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Robert D. "Bob" LUSK Sr.
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May 27, 2015
Hi Brother!

I miss and love you so much!! But you know that don't you? I felt you with me while the family was at the Memorial service at the Capital on Monday. I so wanted to be there! I just miss you so very much Bob!!

Love Always,
May 25, 2015
Hello Sweetheart! I finally was able to come visit you with Rog & Dan. Weather sucked but that didn't stop us. Did you see your flag flying today at the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial? Well, it did in honor of you. Thanks to Rog, they chose you! Andrea gave a heartwarming speech. A lot of family & friends showed up. Allie took fantastic pictures, Jen and Andrea stayed on each side of me. Mike & Matt were close to us too. Rog, Dan, Mike, Allie and Samantha took pictures and video's. It was something to see honey. We cried of course, but we smiled too. Do you know how much you are loved and missed? Please stay close my Rob, I feel hard days coming. I love you with my whole heart & soul! Peace with the family my Love!
March 22, 2015
Hello Rob,
Today we celebrated Ra & Deb's 47th Anniversary. I think you would really like what I had made for them. It brings you closer to both. Watch over them honey, he misses you so very much. Nothing is the same since you left. Our world as we knew it, just does not exist anymore.
I will continue to try my best Rob.
I love you honey, please come visit anytime.
I Will Love You through Eternity!!!
March 18, 2015
Hi brother!

I miss and love you so much Bob! We had that special bond I hold in my heart. Today I now blow you a kiss in the air, no birthday celebration, but try to think of the good memories!! God knows we have those huh??

Please watch over all of us, we can use it!

Love Always,
Your Doodoo
March 01, 2015
I turned 68 today and while I feel great it is just not the same without you brother. I miss that dollar and the wonderful messages you always wrote in my cards. God knows how much I miss you and long to be with you again. But I try to make the best of every day until it is my time.
Your honey got me a beautiful throw pillow with a picture of you, Dick and me on it. I will cherish it forever! It is so hard to talk about the old days when you are no longer here. But they were indeed wonderful days.
Keep watching over us all my dear brother especially Deb and your honey. I miss you!
Love Always,
February 24, 2015
Hi my Love!
It's been awhile hasn't it? I'm sorry, but I am struggling this winter. I miss you so much Rob! I'm doing the best I can. I'll be making changes in my life this spring and I think you will appove.
I ordered something special for Ra's birthday. He's the only boy left. I find that heartbreaking.
Please honey, wrap your warm and tender wings around all of us as we struggle in our lives.
I will be coming to visit you soon Rob. It's been too long.
I'm off to work. I will check back with you later.
January 17, 2015
Hello brother!

Just thought I would stop in to thank you for singing to me!! :) Wish I could have seen your face though, but the songs I have no doubt they were from you by the voice and the verses!

It's been very cold out so most of us are hibernating. Can't wait for it to warm up so I can go visit with your Tina. I so miss the 4 of us Bob!

We are doing "ok" I guess, one day at a time and definitely baby steps.

Hope you are at peace with the rest of our angels and all nice and healthy! You so deserve it!!

I love and miss you so much,
Your Doo-doo
December 26, 2014
Greetings my dear brother!!

You were so missed Xmas Eve, but I sat in your area that you had. Your Tina did well, but she'll have her moment and you will be there for her!!

Ra is not quite himself anymore since you left us. Please see him in his dreams.

I miss you brother, and love you always.

Hugs and love,
Your Doo-doo
December 25, 2014
Merry Christmas Honey!
We had Xmas Eve here this year. As always, we all felt that empty place where you should be. Our Grandbabies are growing so fast Rob. Mike is going on 21! Remember how silly we were when he was born? I gave Tim your Dad's ring and Rog I gave your Dad's flag and your dog tags. I think I managed to give as many folks something of you. If not, I'm sure you will find a way to let me know. Cody and his girlfriend Raven were here. You would really like her. Cody has come a long way and we are so proud of him! Tomorrow we will celebrate Xmas Day. Again, you will be missed my love. I will keep it light and lively if I can. So sorry I didn't come visit. I will try to do better in 2015.
I love you so very much Rob!
Give everyone my love, Ok?
Always Your's.
December 13, 2014
Hello my love!
By now, you know that brother Dick was sent to you, Joe & Jack. Please guide him and take care of him. It has been so hard since you left. Now loosing Dick?? Rog is the only brother left. That is so sad. Please watch over him and Kathy these days. It was hard tonight to walk into the same place you were laid out. It was hard on all of us. You have an amazing family hon, aunts, cousins, sisters, brother. I Love them all! Chaplain Norm was there and even managed to sneak in a little bit about you. I saw Beth, gave her a huge hug. We chatted about you and Kirby. It was so nice to see both of them. I know it is supposed to get easier, but it's not. There is always a trigger that gets the tears flowing. You are always on my mind. Morning, noon and night. I am trying so hard to give up smoking. I really am Hon!
Thank you for leaving me your Herc! He is my best friend and I cuddle with him everyday and night. I am adding a picture of you and Dick. I have another one of you, Joe & Dick. I will be adding that one too.
I love and miss you so very much Rob. I know that I am not doing things as you would have liked. But I do feel that I am doing what is right. I am so sorry honey!
I'm doing the best I can.
Please stay close to all of us my love. It has been awhile since I felt you. Please come and visit.
All my Love to only you my Rob!!!
Always, Your Tina!!
November 11, 2014
Hello my Brother; Sorry I didn't get out to visit you, dad and brother Joe today on this Veterans Day, but Mother Nature wasn't too kind to us vets today. Thank you again for serving your country and for being my hero. I miss you everyday and can't wait for the day that we will be reunited. When you died a big part of me died. It is so very tough going on everyday without you. You were my inspiration. Please keep a watch over all of us and especially over brother Dick during his trying days. The Wild suck but I think you already know that. Be at peace my dear brother.

Love Always,
November 07, 2014
Hello My Love,
As you most likely know, I am going on a Disney Cruise with Bob, Char & the kids tomorrow. Can't help but think of how much you would love all of this!
I miss you My Rob, more than words can say!
Watch over Dick, Xavaiar and Sierrah. So much is going on these days. Just know how much I love you and will continue to move forward!
You always have been my love always!
Forever, Your Tina!
September 27, 2014
Hi my love,
By now you know that once again I ended up in the hosptial. It was my wake up call. Time to get my life in order so I can do as you asked of me.
It's going to tough, but, you did so I can follow.
Dan has a job now and really likes it. I am happy for him.
Potter and family are coming back to MN, finally. Jen is having health issues that just do not stop. Watch over her and all our loved ones.
I talk to you at night, I talk to you during the day.
Thank you for the light flutter on my cheek. I know it was you! You were also spotted at Xaviar's Bday. Hope you enjoyed Babe.
I love & