote. nothing too exciting going on for us just working! Trying to get our yard shaped up and looking better planted some flowers now i just need to keep them alive! I never did get the green thumb im terrible at planting but mom is sure to remind me to water them and pick the dead ones off! Looking forward to seeing the kids in July when we come up and will be sure to stop by and see you! Thats about all for now gotta go play with the dogs! I love and miss you very much.
May 28, 2010
hey mom its Sara, i have some time so i thought i'd say hi. i'm working on a music project for english class and i chose the song Long Trip Alone, of course Dierks and our song haha, it turned out pretty cool, i hope i get a good grade on it. we're gonna be super busy in June we got 5 graduations to go to! just think, in 3 more days i'll be a senior :) i can't believe it. i miss you so much, and tell Grandme and Amy i say hi and i'll write again soon, i love you!

love always, your little peanut :)
May 27, 2010
My dear sis kelli,well i have some glads comming up so when they do i will bring them up to you.thinking of you so much,when looking at my flowers i think of you.the hmming birds are here,robbie said they are crazy at her feeder'si have them trying to get a pic but they are to fast.well honey i need to get some things done but i will write soon ok,I Love And Miss you so much,keep up the touches ok xxoo
Love sis GerianneGerianne
May 09, 2010
My dear sister kelli,
Happy mother's day my love.Thanks for giving us such a beautiful for the mother's day walk at moa.I know you were right by our side the hole time.David and sara did a beautiful beautiful job on your headstone.I love and miss you so very much,i will be up soon to visit you my honey.I will write you soon.
Live your sis biff(Robbie)xxoo
May 08, 2010
My sweet niece may you finally rest in peace, your final resting place is now complete. Happy Mother's Day angel!
Love & miss u!
Aunt Deany
May 08, 2010
Hello my dear Niece!

I know you are now in your final resting place, smiling down on your loved ones. The headstone is gorgeous, just like the angel you are in heaven.

Happy Mother's Day! Stay close to your "3 babies" this weekend!!

Love and miss you,
Aunt Deb
May 08, 2010
Hi Kelli,
I want to wish you a Happy Mother's Day!
Your headstone is so perfect for you. You can rest now & the family can find closure knowing you are at peace.
I love you Kelli and miss you.
May 07, 2010
My dear sister kelli,
I want to wish you a happy mother's your head stone is so beautiful.David did such a good job on it,i can't wait to come up to visit you.I think of you so much i miss you lil sis.we are doing the mother's day walk at moa ans i know you will be right beside us.give us lot's of sunshine ok.
I Love you kelli,miss you so much.
Love sis Gerianne xxoo
May 07, 2010
hey mom its Sara, i'm down here hanging with the family. we're gonna go see grandma tomorrow and then uncle bob and possibly great grandma. i'm staying at aunt gerianne's tonight and then aunt robbie's tomorrow then we'll be up bright and early on Sunday for the walk. i hope me and dad did a good job on finding a hadstone for you, the family sure loves it, now when i come visit you i'll have something to look at, i miss you and great grandma hardy so much, its hard for me to get through most days but i do, i just wish you guys were here. the kids are excited for school to be done haha we'll sure be busy this summer but i'll write again soon gonna hang out with auntie tonight. love you lots!

love always, your little peanut :)
May 07, 2010
Hi Aunt Kelli sorry I have not written to you in a long time. Things are so crazy right now. I wanted to let you know that there is not a day that goes by that i don't think of you. Your headstone is so beautiful just like you. Just wanted you to know that I Love You miss you very much.
May 07, 2010
Snowing here today suppose to get 1-4inches, crazy weather. Sara's on her way to Cities for the Mother's Day cancer walk. She'll be there in memory of you and representing us. Katy has her 8th grade dance tonight and then we've got Little man's Birthday Party tomorrow he'll have friends over then we'll have family over later. I'm attaching picture of the Headstone and I'm wishing you an early "Happy Mother's Day" we Love you.
May 07, 2010
Hi Dear;
Just saw hubby's message and I am so happy for your family that your headstone is in place and that they can now find some peace knowing that they can always stop by and whisper how much they miss and love you.

I know that you and Amy will be with us this weekend for the Walk for the Cure. Keep us safe and wrapped your wings around us and keep us warm.

Uncle Rog
May 06, 2010
Grandpa and I got your Headstone in today, hope we didn't disturb you too much. I'll take some pictures tonight when I bring the kids by to see you. I'll send all a picture of it on Mothers Day. We think of you daily and I want to Thank you for bringing Laurie into our lives. I know that you had something to do with her & I meeting. She gets along great with our kids and is a good role model. I'll always Love you & miss you daily. Love your Husband, Dave
May 01, 2010
Kelli, Its been a while since I've been out to your site, I think of you often as you already know, I see your picture on my mirror every morning. Next Sunday is Mother's Day and me and my daughters will be walking in your honor again this year. We will be meeting your sisters and your daughter Sarah at the MOA. We also plan on doing the walk up north again in July. Gerianne said you will be getting your headstone any day now. Can't wait to see what your husband and children have picked out for you, I bet it will be beautiful just like you. I wish we could go back in time so I could talk to you again and do all the fun things we use to do growing up. Hugs & Kisses to a beautiful angel. Michelle
April 30, 2010
My dear Niece;

Just want to thank you for listening to prayers but PLEASE know you & Amy still have work to do down here on earth. We need you to protect those who are not in good health, give them strength so they can live a quality life for however long we have them.

Next Sunday is the walk in Memory of you & Amy! The battle against breast cancer continues on for our family in your honor!

I heard your headstone will be laid down very shortly. That has given me great comfort knowing you and your family can now see your final resting place and come to peace with that.

I love you Kelli,
Aunt Deb
April 28, 2010
My dear sister kelli,well was thinking of you so much on my birthday was hard i put my card out every year that u gave me yhat helps a bit.Got my glads in a pot and they are comming up.This year i did purple and red they should be pretty hummers have not showed up yet,i know u would say are u sure you have it sweet enough.I miss you kel so very much.well gotta get ready for bed i will write you soon honey. All my love,sisGerianne xxoo
April 10, 2010
Hey mom it's Sara, i just wanted to say hi. I love you and miss you every day, but I'm sure you and great grandma are havin a blast up there. Easter was good but it was hard for me cuz I missed you and grandma so much I've been thinkin of you guys alot lately. But I gotta go, I'm hanging with Katrina, love you and miss you every day.

Love always, your little peanut :)
April 04, 2010
Hi Kelli,
What a beautiful spring and Easter here on earth. Flowers have started to bloom already! My Hummingbird vines should bloom this year. I so want a "hummer" to come visit. I always think of you when I picture them coming to my garden. I saw them at Gerianne's. They are sooo tiny and cute. At least this time, your AC will not confuse them with a big bug. Ya, you got a big kick out of that didn't you?

Flutter by anytime you like. That annoying bunny that you and Aim had fun with is packed away until next year!
I love and miss you Kelli.

April 03, 2010
Happy Easter Kelli!!

You are missed and loved by all!
April 03, 2010
My sis kelli,just want to wish u a happy easter from me and robbie and mom be thinking of you my sis.Love and miss you so much,Love sis Geriannne
March 27, 2010
My sis kelli,
well spring is here going to get some blubs and do alot of plating this year we will see how I do.I know you would give me some ideas.Thinking of you so much i know you know that,i bet your getting things ready up there right.well we are going to bingo soon,just wanted to say that I love and miss you so very much everyday i give your picture a touch to start my day.I will write you soon sis easter is comming,i will make sure ti get your favoret candy.Love u (fluffers)Lil sis,Love sis Gerianne xxoo
March 25, 2010
Dear sister Kelli,
Hello my love I was thinking about you,well spring has come it won't be long before we can start with flowers.I can't wait to put flowers on my deck.And then the hummers will be comming back also,I'll have to start to wash my feeders and get my sugar.I can't wait to come up and vivst you.I miss you kelli but i know how much you are with us.I bet you and great grandma hardy are having a good visit.I talk with sara every once in a wwhile,they are great kids.Not much really going on just working,gil is doiing good.Well honey I will let you go for now but I will get back to you before easter.ok I love and miss you my love so keep intouch.
I love you robbie(biff)xxoo
March 25, 2010
Hi Aunt Kelli! It has been a very long time since I have wrote to you! Things are busy but you already know that. I just want you to know that thers is not a day that goes by that I dont think of you. There are songs that come on and I think of you. I feel the warmth from the sun and I think of you getting ready to plant your flowers like you use to do every spring. Lora is doing good. Grandma is very excited to be a Great Grandma. I am going to see her today so I am sure it will be a good laugh. I just want you to know that I miss you and I love you.
March 21, 2010
Hello my dear Niece!

Don't want you to think you are far from our thoughts or hearts.

It's almost springtime for real, and looking forward to seeing pretty flowers instead of the white stuff!

So much going on down here on earth, but I'm sure you & Amy are well aware of it. Just hope we get guidance from the 2 of you when we need it.

Overall I think our families are doing good, trying to continue to make you angels proud of us.

Well I am going to go for now, but will be back. Keep heavens garden in bloom!!

Love you Kelli!
Love Aunt Deb xo
March 12, 2010
Hey mom it's Sara, i got a few minutes so i thought i'd say hi. well been busy with school an grandma's funeral stuff, that was hard for me but i got through it cuz i know you and grandma are keeping an eye out for me. Dad turned 50 today! but i gotta go, bell is gonna ring,i'll write again soon. love you and miss you lots

Love always, Your Little Peanut :)
March 11, 2010
My sister kelli,
well spring is near can't wait to clean and open window's member how we would alway's say that to each other we loved the fresh air in the house.well not much else going on giz is great,holly's dog's are getting so big i have to bring them a bone when i see my daffidils man they all opened up just beautiful.Well i know you know how much i miss you right,you are alway's on my mind sis.Sometimes i think the phone is going to ring and it will be you,just to hear your voice,I feel your touch when i need it,I see a eagle and you are near it makes my day.hopdefuly i can get up to visit you and bring you some flowers.Well sisi got to get somethings done I will write you soon.
I love and miss you so very much,Love sis Gerianne xxoo
March 07, 2010
Hello my wonderful sister,
Well spring is on it's way,can't wait.The robins are back already,things are going well.sorry to hear about gram hardy she was so sweet and kind,remember when gil and I were up and we went over to her house and we watched the deer from her bedroon window?we were like wow that was something.But now you won't be alone I'm sure you two will have alot to talk about.I miss you kelli i miss calling you and hearing your voice,I wish i could still hear you.I miss it so much,but i know you are with us is going good,just think I've been there elevn years already how time flys.Gil's doing good,well honey i will talk with you soon o.k. I love you my sister keep in touch I love it.
Iuv you your sis biff(robbie)
March 03, 2010
My Dear Sister kelli
It's been awhile since i wrote you just letting you know i will be up tomorrow for grama hardys wake i'm sure that you where at the gate to greet her .
i will stop an see you tomorrow think you know how much i miss you still hard not to see you when i come up but i know that you where with use on deer hunting this year i got a nice ten point with davids help keeping the land ready as he does every year an i did talk with david an he told me your headstone will be set this spring hes having it deliverd to work then bring it to you can't wait i'm sure its very pretty love an miss you so much theres not a day that goes by that i dont think of you
Love XXXXXXOOOOOO your big brother David
will let you know when the head stone is set we'll take a picture
February 26, 2010
Honey it has been a tough week as Grandma Hardy Passed away last night around 9:30pm. I know that you and Grandpa met her to make her transition an easy one. Kids are at school today and I'm at work. Kids will miss their Great Grandma and Loved her dearly as will I. No plans for the funeral yet but we'll be making them as soon as Aunt Elsie and Uncle Arnold get in to town. We still Love You and Miss You every day. Love your husband, Dave.
February 25, 2010
My sis kelli,
well just want to say that i saw some eagles when we were up north,must of been you watching over me while i was riding snowmoble.Was fun not much else going on,robbie went back to work she was happy.well not much else my sis.keep in touch with me o.k.
I Love and miss you so very much,
Love sis Gerianne xxoo
February 25, 2010
Hey mom it's Sara, I'm
on the Internet on my new i-pod, I'm using the wi-fi connection at the hospital. Great Grandma Hardy is not doing good at all but I know you already know that cuz your getting a place ready for her up there with you and you guys can make quilts And jam and do puzzles but I'm sure gonna miss her when she goes. It's really hard for me to be in the room because the whole time I'm there a only see you and it brings back memories that are not good ones. I'm glad that I got to hold your hand and listen to our song and got that smile sayin that everything is gonna be okay before God took you away from me. I miss you every single day but I'm thankful for the time I had with you. I love you so much and don't get into too much trouble when Grandma gets up there and say hi to Amy and Great Grandpa Hardy for me. I'll write again soon, love and miss you lots.

Love always, your little peanut :)
February 14, 2010
Hey my sis kelli,]
Happy valentine's day I miss and love you so much,I know how you would have your candy hearts out.I bought holly some cinnomon jelly hreat's we loved them didn't we.well keep in toch babe.
your in my on my mind everyday and in my heart for ever.Love and miss you so
Love,sis Gerianne xxoo
February 14, 2010
Hello my dear sister kelli,
It's been awhile sorry well sara is seventeen alraedy where did the time go.well as you know we just keep getting more snow,I'm sure you are laughing about it are'nt you.No one here want's to make snow angels withme,remember when we would do that when we would come up?I haven't even made a snowman this winter but i will.I miss you kelli I wish you were still here with us so much.I wish I could call and talk with you,I wish I could hug you.Well it's valentines,I know you would be making cookies and putting out your candy.Wish i could send you a valentines remember when we would sit and eat your cookies with milk?well my honey i let you go for now o.k.?So happy valentines day my love.
I miss you but i always give you a hug and kiss.
Love you kelli xxxxxxxxxxxoooooo
Love biff(Robbie)
February 14, 2010
Happy Valentine's Day Kelli!

Love Aunt Deb
February 11, 2010
Well our oldest is 17 today hard to believe isn't it. Having family over tonight for Birthday Cake, ice cream & coffee. She'll start her behind the wheel drivers training soon and then next step is her license. We Love and Miss you. Keep an eye on us daily. Keep a special eye on Great Grandma Hardy as she's in the hospital with Kidney problems. Will write more later Love Your Husband
February 03, 2010
Hello my dear Niece!

It's been awhile since I last visited you here, but not because I have forgotten you!! Never!!
I have been thinking of you & Amy so much lately and can't help but wonder if you are letting me know you hear my prayers at night. I'm not asking for anything big, and I know if any Angel can help it would be the two of you!

Your oldest daughter certainly is growing up quickly isn't she? Almost 17 already - where did all the time go?? Most certainly her Mom is guiding her aren't you?

We are all doing the best we can, trying to keep our feet one in front of the other. That's the best any of us can do for now ...

I love you Kelli!

Love Always,
Aunt Deb

p.s. Give my girl a hug n kiss for me!!
February 02, 2010
hey mom, it's Sara, i got some time to write quick. sorry i ain't written in a while but it's hard to find time during school. things have been going good and are getting better, me and the kids and Dad went out sledding the other night around 10 and i remember when you'd wake me up at 3 or 4 in the morning to eat oreos or go to Wal-Mart or to go sledding. i miss you every day and can you believe after this semester i'll be a senior! i'm so excited, and plus my birthday is next Thursday and i'll be 17! i ain't sure what i wanna do yet but i'll probably just have family over that thursday night and maybe have some friends over another time. well i should go the bell is going to ring but i'll try to write again soon. i love you and miss you everyday, and tell Amy i say hi.

Love always, Your Little Peanut :)
January 25, 2010
Sis Kelli,Well thinking of you alot each and everyday,oh how you know right.thanks for th touch the other day,haven't made a snow angel yet but i will get out there to do so for's doing good,holly's dogs are getting so,giz is doing good,Robbie and I had a nice weekend together laughed looked at pic of the weeding and he ones of us when we were small oh how funny.well my sis i need to get some things done just wanted to let you know how much i miss you and love you so dearly,I'll write back soon.
I Love You kel,Love sis Gerianne xxoo
January 10, 2010
Just wanted to check in with you it has been a while..! The wedding was everything I ever dreamed of nothing went wrong, most everyone I expected showed up, it was the best day of my life! It was hard with out you there and everyone did struggle but we made it as we always do. Now I just await the time until Tommy is ready for a baby! I am! Dogs are huge now and starting to calm down a little.. they are 2 already! I gotta run going to bring Tommy lunch at work today! I'll stop back soon. Love and MIss you very much.
January 08, 2010
We're into the new year now a whole week and we all miss you very much. Sara got back from her trip to Arizona had fun but I think she was glad to get back home to familiar territory and people. Just think she'll be graduating next year 2011, where did the time go. Katy will be moving into the High School too next year and Little man will be going it alone in the Middle school. Kids and I are doing fine, keep watch over us all. We Love & Miss you. Love your husband Dave.
December 31, 2009
Happy New Year Honey. We Love and miss you. Sara's flying back on 1/2/2010, your brother is picking her up at the Airport then we'll pick her up in Mooselake on Sunday. Keep watch ocver us in 2010. Love David, Sara, Katy & David Jr.
December 30, 2009
Sis Kelli,
I want to wish you a Happy New Year,I'm a little early but i did not want to for get.I know how you would alway's tell me that you would get your popcorn ready so you could watch the ball fall,And I would tell you that i would give you a call to say happy new year.I miss that but i know you will be celeibrating up in heaven with Amy I'm sure you both have a plan with the angel' are on my mind everyday sis send your toches o.k.check in on mom also would you I sure you do.
I will be back soon sis,I Love And Miss You So Much.Love Sis Gerianne(stuffers) xoxo
December 30, 2009
My dear sister kelli,
Please forgive me I forgot to say merry christmas to you in your book.I'm so sorry my love,can you see the blue snow flake and angels in my window? I'm sure you can I put them up for you to look at.It was a good christmas,but still empty with out you.Yes I put my lights on my deck to not all just a few.I have to get some more new ones.How do you like my bird bath?I put pine branches and water so it would'nt freeze the put a round tray of bird seed in it the birds love it.Ha ha we got alot of snow but them I'm sure you sent it.Brother made a great dinner as alway's ,brother got us some nice cup's and some bath stuff.His buck looks so good on the wall.Most of all I missed you,And I missed your cookies alot.I'm down with a cold right now,I wante dto get this in your book before new years eve.Well my love got to go but I'll be backto you for sure.I miss you honey so so much,But I know how much you are with us all.
I Love You Kelli(fluffers)
Stay near my angel,Love you forever
Sis Robbie(biff) xoxoxo
December 27, 2009
My sis kelli,I'm sorry i didn't get to write to you and wish you a merry christmas.I hope you and Amy celeabrated with the angels up there in heaven.You where on my mind those twos day's still hard not to be able to call you but i know you herad me right thanks for you touch.I just want to say I love you so very much and your in my heart everyday.write back to you soon my sis.Love sis Gerianne. xxoo
December 25, 2009
Hello Kiddo,
Well, another Christmas came and went. As a family, we try to be stronger and more at peace. Not an easy task, there are 2 souls missing. I do think your loved ones are moving forward and taking your love with them, every step of the way.
I do hope that you, Amy and all those loved ones who have gone before us, are creating a new circle of life in Heaven. The link just keeps getting larger.
We just know the 2 of you made a beautiful Christmas with the Angels.

Please feel our love and thoughts floating to you.
I love you Kelli, and picture you in my heart everyday!
December 24, 2009
Kelli, Wanted to stop and say I think of you often, I look at your picture on my dresser almost every morning! I seen you hubby & kids at Holly's wedding, they seem to be doing well. You are very missed by your entire family, I wish you were still here for your children. Well I love you "Kelli Jo", Merry Christmas.
December 23, 2009
My dear Niece Kelli!

Before the holiday and craziness starts, I wanted to stop by to tell you we think of you daily! These are tough times for our family, but somehow I feel you & Amy are with all of us.

I'm sure the two of you played a part with Grama and we all thank you so much!! Now you can go with all the other angels and celebrate the holiday in your celestial ways!!

Dance! Sing!! And most of all, know our thoughts and love are sent up to you always!! Wrap your wings around your family when you see them fall.

Merry Christmas in Heaven Kelli!!

Love you very much,
Aunt Deb
December 22, 2009
It's almost Christmas and as usual I'm not even close to being ready for it. Have picked up some things but have to get a few more gifts. I had Sara's deer head mounted so that's now hanging up looks good, she didn't want me to get it mounted but think she was happy that I did as it's her first deer. She flew out yesterday to Pheonix, AZ spending it with Jerry and Melody, she'll be back next year 1/2/2010, I'll pick her up 1/3/2010.I have to play drums in church Christmas Eve at 5pm. Then Kids and I will do the norm go to Gary & Roberta's for Christmas Eve, then to Arnold & Elsie's for Christmas Breakfast. We love and miss you tons. Love your Husband David
December 17, 2009
My dear sis kelli,
Well christmas is in a week and I'm not done shopping yet,you know me last minute.When we would talk about xmas i would always tell you i shop at the last minute and you would laugh,I miss the talks we would have,you are alway's on my mine and always will be for ever in my heart.We are having a family christmas with John's side her at are house should be fun about 60 people some of his family is going to stay here on sat with us,should be busy.Well other than that I sure you and the angels are getting things done up there,keep sending your touches for me.I will go out and make the snow angel for us like i have been doing we had some much fun doing that at 3:00 in the morniing what memories that are alway's going to be there.Thought alot of you this week I'm sure you knew that,well my sis i need to get a few things done just got home from a meeting traffic was crazy.I LOve And Miss You SO Very Much Sis,
Love your sis Gerianne xxoo
December 05, 2009
Hello my sis Kelli,I haven't wrote in you book for a while.We all went up to have a early christmas with david and the kids.Sara did a wonderful job ,the tree was pretty the food was good,we had a good time.Sara had the tree done up real nice she worked very hard.But then she got it from you,she even made sugar cookies yum.I know you were with us.David gave me a humming bird feeder with chimes on it.David and katy came to the hotel and went swimming they had fun.Sara is doing good driving wish you could be there to see it all.I miss you sis I know how much you loved christmas .It's so empty without you here,but I know you are with us all everyday.Our brother got a 10 point buck,and sara got and eight I'm sure you sent them bucks their way.Gil is good.well my love i will let you go for now.Stay by my side I love having you near.I miss you sister.
I Love You So Much My Angel
Love you,Robbie(Biff)
December 04, 2009
hey mom! sorry it's been a while since i've wrote but i've been busy with school and stuff. i know dad already told you i shot my first deer! i was so excited and 3 days before i shot my deer i got my permit so i've been driving alot. i got crystal ball next weekend, me and Sam Anderson are gonna go together because we both got ditched but we'll have fun. then the weekend after that i'm packing to go down to Arizona to spend Christmas with grandma Melody and grandpa Jerry and i'm excited for that but a little nervous still about flying. we had Christmas last weekend and that went really good and we all had a good time and Holly's wedding was a blast! i missed you but i know that i wasn't the only one who did, but i should go because i'm supposed to be doin homework but i'll write again soon! love you and miss you bunches!

love always, your little peanut :)
December 02, 2009
My Dear sister Kelli,
Well we came up for our christmas at your house,me and holly came up early friday after our shopping day,came and had a visit with you and brought you some flowers I'm sure you knew we were there.Sara and katy and david jr and daivd did such a great job.We had a great time,then we went to the hotel the kids went swimming and katy stayed the night with me and robbie mom david.well got some things put up just have to do the tree,you knowhow i can't get my lights on,I would always ask you how you did it so prefect on yours,I miss that so much.I miss you so I bet you and Amy are getting everything set up there just how you both would want it.well my sis I'm sending you a hug and kiss keep the touches comming as we will need them big wings of your wrapped around us all.I Love And Miss you So Very much.xxoo
Love sis Gerianne(stuffers)
November 25, 2009
My sis Kelli,Well Thanksgiving is tomorrow and can't wait to eat turkey.I went with our bro david last weekend up to the house,sara is driving know wow she got her deer this year i was hoping so bad that katy would get while we where there,came and had a visit with you,I'm sure you knew that right.Well me and holly are going to our 6th year of black out friday can't wait then we are comming up to have our christmas at your house with everyone we will bring you some flower's and I'm sure you will know when we are all comming.well my love i have to get some things done so i will talk to you when we come up.I Love And Miss You So So Much,
Love sis Gerianne xxoo
November 25, 2009
My dear Niece!

Hope you & Amy along with the rest of the Angels have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Even though you are not with us we are thankful for the time we had, the memories we will forever hold in our minds and our hearts.

Give my girl a hug for me ok?

Love and miss you,
Aunt Deb
November 19, 2009
Well here it is almost Thankgiving. Kids and I are doing fine. Another Deer season has almost passed and we have 2 deer to date. Your Brother shot a nice 10 pt out of Katy's stand on Sunday, 15Nov09 and Sara got her first deer over at Jerry and Melody's on Monday 16Nov09(see pic)she also got her permit on Friday, 13Nov09 so she's driving us everywhere now any chance she gets. I'm busy tonight with parent teacher conferences for all 3.
We Love and Miss you Always. Love your Husband, Dave.
November 15, 2009
Hello my sister kelli,Well as you know nov is here,I know you can feel the change.I know you know hunting has started.Sara wants her big buck,I hope she will she reminds me of you.Well as you know holly and tommy had their wedding,it was wonderful I'm sure you were beside her all the way.I know I took your place I hope I did o.k. for her and you.And yes I cryed I missed you being there.But I knkow you were in some way cause every thing made it shine,And it did.I miss you kelli so so much.David and the kids looke dso nice,Grandma even had fun.Mom even danced a little.Gerianne and john and matt looked wonderful.And yes Gerianne did mustang sally.she was good,I think about you all the timehoney.But I will let you go for now my love.
I Love You Sister.Love Sis Robbie xoxoxoxox
November 10, 2009
Hi Kiddo,
Wow, I could almost feel you at Holly's wedding. :)
That of course is always a pleasure, just feeling you or Amy close.
Didn't Holly look gorgeous? It was a wonderful fairytale wedding.
Your babies are doing so good and getting back to enjoying life. What a joy to watch.
I just wanted you to know that you were so missed Kelli. I love and miss you so very much.
Love Always,
November 10, 2009
My sis Kelli,Well holly looked so beautiful the wedding was beautiful every thing went well just how you would have wanted it for her.Everyone had a great time.Me and Robbie had our moment i'm sure you could tell.The kids did such a good job and they all looked so and grandma were out on the dace floor matt and holly had great gram out there haveing a great time.You know how much you where missed,well my sis i need to get some things done i will be back soon o.k.
I Love and Miss You so Much,
Love sis Gerianne
November 05, 2009
My dear sister kelli,Well we are down to two days before the wedding.I was getting the viedo camera ready and the tape that was in there was from one of our i watched it just to here your voice and your laugh.I know how you would be right there to make sure holly is just prefect right before she walks down to tom.I know you are going to be right by our sides for that will be a tough one but you will make sure we get through it because that's what you would want.Wrap them big wings of yours around us all o.k. thanks for the sign last night.I Miss And Love You So very much my lil sis,
Give Amy a kiss and hug for me.
Love your sis Gerianne(stuffers)
November 01, 2009
Dear Kelli!

Happy "All Saint's Day!"

Love you,
Aunt Deb
October 30, 2009
Aunt Kelli, well we are just 8 days away from the big day! I can't believe it is here already I am so excited to finally have a wedding of my own! I know we will be missing you a lot that day but I felt you on Melissa's day I'm sure I will feel you even more on my own. I know you will be watching over to be sure it all goes as planned my fingers are crossed! I will stop back soon gotta get ready for a Halloween party tonight! Love you and miss you very much.
October 26, 2009
My sis kelii,Well the leaves are a fallen,I know how much you like the changing of them.Well the wedding is in 12 days i can't beleive it,it went so fast.I have been thinking of you so much and i know you have been to.Well i will get back to you soon i promise got to get some things done.Keep in touch,
Love and Miss You So very Much,
Love sis Gerianne
October 26, 2009
Hello my darling sister kelli,
Well i put all my plants and feeders away as you can see.The only birds i have are the chickadees and sparrows and one sm woodpecker.Looking for the seed feeder but i took it down so it don't bring the mice.Well guess what i made my last car payment,hopefully it will last until spring.John has helped me keep it going,and i've got bro to help me also.Well winter is on its way the trees are almost gone.And now there is flu going around.I hope your kids don't get it because it is bad for them.I told sara maybe they all can get the shot,alot of kids are getting it in school,I hope they think about it the shot,or mist in their nose I know how you were with them on keeping away from people being sick.I miss you sis Gil is doing good,I'm thinking about you now that the season is changing.So far now my love i will let you go.Keep in touch with us all,o.k.
I Love You and Miss you Much.
Love your sis Robbie xxoo
October 12, 2009
aunt kelli. cant believe it has been 2 years i sure dont feel like it, not much new with me just work, well better get back at it love you and miss you. thank you for watching over me i know you have been there more then one time...
October 11, 2009
My sis kelli,Well today was a hard one it is the two year anniversary since you left us.Brought you some flower's,the sun was shining,I miss you lil sis some day's are good and other's are not.We went to chruch with the kid's and david today was good to be with them today.Mom brought you a heart that she made that she left for you.She did her best today but we were all together just like you would have wanted it to be.Keep in touch with me and wrap them wing's around us.
I Love And Miss You So Very Much,Love your sis Gerianne(stuffers)
October 11, 2009
Hello my sweet sister Kelli;It made me feel good to be near you today. I miss you so very much but I know how much you are with me.It was a hard day today but because I was near you I was ok.Keep watching over me I love your touches. Just remember how my love for you will always be in my heart.Sisters forever and ever.Ilove you.
your sister (Biff) Robbie
October 11, 2009
Hello my dear Niece!
I can still vividly remember 2 years ago today. My heart still aches for your family, including all of us. We lost a very beautiful young woman that day who meant the world to so many!! The loss of you is very easy to see in your husband and kids but they are putting everything into trying to move forward.
Yesterday was Holly's shower and both girls looked just as beautiful as their Mom!

Losing you and Amy has been a very big cross for all of us to bear but we are slowly getting stonger and am sure the 2 of you are very proud!! We need you & Amy to keep a close eye on Grama too ok?

Keep your fluffy wings wrapped around your family and continue to comfort them in their dark hours.

Love and miss you,
Aunt Deb
October 10, 2009
Hello Kiddo,
Hard to believe it's 2 years since God called you home. Our loss, His gain.
I am so proud of your family Kelli, they may not see their strength, but we do. It's amazing the way they all pull together and keep you memory alive.
We saw the kids and Dave last weekend for Gramma's 90th. Today, your girls helped with Holly's bridal shower.
How proud you must be of all of them!
I love you sweetheart, I think of you every day!
October 10, 2009
Dear Hardy/Nasby Family:

Sunday will mark the second anniversary that God called your beloved Kelli Jo to be beside him in heaven and I still see the pain of her loss in your eyes.

I want you all to know just how proud I am of your family because you have worked hard to keep Kelli's memory alive as hard as it has been. But together with Amy's loss too we will continue to become stronger as a family and look forward to our future and children's future.

God bless you all,

Uncle Rog
October 09, 2009
Honey, It's coming up on 2 years since you left us and not a day goes by in which we don't miss you. Taking the girls down to Mooselake where your sisters will pick them up so they can go to Holly's shower on Saturday. Little man had football game last night and they won 25 - 0, I've attached a picture of our number 24, he's quite the athlete. He Loves to TACKLE. We love and miss you tons and keep us all under your watchful eye. Love always your Husband. David Hardy
October 06, 2009
My dear sister kelli,Well the day's are counting down for the wedding.Thing's are going good,I know you will be watching over us all on holly's wedding day making sure things are where they should be.We went to grandma's 90th birthday party they all did a great job for her,it was wonderful and she was so happy.The kids and daivd came down also they are growning up so much,you would be so proud of them kelli When they are around i see you so much.There are so many hard day's and i'm trying, the memory's are so in my heart but to not hear your voice and your laugh it so hard yet.well my sis we will be comming up on sunday to visit you it will be 2years since you left us I'm sure will know we are there,keep in touch o.k.
I Love And Miss You so,
Love your sis Gerianne xxoo:)
October 02, 2009
hey mom! sorry i haven't written in a while but its hard to get to a computer and we've been super busy! david started football a few weeks ago and he loves it, he had a game last night and he scored 2 touchdowns he was excited about that. it's homecoming week this week too and me Trina and Sam have been busy all week just hanging out and making shirts and going to the game tonight. it will be fun but i wish that you and me could have gone to more than just that one game, but we had fun. hopefully we win cuz we're 2 and 2 now but it will be a good game. then we're going down to the cities for great grandma's birthday, i'm excited to see her, and me and aunt gerianne are gonna get things ready for our early Christmas, we're having it at our house this year which dad isn't so thrilled about but it will be nice to have everybody togehter. we also found a headstone that i know you would love, me and dad really like it, and i don't think i wrote to you on your birthday so happy late birthday, sorry i'm a little late but like i said it's hard to get to a computer. well i should probably finish my homework so i'll write again soon, love you and miss you tons!

love always, your little peanut :) oh yeah i almost forgot, Sam, Carver and Trina all say hi and that they miss you too
October 01, 2009
Aunt Kelli,
It's been a while since I checked in with you but I am sure you are watching over all of us. I am convinced that you are making sure everything will be just perfect of me on my wedding day. This whole this has been so easy and fun to plan and people tell me its stressful.. I know it is still a little over four weeks away but I haven't felt an ounce of stress or frustration which I am thankful for.. It;s really hard still without you here and I know we will definitely hurt without you physically here for the wedding but I know you will be with us and somehow someway we will feel you there. The girls are coming down next weekend for the shower at mom's I can't wait to see them. I text Sara here and there to see how everything is going. They seem to be doing well. I will be sure to stop in again soon I am going to run for now got hose cleaning to do of course!

I love and miss you VERY much
September 24, 2009
Kids and I are doing fine but we sure Love & miss you. Little man has his first football game tonight so he's pretty fired up. I'll post some pictures tomorrow after the game tonight. Coaches like him cause he's a big hitter. I help coach too when I can get off of work & I'll be out on the field with the "Eagles" which is the team David's on. Took Sara to Duluth last night, G'ma Melody had knee surgery so she wanted Sara to be there to help her. She's doing good in school so I don't worry about her missing this one day. She'll come back home with G'pa Jerry tonight. Katy running for Student Council again, she's opted out of band and is now in choir seems to like it. Well I'll let you go for now. Love your Husband, Dave.
September 17, 2009
hey there auntie!!!!
sorry that i didnt get to write you on your bithday i have been busy with school i go to school from 730 to 2 then i have to take a extra class till 3 thn i have to go stright to work but.... Happy late birthday and Anniversary.. I have been thinking about you a lot i have to do a senior project and i am doing it on breast cancer and everyday all i think about is you its so hard for me..But i am making the bird house for my project and i am gonna donate them to help rase money for breast cancer. Dont worry auntie ill bring you one so you can see the birds that i maade and i will make it just for you :) i know that you are watching over me mom dad and mel and russ.. its so hard to sit in class doing my porject and not to cry i am trying to be strong but its killing me. But i thought that i should stop by and tell you i think about you everyday and there is not a day that goes by that i dont miss you and am not thinking about you i know that you are watchin over the family so ill talk to you later hopefully sometime this week...I LOVE YOU SO MUCH AUNTIE..
September 14, 2009
My dear sister kelli
miss you so very muchwish i could hug you an give you kisses on your birthday & Anniversary but all i can do is hold your memories close to my heart will be up to see you soon only god knows how much i really miss you
love big brother david:(
September 14, 2009
Hey Kelli, Wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday, I'm sure you and the angels are doing something special today. I know today is your anniversary too, I'm sure this is a very hard day for your entire family expecially your hubby, without the love of his life. Make sure you and the angles your celebrating with today spread some angel dust on everyone close to you to help them get through the day.
September 14, 2009
Honey - "Happy Birthday" and "Happy Anniversary" we love and miss you tons. I'm taking the rest of the day off as school was cancelled today due to a water mainline break in Bovey. Take David to football practice today at 3pm as after school activities haven't been cancelled. Girls may go with to watch, then we'll go out to eat. Suppose to be a nice day today we'll be thinking of you especially today. All our Love David, Sara, Kaitlyn & David Jr.
September 14, 2009
Dear Kelli;
I am thinking of you on this day and want you to know that we have not forgotten you. You are still loved and missed very much!

Uncle Rog
September 13, 2009
Hi Kiddo,
Happy Birthday/Anniversary! I'm sure the angels and Aim will make it a beautiful day for you.
It's a bit harder for those of us here. Your family is doing well Kelli, the kids are beautiful children with so much love.
Your honey continues to fight for you. We keep the fight close to us, we have to don't we?
Someday Kelli, we will finally win this battle with help from above.
You are so missed and loved. You know that, right?
I still cry everytime I come in here to chat with you. I miss your voice and laughter.
Little Katy is an image of you Hon. Sara is strong and full of her Mom. :)
The little guy is so cute and has come a long way since loosing you.
We love them dearly and continue to watch over them.
The empty spot will always be there, but nobody can take the memories away.
I Love You Kelli & Miss You!
September 13, 2009
My Dear Daughter Kelli,(sweet pea)I want to wish you a happy birhtday,you are always on my mind and in my heart.I hope the angels celebrate for you.
I Love And Miss You SO Much,
Love Your Mother,Gerri xxoo
September 13, 2009
Hello my sister kelli,
sorry I haven't talked to you for a while I've been busy,We are doing tee it up for the troops again,I know how you liked to hear about it.I will be comming up to visit you in oct,Don't worry I'm sure gerianne and mom and david will come to.And now I want to wish you a big happy birthday and to say how much I love you.This will be my day to think about what we would be dong.Even so you are not with me you are in my heart and on my mind.When I come up sister I will bring you a bunch of flowers just for you.I wish more than anything you where still her with us.But you are never ever forgotten ever.I miss you my sister I think of you day and night.You are always in my heart,I know you are with me to.Well my wonderful sis I will let you go just for know.So rember I will be up to sit by you,I hope you get some flowers from everyone.I love you so much and miss you so much.I will see you soon my love.
I Love You sis,Love Robbie& Gil
P.s.Gil said to say happy birhtday and that no one made peanutbutter cookies like you we love you,Love (biff)Robbie
September 13, 2009
my dear sister kelli,Your birthday is tommorw and it will be hard not to call and sing to you,that's something we alway's did for each other.I hope the angels celebrate for you up there.I will get back soon,I need to get thing's.Went camping this weekend and i saw the eagle when we were on the lake it was you checking up with me right.So my sis I'll be back,I love and miss you kel you are forever in my heart.
Love sis Gerianne
September 13, 2009
Hi my dear Niece!

Wanted to let you know I think of you so very often and hope you can see how very much you are missed by all who loved you so very dearly!!

As your birthday arrives tomorrow I wonder Kelli - do you celebrate that day in heaven? I will bet the angels know how to celebrate your special day somehow!

It sounds like David and the kids are doing as well as they can. We saw them at Melissa's wedding and they looked so nice and as usual, full of hugs for everyone.

I just want to say to you - we all miss and love you very much, and hope you keep watching over those who need you most!!

Happy Birthday Kelli!!

Love you,
Aunt Deb
September 11, 2009
Here it is the 8th anniversary of 9/11/2001 in which all of our lives were forever changed as I was deployed out for a year and a half. Our anniversary would be soon too as well as your Birthday, hard to believe that it's almost been 2 years since you left us. Kids started school on the 8th and they all seem to enjoy. Sara's been practicing driving and she'll have a car once she gets her license but she still has to take drivers education yet, I think she's enrolling in the next available class. Little man's in Football, I'll get a picture of him all decked out in his pads. He seems to enjoy it so far but they've only had 2 practices. Practice Monday - Thursday after school, with some games on Thursday and a jamboree to be held on a weekend to be announced. Katy found some pink material at Walmart which has LOVE/HOPE/CARE on it of which we bought and she's made some tie blankets one to keep and one she'll either sell or give as a gift to someone. We all Love and Miss you.
Keep a watchful eye over our children. Love your husband, Dave.
September 08, 2009
Kelli,Well sis another year of the fair has come and gone.Got out there for a concert was a blast.Well was the frist day of school for your childern today,I bet they all looked so nice,you alway's made sure of that.They have grownen so much,katy look's so much like you I can't beleive it,lil david has gotten so tall, and sara has growen into a beautiful young lady she said she couldn't wait for school to start.Well this year and next year is her senior year.The wedding is 8 week's away and counting,Well sis keep in touch with me o.k.give mom a touch to.I love and miss you so,
Love your sis Gerianne xxoo
August 30, 2009
My dear sister kelli,Well just want to tell you that your humming bird light shines so bright,brought you some flowers the visit was nice with you,I wish mom could have came with us but she was not feeling well that day.She is doing good she has a hard time cause she said she misses her girl sweet pea I try to get her out as much as I can,ii will have her up for a weekend she's lonely and you know how she can talk up a storm heehee.well the wedding is comming fast,things are going great,I can't beleive my girl is getting married wow,I will try to get back up soon to visit you maybe robbie and mom and david will come with.i wish i could talk to you about thing's I know in my heart you have hear me,well gotta get some things done so keep in touch my lil sis.
I Love And Miss You so,
Love your sis,Gerianne
August 27, 2009
Just wanted to check in with you! All is well here just working hard on planning this wedding! Time is flying by it is already just over 2 months away. The kids are going to help hand out the programs and monitor the guest book for me. Can't wait but I will miss you A LOT there although I know you will be there. The white butterfly aunt robbie saw flew by me too, its funny cause i knew you would be with us and we call saw that, Melissa was gorgeous they had a great turnout. I better get to bed gotta get up early for work ya know!! I'll stop back soon. I love and miss you,
August 21, 2009
Well here it is Katy's 13th Birthday today. Just her and Dad today as other 2 went camping. We had family out last night to celebrate her Birthday, Sara made a chocolate cake which everyone enjoyed. Katy wants to go to Duluth and eat at the Olive Garden then we are going to a parade today too in which we'll honor you and your fight with Breast Cancer. Love and miss you.
Your Husband, Dave.
August 20, 2009
hello my sister kelli,
Well as you know melissa had a great wedding she looked so beautiful,but I'm sure you were looking down and could see yourself.I missed having you there with us but again I know you were,Sara looked so beautiful in her dress yes a dress and katy looked beautiful in her dress and lil david looked so handsome in his shirt and tie,and your david looked great to.Ypu would have been proud of them.It was a very nice wedding.David did a great job,And yes I'm sure you seen how handsome he looked in his tux he never looked so great.I was watching a white butterfly fluttering around by the deck before david and melissa came out I thought to myself I know you are there with us all.I miss you sister so much,But you are always there.The next morning we cleaned things up and again that white butterfly was fluttering around,melissa was talking to it,It was funny for we new it was you checking in.But all went well,my hummers are still comming around like crazy as ever.Well my love I'm going to let yougo for now and i will check in with you again soon.I love you babe and miss you more then words can say.So keep in touch for I love you so much ok babe.
xoxoxoxoxoxoLove you honey
(biff)Robbie hugs an kisses
August 17, 2009
My dear sis kelli,Russ and Melissa's wedding was beautiful,she was so pretty you would have said the same thing.I know you were with all of us on her day,your childern are growing up so fast and they looked so very nice for the wedding.They did a good job being part of we have one down one more to go and it is comming fast,I thought of you so much at the wedding i know you were watching over us all but i was missing my lil sis so very much.Not much else going on working alot ,giz is great.I hope to get up to visit you very soon.Katy will be thirteen on friday and she is so beautifuland such a young lady.Sara looked so beautiful for melissa's wedding she wore a pretty dress and did her hair,lil david was handsome.him and katy went in the pool at my house in the morning they have such a blast they don't care what time it is when they go swiming it was like 8;30 in the morning keep them busy.Other than that it was beautiful our brother looked so handsome wow you would have been proud.Well sis got get some things done i will get back to you soon.
I Love And Miss You So Much keep the touch o.k.Love you
Love sis Geriannexxoo
August 14, 2009
Kids and I are doing fine but we miss you alot. They all do their part to keep the home front going but it's hard especially for Sara. She's quite the young woman and I really appreciate everything that she does. Our Katy will be turning 13 next week looks like it'll be just her and I for her Birthday as Sara and David are going camping with Don & Lynn. One more day til Russ and Melissa's wedding we're heading down tonight around 7 as kids have last night of Vacation Bible School. Will send pictures later we did good. I know you're watching over us and keep our kids safe. Love and miss you. Your Husband, Dave
August 03, 2009
Hello my darling sister Kelli,Well my love we went to your walk like we away's do.I know you were with us,did you like the flowers we gave you?I'm sure you did.I wish we could have handed them to you,I know how you liked gettiing flowers when we came up.Gerianne's glads came up real nice you would like them.I know how much you liked to plant them.You alway's planted pretty flower's,sara came to spend the week and we picked katy up to have her here for meliss'a birdal shower.your kids are wonderful,david looks good to.Our hummers keep comming,I miss you kelli I miss our talks our hugs our laughs and visits.I wish I could hug you so much,but I know you are with us all the time.But it's still lonely without you my sister.Gil is doing fine we talk about you alot,he made sara some music while she was down.Well my love I willl let you go so you can look over us all I love you sis,keep by my side and hit me when I get out of hand.I know how much you love us.Thank you for all your love babe for my love for you will never end we are sisters forever.
Love you and miss you.Hear is a hug and kiss for you.
I Love You!Biff(Robbie):)
August 02, 2009
Hi my dear niece!
Could you see all of us at one time or another feeling the 2 empty spots at the shower? Robbie & Gerianne did a wonderful job including your 2 girls. We had fun, and are looking forward to the wedding.
This wedding will be another first for our families, but know you & Amy are on our shoulders. Stay close to your loved ones, and give my girl a kiss and hug for me!!

Love and miss you,
Aunt Deb
August 01, 2009
Hi Kiddo,
Melissa's wedding shower was a great time and a success. We all had a great time and Great Grandma really enjoyed herself. Melissa had a great time too.
Keep watching over your loved ones.
I love you!
July 27, 2009
My dear sis kelli,Well the wallk was good we didn't have sun it was a cool one this year.Mom went with us she did o.k.,It was a hard one at frist but we made it through,just not having you to walk beside us was hard.But we know you where there with us.ara stanyed down here with us for the week had a good time,than we picked up katy so they could be here for the bridasl shower for melissa,it was very nice and had fun with family we laughed alot.It was hard not having you here to help us cause that meant alot to you,but I know you were watching making sure thing's went good.Well as you know not a day goes by that i don't think of you,I miss you so much sis I look at your picture everyday,I know you and Amy are haveing fun up there.Well sis I need to go but I will be back.keep in touch with me,Did you like the flowers we brought you I'm sure you felt us there by you we will get up son again o.k.I Love and Miss you so much,
Love you sis Gerianne xxoo
July 27, 2009
Things have been hectic as ever haven't done much just working and running back and forth. Sara spent week in Cities, I took Katy as far as Mooselake, Gerianne picked her up as they had Melissa's Bridal Shower on Saturday. David and I got a room by Duluth and spent some quality Father/Son time. Came back home Saturday went to Car show/Swap meet in Grand Rapids then to movie "Transformers". Back to Mooselake on Sunday to pick up girls then back home. I put a picture in of the Cancer Awareness float that Katy and I did for the parade in Nashwauk this year, I hope to have it running by Bovey "Farmers Day" over the Labor Day holiday. Got two weddings in August Melissa's on the 15th and Samantha Littler's on the 22nd. Love and miss you, Your Husband, David
July 23, 2009
hi kelly
i miss you and i wanted you to know that...i think of you a lot
i still have that coin you gave me
i love you very much
July 21, 2009
Hey mom! sorry i haven't written in a while but it's hard to get to a computer but i'm down for the week and spending time with everybody. we did ht walk last weekend and it didn't really hit me that you weren't there walking right beside me and laughing with us and just being silly until we were getting ready to leave. i miss you so much every day and lots of people did bags for you and i took pictures of them. it was fun but not like the fun we are used to having. melissa's shower is on Saturday so everybody will be here for that and we are gonna try to make it as fun as we can haha and let me tell you we've thought of some pretty crazy things but we know that you'd be doing the same. oh and aunt robbie says to say hi and that she loves you but i just thonght that i should write something quick. i love you and miss you very much!

love always, your little peanut :)
July 12, 2009
Hello my sister Kelli,(flowers)
I know its been to long since I talked to you babe.I'm sorry I hope you like the flowers i put on my deck for you.As can see the hummers are still comming around,I miss you so much kelli I think of you all the time.When I look at my flowers they remind me of you,you always planted the best flowers.It won't be long and we will be up to see you and yes we will bring you some flowers honey.I wish I could visit you everyday,We went to como park a while back remember how we would walk out there all the time?I wish we still could do thatjust drive out there and walk around.I can't wait to come visit you babe,I Love you and miss is going well still busy as ever.And yes I'm sure you see me out on my golf cart going to the potra pottys and I sure you are having a good laugh.But like you always told me you do what you got to do.Well my honey I will be up soon o.k.I Love you kelli and miss you dearly.I'ts empty with out you my love but I know how much you are with us eveyday.
see you on friday.
I Love you babe(sister for ever)
Love biff(robbie&Gil
ps Gil misses you to and loves you to.
July 06, 2009
My sis kelli,well been thinking of you alot,had one of my melt down's cause i miss you so very much.We will be comming up next weekend can't wait to visit you,I will bring you some flower's.Thank's for helping me out the other night,well melissa's wedding is comming so fast it will be beautiful and she will be a beautiful bride I nkow you will be with her on that day.Holly's is comming along she went and registered the other the house all done just need to paint a few thing's,can't wait to do the walk i will wear my shirt with your picture on it cause i know you will be with us the whole time.I miss you my lil sis i'll visit you soon.All my Love xxoo
Love sis Gerianne(stuffers)
July 03, 2009
I know it was been a bit since I have stopped by... but there still is not a day that goes by I do not think of you. Every time I walk downstairs I see all the wonderful memories I have on display. We have been busy getting all of the wedding things in order because I need them just perfect :) Trying to work my butt off to pay for it too! But since it only comes once I need to make it everything I have wanted! I will be heading up with mom on the 17th for the walk and we will be sure to visit you. Well I better run got to go to work! I will see you in a few weeks and stop back to write soon. I miss and love you VERY VERY much,
July 02, 2009
Well it's been a hectic summer as usual with running to grad parties, Dr. appointments, dentist appoinments and prepping for the big fourth of July in town. Sara's gonna be taking up your usual place on the corner to watch this year. Me I'll do my usual & march along with the VFW. Then back to run through with our float, Katy's been a big help painting away. We all Love and Miss you alot and are just ntrying to stay ahead of the game. Getting set for the Cancer walk in Coleraine too on 17 - 18 July09. Trying to get a few more birdhouses built to sell their too.
Love, your Husband, Dave.
June 18, 2009
Helo my sis kelli,Well I know that you know that me and david came up to visit you right.I'm sure you could tell we where there.But you some of your farvite flower's and we brought you a humming bird solor light you will be bright,you are the shing star babe.It is still so hard for me to visit you there,sometime's i think it's a dream.I know that you are enjoying your new home up there with amy and john's mother.I will be back up when we are up for the walk and bring you some glad's.I miss you lil sis so very much,keep sending that touch o.k. thank's for the other night i needed that.I have to go but I will be back soon.I Love And Miss you so much kelli,give aim a kiss and hug for me and tell her that i love her.xxoo
Love sis gerianne(stuffers)
June 17, 2009
Ran into one of your support group ladies and I'll be going to the cancer survivors dinner that they put on. It's tonight at 5:30, bringing another bird house for them to give away as a door prize. Kids are doing fine dropped off Sara at Katrina's as they'll be heading for Moondance today, she's pretty excited. Katy and David be at Grandma Melody's as Brianna's here for a while thet can spend some quality time with her. Trying to get the Cancer vehicle done so we can put it in parade this year will be quite the awareness vehicle when I get it done. We love and miss you tons. Love your Husband, Dave.
May 29, 2009
Hello my wonderful sister kelli,Well as you can see I've got my flowers out on the deck.I hope you like them.Thank you for sending the hummer's.When I see them I think of you my love.I'm sorry I didn't get up to you and bring you flowers.It's just so busy for me right know.Gil don't have any help so I've been helping him with his work to.I hope some one went to bring you flowers.I miss you so much kelli our brother is trying to get hummer'sto his feeder.He is so funny he sure can plant some flowers.Gerianne has done alot of work also.Thank you for the shooting star the other night.Well the kid's are done with school,they said they can't wait.They are so cute and funny,I love them so much.Well my love I better get back to work but I'll talk to you later o.k.Keep in touch,I love and miss you my sister.
I Love Youxxxxxooooo
May 29, 2009
Hello my sis kelli,Well I just want to tell you how much I miss you.Thank's for sending the hummer's,got some flowers out you would be proud of me.Well the kid's are done with school for the summer.Me and david are going to be comming up to visit with you I'm sure you will know when we are there.been busy with the house it is done just getting the rest of thing's done.Well dear i need to go to the store so i will see you soon we will bring you some flower's,I miss you so much lil sis you know that,thank's fro the touch the other night.I Love And Miss You so.xxoo
Love sis Gerianne(stuffers)
May 16, 2009
Hello my sister kelli,Well we did the mother's day walk.But then you were watching us all,The kid's did well lil david walked with aunt chris and I to the finish line.You would have been proud of him.Katy,sara did well also,they are3 wonderfulkids your david had a big flag it was great,gerianne holly sara katy and I got there early to get some free stuff you should have seen us,But then I'm sure you were laughing at us.I miss you honey,I see you in your childern.Thank's for sending the hummiing bird's,got to start my flower's I know what am I waiting for I haven't found the right one's yet.Gerianne's glads are commiing up already.I will get my deck filled for you.Like the saying say's flower's bring angels and angels bring blessing's.I will get on it all soon o.k.Well sis I will let you go for now stay in touch and I will wait for your touch.I Love You So much And Miss You So Much.
I Love You Kelli(pinky).
Love Robbie(biff)xxoo
May 14, 2009
Hi Kiddo,
We did it, we crossed the finish line as a team. All 40 something! Robbie and I brought up the rear, but that was OK, your little guy was with us the whole time.
It wasn't a celebration honey, all the pain came through. Only tears and pain. No cheering, no laughter. It will never be a celebration for our family. Just determination to help find the cure! Your family did you proud Kelli.
Sara had a hard time before and after. Katy had a hard time once we finished.
The little guy? Hard to read at his age.
Your Honey flew your flag proud.
I just wanted you to know, we will continue to walk until the cure is found.
For you, Amy and all the others battling this disease.
I love you Kelli, and I miss you!
May 12, 2009
My Dear Niece:

How different, how very different the Mother's Day walk was this year. Last year we walked in memory of you and this year we walked in memory of you and Amy. I wasn't looking forward to the walk this year. Too much sadness and pain. But I managed as did all the family and friends who walked to finish. I am very grateful to all of them for joining us.
I felt you and Amy with me all the while.

Missing and Loving You,
Uncle Rog
May 11, 2009
My dear Niece -

I just have to believe you & Amy were walking with the family making sure they would be as strong as they could. A family to be so very proud of right?

David stopped over Saturday with the 2 younger ones - oh my how they are growing! He had flags made for everyone, they were very nice and he carried the big one during the Walk.

You know Kelli - all I thought of for days is there are 5 children whose pain we can not in our wildest dreams imagine!! I also believe their Mom's had them in their wings when they saw them falter. Such brave kids! Such role models for us adults!! You & Amy were the best of Mom's and your kids will prove it to the world!!

Well my darling I am going to leave for now but I will come back again!

Love and miss you,
Aunt Deb
May 10, 2009
Hey! I wanted to stop by to wish you a Happy Mothers Day! We just got home from the MOA walk it went well there were a lot of people there. We stayed as strong as we could but of course it was tough, Mom and Katy stayed at my house last night and we were up until about 11:30 doing the cha cha and electric slide I think we all got a second wind all of a sudden! Then we were up at 5:30 this morning so I am going to take a nap now and get ready for the work week to begin tomorrow! I will be up to see you in July I know you will hear me coming! I love and Miss you VERY VERY MUCH!
May 10, 2009
Hi Gorgous!
I wanted to stop by and say "Hello". Dave, little Dave and Katy stopped over today. I can not believe how much Katy looks like you. It got me all emotional. They seem to be doing really well considering. Our family is so amazing. I feel pretty honored to be a part of this family.
I know you and Aim are having some fun these days. I hear the stories and have witnessed a few of the "unexplained"! I know its not just Aim egging on Sierrah too. I know your right there with her and maybe another person or two, egging Pooders on to be a naughty baby girl!
I know you and Aim will be at the walk. Thank You. Im going to try and rest a little. Its 2:30 a.m. and I have to be up at 6. I love and miss your beautiful smile!!
jen xoxo
May 09, 2009
Hello my sis kelli,well we are getting ready for the mother's day walk at moa,It will be a very hard day for all of us.I know you and Amy will be with us the whole time to get us through it.I want to wish you a happy mother's day.I miss my lil sis so very much,I know you know that I feel your touch so keep sending that to me o.k. my glad's are comming up so when I come up to visit you I will bring them for you.sending you a hug and kiss.Please give a hug and kiss to Amy for me to.I Love ANd Miss You so very much sis,I'll write you soon.I made lil david a pineappleupsidedown cake for his birthday you would be proud of me.o.k.honey you and Amy will be with us tomorrow.Love You Lot's Sis,Gerianne:)xxoo
May 08, 2009
Hello my wonderful sister kelli,Happy Mother's Day to you.I Love you as you may know we will be walking at the mall of america this year again.Please bring us some sunshine o.k.I will be thinking about you as I walk also Amy,so between the two of you help make the sunshine then I know you girl's are there with us.For this is your day,I Love You and Miss You more than word's can say.Sara want's to walk with us to,Well honey happy mother's day again.See you soon,I hope to be able to get up to visit you.I will be up for sure for the walk in jult.Talk to you later.Moo Love's you baby
xxooLove sis Robbie
May 08, 2009
Hello My Dear Sister Kelli,Well the mother's day walk is on sunday,So I want to wish you a Happy Mother's Day honey.It will be a very hard day for us all but we will get through it as a family.I know you will be with us tyo help us,I want you to know how much I miss you so,some day's are better than other's and alway's will be for my frist hummer the other day,great hey.Well my LKove I need to get more stuff done,we have been very busy on the house this week.So my lil sis I want you to know how much you and Amy both will be on our mind's on sunday will you give her a big kiss and a hug for me,And I'm sending you a hug and kiss,I miss you lil sis so very much,please keep sending me your touch.I Love You,
Love Your sis Gerianne,xxoo
May 06, 2009
Hi Kiddo,
As you know, we are getting ready for the "walk". We pray a cure will be found.
We hope others will benefit from our walk and determination. It's hard Kelli, we all miss you and Amy so dang much. We want you both with us and yet, we remember the pain and suffering you both endured. We will continue to carry on the fight Hon, we promise you that!
I am trying my hand at roses again. Your brother bought me 2 more. Let's hope I can keep them going longer than one season.
It was nice to visit with Sarah when she surprised everyone. She is such an image of you!
We look forward to seeing them on Sunday.
Sadly, it's a mixed emotion kind of day.
I keep looking at the pictures of the walks we did with you. I so love your face and determination Kelli. You knew the cancer would take you. You also knew, we would continue the battle here on earth.
I so loved your strength and faith Kelli.
I can only hope and pray I have a fraction of both!
I love you and miss you!
May 06, 2009
Here we are with another Mothers Day fast approaching we all miss you alot. Getting ready to head to the cities for the MOA cancer walk,Emotions will be especially high but we all Love the support of Family and Friends. Little Man's B-day on Saturday,hard to believe he's already 10. I'd like to take him to a Twins game but haven't gotten tickets yet. I'm havin some things made special to honor the memory of both you and Amy and I hope that it instills an appreciation/awareness and does you both proud. You were and still are an inspiration to me as I can still picture your strength but also your pain and suffering you endured in your battle with cancer. I felt so helpless so us getting the awareness out there is one way we can hope that a cure is found. We love and miss you alot and we know that you'll watch over us all but I need you to especially keep an eye out for our children and keep me in line as a single parent trying to fulfill both roles as a Dad but hardest yet being a Mom. We love and miss you.
Love always, your husband, Dave
May 05, 2009
Hey mom its Sara. wow i can't believe the mother's day walk is this weekend! it is going to be tough on me this year i think even more than it was last year but i know you will be there with me. i went and saw you on friday cuz i needed to get away for a while it was nice to sit there and talk to you and i could tell you were there and listening because it was windy and cold but as i was sitting there i felt warm like you were there just holding me. i miss you so much and i love you but i gotta go i will write again after the walk and let you know how things went okay i love you and miss you and i will come and see you again soon

Love Always, Your Little Peanut :)
May 01, 2009
Hi Dear;
I am just sitting here waiting for the work day to end and thinking of you and Amy probably because of the Mother's Day walk that is nearing.

It was very hard last year walking without you and it will be doubly hard walking this year without you and Amy. But we will all get through it because we know that you both will be with us in spirit.

We have a pretty good size group walking again this year. I've been working on my sign, tough to do trust me.

I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that I love you and miss you very much. I hope that you and Amy will continue to watch over us and guide us.

Uncle Rog
April 30, 2009
Hello My DEAR SISTER kELLI,Well as you know I'm waiting for one hummer return.I'm sure you will send them soon,I have my feeder up already.I'm sorry I didn't wish you a happy easter,And yes I played easter bunny again this year.But I don't think I will next year.I can't wait to get my flower's planted for you.I miss you kelli,Guess what Gerianne has a bird house in her crabapple tree a blue one.And she has bird's going in and out,how about that.I told sara to call her birdlady and she should put a chair by her kitchen window so she can watch tem.Yes work is full bloom,And yes I'm out on my glof cart to the porta's,I think about you when I'm out riding the glof cartand how you would laugh about it.Thing's are going well Gil is doing just fine he send's his prayer's to you I'm sureyou know that.Well my love I'll let you go for now I will write to you before mother's day. oh could you keep in touch,I Love you my sister and miss you dearly.hugs and kisses I thank goe for you everyday.
Love you my honey
Your Sister Biff(Robbie) xxxxxxxxxooooooo
April 29, 2009
Hey mom it's Sara. i can't believe that school is almost done! we only have 22 days left haha yeah i'm counting. today was so cool because last night i text some friends and asked them to wear thier shirt of you from your birthday and all of them did! i wore mine and there were about 15 of my friends who wore theirs but i brought a few to school too cuz there were a few more of my friends who wanted to wear them. it was just so awesome. well david turns 10 next week and he is so excited but we will be down in the cities for the mother's day walk. it will be a lot different this year and i will miss you so much as i do now. i have really been missing you alot lately. i call aunt robbie and we have talked alot in the last few weeks about stuff that's been going on. oh yeah almost forgot i went and saw Dierks again last Friday it was so awesome. it was a really good show. man i wish you and me could have gone to one of his concerts but i know you are there with me and everytime he plays long trip alone in concert or i just hear it on the radio i think of you and can't help but cry. but i gotta go i love you sooooo much and i miss you every day.

Love always, Your Little Peanut :)
April 23, 2009
My sis Kelli,well your on mind alot,we have been busy on the house.Work is busy,Well it is very nice out today, I will miss your phone call on sunday ,you would alway's call and sing happy birthday to me I will miss that so very much.I know you will be with me all day just keep touching me o.k.I hope to visit you soon,I want you to know how much I miss you lil sis today was one of them.but i ask you to send some sunshine and we got it thank's.well sis better go got a fwe thing's to do I will be back soon.
I Love And Miss You So Very Much,
Love your sis Gerianne(stuffers)xxoo
April 11, 2009
Hey Mom its Sara well i came down for Easter to suprise everybody and let me tell you they were suprised haha. Uncle Davi met dad in Moose Lake yesterday and i'm here till monday. Me and uncle david are gonna go see aunt chris and uncle bob and aunt deb and uncle rog and aunt deany and great grandma i'm excited because none of them know I'm down here haha. Aunt Gerianne started crying when i suprised her and grandma couldn't believe it and aunt robbie knew. i stayed at aunt gerianne's last night and gizmo was happy to see me he loves it there. then this mornig we went and had breakfast with holly she was happy to see me. tomorrow is easter so i will get to see everybody again before i leave. but i gotta go cuz me and uncle david are gonna go suprise more people. love you and miss you lots i will try to write again soon

Love always, Your Little Peanut :)
April 11, 2009
My Dear sister Kelli,I want to wish you a Happy easter.I will eat some good stuff for you.Remember them peeps oh how we would laugh so hard we ahd tears.Well we are getting readdy for the walk's,I know how much they meant to you,we will all be togeter and walk for you and amy that day,I know you will be beside me and give us sunshine.I Miss you little sis,I know you know how much right,I put out my birthday card that I had gotten from you and alway's will have it out.Well like aunt chris said fly with the eagle's baby and keep giving me your touch.I Love And Miss You So Very Much.Love your Sis Gerianne(stuffers)xxoo
April 10, 2009
Hi Kiddo,
I know, it's been awhile hasn't it?
I wanted to stop in and wish you a Happy Easter. Christ will rise on Sunday, I so wish you and Amy could too.
I know it's just wishful thinking, but it's what I think about.
As we get ready for the Mall walk, I think of you. I remember us laughing because you had to have a "potty" time.
Right on schedule, that's what you told us.
Do you remember you, me and Allie running around trying to find those bags?
We lost Allie for a bit, but we found her and we both took a hand and ran with her to get to our group. We were laughing so hard we almost didn't make it.
It's those memories I hold dear to me.
You were such a Mom to Allie that day. Just like you were such an awesome Mom to your little ones. I so miss that Kelli.
We will walk for you, Aim and all those who continue the battle as well as the ones who lost their battle. We have to find a cure!
Uncle Bob will be joining us with a scooter this year. As you know, he has emphezema. It's a hard road for him and us, please watch over him. If you have any "pull" with the Big Guy, ask him to help Uncle Bob.
I love you Kiddo, I miss you too!
Fly with the Eagles!
All my Love,
April 10, 2009
We all miss you greatly, seems like only yesterday you were here with us but then again feels like a life time. Took Sara to Mooselake she wanted to spend Easter down in Cities, David picked her up I'll head back down Monday afternoon to get her at Mooselake again. Katy and David Jr, are with me we headed to Duluth after went to the Cancer Center to say Hi. Lisa was in Arizona and Dr Ketchum's wife just had another baby(boy) so he wasn't in either. We visited with Chemo nurses and stopped in to see Laurie who always did your blood draw & accessed your port prior to chemo. We went to Mall then to new Menards, in Hibbing now. I've got Church band practice tonight so we'll be heading there soon. We love and miss you tons. Love Your Husband - David, Kaitlyn & Little man
April 01, 2009
My Dear Niece:
As I begin preperations for this Mother's Day Walk I think of you and Amy so much. It was so hard last year walking with you not with us and now this year both of you won't be with us. But I know that you both will be with us in spirit and cheering us on.

We all very much miss you both and still find it hard at times to accept that you're gone. But we love ya and miss ya!

Uncle Rog
March 30, 2009
hey auntie, sorry i havent wrote in a while. crazy life i live but all is well. i seen you were out fishing with me one day. i was at a buddies shack and when i walked out there was a huge bald eagle and it didnt move far from us as we fished. ive talked to sara a few times over text sounds like everyone is doing as well as they can. im back to work finally after six months. getting ready for spring so i can start playing ball again. not much else is new with me, well im kinda dating now and she is great but we will see what happens. oh and i moved to a buddies house in white bear, so im closer for ball and what not. well i better get going but i miss you and please keep an eye on me, love you and miss you. p.s. say hello to my grandma berglund for me..
March 27, 2009
My dear Niece:

I've been thinking of you & Amy so much lately and wanted to write to you for a bit.
As I watch your family struggle with their sadness of losing you I no longer have expectations of myself with our loss of Amy.

It breaks my heart to have to watch 5 children try to move forward without their "Mom's". My God! That's so unfair and so very painful!!

I have to believe in my heart that the two of you have your husbands and kids wrapped in your wings tight when they are having such a terrible time. It's so contradictive because we know you are now pain-free, yet it has to be difficult to watch the suffering down here. Perhaps the angels have explained the reason to you & Amy so you have a better understanding then we do.

I talked with your Mom the other day, and yes... she feels the loss of you as if it was a few days ago - - but know this Kelli - she is doing as well as she can. Someday all of us will be able to walk straight again, but for now we have to work this through as best we can and allow ourselves the feelings we have that differ day to day.

We speak of you so very often and it's weird how so many different emotions come out, but one thing for sure is this:

You & Amy are so very much missed and the love for both of you is endless!!

I will let you go for now, I'm sure there is some place up there that you need to dust or wax!! Keep on doing all the things you love to do and keep us going in the right direction!

Love Always,
Aunt Deb xx oo
March 26, 2009
Hey mom its Sara i ain't got alot of time but i was just gonna leave you a quick little note to tell you that i love you and miss you every day. David and dad went to the laurention center and the night before they left i put him to bed and he gave me a hug and my neckace of you hit his nose and he looked at me and said i miss mom and he started to cry so i sat with him and we talked about all the funn times we had with you and we started laughing then i told him that it was getting late and he needed to go to bed and when i turned out his light he said i love you sara and i'm gonna miss you. it was so cute i think he was kinda upset cuz me and katy were talking about how much funn we had with you and dad at the laurention and i think he wished that you could have went with him too but i gotta go the bell just rang love you and miss you lots

Love always, Your Little Peanut :)
March 19, 2009
My dear sister kelli~well spring is on friday can't wait to be outside.well you have been on my mind alot and alway's will be.giz like's to go out in the garage with john,you would get a kick out of that.Hoping to get up to visit you soon and bring you some flower's.well sis got get some dinner I'll be back soon o.k.
I Love And Miss You So Very Much,(stuufers)sis Gerianne xxoo
March 17, 2009
Hello my sister Kelli,Well spring is in the air everyone has cabin fever.I was just thinking how we would talk about how we couldn't wait to open windows to get fresh air in.Then we would talk about our spring cleaning.We would say how nice it was to get fresh air in the house again.We know Gerianne can't wait huh?Kelli I miss all of that so much.I wish I could call you and talk about it all.I know you are looking down,And watching everything.I'm happy to be at work again and yes it won't belong before I'll be getting on the golf cart and ride out to the pota poties.We will ride together remember how we would laugh about that,oh baby girl there are day's I wish you were still here.I wish I could give you a hug.I tell god everyday to hug you for me.But I know you are with me.Welll babe I will let you go for know so you can check in with everyone else.keep in touch I Love You Honey And Miss You So so Much.
Love (Biff)Sis Robbie xoxoxoxoxo
March 14, 2009
Stopped by work today with the kids as Sara had to do a project for school. We're heading to a surprise party for Mark Friend as he'll be heading off to Iraq in about a month. We also checked out some of the entries and added the photo of the family from early July 2006. We LOVE and Miss you alot- Love your Husband, Sara, Katy & David.
March 14, 2009
March 13, 2009
Well I celebrated another B-Day yesterday, I had your benefit shirt on so that you could be there with me. Scott and Carla finally got the "Pizza Ranch" opened so that's where we went had to postpone my reservation until about 7:45 but had 20 show up, no one left hungry if they did it was there own fault. It was neat as kids and I saw a Bald Eagle (my favorite bird) right on corner of Jim and Betty's and it watched us as we slowly drove past thought maybe it was you watching over us. I'm ready for winter to end warmer today have to work 2 days next week then it's off to the Laurentian Center with David's class for 3 days to chaperone should be fun as forecast is looking warmer. We miss you alot especially me and I'm still slowly plugging away at your Honey Do list but I guess in a way it keeps you with me a lot longer. Kids are doing good but they too are ready for this winter to end. Well I guess that's all for now, You're always on our minds and in our hearts.
Love, Your Husband, Dave
March 10, 2009
My Dear sister
thought i would stop in have a little talk with you you have been on my mind real heavy the last 2 weeks i have been struggling alot knowing your not here with us its so not real i think of the talks we had and how i tried to guide you when you where growing to help protect you and how to protect your self and you did you where strong minded. I watched you grow into a lovely lady you married a good man (David) he loved the ground you walked on i will always remmber the talk him and i had after you where married an i was getting ready to come back home the only thing i asked of him was to take good care of my little sister and THAT HE DID i will be for ever great full to him for that. Even when he was of to war after 911 you know i would be there any time you need me he was you hero no dought about it he loved the ground you walk on no dought. Kelli i wish i could have proteceted you from that horable dasises i will always do the walks for you i made that promise i intened to KEEP IT.
I know David has his bad days and good days but you know what sis he's doing a great job sara katie lil'man seem to be doing good as can be expected david knows if he needs help we are here for him & the kids. Just wanted to let you know how much i have been thinking of you and it has been a lot. Nobobdy really knows the love between a brother and sister can be i LOVE & MISS YOU so much i will be up to see you spring is right around the corner and the grass will be the geenest for you i made sure of that and i will be checking. Oh yeah i tslk with David and you know what where up to hehehehehe a little tree transplant when the ground unthaws hehehe well sis i have to go for know you are for ever in my heart ALL WAYS
Big Brother
David Nasby
March 06, 2009
Hi Aunt Kelli! Have not been in here to write to you in a long time. Things are going well. The wedding is only 5 months away I know that you would be really excited. The first one to get married never thought that I would actually do it. Ya dad told you about grandma haveing a bad day. I am just really glad that I was with her. We talk about you every time I go over there. I had to come over to mom&dads had like 5 loads of laundry to do and dad was goofing around and he said that you would always laughed when he was acting like a goofball. But I know that he is having a hard time I can see it in him. Today I looked at the pictures that they put up on here and I just started busting out crying it is still very hard to look at them I still think about you every day adn I always will. I guess I better get going I think I am going to go talk to dad and help him with his bird house. Love you and miss you very much. XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO
March 06, 2009
hey mom its sara. wow we have been busy. and i have all hour to write to you and i don't have to worry about getting in trouble haha. things are going good aunt robbie and me talk at least twice a week. and i text holly when i can and she texts me when she's not busy. and the other night i was texing uncle david haha he loves to text and then a while later zach text me! i was so excited to hear from him and we text for a while then we went to bed. it was so nice to be able to communicate with him because we aren't that close and don't live that close but i think that us texing eachother will be a good thing for both of us. i miss you every day and t think about you all the time. i had ice cream the other night suprise suprise haha but i mixed chocolate syrup with it and it reminded me of you when you used to do that and just mix it together until it was all chocolate and as i was mixing mine i looked across the table at katy and we both started laughing haha i guess she was thinking the same thing. but i will let you go for now and i love you and miss you very much i will try to write again soon okay.

Love always, your little peanut :)
March 06, 2009
Hey Aunt Kelli It has been a while since I stopped by I have been working a lot and of course making wedding plans! Everything seems to be coming together well though! I cannot believe Sara is 16! Before we know if she will be graduating! Not much else going on.. just wanted to stop by. I still do think of you daily and I truly know that will never change. I miss and love you very much.
March 03, 2009
Hello my sister Kelli(pinky)just thinking about you today how much I miss you.I miss our talks on the phone,but I keep in touch with you my way.I'm sure you are looking down at us all.And I'm sure you are laughing at all the snow aren't you.You are nice and warm with god.Well spring is on it's way,just thinking of what kind of flower's to plant.Oh ya our hummer's will be making their way soon to.I will miss you calling to tell me.All is well gil is doing good we sit and talk about you all the time.He said he misses your cookies and cakes.He said you were the best baker.Oh my sister how I wish I could hold you again:(.The kids are getting so tall and are still good kids your david looks good also.I thank god for all of them everyday,for you live inside them.When I see them I see you.Well honey I will let you go for now so you can check everyone out.Keep by my side tell rosemarry and amy hello for me o.k. babe.
I Love You and Miss you more than words can say.
I Love you Kelli,
Love Biff (Robbie) xoxoxxoxoxo
February 28, 2009
My Dear Sister
I know its been awhile but i struggle and its so hard i think of you all the time i have been having some hard days missing you so much with the walks comming up i know what they ment to you i wll hold my head high and proud of you and amy and the fight you carried on we will walk in you MEMORY& HONOR no it will not be easy but i made the promise and i intend to KEEP IT. We went up for sara's birthday we susprised her we told her we couldnt make it then we showed up think she was supirsed i would have missed it you know that we stoped to see you and let you know we where there. i know mom is having a hard time but you know her she don't say much she had a break down the other day when melissa was over i called her and talk with her and told her it was ok an that she was going to have them days after all you where the baby of the family. kellie its so hard for me some times to come in the book i miss my hunting partner we always had a good laugh or 2 you david an i. I thought i would wite you and let you know that i think of you so much and miss you very very much we'll be up to see you & david an the kids love and miss you so much
David Nasby
February 27, 2009
Hi dear:

I am just sitting here at work thinking about you and Amy and missing you both so very much.

Life seems so very cruel at times and it is hard to think of being without the both of you. But the wonderful memories I have of you both will help me along my way.

Missing You,

Uncle Rog
February 25, 2009
Hey sis,Well thinking of you so much,the walk's are comming up and I know how you would getting thing's organized for them.Well holly got her dress you would love it,of course I cryed when I seen it on her.I kknow you were with her that day cause she knew it was the right one,it's been hard for her sometime's but she is going to do somthing very special for you.Thank you for the touch over the weekend when i was painting the bath roon i guess i picked the right color's hey,well i hope to get up soon to visit you again,giz is great loves his water he is so spoiled you would be proud.Well sis gotta get some thing's done but i will be back soon o.k. I Love and Miss you so sis for ever in my heart and on my shoulder!
Love,sis Gerianne
February 23, 2009
hey mom it's Sara and guess what! I'm 16 now! wow i can't believe it. my birthday was really tough on me because i was so excited to come home and talk to you and then i remembered...your not here! but i got through it the best i could but i miss you lots! i think of you every day. David and Katy are doing good but man they are goofballs haha. they make me and dad laugh which is good because we need it. we went to Sammy's and had pizza and David and Katy were telling jokes and laughing and just having a blast and the whole time i was remembering when you and all of us used to do that and i really wished that you were here. but i should go because i am supposed to be working on a assignment for biology. i will try and write again soon i love you :)

Love always, Your little peanut :)
February 16, 2009
Hi Kiddo,
Sorry, it's been awhile. I planned to visit you here on Valentine's Day and Sara B-Day. Time just got away from me. Your little Peanut is growing into a beautiful young woman. You must be doing a great deal of bragging to the Angels.
Uncle Bob has gained 17 pounds in the past year. That is good for him.
He and I are trying to quit smoking. I have slipped a couple of times but just got back on the wagon. I'm going to need you and Aim on this one, it's tough, but I am determined.
Keep your wings around your Mom, she is having a hard time.
Hopefully, we can come and visit when we finally get warmer weather.

I Love You!
February 16, 2009
Happy Belated Valentine's Day. Weekend was very uneventful. I played drums at the variety show at church Saturday. It was a dinner first then variety show they had before and after pictures of those couples in attendance. They showed them on the overhead at the end and I broke down as I realized how much I really miss you and still do. Weather's getting warmer still snowing alittle today. I'll be glad when winter's over. Kids are doing fine but they're ready to get out and about.
Your Husband
February 15, 2009
My Dear sis Kelli~sorry I didn't get to say happy valentine's day to you.I know you loved your candy heart's so I did eat some for you.It was nice to visit with you last weekend it is so hard to leave when I'm there,I know you lied your daffadil's that we brought for you.Well sara was suprized when we got to the house was nice,made her a cake tooked picture's it was nice to visit.But we will get up again soon honey o.k.I just want to say that I miss my little sis so very much,I Love and Miss you so.I will write back soon.
I Love You,Sis Gerianne
February 14, 2009
Hello my dear Niece!
Sending my love to you today, the day of LOVE!!
Keep your wings folded around your family!

Love and Miss you,
Aunt Deb
February 11, 2009
Well our Little Peanut turned 16 today, we did good. She's very mature and helps me out tremendously. I broke down and got her a "cell phone" not many talking minutes but unlimited texting as that's what the kids are into these days. Keep a close eye on her as I'm trying to fill your shoes too but no matter how hard I try I'll never be you. We all miss you greatly. Having relatives over tonight for traditional B-Day cake and coffee. G'pa & G'ma Hardy took her out for a B-Day dinner last night, they had a good visit. You're always on our minds and we LOVE and MISS YOU.
Love your Husband.
February 10, 2009
Hi my sister Kelli we went up to spend some time with Sara for her birthday. She was very happy to see us.I miss you very much,Ihope you liked your flowers we put by you.Wewill be up soon my angel gil said he loves you and misses talking to you .But we talk to you in our own way.You know that because you show us every day. Well my angel Iwill talk to you soon ok? I love you and miss you so.So keep looking down and I will be looking up.Love you honey,Love Biff]Robbie and Gil.Keep in touch I love it.
February 06, 2009
hey mom its Sara. well i turn 16 next wednesday and i am so excited! it is really gonna be hard though because you won't be here but Sarah Karissa and i think Carver are gonna come and hang out with me tomorrow. but we will have fun. i didn't go to school yesterday instead i stayed home and cleaned the whole house! but school is going good i guess and David and Katy are doing good too. oh yeah i made meatloaf the other night and i called grandma to make sure that i was doing it right and it actually turned out really good. but i should probably go before i get in trouble again because i'm supposed to be working on a history project but i will write again soon okay. i love you and i miss you every day

Love Always, your little peanut :)
January 23, 2009
Hello my sis kelli~Well I have been thinking of you so much these day's,I know you know that.Well holly set the wedding date,I know you would be so exiced.Their are so many thing's,we will have two wedding's this year.I miss you so much kel i know that you and amy are at peace with no more pain,I bet heaven is beautiful place,cause god has the most beautiful angel's that he could ask for.I just want to say that I miss And Love You so very much everyday,some time's I think I'm stronger but inside no I'm not I miss my sister so dearly,Well just want to let you know that I have to go and get dinner done so will you give my cousin Amy a kiss and a hug for me.And will you both keep them big wing's of your's around us all.I Love ANd Miss You so much.
Love,si Gerianne xxoo
January 22, 2009
Hello my dear Niece

I wanted to let you know I have been thinking of you so often, wondering if your place in heaven is as peaceful and pretty as I try to visualize it to be. You and Amy have earned that beautiful resting place after fighting so courageously and gracefully. Your battle never goes without recognition, our entire family speaks often of your courage and determination right up to your final hours.

I hope the two of you beautiful young women are proud of what steps we have taken. Many are just baby steps, but for us they are monumental. Days can be long and lonely, but at the end of every day our final words are telling you we love you and help keep us guided in the right direction.

Keep your wings wrapped around your loved ones, give my little girl a big hug for me, and go do what God has asked of you.

Missing and loving you,
Aunt Deb
January 20, 2009
oh ya i forgot i know that you mess with mels and dads stufflol... mels always lights her candles and you blow them out she is always like aunt kelli and the spoons at the house dad says where did they all go i said there goes aunt kelli she must be eating something good but g2g i just wanted to say that i love you and miss you alot love lol
January 20, 2009
HEY Aunt kelli
sorry i havent wrote for a long time... It been kinda busy i have been working for the past two week straight its been so crazy.. As for mom and dad there doing ok.. dads back at work for a couple of weeks. I think that its really hard on him but you know dad he doesn't show it in front of anybody. As for mom she is doing good really tired. As for MEl i don't know that chick is funny she has been working a lot to trying to plan for her wedding we went shopping to look for stuff we found some stuff but other then that everything is ok. School i am doing better then ever. As for the boys i am just going to kinda let things flow with them because they are nothing but trouble like you say lola don't ever get married i see why you said that know lol.. i tell mel that all the time she just laughs. This sunday coming up me and dad are going to play hockey i am gonna see if i can take him on... ha ha ya right.. but i better get back to work i am at school and i thought that i should write you since i havent in a while
I love you and miss you aunt kelli
January 16, 2009
Hard to believe that we're half way thru Jan2009. Has been a brutal week with temperatures well below zero, kids didn't have school yesterday as windchills were at minus 57. Monday the thermometer didn't even register then it finally kicked in at a balmy minus 38, the furnace is getting a good workout. Miss snuggling to stay warm sometimes little man bunks with me usually on weekends. Kids have been doing good can't say as much for me I just try to take it a day at a time just miss what we had together. Work's as stressful as ever but the cold weather doesn't help my temperment either bad cabin fever. It's suppose to warm up this weekend and next week so will take David to rink so we can skate. We've been a couple of times good exercise for the old man. I'll add a picture of us that we used for this years X-Mas cards. Have to start planning for our daughters sweet 16 party maybe you can give me some hints. Love and Miss you a lot.
Your husband
January 14, 2009
Hi My Dear:
Another year has passed and a second year of so much saddness. Losing you and Amy has hit this family hard. We all do miss the both of you so very much. If only one could turn back time.

We will begin making plans for the Mother's Day Race for the Cure pretty soon. I hope that we have a big turn out from our families as well we should. We know that we have lost you and Amy to breast cancer, but we know that you would want us to continue to do the things that may help find a cure. We will do our best.

Missing You,
Uncle Rog
January 11, 2009
Hey Aunt Kelli it has been a while since I wrote last thought I would stop and update you a little. We finally are moving ahead with wedding plans it is so exciting!! We are having it in November at The Great Hall it is so beautiful there. It is really hard that you won't be able to be a part of it physically but I know you will check in with me on my day and make it go just as I want it to. I am going to have Sara be in charge of the guestbook and Katy and David will hand out the announcements, I wanted to be sure they were in it. I am going to have Aunt Robbie be my personal attendant I know she will do a great job. So although it seems so far away I know it will come soon I am planning like crazy already! Went and tried some dresses on already now I need to hit the gym and lose all this flab! haha I will stop back again soon! I LOVE AND MISS YOU SO MUCH!
January 09, 2009
My dear sister kelli~
Hello my love well happy new year.Sorry I haven't put much in your book for awhile.I think of you everyday I want you to know how much I love and miss you dearly.It isn't the same without you.But all little thing's let me know you are with me.Gil said to say hi and he misses you dearly to.Well I will let you go for now but I will talk to you again.
I Love And Miss You,
Love Biff (Robbie) xxxxx00000
January 08, 2009
Hi Kelli, Its been awhile since I've written to you, but I think of you daily. I know it was you that came to me while I was preparing my christmas dinner. Shane over heard me tell Chris what happend, then this last Sunday morning he woke me up and said mommy you know that picture on your dresser the lady with the kitty, is that Kelli I said yes, he said she is the one that you heard in the kitchen huh. I said yes, kind of chuckled hes so cute. Then he said she is in heaven with auntie Jackie isn't she and I said yes. Well come to find out he told Miranda that Jackie hangs out with him at school and talks to him. I have to believe him. Diane told him to tell Jackie that she loves and misses her. I was hoping you and Jackie could give one another a hug one from me and one from Diane, you both are very missed. Only if we could all go back in time. Well I have to get going I'll stop back and drop a line. P.S. Thanks for the x-mass visit.
January 06, 2009
hey mom its sara. wow i have been so busy! we went to the cities for christmas even though i was so excited to have it up here but i guess it didn't work out. we had a blast and i made sugar cookies and wouln't you know uncle david almost ate a whole container to himself. i was so proud of myself cuz they turned out so good. then we went on christmas break and that was okay. then we went to uncle garys for christmas eve and aunt elsies for breakfast then to aunt anitas for dinner. then before new years i went to a church slepover with karissa and of course she fell asleep on me so i ended up staying up all night with a guy i just met. i think you would like him cuz he looks just like carver and he is so cool and sweet. then we went to mark and tammys for new years and hung out and stuff. and that was pretty much my whole break. then i finally got to come back to school but i should go cuz i'm supposed to be working on a history project. love you and miss you alot.

Love always your little peanut
January 04, 2009
Dear sis kelli~Well we got through another holiday was hard missing you,talking on the phone,oh how I miss that so very much.I know heaven must be beautiful up there hey,well just thinking of you slot the past few day's it seem's like I'm still in a dream with you not here.I know that you are with us alot.Well our family has been through alot and hopefully this will be a better year for everyone,but don't think for one moment that we will not think of you and amy cause you are the angel's of are family's and alway's will be.well I want you to know that I'm going with holly to look at a place for their wedding I know how you would say it's about time,melissa and russ their wedding will be going before we know it so much to look forward to.just want to drop in and tell you that I miss you kelli and I know you know that,keep sending your touches ok.I will get back soon.
I Love And Miss You so very much,Love sis Gerianne:)
December 29, 2008
Hey Sugar!
Damn I miss you, I miss our phone calls, miss hearing your voice. I bet Heaven is a beautiful place, and if I know you it shone brighter on Christmas than the north star. I think of you often and know you are still looking over us all. I can feel you and Amy. Christmas was slow going this year for me I had a very hard time getting it done, but my only strength was knowing my niece's would kick my butt if I became a scrooge, but I must say my angel tree top shone brighter this year because of you two beautiful angels guiding us all thru it all, thank you for your guidance. Sounds like David and the kids are getting along one day at a time, I know you are very proud of them! Keep your wings around us and know we love you to eternity. Love and miss you!
Aunt Deany
December 28, 2008
My dear sis Kelli~I'm sorry i did not get to say merry christmas to you from us all,it has been busy and i know you will for give me,We did get through another christmas but still missing that strong person who love christmas so much.We got through it the best we could.I miss you so very much but i feel you around me,I bet you an amy have a beauitful place up there,The other night when i was talking with robbie i just could picture you up there sining away to everyone like you would always do in your house I think of you so much and all the cookies and cakes that you would make.But aunt deb had the best banana bread just like you would have made it was wonderful.well new years is this wed night so keep touching me and i will talk to you on that night o.k. my sis,I Love and miss you so much,give amy and john's mom and grandpa a hug for me.
happy new year sis,Love sis Gerianne
December 26, 2008
Hey auntie sorry I didn't check in sooner we have been really busy preparing for the holidays and traveling to see all of the family on both Tommy and my sides! Mom and I had a b=pretty good turn out with baking our Christmas cookies which was good we were in the kitchen for 6 hours! We got through another holiday without you although it wasn't easy... We know we have to live on and we are trying our best but we are missing a HUGE piece at family gatherings without you. I miss and love you very much.
December 24, 2008
Another Christmas is upon us we just put up the tree on Sunday. Just hard for us to get in the spirit of things when you're not here. Kids are on X-Mas break and they don't go back to school til 5Jan08. They're all doing good but like me they miss you tremendously. Heading to Gary & Roberta's tonight for the Traditional Family gathering, Arnold & Elsie's X-Mas day for breakfast, then over to Tim & Anita's for dinner. May take the bow with might be able to arrow a deer but season will close end of Dec. & bucks are starting to shed antlers already so I may go deer less again this year. Cold weather and snow have been our winter thus far and winter isn't even begun, we'll just have to settle in for a long harsh one I guess. That's MN for you. I Love and Miss you alot. Watch over our children and guide them as only you can do. Love ALWAYS your Husband, Dave.
December 22, 2008
Hi my dear Niece!!
It has been awhile since I last wrote to you, but absolutely for not thinking of you! You are truly in my everyday thoughts, wondering what you & Amy are up to in your new "home". Sometimes there just are not the right words ... but I'm sure you know that.

It is true - we want you home with us, but as we get our "reality check", it would be so selfish of us to ask you to be in constant pain and agony for our sake. God saw you & Amy getting tired and I have to believe he is all merciful and had you go with him for eternal release from all earthly pain. Unfortunately my dear Kelli - we are suffering tremendously here on earth. It's very hard to look forward to this coming up holiday with 2 young women gone, leaving behind a husband, children and family who so dearly love you!!

We have a very loving, supportive family and we will hang onto them and our loving memories to get us through this. Your family is so strong Kelli!! They don't realize how much they help Uncle Rog & I, but they sure have many times over!!

I hope what I envision heaven to be is what you & Amy are living now. Beautiful sunny days, healthy, happy and loving NO MORE med's!!
We will in time get to a place of acceptance (somewhat) and yes... bothering you less. Until then, please keep all of us folded in your big white fluffy wings!!
Merry Christmas my dear Kelli!!

Love and miss you,
Aunt Deb
December 19, 2008
Hi Kiddo,
I wanted to check in with you and tell you that you are so missed.
It has been an awful 2 years for this family. We watched two beautiful young women fight a battle nobody shoud have to fight. Then our hearts broke when you both lost that battle.
I know that you and Aim have been busy trying to keep your family safe. You two even manage to make us smile with your antics. Not the same as those great hugs, but we take what we can get.
Your family gets a bit stronger everyday. They don't see it, but we do.
I cannot phanthom loosing a child. Yet I watch my 2 Sisters push forward and try to bury the pain. I can only hope that I could be that strong.
You have an amazing family Kelli. I wish they could see what we do.
When the time comes for you to move on, please know, it's OK to go Hon. We will help all of them any way we can. Don't hold back, go to that higher place. Take the peace you have earned. You and Aim have stayed back to help all of us. It's time to help you!
We never want to let go Kelli, and we never will.
Just know, we will all be together again. Walk with Grandpa and all the others we have lost. Give them all our love. OK?
You and Aim have earned your wings.
Go higher when you feel the time is right.

I Love You,
December 13, 2008
My Dear Sister
Another Chrismas with out you sure not easy knowing your not there.
We did get togather with David and the kids at robbies it was hard knowing you where not there we did are best as we could. Sister god only know how much this brother misses his sister and all the fun we had like getting up at 2am to go sliding out in the back yard when we got the first big snow we had so much fun. your memories will be with me for ever as the familes try to heil i will help the best i can i made you a promise i will keep them. we put up are tree for chrismas and i found the pink stocking that i have had for a long time i'm going to hang it up with the pink lights that i have with your picture on it because i know you sre with us LOVE AND MISS YOU SO MUCH SISTER
December 13, 2008
Hi sis~Well we had christmas at robbies this year,it went very well but still very hard with you not here.things are going good,thought of you alot I know you know an holly and her friend are comming up to bake cookies yeah we are going to try,i know you will be helping me out with them.We are trying to get up to visit you but and we will soon o.k. your always on my mind sis,some times i think I'm in a dream it still hurts knowing that your not here but there are days that you get me through.Well better get some coffee made before the girls get here.I Love you and miss you so very much,Love sis Gerianne
December 07, 2008
Hi Auntie! Yesterday was family christmas. It was good but it was not the same without you. I was looking for you but realized that you were not there. But i know that you were there is spirt. You were the rock for our family. Things are just not the same with out you. You were on my mind all day today. I even had a few tears. You will be happy to know that russ and I have been toghter for 4 years. Anyway I just wanted to say that I Love you and miss you I wish that you were here. I will be talking to you soon. I think that I am going to see if grandma has heard from you. I forgot to tell you that we put up our tree and it has blue and pink lights with pink balbs on it in your honor. I just have to find a breast cancer ordement. I miss you more than you know and just thought that i would write and tell you how I was feeling cause it still hurts. But I better go Love You Lots!
November 28, 2008
Hi mom its just David I miss you a lot I wanted to say happy late Thanksgiving. It was fun, it would be funner if you were there. I ate a lot of food at Aunt Elsie's there was lots to eat. School's going good I can't believe it's almost X-mas. Dad and I are shopping tonight, the girls went shopping today. I will talk to you soon. Love your Little Man, David.

Stopped by work so David could write you. We ALL Love and Miss you alot. Love Your Husband Dave.
November 27, 2008
My Dear sister
my thoughts where with you all day been thinking of you a lot and how much i really miss you and you phone calls on thanksgiving asking me if the bird was in the oven and what elis i was making we would laugh and talk like little kids and of the cranbarry fights we had and how mad mom got at us.
i still have a hard time beliving your not with us i l know you watch over us.
the holidays are not easy but we will make the best of them that we can your thought of by all of us and how much we miss are baby sister honey love and miss you more then any one will understand.
love and miss you so much
Brother David
November 27, 2008
Hey Aunt Kelli I wanted to stop by to say Happy Thanksgiving! It is my favorite time of year now with all of the Holidays but it is going to be tough. Last year was tough but the reality really didn't kick in I was still in denial that you were really gone. Now it has been over a year and I still do not want to believe that you truly are gone I know you are with us still it just isn't the same with out you physically here. When I see Uncle David and the kids I still look around for you just waiting until I hear your laugh or see your face. We will be thinking of you a lot and try our best to bake cookies...Mom and I will be sure to let you know how we do! I will stop back soon. Love and miss you very much.
November 26, 2008
My sis Kelli~,Well Happy Thanks giving I know how much you loved the smell of a turkey cooking,The holiday's are going to be hard for us this year without you,but we do our best on how you would want us to.I bet your baking up a storm up there hey hee hee, I will miss my banana bread again that you would make ,we all got are own little loaf,that i miss so much is your baking. Me and holly are going to try and bake some cookies,yes I know you would say you are going to oh boy,I just laugh cause I know that's what you would say.I just want you to know how much I miss you sis,I fell you alot these past few day's and i know your telling me it's o.k. I'm fine here pain free.So I better get to walmart and get a few thing's so i will be back to you soon o.k. honeyxxoo,
I Love and Miss You so very much.Love sis Gerianne
November 25, 2008
hey mom its sara

i got some time so i thought that i would write to you quick school is going good i guess and as you know i didn't shoot a deer again this year. oh katrina says hi. me and katrina were talking about how much fun you me and her always had when she stayed at our house. things with jake are okay too we just think tha we need to put things on hold for a bit because he needs to fucous on school and i probably should too and i need some time to think about you and the holidays. wow its gonna be so hard during christmas but we will just have to deal with it. but i better go because i'm not supposed to be on the internet. love you and i miss you every day

love always, your little peanut :)
November 24, 2008
Another deer season has come and gone and Sara's yet to shoot a deer. She saw doe's and fawns but like her Dad she doesn't want to shoot them. I guess her girl friend Sarah L., shot a doe and a 9point buck last day of season she was very excited when she called Sara. I've still got a bow license so will try to get out a few more times to see if I can arrow a trophy. We all miss you alot and I know that my house keeping skills were never the greatest but am trying. We'll be heading to cities for X-mas at Robbies our weekend got changed as everyone was sick so decided to have it 1st weekend in Dec. I thought that we'd have it down there as the Base parties will be on the same weekend. I REALLY MISS YOU as you were the rock for us especially during the Holidays. Got a 22lb turkey from work today and will bring it over to Aunt Elsie's so she can cook it up as we're going there for Turkey Day. LOVE and MISS you tons. Will write more later.
Love your Husband, Dave.
November 22, 2008
Hi Sweetie,
I have had you heavy on my mind lately. Are you trying to tell me something? Seems like it but I can't really understand.
You will let me know in time, I'm sure.
Feel free to stop by anytime, I love knowing you are here.
Did you notice when Amy came to you, she was holding her pink blanket you made for her? It went everywhere she went. She loved it very much.
Life seems so unreal these days. It's hard to go to graves to visit You & Aim. It just seems so wrong. I know in time, it will get easier, maybe?
You know what Kelli? Your family is much stronger than they think. Everyone of them! I am in awe of their strength, love and devotion to their loved ones. You must be so proud of all of them.
The more stories we all share, the more I admire your strength and determination. You were always the "spunky" one. You left so many wonderful, loving memories for all to share. When we see your 3 babies, we see you. They are wonderful kids, you and Dave made them strong and loving. How much do we love visiting them and getting such big, loving hugs? Bunches!!!
Well Kiddo, I just wanted to check in with you and let you know, I am listening.

I Love You Kelli,
Sleep with the Angels,
November 18, 2008
My sister kelli~,
You have been with me alot these day's,I know the holiday's will soon be here and another hard one for us all.Well sorry we did not make it up to visit you this last weekend,Mom,robbie where not feeling very good,And I know you would have said we will do it another time.It is still hard not to be able to hug you or to talk on the phone,but i know you can here me right.well gizmo is doing good,getting fat.holly's dog's (my grand babies)are getting so big,matt's still off work he's doing good.We have had some snow already can't wait to make some snow angel's for you.Me and holly are going to do are early shopping again this year it is so much fun,I remeber telling you about it and you said you tow are crazy he he,Well i need to go for now but i will get back to you soon honey o.k..I Love and Miss you so very much sis,Love your sis Gerianne
November 14, 2008
Dearest Kelli ~
I have had you and your family in my thoughts very much lately, perhaps it's that painful time of the year that is making all of us breathe deep!

I can imagine you are watching over your family, knowing some need your comfort more than in the past few months. I believe emotions are heavy, solemn and very sad! I know you will be there to comfort them, and we go day by day trying to do our best to help each other.

I'm guessing you are busy now with baking and getting heaven ready for the celestial holidays. Enjoy the healthy, (finally healthy, pain free) times but keep an eye on all of us! God knows we need it!!

Please give my Amy a hug & kiss for me, tell her I miss & love her (as I do you) and keep your wings wrapped around your family!

Love Always,
Aunt Deb
November 14, 2008
Hi Aunt kelli,
Have not wrote to you in long time. Sorry. I have been working like cazy and so has Russ. I am so excited I got my first christmas tree. I am pretty happy about that. I know that you would have loved to see how well russ and I are doing. Actually I know that you see how well we are doing. I know that you are aroud I saw you the other day. Your wings are huge. It is getting colder here but not too bad. Just thought that I would say hi and that I love you and miss you so much. Say hi to my sister Monica for me I know that dad is having a hard time with that. Tell her I love her. I Love you and miss you a ton. Talk to you later. P.S. (don't be out too late at those movies)lol.
November 12, 2008
Hey Auntie~
I sure have been thinking of you a lot lately have had a few meltdowns the last week... I think it is because the holidays are right around the corner and last year I was still in shock this year I really have to face the fact you are not here. I was telling mom last night that I want to go out and buy your bath and body or Rapture perfume and wrap it for you... although you aren't here to use it. It is just so hard still. I think about you so much and look at your things on my mantel everyday. We will be up on Saturday and I will be sure to stop I am sure you will here me sniffling miles away. I will write again soon. I love and miss you very much.
November 06, 2008
Hey sis,well wanted to drop you a few lines today,well i thought of you alot today and everyday.It still does not seem real that you are not here.I had a white feather fly by me at work when i was out side,yes i felt you there.I know that our pain will ease and we will have all the happy memories of you but don't ever think i won't think of you cause you will alawys be in my thought's and in my heart for ever.Th e holiday's are comming fast and it will be hard for us all again with you not there.but we know you will be there cause you will let us know if we are not doing something right,right.I know mom has had some good day's but also a lot of lonleyness for you.I bet them wing's of your's a very big,and that you and amy are staying busy.well my sis i need to go do some thing's but i will be back o.k.I Love and miss you so much honey,
love sis gerianne
November 02, 2008
My Dearest Kelli(my pink angel)
I'm sorry I haven't talked to you,forgive me.Well we had our frist snow flurries.I'm sure you know how nice it has been.Well some cold but not bad.And yes the lady bugs and boxelders are out,I know how much you hated them.I miss you honey so much.We will be comming up soon.Just hope it don't snow by then.You know I still have a dead flower pot on my deck?I keep saying I'm going to throw itbut it has'nt happened yet.oh yes I have a new friend he is a dark blue betta.Sara helped me name him his name is erinie.Yes Iknow you would say oh my god.But I know your color was blue that's why i got him.I had a deer walk by one night i seen it real late.Well honey i will let you go for nowo.k. Talk with you later.say hi to amy and give her a hug for me.
I Love you sister and miss you dearly.
I Love you Kelli forever.Love biff(robbie)
p.s.can't wait to visit you soon,xxxooo
October 28, 2008
hey mom its sara. just sitting in class and i thought that i would write to you because i don't know when i will be able to get back into the computer lab again. well what can i say you know that i miss you and that i love you very much. we got christmas this year too i know how excited you were and i wish that you were here to help me plan it because i know how much you wanted to. i just have to get dad to CLEAN! or at least tell me what i can clean up. mom ypu would have such a fit if you saw how messy the house is. but what can you do. anyways school is going good i guess. this is the last week of the quarter already only 3 quarters left! wow its gone by so fast oh i'm also supposed to tell you that jake says hi. he really wishes that he could meet you and i told him that we will have to get together with aunt robbie aunt gerianne and uncle david sometime and just talk about her so he can find out about you. i mean i talk to him about you but there are just some things i'm not f\ready to tell him about yet. but i better get going okay. i will try to write again soon okay i love you and miss you every day. oh one more thing there is a song by Dierks Bentley called gonna get there someday and it talks about what and how his life has been going because it has been a year since she passed away. i heard that song and long trip alone on the 11th and it made me think of you even more. love you and tlak to you later

Love your little peanut :)
October 26, 2008
Hello Kiddo,
It's just me again.
I just wanted to tell you how much I love you!
Another Christmas is coming and another hard one.
The loss is felt so strongly by everyone.
Someday, we will get passed the pain and feel the love of memories.
Dave is doing so well with the kids. Not an easy task for him, is it?
Everytime I watered my garden, I though of your beautiful gardens.
They were so beautiful Kelli. I'm doing my best to have the same thing.
I don't think I have your green thumb.

Sleep with the Angels Kelli.

You and Amy have much to do in Heaven. I'm sure God knows what beautiful and strong Angels he has.

Keep close, we all need that comfort.

October 24, 2008
Mt dear Sister Kelli
It's been a year since you left and i still struggle with it every day i have your pictures with me and in the computer room so i can see you i know how robbie an gerriaane feel when they came back from seeing you an yes i was with them when they left i cried because i could'nt give you a hug and teel you how much i love you. sis i sure do miss you so very much. I know you watch over us be little things that happen hehehehe. I know your at peace no more pain but we would sure like to have you back i did put down some grass seed for you you will have the greenest grass there only the best for you. Maybe you an Amy could have a little birthday party with monica today would have been her 18th birthday like you she lwft us to young let her know i love and miss her as i do you and Amy so much.
love and miss you so very much Brother David
October 23, 2008
Hey sis,well it is still very hard with out you here,the tears still fall for you everyday.I wish you where here i miss talking to you on the phone,I still ask why but i get no answer.It just don't seem real to me,I know your at peace and no more pain,I look at a picture of you and how beautiful you are to me and alwys will be.We meet saras boyfriend he is very cute and nice you would like him.We will be comming up in a few weeks to have christmas at your house sara is exiced about it and i know how you would be also.And gizmo is doing great I'm glad to have him cause i know how he was to you and that keeps me close to you,he loves the water oh boy does he ever.That's o.k.i do spoil him,you would be proud of me.Well when we come up to visit you we will bring you more flowers o.k.,well i better go make some dinner i will be back real soon.I Love And Miss you so so much.
Love your sis Gerianne:)xxxooo
October 23, 2008
hey mom its sara. i just can't believe that it has been a year since you left me. i will always remember how you looked laying in that bed and when i came in and held your hand i thought everything would be okay until you squeezed my hand and looked up at me and smiled and then you left me standing in that room without you. i still cry almost every day and some days are better thatn others. i have been having a really rough time ever since the 11th. i don't even know why. i just really miss you and i really need you here with me right now. it is so hard going through life without you the rest of my life is going to be hard also. i was talking with jake the other night and he kept asking me questions about you like what you liked to do and stuff and i asked him why he wanted to know so much about you and he said well i am never gonna get the chance to know you so he wanted to know as much about you as he could. he met aunt gerianne aunt robbie and grama when they came up. i really wish he could meet you but i know that you like him after the dream that i had. i really miss you a whole lot and it hadn't sunk in until after the 11th that i would have to go through the rest of my life without you. but i better get going before my health teacher catches me haha i love you and miss you every day!

Love You! love Always your little peanut:)
October 18, 2008
Hey Mom it's Katy. i miss you alot. We went to Duluth yesterday. We went and visited your nurses too. We gave them shirts, then we went to Olive Garden to eat it is a really good resturant. We went to the mall, me and Sara got some stuff you would of had fun if you could of gone with. We went to younkers and then we found a bunch of breast cancer stuff, we got dad a pink tie, they had a really soft night-gown that you would have liked. love you bye
October 18, 2008
Hi it is David I miss you a lot I am thinking of you a lot. School is going good it is fun, my teacher is nice. Bye for now, Love David, your "Little Man".
October 12, 2008
Oh Sweetie what can I say that you don't already know. We all miss you so much, the pain is still there and as strong as the day that God called you home. I miss my 2 hr talks with you so much...but I still have them in my mind and my heart. Guide us all thru our lives and keep in touch as you have been and know that your always in our thoughts, I know God has set you free from pain.. now if you guys could hep us in that area. My memories of you still bring huge smiles to my face, it keeps me going. I Love and miss you! But I know that we will all be together on fine day. xxxxx00000
October 12, 2008
Kelli Jo, I thought about you ALL day yesterday as you already know it was my mom's birthday and your first year as a Angel of Heaven. Stared at all the fall tree's and how beautiful they are, and wondered what you were doing and thinking about. Fall is my favorite time of the year, crazy me truly think those trees communicate with each other. It's been almost 19 years since I talked to you, but I have thought and talked more about you in the last year that it would have made up for all the time missed between us.
Pink has become a very popular color in our home, my daughters and me have made some new friends "Kelli's Family". Last night when Kasara went to bed she wore your shirt, I said did you know a year ago today Kelli passed away she said isn't that weird that I'm wearing her shirt, she hadn't wore it since the walk in July, she also ironed on breast cancer logo's all over her prep-fest outfit for homecoming Jr's wear blue, I said well whats with the pink logo's she said its for Kelli and one day I'm going to get breast cancer too, so I'm trying to get the word out now, It runs on her dad's side of the family. Miranda has a magnet on her car and a atenna logo too. We talk often about your kids they adore them and David too and Miranda really gets a kick out of Gerianne.
I can't say it enough how glad I am that we were such great friends growing up, and so sorry that we didn't stay in touch. I'm sorry you had to suffer such a horrible disese and was taken from your husband and children so young, life isn't fair nobody will ever know why, but someone had bigger plans for you. My heart aches for your family expecially your children. I know your watching down on them and protecting them. Well I better get going, I hope your enjoying your beautiful wings.

Until next time, take care and "god bless"ed us for giving you to all the those you have touched the ones you have made smile, laugh, loved, created and cried, because without you this world wouldn't have been the same.

Love "Mushy".
October 11, 2008
Hi Kiddo,
It's hard to believe it's been a year since you lost your battle to cancer.
It seems so raw, even now. I guess it will take longer than a year for us to come to terms with loosing you.

By now you know your family came to visit. Not easy for any of them.
It must be painful for you to see their sadness and tears and not be able to comfort them. They feel you around them Hon, we all do. Sometimes, we just need that hug or to hear your voice.

It's hard to understand why God makes the choices He does. I guess it's not for us to know or understand.
We have to stay grounded here on earth and continue the fight for You, Aim and all the others fighting this hard battle. It's the one thing we can do for all of you!
We will all come together again.
Until then, know how much you are loved and missed by so many!

I think You and Aim have been having fun with us. Uncle Bob cannot get over the kitchen light swaying for no apparent reason.
I saw it today too, it made me smile.
Did Grandpa show you guys that trick?

I pray you have peace and serenity Kelli, you have earned it.

We will visit you again, maybe when the spring flowers bloom.

I Love You,
October 11, 2008
Hello Gorgeous,
I know everyone says it, but it truly does not feel like a whole year already. I guess we all have not been able to completely grieve losing you because we keep getting hit! It does not lessing losing you. It just makes it so much harder to understand.
We all miss you and think of you everyday!! I know you and Aim have added something pretty special up there. Im sure you guys are the life of the parties!
I love you!! Keep watching over all of us.. We know you do!
Love you Kelli
October 11, 2008
My Dear Niece
Even though it has been a year since God called you to be with him it almost seems like yesterday. The pain of losing you is still fresh and painful, and still the question of "why?" Perhaps there was few blonde angels and he chose you? Why though? I'm struggling with that question and am trying to understand we will never have that answer.

All of your family is now on their way up to see you - Oh! The pain and heartache!! There are no comforting words for them, the pain is constant along with the tears. I wish there was something we could do to lessen the pain, but again, it's a wish that can't be granted!

I will always keep in my heart your smile and words of comfort to me on the phone the Christmas of 2006. Little did we know what was ahead for all of us.

I would imagine that while we on earth are suffering, heaven has a special day planned for you today. We will celebrate your life as best we can on a day that hurts our entire family!

Rest in peace Kelli - your family needs your wings wrapped around them today! Give them strength that they need so desperately today!!

I love you,
Aunt Deb
October 10, 2008
It's hard to believe that a year has come and gone since you left us. We really miss you a lot. Sara stayed home today as she didn't want to deal with all the kids at school trying to comfort her. I took a half a day off from work and her and I went to lunch and just talked. Was nice to just converse with her, I just wish that she'd open up to me more but I guess I can be intimidating. I'll add a couple of more pictures tonight then am taking David and Katy up to Walgreens and then to Walmart. We love you.
October 10, 2008
Hi Mom
just David happy late b-day my school year is going good my b-day was fun. Dad & I built you a birdhouse and I won a DS with a game I have about 10 games now. I have a MP3 too. I miss you so much love your Little Man David
October 10, 2008
hey mom it's me katy I miss you lots happy late b-day. You know tommorow it will be a year can you belive it. I had a great b- day this year it was fun I had it at the DQ this year but the bad part about my b-day was that i didn't get to have the chocolate cake that you make me every year i did have antie elsies chocolate cake it was good but not as good as yours, but do you want to know the worst part about my b-day? you weren't there. i also ran for the student council again this year, we voted today but we don't find out who makes it until i think monday. miss you mom love KATY!
October 10, 2008
My dear sister kelli,we will be up to visit you on saturday,it has been a year without you.It has been very hard with you not here,but not a day goes by that you are not thought of.You are for ever in my heart and always will be.I miss your smile and your laugh,it is still so very hard.But we are strong and it will get easiser.I know you are in gods hands and he is taking good care of you and amy.I want you to know that this is not a good bye,I feel you around so keep touching me when i need you.I Miss and Love You so.Some day our family chain will link again.Watch over us amd wrap your big wings around us.I Love you Kelli.
Love you your sister Gerianne:)
give amy a big hug and kiss for me and tell her i miss and love her so.xxxooo
October 10, 2008
My Dear Niece:
It will be one year tomorrow that we lost you and yet it seems like only yesterday. So much pain and so much sorrow this past year that sometimes it just overwhelmes me with saddness.
I am so very proud of your family, they have been through some very tough times, yet they have remained dedicated to your kids, loving them as they have loved you. I know that you are very proud of mom, brother and sister's.
While I know that you and Amy are in a better place, it does not stop us from missing both of you. Someday we will all be together again.
Watch over all of us.

Uncle Rog
October 08, 2008
Hey auntie,
This saturday marks one years since you left us... it still seems like just yesterday. There still is not a day that goes by I dont think of you. I have reminders all over my house that some days I smile at and others I just break down. Sine OCtober is breast cancer awareness month there is so many things out now. I go crazy for pink thats for sure! But of course whenever I buys something I always need to buy 2 so mom has one of the same or she gets mad! Friday we are going to the Rascall Flatts concert just mom and I and I have a feeling it is gonna be hard... We went last year also and it was hard so many songs reminded us of you. THat is a good thing of course it is just painful we cant see you. There is so much I miss... your laugh, your smile, your touch, your voice... everything.. It is still really hard when I see the kids and uncle David I just wait and wait and wait for you to come around the corner. I just don't want to believe you really aren't here. I know life has to go on and it will it's just tough. I just want you to know how much I really do love and miss you. I will be back up to see you sometime soon. WAIT I forgot what i miss the most...YOUR COOKING!!
October 08, 2008
My Dear Sister Kelli,
It will be one year on the 11th and a year of sarrow,Mom me david gerianne Miss you more than words can say.I kknow you are looking down on us.Nothing made us more happier than being at yourside when you were sick,And we would do it all over again if we had to.Remeber when you wanted your kitchen painted?you loved it when you seen it.Being with you made us so so happy.Being with you and helping care for you was all our love for you.And helping take care of things and the kids while you were in the hospital made us feel good.Comming up to help you was a wonderful feeling.We know how you always took good care of everything.We know in our hearts how much you loved us cumming up and helping you,and the kids and trying to give david a helping hand.Its funny because I'm the one with no kids and so it felt good to help with yourchildren.We couldn't wait to come to see you and your family.And bring you candy and your blankets up to the hospital you enjoyed that,you said oh they smell so good nothing made us happier.Being at your side also made us happy,more than anything in the world.There isn't anything we would'nt do for you and your family.I hope you know how much we loved comming up to be with you.We could'nt drive fast enough sometimes.And if we had to do it all over again we would.You will always be in my heart a life,and the kids and david also for there is nothing ever going to change that.I Love You My Sister cancer my have took your life but not your love,Or our love for you.You gave more memories and love to us than you know.
I Love You Forever and Ever,Your Sister Robbie(biff)
October 06, 2008
Honey I/We miss you. Below is our take on your struggle with Cancer and how You and we dealt with it. It'll be a year since you left us but you'll be with us FOREVER.
Kelli was diagnosed with breast cancer the first time in December of 1999 after finding a lump through a self-exam. She had the lump removed and underwent treatment of chemotherapy and radiation before receiving a clean bill of health. Kelli continued to do regular self-breast exams and received mammograms two times a year. She encouraged all women after adolescent age to do the same.
She even taught her daughters how to do self-exams.
The second time Kelli faced cancer was about six years later during the summer of 2006. She had noticed changes to her breast and knew something was wrong.
She learned that Inflammatory Breast Cancer isn’t usually detected through a mammogram or an ultrasound, and that there doesn’t have to be a lump for it to be breast cancer. Symptoms of inflammatory breast cancer include swelling usually sudden, itching, breast pain, nipple retraction or discharge, and changes in appearance including color and texture of the areola.
After finding out that Kelli had this aggressive form of cancer, it felt like the world stopped moving, said Dave and Sara.
That August, Kelli started another fight against cancer — that she was determined to beat. She underwent treatment and seemed to be doing better throughout the winter. In late February, Kelli was experiencing balance problems. She had difficulty standing up and getting out of bed.
Sara remembers on her birthday asking her mom to make a cake with her. It was a special time they shared each year on Sara’s birthday, but Kelli didn’t have the strength to assist.
After bringing Kelli to the doctor in March, they found out that she had cancer of the brain fluid. Again, the world stopped, said Dave, while describing how it felt to hear those words.
That day when the kids came home from school their grandparents were there waiting to bring them to the hospital in Duluth to see their mom.
Sara recalls walking into the room and seeing her mom’s smiling face as Kelli showed her courage and will to fight. Sara wanted to stay the night there, but Kelli was adamant that the kids didn’t miss school.
Kelli spent most of March in the hospital. She would receive two injections of chemotherapy a week to a port that accessed her brain fluid, and a weekly body infusion.
Dave brought Kelli home at the end of March. For the month of April, Kelli spent a lot of time in bed.
One day in May, Sara remembers coming home from school to find her mom cleaning the house, vacuuming and cooking, just like she did before getting sick.
“It was just like a spring flower bloomed,” said Dave. “It was like the flowers that Kelli always tended to. You would’ve never thought anything was wrong with her.”
From May to August, Kelli was doing good. She was able to go for walks, go shopping, plant flowers, and attend school programs. The family was thankful to have that quality time with Kelli, treasuring each moment.
“It’s time that you are never going to get back,” said Dave.
Kelli continued to receive treatment. In September, she had both good and bad days, but started spending more time in bed.
Sara decided to throw Kelli a surprise 39th birthday party. Extended family was there to celebrate. Sara is glad that she had the opportunity. It would be the last one she would share with her.
• • •
On Oct. 8, Kelli was admitted into the hospital. Her oxygen level was at 38 percent and she was struggling for air. The doctors said that Kelli wasn’t expected to live through the night. Family members traveled to be there with her.
Dave said that was one of the toughest times in his 48 years of life having to tell the kids that their mom might pass away. The other time was that day in March when he found out Kelli had brain cancer and there was a real possibility she could die. He had that same conversation with their kids that day.
Sara described the next four days as the longest days of her life. She didn’t leave her mom’s bedside. Sara wasn’t able to eat or sleep.
It was difficult watching as Kelli struggled to breath, yet still holding onto life.
At 11:30 a.m. on Oct. 11, Dave and Sara were by Kelli’s side when she passed.
Kelli’s favorite song, “A Long Trip Alone” by country singer Dierks Bentley came on the radio. Sara also loved the song.
Before the song ended, Kelli opened her eyes looked at Sara and smiled, then looked at Dave and smiled before taking her last breath.
The painful loss was felt by many.
• • •
A few weeks following Kelli’s death, Dave and the kids had a chance to attend the Dierks Bentley concert. Several people from church had gotten them tickets knowing how much it would mean to them. They also received two additional tickets, front row, after the Bentley fan club learned about their loss.
They were given the chance to meet Bentley before and after the concert. The singer acknowledged Sara and later sang “Long Trip Alone.” Before the song, he said it was going out to those who have lost a loved one, then looked over at Sara.
It has been 11 months since Kelli passed away and her presence is still felt.
Along with photos and mementos of Kelli, Dave has added pink ribbons and touches of pink around the house. Pink ribbons are worn to recognize the struggle of those battling breast cancer.
Dave built a bridge of hope that the family pulled in a parade when Kelli was still alive, and placed stones in the shape of the cancer ribbon outside their home. This same symbol can be seen on their wind chime, birdhouses, mailbox and humming bird feeder.
Dave is currently turning an old truck into the “Pink Lady” Cancer Crusher which he plans to drive at a parade in Nashwauk next year. Dave said that it’s part of the healing process.
Dave got a tattoo in memory of his wife and keeps his head shaved in honor of all the cancer patients.
Dave and the kids each wear a chain around their neck featuring a photo of Kelli with an inscription on the back, “In loving memory of.” Kelli’s warm smile and eyes radiate from that photo — a reminder of her unwavering love. The photo, hanging from that chain, rests near their hearts, which is where they keep their beloved Kelli.
We Love you and always will. Love yor Husband, Sara, Katy & Little man.
September 29, 2008
My Dear sister Kelli,Well on the 11th of oct will be on year since you left us.I want you to know that i don't need a special day for a tear to fall,You know how much I miss you.growing up you i see so much of you in the kids and i thank god for that,remeber when me you robbie were sitting at your kitchen table one night and you said lets give each other nick names we said o.k..You are our fluffers,robbie is biff and mine stuffers and we gave david duddy.sitting up late at night i will alawys treasure we would all laugh so much.when you would make fudge you would give daivd our brother the pan and all we did was laugh,the good times when we were all together.I want you to know how special you are to me and always will be.And no one will ever take that away from us,it still hurts kelli without you here,but i know you know are hurt.I feel your little signs to me I will never forget our trips to walmart the fun that we had in that store will always remain in my heart.You were the best bananna bread maker in the world,you would make us all are own little pan.You even made me a mickey mouse pan cake how special that was to me.You were the best mother and wife in the the poem said our family chain has been broken but one day it will link back.I will keep the memories for ever,I want you to know that you were not only my little sister you were also my best friend.I will always have you in my heart.Kelli I miss and love you so very much.Well gotta go I will be back soon.
Love, your sis Gerianne(Stuffers)
September 27, 2008
Hi Kiddo,
It was an emotional day for us today.
We came up to visit you for the first time since the funeral.
It was so hard and still so very painful. We are still at a loss as to why the young are loosing the battle to this horrible disease.
We all just stood there and cried.
Your Brother struggled so much.
He left you some very beautiful roses. It was sooo hard for him.
Aunt Deb & Uncle Rog left roses in wood, they want them to stay so Deb didn't go for the real stuff.
Uncle Bob and I left you pink/lavendar Mums & a peace rock with pink ribbons on it. I wanted you to have a little of both, mostly, we want you to have peace.
I hope you liked everything.
Your Birthday balloon and butterfly are still there.
We went to visit Dave and Sara, the 2 youngest weren't home.
Again, painful, you weren't waiting for us like you always did. Another milestone for us to overcome. Oh Kelli, how I miss sitting at that beautiful table chatting. It was like a magnet for everyone. The times we would gather and laugh & catch up on family news. Mostly, we would laugh. I could almost hear the echo of your laughter.
Dave and the kids are making their life without you. We know how hard it is for them. But it's something only they can do. We will be there, should they need our help, anytime!
There is no guide book on how to deal with grief and loss. We just handle it in our own way. Something will trigger a memory, and the tears flow. Other memories will make us laugh. Either way, it is the memories we hold dear. Happy or sad, it keeps us connected to you.
We walked on the Bridge of Hope. On our way to it, Sara found a small snake! Needless to say, Aunt Deb and I decided not to venture too far after that. (darn city slickers) Your oldest was even barefoot! Dave just picked it up and tossed it to safety.
Well Sweetie, I just wanted to tell you we had a good day visiting.
I would so love to see your wings Kelli, please visit me in my dreams.

I Love and Miss You Very Much!
September 26, 2008
It's been almost a year now and there's not a day that goes by that I don't think about you. I see you everyday in our children and photos that are still up. I think that I'm finally starting to come to terms with God as I finally took communion last week at Church for the first time since you passed. I'm still not quite there yet but the Family Fun Day that we had in your memory was the first step. Still have shirts left over and have been distributing to those who lives you touched. We Don't Need A Special Day is a poem that we got from your support group at the Grand Rapids walk and it emphsizes how we'll always feel. I'll sign off for now but will always Love & Miss you.
Love Your Husband, Dave.
September 26, 2008
Hey sis,just me again i forgot some more,Gil said you were the best cookie and cake maker ever.He misses you to.He said he thanks god to have ever knowen you.He said you were the best mother and wife he ever seen.He said to say helloand he loves and misses you also.Tell rosemay and amy I Love and Miss them dearly.
September 26, 2008
To my sister kelli,Hi babe,I hope you liked the flowers mom me david gerianne gave youand the birthday candle it was a blue one and the blue butterfly.I know you would have liked it,We will be comming up on the 11th to see you and yes we will bring you more flowers to look at my angel.I miss you so much kelli,my tears fall every time i think of you.When i was at your house this spring i checked on youe pink peony bush you wanted me to plant it well it came up very good.You will have flowers on it next spring.Remember when we planted 50 blubs?I wish they would have come upfor you.And yes i put my humming bird feeders away like you always told meto.Kelli my heart is so empty with out you,God made us sisters but life made us best friends.I want to thank you for giving us the kids to love so much,when i see them i see you.You gave us more than you know.You always made a great home for your family.You always did so much you were a wonderful mother and wife.I wish i couldreach out and give you a big hug.It all hurts so much,The kids remind me of uswhen we all were young.You always kepted everything so neat.We still wonder how you floded your sheets and towels to fit in its place.When i you would bake your home would smell great.I hope you know how happy you made everyone feel.There will times when i see someone who looks like you and i would just smile.I know you know how much we hurt but you are always with us,i feelyou,OUr chain may be missing a link but i know you are holding on to each end.Because no one can take away,well my love i will let you go for now so you keep looking down on us and i will be looking upat you.I Love you kelli you will always be my pink angel.Keep sending your sweet touches,I love and miss you dearly.biff(Robbie) You are the best ever!!!
September 25, 2008
hey there aunt kelli....
Here there sweetie.... here pretty good i guess.. i am kinda sad that i didnt make it to the family fun nite but i had to work... i wanted to come up and see you but its been kinda hard with work and school.. I dont have a ride me and keith broke up for the good. i always remember you telling me LORA DONT EVER GET MARRIED... i think about that alot.. oh ya guess what i got a tattoo for you its a cross with a breast cancer symbol.. i got it because i knew that you would of liked it... i miss you so much its hard to think that i am not going to hear form you on my birthday.. but i know that your in heaven looking down and watchin all of us.. OH ya i amlost forgot i had a dream about you the other night that i seen you with your wings WIDE open man you are the most prettys thing i had ever seen.. i wear the shirt that mel gave me with your picture on and and someone said that i look just like you it made me smile knowing that i look like the most amazing lady..i remeber the times that i would see you and you would call me lola i miss that so much.. i always remember wally world it was the best going shopping for school clothes man what good time.. well aunt kelli i hate to cut it short but i got to go and get ready for school tomorrow.. I LOVE YOU so much and miss you that words cant explaine i will be up toi see you soon i hope very soon.. I love you hunny... love your lola...
September 24, 2008
hey mom its sara. HAPPY 40TH BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! i missed you so much last weekend . it was so hard trying to celebrate your birthday without you there and at the family fun day a few people actually called me kelli. but it made me feel good because it reminds me that nobody has forgot about you and that i remind them of you :) dad also met jake the other night at the volleyball game too. i think dad likes him i hope he does anyway. i loved visiting with everyone at your party and i think that they are coming up to spend the weekend of october 11 with me too. i really hope they do because it will be nice to see them and stuff. oh yeah i almost forgot...we got christmas this year! i know how excited you were to have christmas too but i don't think that dad is very excited. hopefully it will be a good time. but i better get going i am supposed to be working on a project for health. i love you and miss you every day! love always you're little peanut :)
September 24, 2008
Hey beautiful!
I am so sorry I have not written in such a long time. SO much going on. But I'm sure you already know that.
I Thanked Amy the other day for holding Sierrah for me. Now I need to thank you. I know you were right there holding her and heloing her. THANK YOU! I already knew that Sierrah was going to be something special on Oct. 11th. It was so hard be excited that day for my ultrasound, but when they said "its a girl", I KNEW it was because of you.
I know I don't have to ask you to watch over the family, I know you do! Your little ones just amaze me. Little Katy was such an angel at Amys funeral. She made a big impact on me that day. I know you are so proud of all of them. They are ALL incredible people, and I am so proud to call them family. You are so loved and it shows. Happy Be-lated Birthday!! Be expecting some late birthday balloons in Nov. I will be sending them to Amy and Bobbie because their b-days are 3 days apart. I will have special balloons for all 3 of you, we will sing you happy b-day and send them up! Be sure to read them, Allie and I always write notes!
I love you
September 23, 2008
hey auntie, well its been awhile since i wrote, not much new had surgery again a few weeks ago so no ball or hockey for me until april. happy 40 my friends nate and amy had thier baby boy on your birthday, came up for the family fun day for you, it was very nice had a great time g-ma got a little mad i was not using my crutches along with ma but i wanted to get out and play some ball with everyone else, like i told em u wouldnt expect anything else from me, ha ha. the kids and uncle david seem like they are doing well, its still hard to believe you were taken from us and your wonderful family. i will be back up to see you in a couple weeks, hopefully we can get a hotel room and take the lil one swimming. i was laying in bed thinking about you and the funnies from when i was little like when i would yell hey yadies and the pics i have of us. well keep an eye and your loving arms on us, love you very much.
September 22, 2008
My Dear sis,well was thinking of you alot today,it is still so very hard without you hear.Fall is here and you loved the changing of the leaves,I can remeber we would get big piles of leaves and we would count to three but you would alawys be in the leave's frist you loved doing that.I still miss talking on the phone talking about our day,and what we were going to watch on t.v.I look at picture's of us all and it help's me a bit.I will be comming up again to visit you soon.So my sis i will write back to you soon,I Love you and miss you so so much.
Love your sis Gerianne:)
September 21, 2008
My Dearest sister Kelli
just wanted to say how much i miss you i have my days when i think of all the fun times we shared and are crazy talks and i look at pictures that i have of you i come across some new and some when you where a young lady i watched you grow and become a a lady a mom a friend i know how much i miss you i will be up to see you sat. i know you will be there as you always are love and miss you so much
Love big brother Savid
September 21, 2008
Hey Aunt Kelli I wrote in here on your birthday but it didn't get put in so I am sorry it's late but I really did try on your birthday.. We were up to see you for the family fun day and celebrate for the BIG 4-0 for ya! It was really really hard but we got through. The hardest part was stopping by to see you but not be able to hug or talk to you... This is still hitting so hard for me... I have been thinking a lot of all our memories. and how every summer you took me in for 2 weeks and we had a ton of fun together from making photo albums, to dressing me for the parades, to listening to some of my classic moments... " Why don't we just walk"?!?!?!? Remember that on?!? ahh haa! The best though.. ours and Melissa's song! Could ya would ya!So I think of these times and laugh and smile because I am so grateful for them but then i frown and cry because i stopped coming up and i should have continued. And I should have come up more with mom I guess i was selfish and wanted to do m own things all the time... but I do miss you a ton and we will be coming back up in a few weeks. i MISS AND LOVE YOU ALWAYS
September 20, 2008
My dearest sister kelli
was up at the family fun day with mom robbie gerianne mom russ melissa made the best of it knowing it was the day be for your birthday "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" sister had a bad day sunday was in my hotel room thinking of you all day and how so very much i miss you but we seen you your all ways around i miss you so very much i will be up to see you sat.
this big brother misses his little sister so much i will write you again love and miss you i will walk the walks and do the talks for you.
love you and miss you so much
love big brother david nasby
September 19, 2008
Honey - Happy 40th and 17th Anniversary. I put an entry in the other day but I must've done something wrong as it didn't take. We had a good turn out over a 150 came to the "Family Fun Day" that we put on in your Honor/Memory, on 9/13/08. We miss & love you tons. I'll include the story that was on the front page of the Hibbing Daily Tribune, 9/12/08, with photo's from the Family Fun Day. I'll always love you and am reminded of what we had together every time I look at our beautiful children.
September 17, 2008
Happy 40th Birthday My Sweet Pea
To my loving daughter kelli,
How I miss you so,I came up to visit you for your birthday,it hurt me inside so much not to hug you.But I know you know how much I love you,and miss you.I miss talking to you at 10:30am I think of you every day can you smell the coffee HaHa you alway's would have me make coffee at your house cause you loved the smell of it.I know the angels are taking good care of my daughter.God blessed me with a wonderful angel.
I Love You,MoM xxoo
September 14, 2008
Well Kelli your the BIG 40 today! I hope your enjoying your 1st Birthday in heaven. I know your family was having a party/fundraiser this weekend in your honor, which i was unable to go to. I'm also sure this is very hard weekend for everyone close to you. I seen your entire family when they celebrated your mom's 70th, there were a lot of tears, and stories, and some laughs from the stories too. Sarah brought another one of your year books for me to look at, I just can't find mine anywhere she asked about a old flame who was mentioned in your year book LOL. I enjoyed visiting with David, your sister's and your mom, she has a awesome memory, we talked about things you and I did, I really want to get together with her and talk more about the past. Katie stayed at our house one night when the kids were in town, she is a cutie pie and we enjoyed her company very much. After she left Chris said I already miss her. Ran into one of our friends from High School at the state fair was talking about you and then my phone rang, it was Miranda she said mom your never gonna believe who I'm with right now, I said who and she said the Hardy gang. I told Paula I can't believe it but Kelli's family is here. David brought the kids to the city to see Dirks Bently at the fair, Sarah was with her cousins so I didn't see her but Katie gave us the BIGGEST hug, then she went off with Miranda and Kasara until the concert started. Kasara said she was a blast to go on rides with they were cracking up the whole time. Chris finally got to meet David, I knew he would like him, they like a lot of the same things, seen David's tattoo I loved it, him Gerianne and Holly's are all beautiful and very unique. We even got to see David sing Karaoke at the lite FM stand, little David I think was bored he's not much of a city boy, but once little Matt got there I think he was happy to see him. Sorry I wasn't able to visit this weekend, were going to try to come up to visit you on Oct. 11th, on your 1 year anniversary as a ANGEL in heaven.

Until next time, keep watching over your family and sending them sign's.
Love, Michelle
September 14, 2008
Hi Kiddo,
I just wanted to wish you a Happy 40th Birthday. Not the way we planned it to be, but God had other plans.
You are always in my thoughts Kelli, I see you when I wake up, and before I go to sleep.
I am so proud of your Mom, it was a hard decision for her to make, but she came to see you. Another painful milestone. This family has had far too many of those.
I hope you are proud of all of us, we are doing our very best to keep moving forward.

I Love You Sweetheart!
September 14, 2008
My dear Niece -

Happy 40th Kelli!!
And also Happy Anniversary!

These kinds of days are hard for those so dear to you. Hold them close to you and give them comfort as they go through each day.

Love you,
Aunt Deb
September 14, 2008
My sister kelli Happy 40th birthday today.I wish you were her so i could call and sing to you like us sister's would do.We came up yesterday to see you with mom it was very hard for her,but we did are very best to comfort her.david and the kid's and some of there friend's had a memoral family fun day in memory of you they did a good job.It was very hard on us all but we did our best.i just want you to know that my tear's won;t ever stop for you,I miss you so much kelli and i know your watching over us to get us through.well my dear i will get back to you soon,I Love and Miss you so much,take them big wing's of your's and wrap them around us all will ya,Love your sis Gerianne
P.S.give amy a kiss and hug for me.
September 14, 2008
To my Dear sister kelli Hardy
I want to wish you a happy 40th birthday,(my pink angel)I wish you were here we would have a great party.But I know you are with us every day.I miss you so so much,more than word's can say.I will be comming up to see you.I feel you with me every minute of the day and night.You are in my heart an soul,I love you my angel my tears and laughs won't ever stop.I think about you all the time,and I know you love me happy birthday my dear wonderful sister.I Love You so Much
Love (biff) sister Robbie
September 12, 2008
hey mom its sara. well we started school and david and katy aren't as excited as me. but it was hard on me because you weren't there to act like a dork and take pictures of me every five minutes haha. oh and you will never guess what. there is a guy that i started talkin to last year and he called me all summer and after school on the first day he asked me out! so now i have a boyfriend and he is a really great guy i know for a fact that you would like him. oh yeah and his name is jake. oh and sammy says hi and she misses you just as much as i do. she has helped me so much this year get through things with dad and the whole boyfriend thing too. i don't know what i'd do without her. this sunday you will be 40! can you believe it. we are having a party for you tomorrow at the cloverdale ball fields it's kinda like a fundraiser and for people to help us remember you. but i better get going i am supposed to be doing school work so i will try and write again soon. i just can't believe it has been 11 months since you left me. i love you a whole bunch and i miss you every day.

Love always, Sara Bug:)
September 11, 2008
My dearest sister Kelli
We will be comming up to visit with you its been 11months since you left us i sure miss you so much as does the rest of the family i try to be strong and help out with what i can this brother misses his sister so much no one really understands a bothers love for his sister some times when i out side by yiour gareden i have my moments i know your watching over us i talk with robbie & greianne & mom you are with us all ways. mom will be with us this trip we know its so hard for her but we'll stay strong for her and watch over her. i will write you when we get back just wanted to let you know how much i so very much miss you and all ways will ove you. i hope you met up with monica she would love to be with you & Amy. i will see you this weekend i know you will be there you all ways are.
love you sister and miss you so much
Love you bother David
September 11, 2008
Aunt Kelli~
Today marks 11 months sine we lost you... and still it is so hard. I think of you everyday especially when I look out on the deck and see the flowers I planted Uncle David got us.. They are beautiful and I have been taking good care of them just like you would yours! There are moments I am grateful I had an aunt and god mother like you and think of all the good times we had together... when Mel and I came up for two weeks in the summers... could ya would ya ain't ya gonna was our song! WHen the Corsica broke down and I thought we should walk! When Saras diaper was too dirty I woudn;t change it! When we went to the parades... so many good times that make me smile. Then I think of the hard times that I am still experiencing without you here... and the guilt I feel for not coming up in the summers and passing up when mom came up I stayed home... Not only when you were sick but anytime. We always had fun styaing up til odd hours of the morning playing games and laughing. What I would give for one more day with you... Saturday Matt and I are heading up our first stop will be to see you and I am sure you willl know when get there.. I'll have a box of kleenex in the hand. We will be celebrating your birthday and remembering all the good times although I know it's going to be hard. This will be Granny's first trip up since you left us but we wil take care of her. I am going to go for now but will see you Saturday. I MISS AND LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!
September 09, 2008
my dearest sister kelli,well thinking of you today it's going to be 11month's without you here with us.I think of you everyday,your birthday is near and we will be up to visit you,it is going to be a hard day for mom but we know you will enjoy every minute of it. So i will get back to you before than,I miss and Love you so.
Love sis Gerianne
September 09, 2008
Hello my dear niece!!

Oh Kelli - - there is so much pain for our family, so many "1st's" coming up - so many tears being shed.

It doesn't seem to be registering that you and Amy are no longer with us. Neither of you asked for much, only to live a long life enough to watch your babies grow up .. Doesn't seem too be too much to ask for, but then again, the final decision was not up to me or any of our family members.

I know you are looking down and keeping close those that are in terrible pain. Are your wings large enough for all of us? I know Mom, your brother and sisters will be up to see you this weekend for your birthday. For your Mom? This will be another day of excruciating pain she is so trying to cope with daily!! Oh, how I ache for all of them. Your siblings need your help in a very big way too. A true testament on how much you were so loved and so very missed!! I pray we will all gain some strength to get us through this most painful time!!

Uncle Rog & I will be coming to see you with Uncle Bob & Aunt Chris in a few weeks. I'm sure you will hear our sniffling long before we get there.

I must go for now, but know you are in my daily thoughts and I pray to you to help with many things!!

Please give Amy a hug & kiss for me and tell her I love her! Enjoy all your time with each other and please keep us wrapped within your wings!

I love you Kelli!

Love Aunt Deb
September 07, 2008
Hi Auntie! Russ and I will be going up to see you next weekend I know that it is going to be very hard. I am sure that you heard the news that Russ and I are getting married next year. I m excited but at the same time getting stressed out. I wish you were here so that we could go shopping for it I know that you were really good with those kinds of things. But the girls are going to wear pink in your honor. It is still very hard for me. I know that you are around all of us. I miss you so much! Well sweetheart I guss I better get going. Kepp your arms around us like you always do. Love you very much. See you soon.
August 31, 2008
Hi Blondie,
I thought of you a great deal today.
We had the 2 babies Baptized and I felt like 2 special souls were missing.
I know how you loved that kind of gathering.
Reality is not always a good thing, I felt it today very strongly. I had a great deal of trouble just keeping my focus.
All I could really see today, was a blonde and dark haired angel watching over those babies. I trust You and Aim will watch over them.
Your family is having a birthday party/Anniversay for you on the 13th. Sadly, we cannot be there to help celebrate your life. But, Uncle Bob and I are planning a trip up to visit you the week or two after. I so need to talk to you Kelli.
Your Mom is making her first trip up North since she lost you. Please Kelli, watch over her and wrap her in your arms.
Gerrianne gave me a picture in a lighted frame of you and Amy at her benefit. It's my favorite one ever!
You both looked so radiant!
I'm adding it to your guestbook so everyone can see you two.
I keep that picture/frame close by me with my Kelli/Amy bears and flameless candle. I feel you guys are watching over me, it helps on those hard days.
We celebrated your Mom's 70th Birthday. It was a good time but the empty spot was hard to miss. It hurt so many, but they did what they do Hon, they smiled and thought of you.
Look for Uncle Bob and AC when we make our journey to visit you.
We will be the ones with heavy hearts and lost souls.
I Love You!
August 30, 2008
Hi sis,just thinking of you wanted to let you know that we wil be comming up to see you,before long I won't be able to write you but i will keep a journel to write.not much else going on,I know you're at peace and your resting,I'm sure your giving them all up there a lot of fun.It's still so very hard to not be able to talk like we did,my heart is so very broken for you it will heal and not for one moment will i ever forget about you do you hear me sis.I will come up to visit you,and you will now right,keep putting your arm's on us o.k.I feel you with me alot latley keep that up o.k.,mom is doing o.k.keep your arm's around her also.well i better get some thing's done i will see you soon.
I Love and Miss You so Very Much(fluffer's)Kelli
Love Sis Gerianne
August 17, 2008
Hey sis,well it has been 10 month's without you here with us,it is still very hard for me without you,Well mom's birthday party went really nice just how you would have wanted it.Aunt chris and uncle bob brought grandma k it was great to have her there.we had the kid's down for a week I hope they enjoyed the time with us down here.sara went with robbie ,katiy went with michelle lil david with me and john,than katiy was with daivd couple night's,than they came back to my house they went swimming they even got sara to go in the pool.You would be so proud of them,I had mom come up for a couple of day's so she could spend some time with them also.I hope they had a good time.Well i just want to to know that I miss you so so very much.well i will get back soon we are comming up to vivst you in a couple week's i will talk anda bring you some pretty flower's for you o.k.I miss you fluffer's, give amy a hug for me.
Love your sisGerianne:)
August 11, 2008
Aunt Kelli~
I was pretty down today thinking about you and the fact it has been 10 long emotional months since you left us. As I always say there honestly still isn't a day that I don't think about you. And how much I wish I could come see you or even just talk to you. It doesn't seem like it has been this long but it sure isn't getting easier. Same ol thing going on for me. Workin and payin bills... all the fun stuff! The puppies are getting huge I just can't believe how fast they grow. The flowers I planted for you are beautiful and blooming like crazy! The kids are down for the week so I am off tomorrow to spend the day with them. Of course I wanted to go in the pool but it's supposed to rain... go figure! Melissa and Russ set their wedding date for next year which is really exciting for them. Tommy and I will be there someday. But it really stinks to know you can't be my personal attendant like I always wanted. I know you will be with me and make sure my day goes as I could want it but I wish you could help me get ready and see me walk down the isle. But the wedding isn't even in the budget but soon enough it will be. Well I need to go give my babies a bath so I will go for now but just remember YOU WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN AND I MISS YOU AND LOVE YOU SO MUCH.
August 11, 2008
hey mom its sara. the last time i wrote to you i was a t work with dad but me david and katy are spending the week up here at aunt gerianne's. as you already know we did the cancer walk in coleraine it was very difficult for me and everyone that was there with us. i found and took pictures of every bag that had your name on it. then we all hung out at the hotel afterwards. i am glad to hear that michelle and her daughters had a blast. then just last saturday me dad david and katy came down for grandma's birthday party. it was so good to see everybody. mark zach and cody are hanging in there too and i'm sure that they had a tough time at the party without amy just as i had a tough time without you. i am glad that mark and dad got time to talk on saturday he needs that. i also brought your sophmore yeartbook for michelle to look at and boy did she enjoy that. she told me stories about you and her when you guys were in school. i love hearing them. i could listen to michelle and any body for days tell me stories about you because in many many many ways i am alot like you were in high school. for example you used to eat doritos and drink mountain dew almost everyday and so do i. i walked around at uncle davids visiting with everybody and before i left to go to aunt robbies i just broke down. i miss you so much and having to sit by myself and not having you there to talk to was very very difficult for me. i was crying as i was giving everybody hugs getting ready to leave and it meant alot to me when zach gave me a hug and said he was glad to see me and that things will be ok. i wish that me and zach were closer. i wish we didn't live so far apart and that we got to talk more because i know he misses his mom just as much as i miss you. i went to aunt robbies and we stayed up til after midnight and looked at pictures of you and laughed and talked and of course went to walmart. well i better get going david wants me to go swimming with him so i better. i love you and think about you every single day. love always your little peanut
August 07, 2008
Hey sis,just thinking of you today and everyday,I miss you so much.I want you to know that we are giving mom a birthday party just like you would want it.You would say she get's the best cause ashe's are Mom I know you will be with us on saturday,so make sure you give me that touch o.k. I Love and Miss you so so very much,I'll write to you soon.Love Sis Gerianne
August 07, 2008
Hello my dearest sister pinky,
It's been awhile I'm sorry,I know you know how busy it has been.We are going to have the kid's down for the week.And yes we are going to have a birthday party for mom.Just like you would want.I miss you so very much,There isn't a min that goes by I don't think about my dear babe I'll wll write to you real soon.I Love u
Love Robbie (biff)
August 02, 2008
Hi Aunt Kelli! Just wanted to let you know that I miss you very much. No one really knows. I know that you have been talking to grandma lately. I hope that your breakfast was good:) Well Just wanted to let you know that Russ and I went up there for the walk and I could not help but break down. I miss you so much. I know that you were with us. Just wanted to say that the pain is still there and I love you very much. I think about you all of the time. I can see that dad is hurt everytime I look at him. I know that it has been very hard on him eventhough he does not say anything. I Love you and miss you alot. XOXO.
August 02, 2008
My Dearest SISTER
i love and miss you so very much i will help David Sara Katy Lil David how ever i can i know they miss you as much as i do.
Love big brother David
August 02, 2008
My Dearest SISTER
This is the big brother just wanted to let you know how much i miss you.I made a promise to you that i would contiue doing the walks for you uncle rog and i put the walk togather this year for you and amy we had hats made up with your name on them and had a banner made it was the toughest thing i had to do knowing you where not there and the Gerianne and i did the walk in rapids with David and the kids that was another tough one with out you being there don't think there was a drie eye when they game David and the kids a nice poem. It has been a tough year deer hunting wasn't the same with out you in your stand are laughs we had i even cried in me stand but i did see some thing that you and i talked about a white wolf it was very pretty i know you where with us as you flew over. sister i miss you so much there a hole in my heart that will take a long long long time to heel i will keep your memory alive and contiue to do the walks for you i made a promise to you and i WILL KEEP IT.
I miss having are talks and are crazy times and yes are trips to wally world and you knew how much i liked going there.
I did put a garden togather for you and my pink roses came up when i look at the garden i think of you and so how much i miss you i struggle more times then not. I talk with robbie and greianne and keep an eye on them a brother can't love his sisters any more then i do this is the hardest thing for me to do and i don't understand why you had to leave us so early just not fair sister i miss you so very much i will talk with you soon i love you so very much.
love your big bother David
August 01, 2008
Hello my sis Kelli,well I think of you everyday,i picture your smile when I'm down and it helps me a bit.Well we are going to give mom a birthday party/and a family get together also,you would always mom needs a party,so this one will be her 70th I know it will be hard for her cause her little sweet pea will not be there but i know you will be with her that day and everyday.Than the kid's are going to stay down for a week with us all,I know you would have like that for them,we will have fun and to send time with them as well.well my love i will write you soon,I Love and Miss you everyday.
Love your sis Gerianne
July 26, 2008
HI aunt kelli, well things are going well, just workin and playin a ton of ball. havent got up to see you or the kids yet i have been busy trying to make a dollar. i will spend time with them when they come down next month, hopefully it will be nice so we can get the 4 wheeler out and play some ball. miss you very much, i see you every time i walk in my room, it just makes me smile. well back to work, keep an eye on all of us. everytime i see an eagle i know your around i just look up and smile with a tear in my eye. love ya matthew
July 24, 2008
Dearest Kelli, As you already know my daughters and I came up to do the walk for the first time, it was very inspirational expecially when they lit all the the bags there must have been 10,000.00, we will continue to go every year now. I visited your grave twice with Gerianne & your brother David, we went to your house walked on the bridge David made for you, what a wonderful life you had in Nashwawk. David is making all kinds of stuff in your honor, you were also honored at the walk too. David and the kids were given a really nice framed poem which he struggled with when he read it, David talked very highly of you and about your fight, and how cancer sucks. I don't think there was a dry eye the croud, including David & the kids.

I was happy to see Sarah enjoying some fun time with her friends, she really needs that, she showed me her newly painted room she is a big country music fan, my kind of girl! Miranda and Kasara took Katie and little David swimming and then we made a wal-mart run, little David talked my ear off in the car, he sure likes wrestling.
Katie looks more and more like you when we were kids, and she was very picky with the swim suits she was trying on, she reminded me of you and how picky you were with your clothes. When the two little ones went to bed they talked Gerianne's ear off, they both talked about how they fold their own clothes now and little David was sure proud of himself because he can make his bed all by himself now, as I layed in bed listening I was grinning from ear to ear. Gerianne praised them and told them how proud you would be of them. I know you are so proud of your entire family I know it was hard for your brother, sister, David and the kids but they hung in there strong. Oh and WOW your a popular lady everyone knows you and David too, I wore a shirt with your picture on it and a woman just started talking to me about you and how her daughter always did the Nashwauk walk with you.

I asked my girls on the way home what they thought and they both said it was almost like they already new you, and they just love the kids. The kids will be down for your mom's birthday they are staying in town for a week, me and the kids are going to see them on your moms birthday and maybe see if we can visit at Gerianne's one day during the week and swim.

I think they enjoyed the pictures I brought of us from high school. I wish we could have stayed in touch through the years, and I could have been there for you when you were fighting the biggest fight of your life. I want to say thank you for being my friend growing up. I will write again soon, but for now I'll sign out the way we use to finish our letters to one another for good old times sake. B/F/F. Love yah Kelli

P.S. Keep watching over your family they need you.
July 24, 2008
Hello my Dear Niece:

David stopped over last week and not surprising to hear it's apparent the walk was very emotional for your family this year, but we certainly didn't expect anything less did we? You were and are so very loved and missed!!

Time sure does pass quickly, and yet I can see your smile as if it was yesterday. Mom & I try to call each other once a week and her pain of losing you is still so very fresh! I'm wondering if you could just put your arms around her to give her some comfort?

I hope you are at peace and enjoying those beautiful wings you have earned on earth!

I love you very much Kelli!!

Aunt Deb
July 22, 2008
Hey sis,Well I guess yu liked your flower'shey,I even brought your old friend michelle and her daughter's up with me.She wanted to come and and talk to you.We did the walk I know you were walking with us cause i could feel you with us.It was a hard thing for all of us,David and the kid's talked a bit,than your friend's all did a poem for you it was so beautiful.The walk was great I even won something this year can you beleive it,and michelle will be walking with us every year know.It has been nine month's and it does not seem that long it is so fresh to me,I can't hear your laugh or see your smile but I know your with me.You help me get through my hard day's.We are going to have the kid's come down for a week before they go back to school,they are excited for that and i know you would.well honey i better get going just want you to know how the walk was.I will be up soon again to bring you more of your favorite flower's o.k..I Love and Miss you so very much.

Love Your Sis Gerianne
July 17, 2008
Hello My Blonde Angel,
You have been on my mind so much lately. I look at your pictures everyday.
I won't be doing the walk up north this year. I was hoping to, but things just did not work out that way.
I have precious memories of walking with you last year. We had such a great time. Too bad we couldn't convince Robbie to take that kitten. We sure did try, didn't we?
I knew it was the last time I would walk with you. So did you. That made the day and night all the more precious to me. I so loved sitting up chatting in your living room. We had such a great time. Gerianne had us all laughing so hard. Robbie was snoring away. You, me and Gerianne were the last ones to go to bed. We had a hard time settling down, didn't we? Laughter does that.
It was a beautiful time (and weather) and I cherish it all. You were so happy and laughing. Even when your legs weren't stong enough, you hung in there like a champ.
Deany and I walked proudly by your side. Your Mom did great, your Hubby was great, and the kids were by your side.
Katy and I are "buddies", she is so cute, I just want to snuggle with her. Sara breaks my heart. Being the oldest, she feels the need to be "Mom". Her eyes hold the wisdon of an adult. The little guy is so dang cute and cuddly! The Hubby is building things in your memory. He has done an awesome job Kelli. It's hard to raise children alone, but he is doing it!
I wish I could wipe away the pain I see in all of them.
I know you watch over them Kelli, they need that.
You must be so proud of them. Even though they hurt so much from loosing you. They were there for Mark, the Boys and the Family when Amy joined you. It was so hard for them and your family. Yet, there they were, lending support and love. Only they knew the pain of loosing a Mom, Wife, Daughter & Sister far too soon.
It was so nice to see and hug them. All of them! I silently told you, I would hug them for you. So, I did.
I am walking with you in my heart Kelli, I always will.
I pray so hard that a cure will be found. Someday, these guest books will not be needed for such young souls who fought such a hard battle.

Peace with the Angels

I Love You Kelli/Kiddo,
I Always Will
AC/Auntie Chris
July 17, 2008
Hey Aunt Kelli,
It's me again! I needed to tell you about my day.. So the last patient I saw today was getting a full set of braces, i brought her back we started talking everything was great. As soon as I looked in her mouth her teeth looked exactly like yours. That was the first thing I thought of then as we proceeded, she talked and laughed kinda like you. She is also tall and thin just like you and had a gorgeous face just like you! So you were running through my head the whole appointment and it made me smile, it was as though you were right there with me. So as all these memories were strolling through my head and your face was all I could see and your laugh is all I could hear, I finished the appointment and the day. Then got into the car. Driving home I was listening to your cd Sara made me. And I broke down... all the memories strolled through again and I wanted to hear your voice and your laugh and see your beautiful face with the eyelashes I was always was envious of (you know how I am with my mascara!) but then I realized I can't.. and that is still hard for me to accept. It has been nine months although it really doesn't seem that long. Not one day goes by that I don't think of you it is still so fresh. I know that you are watching over us and are here when we need you but this woman was such a replica of the great Aunt and God mother you were. It really did make me smile then it made me really sad. No one will ever be as incredible as a person as you. I just wanted to share the experience with you! I am not making it up for the walk this year, I now it will be tough for the family but they will make it through and I know you will be walking with them. Mom will be coming by to see you and bring your favorite flowers and I will make it up there to see you too. Otherwise all is well here the house is coming along we got a lot of yard work to do still though. The puppies are getting huge and of course they are VERY spoiled! Matt is doing great also. Please keep watching over us we need our beautiful angel. I will stop back soon. I MISS AND LOVE YOU SO MUCH.
July 16, 2008
Hi Auntie. Just wanted to let you know that Russ and I are coming up on friday with dad to be there to support something that I know was very important to you. I will also be bringing you some flowers and I will be talking to you. I know that you will be with us. I put your picture by my bed so that you are the first thing I see when I wake up and the last thing I see before I go to bed. Having that picture around lets me know that you are always there. Well my dear I will see you on firday. Love and miss you lots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XOXOXOXO
July 14, 2008
Hey sis,just wanted to drop in and tell you that three more day's and we will be up to bring you some flower's and to talk to you.There are day's that I'm strong and day's I'm weak it's only because I miss you so.I know your in no more pain and your in a better place.I walk is on friday and I know you will be walking with us,take care my sweet.I Love and Miss you so.Love sis Gerianne:)
July 12, 2008
hey mom. we had an ok forth. i put together another float for you the only bad thing was that you weren't sitting on the corner by Wizards when we came by. the cousins kept me pretty busy. well i better get going. i love you and miss you abunch love Sara :)
July 11, 2008
Hey Aunt Kelli,
Well today marks nine months since you left us and not a day has gone by that I don't think of you. It is still very hard without you here. When I see Uncle David and my beautiful cousins I still wait to see you, I break down everytime at the fact you won't be walking through the door.. I know you are in a better place and out of your pain and for that I am thankful. I knew this would be a struggle but I never thought it would be this hard. I have several reminders of you through out the house and sometimes they make me smile other times they make me sad. I know you are watching over us and that definately makes me smile. I better get going now but I will stop back soon. I love you and miss you SO much.
July 10, 2008
Hello my beautiful Kelli,
It will be nine month's friday and I miss you so so much.It won't be to long before we come up to visit you,two week's matter of fact.I'll bring you some nice flower's again.It feel's good when I stop to talk to you,one of these time's I'm going to bring a chair and just sit beside you.I thank god everyday for you and David an the kid's.You gave us so much to love,and for that I am greatful.I know you are keeping an eye on all of us.My hummer's are still comming but not as much as last year.But my yellow finches an black finches come and sing and drink then they take off,they know a free mealwhen they see one.Well my angel I have to go for now but I'll get back to you o.k.
I Love and Miss you soooo Much.
Love Biff(Sis Robbie)
July 10, 2008
My sis Kelli,well friday it will be 9month's without your here.I know your in a better place,but it is still very hard not to hear from you.I feel you with me alot to get me through my loss.I will be comming up to visit you and bring you some flower's.I know you will be walking with us that day.It has been very hot but my flower's are doing so well.I bet you have been very busy up there hey.I know that you are at peace and your in a better place cause I know God is taking very good care of you.well i just want you to know that friday i will be thinking alot about you o.k.I will see you soon.I Love and Miss you so much.
Love your sis,Gerianne
July 06, 2008
Hi Aunt Kelli! Haven't wrote to you in a long time. Just wanted to let you know that I am thinking about you. My flowers are coming up nicely. We had fire works at dad and moms they were cool. I know that you were there looking after dad cause I saw you. I know that he is really having a hard time with everything that has been going on. You know that his flowers are blooming really well they look so nice and he is really proud of it and I am really proud of him. I have been having a hard time lately too I just wanted to know that I think about you all of the time and I look at your picture everyday. I love you and miss you more than anything in the world. You would be happy to know that Russ and I are doing good in the apartment and I love being on my own it makes me feel like I am really a grown up now. Please watch over dad and the rest of the family I know that him and grandma are really having a rough time. Well until I write again. Or I will be seeing you at the walk. With lots and lots of love. XOXOXOXOXOX
July 04, 2008
Hello my pinky(Kelli)I've been thinking alot about you.I miss you very much,I've know you are getting ready to do the walk soon.I know you will be right along with us.Sara is getting the float ready for the 4th of july.Brother david has a humming bird feeder up now you would be proud of him.Well my Love I'm sure you and Amy have alot to catch up on,Now you not alone.You have Rosemarry and Amy with you.I will get back to you soon.
I Love You andMiss You
Love Robbie(biff)
July 03, 2008
Hey my sis Kelli,I want to wish you a Happy 4th of July,I know how you like the parade with david an the kid's,and you would be all dressed up in your red white blue.I will be comming up for the walk an to come an see you an bring you some flower's I can't wait.It is still very hard with you not here but I know you are busy know with Amy,I bet you both are having a wonderful time up there.I just want to say that you both were the strongest fighter's in the world,an I know you both are at peace.It was very hard when Amy past,but we know you wanted her with you,so my sis you both have a great fourth an i will write to you soon,give Amy a hug for me.I Miss You so Very Much Kelli (fluffers):)
Love Your Sis,Gerianne xoxoxoxo
July 02, 2008
Hello my dear niece

As I was sitting here I knew I had to write you and let you know that I am convinced you met Amy at the pearly gates and showed her around.

The two of you have left us with the most loving memories, and the best gift of all is we have your children to love!!

It is a very difficult and painful time for our family right now as we lost 2 brave, strong and beautiful women much too soon.

You would be very proud of your family and David and the kids Kelli - they found the strength to attend Amy's wake and funeral even though their own pain is still raw. And how they were at our side in our time of need is nothing short of "loving family"!!

I will visit you again soon, so take care of my baby girl and enjoy your time with her!

Love Aunt Deb
June 28, 2008
hey mom. well summer is going all right i guess its hard but we are getting through it. im working on another float to put in the parade on the forth of july and its coming along. i bet you and amy are doing very well up there. please continue to watch over us and i hope that amy is watching over our family now as well. well i don't really have much to say so i will try and write again soon. i love you and miss you everyday

love your little peanut :)
June 27, 2008
Hello Kiddo,
I hear your flowers are doing well.
That is such a warm feeling.

Your family is doing the best they can without you Kelli. I think of you everyday and pray to you every night.

Please Honey, guide Amy on her new journey. I know you will help her any way you can.
You are kindered spirits who fought a long and strong battle. You both are our Warriors.

Only you and Amy can understand the love and fight you both had.

I will do what I can Honey, for you and Amy. I will watch over my family and help any way I can.

I know you are close by, I can feel it.
I pray that You and Amy will be together with all those who have gone before us.

I know in my heart we will all meet again and the chain will link together.

Until that time, please know how much you are missed and loved.

Take her hand and guide her to that peace that I so pray you have found.

We hear you Kelli, we feel you around us.

I Love You So Very Much,
June 25, 2008
My Dear Kelli,It sure felt good being up by you 6/14/I hope you liked the flowers we put by you.I know in my heart you did.We had a fun time with the kids an david.Our brother played catch with lil david an katy,she has a good arm on her,lil daivd also.Gerianne sara an i went to wally world to get paint for her room.Gerianne an I hepled her paint her room.Hey honey one of your peony bushes are up and doing very well.It's pretty empty in my heart without you.I miss your pretty face when I walk into your house.Thank you for the childern because they remindme of you when you were their age,when i hug them i hug you.I miss doing so many thing's with you.But I know how much you are with us.I hold you to my heart all the time,we will be doing the walk for you soon.And I know you will be right be side us.I will hold your hand in my heart.I will smile because I know how much you enjoyed the walk.So keep giving me that soft touch that I feel o.k. I will write you again soon.
I Love You,
My Pink Angel,I Love You Robbie xoxoxoxoxo(biff)
June 11, 2008
Hello Kiddo,
You have been busy.
All our prayers to you for your family did not go on deaf ears, did they?
You are so close to everyone, I wish they could see you as well as feel you near.
Life seems empty these days, I look to the sky for that eagle. It reminds me of you and your freedom.
Keep close to them Kelli, your not there to talk to or hug, that is a hurt that will never go away.
Remember the rose bushes I planted last year? They bloomed all summer for you and Amy. Well, I just don't think I have the knack like you did.
They aren't doing well this year. I may have to try something else. It bothers me because I planted those for my girls. Maybe you guys want something else? I'll work on that!
I know you like blue (hard to find a rose bush that color) so I may have to go with pink. I hope that's OK with you.
I miss our chats and letters Kelli. I miss planning a trip to visit you.
We still plan to visit Dave and the kids, but I'll have a hard time going to visit you.
I pray you have found peace Sweetie.
I Love You Dearly,
June 11, 2008
Hi sis,thinking of you today.It's still very hard with you not here.Not a day goes by that i want to call you.but i know you are with me each an everyday.I know you are with us all mom is doing o.k. she talk's to you everyday an ask for you to send some sunshine so our flower's can grow,me an robbie,david are comming up to see you this weekend.well keep your arm's around us all o.k.I will get back soon,
I Miss and Love You so Very Much(fluffer's)Kelli,Love sis Gerianne;)
May 31, 2008
my sis kelli,well the weather is some what getting nicer,the humming bird's are going crazy here.I have two of them out this year one for you.think of you alot everyday,Me an robbie are going up to paint sara's room an also help katiy with her's an we will be stopping buy to see you an bring you some pretty flower's.Its so hard not to hear from you i miss your voice so much,but i'm sure your very busy up there with the flower's right,well gotta go to walmart see what is new that i can buy,I Love an Miss You so very mucg,be back soon.Love your sis Gerianne:)
May 29, 2008
hey mom its the last day of school and then i have summer vacation. this summer is gonna be so weird because you won't be there. i hope that i have a fun summer but we will see. i probably wont write for a while because we don't have a computer at home so when we go to aunt gerianne's i will have to write to you. i am gonna miss youa bunch this summer. its gonna be kinda boring without you and i know i will have my days where i will miss you but i gotta go love you bunches and i will try to write this summer love ya

love always, your little peanuty :)
May 27, 2008
Hey Auntie, was just thinking about you today gotta head out to the yard and work on my gardening skills that i lack! I did plant some flowers Uncle David had made for us and they are starting to come up. I have them in the deck planters so every time I'm out there or even look out I will get a reminder of you. Mom was up to see you last weekend she had a rough time when she called me after she got home but she is doing the best she can. I will get up there so I can spend some time with the kids I know Sara especially needs it. The walk at MOA was amazing the people were incredible. It was hard to focus on the walk but thank you for sending us sunshine. I better get busy I got a lot of weeds in my "garden" out front I gotta get that looking nice! I'll be back soon. I am still thinking about you a lot and I know that will not change. I miss you and love you so much,
May 25, 2008
My Dear Sister Kelli,(Pinky)I was thinking about you today and everyday.The hummer's are back.But I'm sure you already see them,I can't wait until I get up to see youan talk to won't be longgerianne an I will be up sometime in june I can't get away right now.I will bring you some flower's,I miss you so so much honey.But I feel you with me all the time.I can't wait to come upand do the walk cause i know you will be walking with us.I know you feel the Love,well honey Ive got to get back to work o.k..But I'll be up soon ok?Tell Rosemary Gil is fine.Gil also said to say hello and he misses you also.p.s. I Feel you with me I Love and Miss You more than word's can say,Love You Robbie(Biff):)
May 25, 2008
Hi Aunt Kelli! Haven't wrote to you in a long time. Did the walk a MOA it was great to see that many people on our team. You brought lots of sunshine like you always do and did. Been over to grams alot. We get your messages. She is doing okay you know the best she can. I think she feels a little bit better knowing that you are around. Dad I know is having a really hard time. I don't really know what to say to him but I know that he misses you. I miss you very much. I am working on getting a pink picture frame for the apartment. I have you up on the bar mantel with candels and an angel that gram gave me. I miss you alot but I know that when the sun comes out that you are shedding your light on all of us. When I was at grams last week saw clouds in the shape of an angel with a halo and pretty big wings I knew it had to be you looking down on all of us. Well guess I better get going have to do laundry. I Love you and miss you so much. Keep dad in your arms cause i know that he needs it. Hugs&Kisses XOXOXOXOX
May 23, 2008
hey mom its sara, well we only have three days left of school! wow the year has gone by so fast. i can't wait til summer hopefully dad will let me hang out and stuff with friends. its gonna be tough i know cuz its my first summer without you. my friends are gonna think that its weird but its ok. but i better run i love you and think about you every day i just wish that more people would appreciate their moms because it hurts me to hear the things they say about them. i just wish that you were here. but love you bunches and ill write again on the last day of school. oh carver has been taking good care of me in school too. he helps me with homework and stands up for me when people make me mad or upset i don't know if i could get through school without him. love you and i'll write again soon.

Love always your little peanut :)
May 20, 2008
Hi sis,just wanted to drop you a few lines.I was thinking of you all day,the sun is out so i know you were with flower's are finally growing,it took awhile the humming bird's are back have three male's they are just so cute.I miss you so much sis when i have my day's i just look at my picture's and i know your with me.went to walmart got a couple new thing's that are new have to try them out you know.You would alway's ask didi you get the new item yet at walmart,i miss that so much,i bet it is beautiful up there an i'm sure your showin gthem how to plant flower's say hi to john's mom for me.well my sis i gotta get a few thing's done i'll be back soon,I Miss anLove You so very much,Love sis Gerianne(stuffer's)xxoo:)
May 12, 2008
Hi Kelli, I hope you had a wonderful Mother's day! I know you had to of been feeling all the love from your family during the walk yesterday. I know you are very proud of them all, this was my first walk it was so amazing, and it will not be my last. Your husband was the entertainer of the group, he kept everyone's spirts up and kept us all in line, banners & pictures of you were carried with alot of pride & love. Your sister's & Sara struggled a bit emotionally I know it was hard for them as it was for everyone else too. I went to Gerianne's for little David's birthday, everywhere I looked there was something pink or pictures of you, I enjoyed talking with your mom about old time she has a good memory, you can tell she misses you dearly. Sara brought your 9th grade yearbook, (Thank you Sara) brought back some fun memories. I read what I wrote to you that year, I hoped you would find someone who would treat you well because you deserved the best! It's plain to see that did happen for you, your husband is a wonderful man, he is doing a great job with your children and they all seem to be doing well, I can tell he misses you very much thankfully he's a very strong man emotionally, well I should say he does a good job of hiding his sorrow. I asked David if I could come up this summer and walk on the bridge he built for you he said yes. I can't wait to visit your resting place and see the wonderful life you had in Nashwauk. Your doing a great job of watching over your family and giving them strength everyday, they are lucky to have you as thier guardian angel. God Bless, Michelle
May 12, 2008
hey mom i am just writing to tell you happy late mother's day. we did the walk yesterday and it was very very very hard for me. i almost made it the whole 4 miles without cruing but wouldn't you know the last mile i cried and cried. i looked over at the sign uncle david was carrying and i saw the picture of me and you when we had christmas at uncle david's that year and that made me cry even more. then they had a hug your mother corner and i cried there too because you weren't there for me to hug. we got done and we walked the mall and stuff. we had about 50 people in our group and there was over 50,000 people that did the walk! i couldn't believe it. thanks for clearing up the sky yesterday too. we all were hoping that it wouldn't rain and it didn't. david had a lot of parites too and he was really tired out and i know that he missed you alot. well mom i should get going. i just wanted to let you know how things went for me yesterday. i miss you everyday and i love you very much. i will write again soon

love always, your little peanut :)
May 11, 2008
Hi sis,well Happy Mother's Day honey.I did the walk for the cure mother's day at moa you sent us some sunshine for that.It was a very hard day for us all cause you were not with us but i know you were,it also has been 7month's today when you left us,got your flower's growing for you,we had a birthday party at my house for lil david it was very special for him an he had a very nice birthday.well honey i need to go take a showeran take a nap I know you would say oh you don't need a napper.I Love an Miss you so Much,Love you sis Gerianne xxxooo
May 11, 2008
Dearest Kelli

Today is Mother's Day .. and there are 3 children who will not be able to spend it with their Mom. Please wrap your arms around them today, including your Mom, Sisters, Brother and of course David. It is a very difficult time for all of us knowing how much you fought to the very end for them.
We went to Gerianne's yesterday for little David's birthday. You could almost feel the "great pretend" from everyone, trying to make it a good day for him. I'm sure though he will be going shopping quite soon ... money seemed to be the best gift for him this year.
Take care of all the flowers and plants up there, and please keep us wrapped in your arms!

I love you Kelli,
Aunt Deb
May 09, 2008
hey mom its sara. well we had family over last night for david's birthday. he had fun i guess. hopefully he will have fun tonight too with all of his friends at the bowling ally. it is going to be such a long and hard wekend. its kinda hard for me to except that this is going to be my david and kay's first mother's day without a mom. but i know that you will be walking beside us all at the MOA on sunday. i miss you every day and i love you so much. well i will be looking for you this weekend and i know that you will be there

Love you bunches love your little peanut :)
May 06, 2008
Hi sis,Happy Mother's Day I know I'm a little early but i want you to read it before mother's day.I hope you hear everything i tell you every day and night.I know you would ask why i wrote early well you know me can't wait.I know God will have it all pretty for you just like i would.I will be walking with you on mother's day and everyday.So happy mother's day,I will miss your card this year.But I know you will be with me on mother's day say hi to rosemary for me.I LOVE YOU and MISS YOU SOMuch,LOVE (Biff) xoxoxoxoxoxoRobbie hope you like your flower's
May 06, 2008
Hi Aunt Kelli! Just thought I would say hi. Things are going okay. I know that Dad is having a really hard time but we are all trying to help him. He went fishing last weekend he calls it his therapy which I think he needed. But other than that the apartment is going well. It is a good feeling to know that we are on are own. Next week is the walk at MOA and I will be walking in honor of you. Just wanted to let you know that grandma is doing okay she has her good and bad days. I always think about you and wanted to tell you that I miss you alot. We better get going and finish my house cleaning. Love you Lots.
May 02, 2008
hey mom, well next weekend we are going to be so busy. on thursday we are having a party for david with dad's family, then friday david is having a party at the bowling ally with his friends, then saturday we have to get up early to go to aunt gerianne's to have another party for david with everybody down there, and then finally on sunday we have to get up early again to go to the mall of america to do the mother's day walk. it is going to be such a long and tiring weekend but its worth it. we get to see michelle at aunt gerianne's on saturday too. sammy is going to spen the whole weekend with me too. i hope she has fun. well gotta run i love you much and miss you everyday.

Love Always your little twiggy :)
April 30, 2008
Hi sis,saturday was my birthday and only one thing was missing was your phone call singing to me an you would alway's ask what i was going to do,that was hard for me.we went to dinner an than sundat i went an spented the day with robbie.njust wanted to let you know how much i miss you an there is not a day that goes by,i know your with me all the time,well the weather just don't want to get nice please send some sunshine o.k.,i will get back soon my love,I Love an Miss You Soooo much,Love sis Gerianne
April 29, 2008
hey mom sara again. last night Dierks Bentley was on a show at grampa and grama hardy's house so grampa came and got me so i could watch it. then they had a phone number that you could call to ask Dierks a question. me and grampa called and called and it finally rang! a lady asked me for my name and what state i lived in and what my question was but then she said that we might not have time to get you on the show. so she put me on hold and i could hear Dierks talking through the phone. then the lady came back on the line and said i am so sorry sara but we ran out of time but thank you for calling. i was so mad cause i was so close. but just thought I would tell you that love you lots and think of you every day!

Love always, Sara Bug :)
April 28, 2008
hey mom you will never guess what we got...more snow. we got about 5 more inches at the house. i am so sick of the snow. aunt robbie called me and tried to calm me down but she was laughing at me the whole time. me and dad and david went to a monster truck show this last weekend too. it was so awesome. we met lisa at old chicago for pizza before the show. it was nice to see her and visit with her and jim. david had a good time i think. we took pictures and we were gonna get autographs too but the line was way too long so we called it a night and went home. we didn't get home until about 12:30 that night. we all had fun. well i better run talk to you later love you bunches!
Love Sara :)
April 27, 2008
Hey Auntie
Just wanted to stop and drop a few lines. There still isn't a day that goes by I don;t think of you. It is still really hard but we are all doing the best we can. I took mom for her birthday to get her tattoo it's beautiful. It was a little tough for her but I got her through it. This weekend is my house warming party and although I won't be able to show you the house I know you will be here with us. Next weekend is the MOA walk we will all be attending. I got my whole work to do it also! The week after that I fly out to Denver for work! The puppies are getting HUGE! Other than that I think that is everything for now. I wlll write again soon. I LOVE AND MISS YOU SO MUCH!
April 23, 2008
Hey mom. things are going alright i guess. and while i was sitting on the bus i realized that today i wore the same sweatshirt of yours that i wore on the day you passed away. it sounds kinda weird but i can't stop thinking about it. but anyway gotta run i love you bunches and am thinking about you everyday. i'll try to write again soon okay. love your Sara Bug :)
April 21, 2008
Hi there sis,just thinking of you today,its getting nice outside.well i went and got my tattoo on friday just for you.thing's are going a little better,I miss you very much,gizmo is doing great john just loves him so much,well i bet your wing's are so big right now are you getting them up there to do flower's i bet it is ful of them cause that's what you loved to do.well i will get back soon my sis,I miss an love you dearly,love sis gerianne:)
April 16, 2008
hey mom things are going good. katy had a band concert on monday and we have had 3 snow days this school year already! last week we got monday and friday off. i was so glad that we had friday off because it was the 11th and you have been gone 6 months already i can't believe it. we are all hanging in there. but i really don't have much else to tell you so i will write again when i have time. my teacher gets after me to get off the internet and do my homework so i better get going. love you lots! love, your little peanut :)
April 13, 2008
Dearest Kelli

Sure doesn't seem like it has been 6 months since we've lost you, but the pain sometimes makes time stand still.

I'll bet you had quite a smile when you saw Uncle Dan visit you didn't you? It is becoming quite an adjustment when we lose a loved one, and even though we try our best, some days get very trying and emotional.

It sounds like David is doing as well as he can with the kids, and oh Kelli! The birdhouse he made is so pretty!! We are looking forward to seeing them on Mother's day as our family will walk in your memory and in honor of Amy. Keep your arms around her my dear niece, she needs your strength right now.

Spring is almost here and I can imagine you are getting ready to plant some beautiful arrangements up there - keep the grounds beautiful to match your ever existence.

I love you Kelli and hope you have found the peace and health you so deserve. Know that your fight was not in vain.

Love Always,
Aunt Deb
April 12, 2008
my dearest kelly jo
i am so happy i was able to come see you when i came home.your babies are all doing good,david has done a wonderful job ,but i can see they miss you very much,as we all are loved and missed so much.but some day we will all be together.i knew you were with us that day and all i could do was smile knowing you were there.well my baby will chat to you uncle dan... xxxooo
April 11, 2008
Kelli,thinking of you today miss you lot's miss your cookies god bless you.Love Gil
April 11, 2008
hello pinky,thinking of you today it is snowingagain,miss you lot's will be getting flower's soon waiting for the hummers to come. I Will name one after you,the name will be tinky.That's all for now,Love (biff) sister Robbie:)
April 11, 2008
Hello my sweet neice, Just wanted to let you kow that I feel your beautiful wings around me when I get down in the dumps. I still miss talking to you on the phone, but trust me I talk to you often in my heart and in my head. It always makes me smile and feel better. Hopefully spring will be here soon so I can get to work on my flowers, my poor iris's don't know what to do! Watch over all of us as we continue to keep trying to put one foot in front of the other, (man you must have the biggest angels wings in heaven with so many of us to embrace!) I LOVE and miss you so very much Kelli. love you forever!!
April 10, 2008
Hi sis,well it has been 6months with you not here.It is still very hard for me,i know your with me when i have the down time.I miss you so very much,talking on the phone,your laugh,your smile.the day's are hard at work but i get throgh them i jsut look at a picturer and smile .We went to mexico last week john found a sea shell for you you always had me bring you one back when we would go there.I put it in my cabnet with all my other stuff of you.trying to get my plants in order but we keep getting snow,can't wait for the humming bird's to come.well my love i need to go but i will be back,I Love and miss you so very much,love you sis gerianne xxoo
April 10, 2008
We all miss you very much. Sara's a big help around the house and I've probably been alittle too hard on her. I'm doing the best that I can and part of the problem is that winter doesn't seem to want to go away and we're all feeling cooped up. David and I are building some Bird Houses that we're hoping to sell at the Greenhouse this year. He's also entering 1 in a contest to see if he can win a "Gameboy" or something like that. We'll also be doing the Mothers Day walk at the MOA. Our litlle man has his Golden Birthday this year of which we'll celebrate 2 times once at home and then at Gerianne & John's. I miss holding you and being there for you. The house at times seems so empty. The kids are a blessing as they keep me strong but I do have my moments. I tried to sing "Life ain't always Beautiful" by Gary Alan the other night but didn't get through the 1st verse without getting choked up. I know that you're watching over us and we'll ALWAYS LOVE YOU. Love your husband.
April 03, 2008
hey mom its sara again. i just wanted to let you know that i have been thinking about you alot lately and miss you every day. last night i was looking through my old photo albums that you put together for me and i was litsening to george's new song called i saw god today and i cried because i miss you so much right now. i was up almost all night and i wanted to call aunt robbie or aunt gerianne or holly and just cry with them but i didn't. i think that i was scared. i am in class right now and he gave us a free day to do whatever on the internet and i immediatly thought about you and i wanted to tell you how i have been feeling lately. i missyou sooooooooo much that words can't even say. when i am home alone i go in your room and sit on your end of the bed and look at all the pictures and things that are there. when i am really feeling lonely i spray your favorite perfume in my room and i sit there and think about when you and dad would be getting ready to go out and you would always be the last one ready and then at the last minute you would put your favorite perfume on, i believe it is called rapshire. i love the smell of it and whenever i smell it i always think of you. i love you so much and i wish that you could be here with me. i think about you all day every day.well i should get going the bell is going to ring soon and i have to go and check out dierks bentley's website and see what has been going on. i love you sooooo much and i will try to write soon. love you mom

love always, your little twiggy
March 30, 2008
Hey Aunt kelli,
First off I wanted to tell you Tommy, Matt and I got 2 puppies! They are German Shepard/Lab mix. Never thought I would own a dog let alone 2!! But I love them! So now in this house I have three people, two puppies and FOUR cats!! Needless to say it's busy over here! Mom and dad flew out to Mexico last night.. I'm so jealous! Well just thought I would give you the update on us and let you know how much I still think about you and miss you.. It just hasn't got much easier,, there are so many memories and things that make me think of you but it's a good thing. You definitely enlightened our lives and now we are lucky enough to have you watch over us. We will be back up to see you soon. I love you and miss you like crazy.
March 28, 2008
Hey mom. things are going ok. uncle dan and uncle david were up on wednesday and we visited at the house for a while and we went to the cemetary because uncle dan wanted to see you. then we went to the dairy queen and talked some more. Oh mom guess what. i made chocolate chip cookies on tuesday and i didn't burn any and they turned out just like yours. we are also doing the mothers day walk at the mall of america too. I know that that wasn't your favorite one but i'm walking for you. but i got to run talk to you soon. i love you and miss you and think about you constantly. love sara
March 27, 2008
Hi Kiddo,
I just wanted to let you know that you are always in my heart and mind.
I hear you had a visitor? Uncle Dan came to visit you, Dave & the kids.
He so needed to be there Kelli. I'm sure you already knew that huh? I am glad he made it to you. I'm sure you were there with him the whole time.
Your Mom told me your wings are growing. I have no doubt that you are one beautiful angel. You were beautiful in life, so you must be gorgeous in Heaven.
Didn't like those pink flowers huh? Mom said you wanted the blue.
It's such a warm feeling to know you are close by your family.
I have added more pictures to this album. It never seems enough for us.
I love to see the pictures of you. We all do.
Please stay close to all of them Kiddo. It's a hard road they are on.
I will always love you, and keep you close in my heart.
March 26, 2008
Aunt kelli, just wanted to stop since i was thinking about you. i was just talking to mom the other day about some pics from when i was a lil guy with you, i cherish them. and how i use to sit and yell at all the ladies walking by, guess some things never change. you and grandma probably still laugh about it. also thought i would let you know that dad, uncle david, little david and i got to finally go to a wild game it was alot of fun. the wild won 2-0 i printed out some pics of us so lil guy never forgets it. sara and katy hung out with mom, sure they did they famous wally run or something. well hope everything is well up there and keep an eye out for us down here, you know i need it. ha ha
March 24, 2008
Hi My Love,
At school and I was thinking of you. Grandma came over for Easter. Aunt Robbie had pictures of you. Alot from christmas at Dads house. Man that was a good time. Grandma had a hard time this year but we were there for her. I think she is doing better cause she knows the messages. Dad is still taking it hard. He really doesn't talk too much. But I understand. We all miss you alot! I felt the sunshine today and felt your warmth. But just thought I would write to you cause I was thinking about you as I always do. I miss you so much. But have to go to class now so I will be back to write in here again. Love and miss you lots!
March 24, 2008
The kids and I survived another Holiday, we went to Elsie & Arnolds had a good dinner. Last year at this time we were at SMDC in Duluth where you were getting 2 brain infusions/week for the brain fluid cancer plus 1 body infusion for the breast cancer. I brought you home on 3/29/07 to recover and by early May you blossomed into the beautiful lady that I married. April 07, We enjoyed a fully catered Easter Meal from GoodTime Pizza that was bought by our good friends Rod & Lori Thompson. Pastor Karl and Janet came out and gave you communion after church and they stayed for dinner.
Christmas 07 was a hard time, I always appreciated all the time you spent writing cards and shopping. Our card this year was of Sara, Katy, David, Me and Dierks Bentley. The picture was of us all on his tour bus after the concert he put on in Duluth. Sara still gets fired up when she talks about that day now she's been patiently waiting for him to write her back. I'm trying to get things set up for our son's Golden B-Day this year, we'll probably have 2 parties one up here and one down at John & Gerianne's, then we're all off to the Mothers Day Walk at the MOA.
Lots of other things happening lately but I'll write in more later. Love you and miss you tons. Your Husband.
March 22, 2008
Hey Sis,wanted to say Happy Easter to you.Got some jelly beans the ones that we would eat when we would come up to visit you,yeah the good one's,not the peeps we did not like them did we.I miss you so very much,i know your watching over us it is so very hard for me with you not here,did you get my kiss i blew to you.i hope my easter lilies come up this year you told me what to do with them so we will see.anyway my love i will get back to you soon,I Love you an miss you so.Love your sis gerianne hugs an kisses
March 22, 2008
My Darling Daughter (Sweet Pea,
You gave me 39 years of your beautiful life we had good times together always going to Wal-Mart in Hibbing. You gave me 3 wonderful gandchildern. I remember when we went flower shopping and we planted them. We went to gradge sales, and the craft shows, and took the kids to see the Easter Bunny, and Santa Clause. Oh yes, I got your message, You said your wings are growing. Are you baking cookies and cinnimaon rolls for the other angels? I miss you so much (sweet pea) you liked it when I called you (sweet pea). I miss your phone calls You used to call me (Gerri) I called you (sweet pea)! Well love I will close for now.
I Love you and miss you so much.
Be good up there and guide all of us down here we will get the message. I have beautiful memories of us.
Love You with all my heart!
Love Mom!
March 16, 2008
Sara and family,
its miranda! we met at mama's friday night. i really dont remember your mom all i know is that she lived in the same apartment building as my mom, dad and i, i even believe she hugged me a couple times. but i am so very sorry to hear about your mom! i want to tell you, your amazing! you are so strong and beautiful and if i was in your shoes i would have most likely gave up i see all these young women passing with young children and i know its easy for me to say but i dont know what i would have done if i had lost my mom at such a young age or at the age i am now! you are any mothers dream come true holding your wonderful family together and being strong for your dad and your sister and brother. i read a few letters you have left your mom and stuff and if you ever need help with anything like HIGH SCHOOL! what a tough mean place. i am almost finished with high school i graduate in may so i've been thru it all if you need any help or "boy advice" (dont tell your dad haha) i can help you i have dealt with all that too lol! well feel free to email me and if you would like to talk email me and i will give you my cell #. But honey stay strong like you are and dont be afraid to cry and let your feelings out. i had a couple friends in the past couple of months lose there mothers. i know i havent been thru what you have been thru but i am here to help if you need it. stay strong (like you are) and keep your head up.
Miranda Gervais
(Michelle Tacheny's daughter)
March 15, 2008
Kelli, Since your passing not a day goes by where I don't think about you and wonder why didn't we stay in touch all these years. I thought about your family everyday and was heartbroken that your children lost their mom at such a young age. I know our biggest fear is dying before our children grow up. I wanted to reach out to David and the kids but didn't know how, I decided to have necklaces made for them with your picture on them and mailed them a few weeks ago. Today I met Robbie at MaMa's to talk about old times and look at pictues of you. I even seen Gerianne and Holly the last time I seen Holly I think she was 4. When I came into the resturant to my suprise there was your husband and your children waiting to meet me. Well needless to say David's still as Handsome as ever, your children are amazing and beautiful. Little David looks just like his daddy, Katy resembles you alot and has a beautiful smile and a cute giggle. Sara my gosh is a spitten image of you it was so surreal, It was like I wanted to take her home and talk about the good old times. I had a wonderful time with all of them. Robbie gave me some pictures of you, you haven't changed a bit, still pretty as ever! David and the kids gave me a card, which I will put next to my memorbeilia of you and Jackie on my desk at work. On my way home I made my daughter drive by your house on Marion Street, we drove up Maryland by the SA that we use to go to all the time and even went past the apt Gerianne lived at on the corner of Maryland and Edgerton, while pointing these places out to Miranda Trace Adkins new song was playing on the radio "Your Gonna Miss This" here's how it goes. "Your gonna miss this your gonna want this back your gonna wish these days hadn't gone by so fast. These are some good times, so take a good look around you might not know it now but your gonna miss this!". Kelli how true can this be! Well I better get going have to get up in a few hours! I'll be back to chat again.
March 10, 2008
Hey Kelli!
As the weekend was ending you were constantly in my thoughts, perhaps it's nearing the time you & your family found out there was to be no cure for you?
Your family is doing the best they can even though the link in the family has been broken, another link to the chain is gone. It's never easy to lose such a loved family member - NEVER!!
I know you have been busy with quite a few prayers coming your way from us here on earth! I also know with your detemination you had when you were with us that you will do what you can to give us inner strength to cope.
I love you Kelli and want you to know you are never far from our hearts and thoughts.
For now, thank you for helping us get through some tough roads lately!

Love and miss you,
Aunt Deb
March 09, 2008
Hi Aunt Kelli. Guess what I think that you will be happy to know that Russ and I will be moving out on our own in about a month. I told Grandma and she said you know your Aunt would be at Wal-Mart shopping. Grandma is ok I see her alot but just thought that you would be happy to know that I will be on my own soon. It is time for me to start my own life. But I miss you and Love you Lots think about you all the time. Well I will be back here soon. Love you Lots xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox
March 07, 2008
Hi Kiddo,
As always, you are in our thoughts. It looks like the kids and Dave are trying to move forward. Not an easy task considering the spark in their lives is gone.
I know you are watching over all of them. I ask God every night to let them all feel you close by.
I hope you know that the kids are in great, loving hands. The family has been there for them as well as Dave.
Dave has a hard job, he has to be Mom and Dad. I think he does well all things considered.
As you know, you're Mom, Sisters, Brother, Niece's & Nephew love spending time with the kids. They are never alone with that loving family close by.
You probably already know, but we have 2 new babies in the family.
Griffin was born in December. He was very sick in January. He is fine now. Makes me think you had a loving hand in that?
Sierrah was born in February. She is healthy, happy & beautiful. You would laugh watching Allie with her new Sister.
For some reason, I look at them, and I think of you. Not sure why?
Maybe because of the impact you had on so many lives. Or, it could be I so loved to watch you with your babies. You gave them so much Kelli, they use that everyday. All the things you taught them, it is with them always.
Or, just the fact that I love you and miss you so much. That will never change.
Thank you for watching over Uncle Bob, I asked for your help, and you gave it.
Thank you Kelli for all the wonderful memories. You are forever in our lives, not even death can take that away.
Amy continues to fight the battle. I'm sure you know that. She does it for both of you as well as so many others. Please, watch over her and give her strength to continue the fight.

We continue to fight the "pink" battle for You, Amy and others.

I Love You My Pink Warrior.
I miss you even more.

March 07, 2008
Hey Sisjust wanted to drop you a few lines like we use to say.Went up to see the kids an David,Katie looks so cute with her glasses you would love them,David is so great on skates it's like he has been staking for a long time.Stop by to you then went to get the kid's.Sara is doing well David is very strong its hard with you not here.My heart still hurt's for you,I miss the talks we would have together,me an robbie,david talk alot about our good time'sand mommy too.can't wait to do flowers.well my (Fluffers)sis i will get back to you soon,I miss you so very much and Love you,god bless,Love your sis Gerianne (Stuffers)xxxxoooo
March 06, 2008
Hey Auntie!! As you heard we were up at the house last weekend and had a lot of fun with the kids and Uncle David. We did stop by to see you but I will be back up when the snow is gone it sure was cold and there was a lot of snow! I love Katy's new glasses she looks older but so darn cute! Sara is doing good in school it sounds like. Lil man sure is a good skater! As mom and I were leaving the rink to go back to the house I fell and mom laughed it was terrible!! I still miss you soooo much... I look at all of my mantel full of your pictures everyday. Every morning I walk into the bathroom and smile at the frogs looking back at me from what we had picked out! I have the frog you gave me on my mirror that says "I love you" and it makes me feel like you are here saying it to me so I say it back. Well I'll stop back soon. I love you.
March 05, 2008
my dear niece
just thuoght i would let you know that i am comming to see hoping it helps me to ease the pain of not being there for you when you passed i love you and miss you very much.see you soon.... love uncle dan.
March 05, 2008
aunt kelli, just wanted to stop and say hello. this past weekend we went up to the house and hung out, we went skating at the cloverdale rink, did the wal-mart run and went swimming, lil guy is a great skater. katy looks great in her new glasses, sara and uncle david seem to be dong pretty well, they are very strong. the snow was crazy up there big drifts, i miss you and think about you all the time. love you. matthew
p.s i got the famous look this weekend from katy. haha
March 05, 2008
Hi. Aunt Kelli. Guess what I heard the could ya would if I asked you would you want to be my baby tonight song on the radio. It reminded me of the summer Holly and I were at your house. We could never get that song right and all of us would just laugh. Remember that time we played Uno until like 2. Guess what I still can't stay up that late. Yeah I think we got that song down a year later. But still I remember that summer very well. Just wanted to say that I love you and miss you so much. I look at your pictures that dad has by the computer everyday. You are always in my heart. I Love You.
March 04, 2008
hey mom its sara i have been really busy with school and stuff and guess what! i made the B honor roll i am so happy. but things are goin good. dad has been doing alot of kareoke and stuff like that. katy got glasses and david is having a blast going to the rink and playing hockey with dad. holly matt uncle john and aunt gerianne were up this past weekend. we all hung out at the hotel and of course wal-mart ha ha. my birthday went really well. it was really hard not having you there. aunt elsie made my cake and don't morry cuz i had your share of cake and ice cream and i wasn't feeling too good the next day ha ha. i love you and miss younevery day. i will try to write again soon. love sara
February 13, 2008
Hey sis well just want to wish you a Happy Valentine's.You liked your heart candy's that i will eat for you like we did together.well it is snowing outside tonight so i will make or snow angel me and robbie just for you.I miss you so very much love you very much,Love your sis Gerianne:)
February 13, 2008
hi kelli i tisme your sis robbie just want to say happy valentines day to you i miss you so very much i feel you with me all the time i know god has a special angel because i feel it from him; gil also wishes you a happy valentines day also we miss you so so much.well my angel keep in touch with me.i love you pinky. love you.god send my sister this note.good night my you.your sis robbie.
February 08, 2008
Hey sis,well David and the kids came down for the weekend,took the girls with me to jenny's baby shower had a great time.Matt took lil david skating he said he is really good.It's so hard with you not here,I miss you so much,I love you an miss you soooo much.Love your sis Gerianne
February 03, 2008
Hey Aunt Kelli- the kids and Uncle David were down this weekend it sure was great to see them! It is definately really hard with out you here... I kept looking around for you and it is hard to accept that I can't see you.. There is just too much missing. The kids seem to be doing well though. Matt took little man skating and he scored 3 goals!! The girls went to Jenny's baby shower with mom and Grandma and had a fun time. We made the famous doritos again last night! Every bite reminded me of you.. I still look at your pictures everyday they are displayed on one of my mantels. I ask everyday why, why you had to go but I know you are watching over us and god needed a beautiful angel up there. I miss you and love you soooo much. I'll stop back again soon.
February 02, 2008
Hi Kiddo,
Today, we were able to visit with Sara, Katy, Lil Dave & Dave Sr.
They came into to town so the girls came to Jen's baby shower. Oh Kelli, your babies look so like you!
I see Dave in them too, but mostly you. Your girls are such little ladies and the little guy is a quiet little gentlemen. I so enjoyed our time with them today.
Thank you for raising such beautiful, wonderful children.
That's the part of you that will always go on. We look at them, and see you. You will always be close to our hearts.
I Love & Miss You Kelli,
January 22, 2008
aunt keli, well its has been a couple months since you left us and were all missing you very much. x-mas was really hard but we all made it through it, i knwo you were there with us. i got little guy some ice skates and a stick, i hear he is doing really well with them so far, im trying to find time to get up there and skate with him and the girls. i was out ice fishing the other day and a bald eagle came over the shack and just flew around it put a smile on my face thinking it was you, and i happen to catch a few walleye that day. well just wanted to write i was thinking about you. love always matthew (chewy)
December 23, 2007
My dear sweet niece, even tho you are not physically of this earth your presence is always with all of us. I keep picturing you as a young girl with your pony tails, and it brings a smile to my face. I relive the moments of our "Relay" walks and our weekends together and how much fun we had just staying up and visiting. I know your always there for us as we still try to accept the fact the God took you home, he has a greater plan for you. Your life and legacy continue on in your 3 beautiful children and your husband who is being very strong for the kids. Just stay there with them as they put one foot in front of other and try to go forward, with your spirit at their side they will be fine. I still miss talking to you on the phone tho, those 2 hr phone calls where all we did is laugh. My sweet angel I miss you so much, and I love you!
December 22, 2007
Kelli (fluffers)Thought of you today when i was at walmart,put a smile on my face.My Christmas that you gave me is on every night to shine bright for you.Wanted to go out and make a snow angel for you but it was to cold at that time Brrrrrr.You always called me a freeze baby,when me an Robbie an Mom were up ay your house while David was gone it was snowing lkie crazy outside and you said lets go sledding so we bundled up went out side went slidding and catching snow flakes with our tounges while Mom was taking picture's for us.When i can i will go out and make that snow angel for you.Merry Christmas Kelli,I Love an Miss You Very Much.
Love Sis Gerianne
December 22, 2007
Kelli,Thinking of you in my heart I know the angels are kepping you safe.
Love, Gil
December 22, 2007
Pinky,(Kelli)Your my special angel who shines so birght and you light up my christmas.My light's are on and my star is blinking for you up there.Merry Christmas.I Love You.
Biff (Robbie)
December 10, 2007
Hello Kiddo,
Thank You for surrounding so many with your love and inspiration. I know your just a prayer away. Those who need you most can feel you around them. That is a most blessed, warm feeling. I wish we could chat, I miss that. We always made each other laugh. I hang tight to the memories, they are warm and very welcome for me. We always sleep with the blanket you made me along with the one Amy made us.
It keeps me closer to you. I kiss you both good night everytime I go to bed. Those 2 blankets are my most prized and loved comfort. It's the Christmas season and your empty spot is showing on all those who love you most. It's so very hard and painful for everyone.
Please watch over them Kelli, they need your guidance and love.
As you probably know, Grams is in the hospital and struggling with ill health. Somehow, I feel you with her and urging her on. I know you are an Angel that surrounds all of us. I find some peace in that.
Nothing and nobody could ever replace that smile and sparkle you always had.
I know you sparkle a great deal now, you are that shining star we look to in the night sky.
You live on in your Children, Husband, Mom, Sisters and Brother.
Not to mention, Niece's, Nephews, Aunts, Uncles,Cousins and Grandma.
As long as we are here, so are you!
I miss you and love you.
December 10, 2007
Kelli, I've been thinking of you so much lately since I've been home from the hospital. When I was in ICU, I vaguely remember someone talking sweetly to me to wake up and fight and then I saw a wisp of long, beautiful blond hair. I am certain to this day that you pulled me back from joining you. Sometimes the fight seems to difficult to bear, but you have always been such a great inspiration to me and will continue to be so. Please help me to find that everlasting push I need to fight this horrible disease for myself and in your honor. I love and miss you very much - your cousin Amy
December 09, 2007
Hey sis,well i had christmas at my house was very hard on everyone cause you were not there ,I know you where watchin over us telling us to have a good time.gizmo is doing good with us.I think of you every minute of the day,I miss you so much but i know your with me.I Love You and Miss you so very much.Love Sis Gerianne
December 08, 2007
Aunt Kelli- We just celebrated our Christmas and we definately missed you very much..we were thinking about you a lot and even made your special doritos with cheese in the oven, man are those good!!! Sara made almost the whole bag of doritos and I thought that was too much but she said it wasn't. Turns out we ate the WHOLE PAN!! Hee Hee! I also wanted to let ou know the house is coming along well!! I did the upstairs bathroom in all of the frog decorations we found! It is soooo cute! Well I will stop back again soon. I think about you everyday and I know that will never change. Although our time with you was cut way to short, thank you for being such a blessing to all of us. I love you and miss you more than words can say.
Love, Holly
December 07, 2007
Hey mom we had Christmas at Aunt Geriannes last weekend and we all missed you very much. We all had a very hard time trying to have fun even though the life of the party wasn't there. I know that Dad tried his best to be happy but I could tell that he wasn't to thrilled on Friday when we left. Gizmo has a new home now too. He is staying with Aunt Gerianne permanently. I really miss him but I can see him every time i go down to see her. I love you and will try to write again in a few weeks. Oh by the way I am doing very well in school too I thought you might like to hear that. Love you and miss you lots! love, Sara
December 02, 2007
Dearest Kelli -
I hope you are dancing and doing all those things you weren't able to do here on earth. I'll bet heaven is a beautiful place, and so fitting (but painful) that that is where God wanted you.
I'm writing this in hopes you can place your hands on the shoulders of all your family. The holidays are approaching very quickly, and they will need some additional help to get through them without you with them. They celebrated your "family Christmas" yesterday at Gerianne's as best they could, and they struggled to get through it, as tears and emotions were heavy. So I thought maybe I could ask you to help them out as I know you have had your hands in some pretty amazing things down here in the past month and a half.
I love you Kelli and am sure the angels have circled around you!!

Love Aunt Deb
November 14, 2007
Mom, I promise that i will try and take care of things I miss u so much. I love u and think of you every day it really sucks that i can't stay up late and watch tv and eat oreo's with u at midnight. i really wish that u would have been around to see me graduate and have kids and normal mother daughter things. Many people are going to try and take your place but i won't ever let that happen. I am so glad that most of my friends got to get to know you and I wish that others would have gotten that chance but I know that you are watching over me. Dad, David, and Katy miss you too and we are having a really hard time accepting that you are gone. mom I got to meet Dierks Bentley! I got to hang out backstage with him on his bus and we are going to write letters back and forth. You would have had a blast but i know that you had planned what happened that day. Again I love you and I miss u very much but i know that you are watching over everything i do and i know that I'll see you again someday. Until then i will always top and visit you. I love you lots and I wish that you were here with me to help me get through high school. You'll be glad to know that I'm doing good in school and am having fun. High school isn't as bad as I thought I just wish that you were here to share the fun times with me. I love you and miss you so much. love your daughter, Sara
November 11, 2007
It's been 4 weeks since we lost you.
It still seems unreal to all of us.
Everyone is doing their best to move forward. We try, but your face, or a memory continues to come forward. They are warm memories and we love having them. The hard part is, they are memories now.
I pray you found your way to Grandpa and all those who were waiting for you. You are now in wonderful hands, many family, friends and loved ones to help guide you on this journey.

I Love & Miss You Kelli!
October 25, 2007
I went to North End grade school with Kelli. I have many fond memories of us at birthday parties, learning to apply makeup, talking about boys. As time went on we lost touch, as so often happens. I was so saddened to read about her death in the paper. To her family, please accept my sincere condolences and prayers. From reading the postings of others I can see that the woman she became was as awesome as the girl I knew. God Bless You all.
October 23, 2007
To my Aunt Kelli you know that you were and still are a fighter you have given me the strength to not give up on anything because you didn't. I will always remember the good times I had with you in the summer. You and grandma there giving me chyanne. Those are the things that I will hold close. I miss you more then words can say.
Love You,

P.S. I will stand by dad.
October 22, 2007
To my wife, you fought a good fight and we'll not forget you. The kids and I miss you alot and we'll always LOVE YOU. Keep an eye out for them as you are their guardian angel. We'll walk on as your "Pink Angels" and keep your memory and fight alive.
October 20, 2007
With all my heartfelt love to my beautiful Niece and Goddaughter Kell Jo. The emotions ran high for me. But seeing how you touched the hearts of so many people in your short life, helped ease the pain of your lose. You are truely Gods special Angel. You will forever be in my prayers as will your family. I love and miss you so very much. But I know you'll always be with in my heart.
All My Love
Uncle Bob.
October 19, 2007
Kelli, you will always be with me.
October 19, 2007
Kelli, you are my angel forever.
October 18, 2007
My deepest sympathies for everyone who knew and loved Kelli. She is truly an angel that has found her way home. No more pain ,no more suffering, No more fighting.
Love you and miss you very much.
Rest In Peace
October 18, 2007
Thank You, Dear Lord, for allowing our church to minister to and be ministered by Kelli, Dave and Family. Through Kelli's strength, perseverence, and attitude, You caused a growth, and spiritual explosion in the Nashwauk Alliance Church. Praise be to the God of all comfort, for the allowing us to be served by and yet serve our sister and brother in Christ. We are all encouraged, knowing that Kelli is now surrounded by the Glory of God in the most Holy, painless, perfect place to be.

In Jesus name, we thank you Lord.
October 17, 2007
To the O'Neils,
We are so sorry to hear of the loss of your very dear sister (in law)& Aunt. You are in our thoughts and prayers. May your fond memories help you through this sad time. Remember what is Earths loss is Heavens gain. Please know we are here for you if you need anything. Rest in Peace sweet Kelli for you have earnd your place amongst the stars.
with our love and deepest sympathy
October 17, 2007
I didn't get the opportunity Kelli to thank you for letting us be a part of your life. Our lives have been blessed having known you.
I am still so impressed by how much you were so loved. The outpouring from family, friends and the community was incredible! You will be missed so very much.
I didn't say goodbye to you Kelli because goodbye seems to final for me. So, I will just say; I will see you later.
May you rest in peace

Uncle Rog
October 17, 2007
My dear Niece Kelli - You have taught all of us the precious gift of life. You have shown us just how precious it is by fighting so hard and courageously. You have left us far too soon, but I have to believe that God needed you up there with him. What a beautiful angel he has chosen!! Certainly a plus for him but such a huge loss for all of us. We will continue to fight against the horrible disease that took you away from us. This I promise you - your fight was not in vain!!
To my Sister, nieces and nephew -
Know you did everything right for Kelli and her family, not just the bad times but made "the good times" memories that will hold in your heart forever.
To David & the kids - We are here for you at anytime. Know you are loved and our family will continue to support and help you whenever you need us.

Love Always,
Aunt Deb
October 17, 2007
It has been a long hard battle Auntie but you sure showed strength and always looked forward. It was very hard this past week but you are out of pain and can now watch over us. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of you and I know that will always be. You will be so deeply missed and until we meet again may you rest in piece. I love you so very much.
October 17, 2007
my sweet niece
i feel so bad not being able to say goodbye and that i loved you very heart is saddened by your passing.i am so glad i got to see you and cry with you at amy's were takin from us to soon,but i know that you are in the hands of god and there is no better hands to be in. your suffering is my big sister oh how i wish i could hold you right now you are also in my my nieces robbie,and geri anne,i love and miss you much and also wish i was there for you like a uncle should have mybest friend and nephew david,what can i say,you are my david hardy and kids i love you all very much if you need me i will be all my family i miss and love you all.god bless love uncle dan
October 16, 2007
To My loving sister Kelli,My heart is broken,our time together was not long enough but the memories of us growing up are forever.your beautiful smile, you fought this fight so hard and with the support behind you is what kept you with us longer.Our trip's to walmart going to the mall getting lotion's to smell good.Staying up late telling stories of us sister's and our brother,calling each other late at night,doing the walk's together.god has found his beautiful angel an that is you.I will be there for David and the Kids.I love you sis (fluffer's)you are so beautiful to me.Love for ever your sister Gerianne
October 16, 2007
Hi Kiddo,
Yesterday, we put you to rest from your pain and suffering. It was such a painful time. You were far too young to have left your Family & Friends. Oh Kelli, there were so many lives you touched. Friends and Family came from near and far to pay their respects to such a Warrior. You battled this Cancer with dignity and strength. You showed all of us the true meaning of Courage and Faith.
It doesn't lessen our pain of loosing you, but your pain is over. We watched an Eagle soar after the services. We took that as a sign of your beauty and freedom.
There are so many who feel that deep emptiness without you. We will do our best to help them heal through the years. The tears and lonliness will be with all of us for a long time. You would have been so proud of your Husband, Children, Mom, Brother & Sisters.
They fought with you during your battle, and they were still there to show the same dignity and strength you showed them.

I Love You Kelli & pray the Angels have brought you to your home to soar with those Eagles.

October 16, 2007
To the Hardy/Nasby families - I hope that I can fight my own battle with cancer with as much courage and strength as Kelli did. She is truly an inspiration to me and I can already hear her telling me to pick up the pace of my fight. Always in my prayers - your cousin Amy
October 16, 2007
My cousin Kelli is now a beautiful angel in heaven watching over all whom she loved dearly. Her time here on earth was to short but it was filled with so much love and for that I am thankful. I did not get to see Kelli very much but my memories of her will be with me always. She was loved and will always be loved dearly. Kelli's memory and legacy will carry on through her three children and everyone who she touched in her 39 years with us.
I will miss you Kelli but I'm at some peace knowing that you are no longer in pain.
To my Nasby family..I love you all very much.
To the Hardy thoughts and prayers are with you always.

Love always,
October 16, 2007
I was saddened to hear of Kelli Jo's passing, her life hear on earth was too short. The lord must have needed another angel in heaven and called her home. We had alot of fun times growing up, I have pictures and memories to cherish.

May the entire family find comfort in knowing she isn't in any more pain.
October 16, 2007
It has been a long, hard 2 days. I am so glad I was able to make the trip to say my goodbyes for myself and Allie. I have a little comfort in knowing that you are no longer fighting. You can finally rest. We all miss you dearly, but know we will all meet again.
I love you
Your cousin Jenny
October 15, 2007
Aunt kelli, im thankful for the time i got to spend with you, today was a really hard day but we made it through it. i will always think about you and i know you will always be with us. you were a true fighter and very special to everyone around you. i love you very much and will miss you deeply
October 14, 2007
Please accept my deepest sympathies.
October 14, 2007
to my loving niece i will miss you so much.i wish i could have been there for you.. love always your uncle dan and family
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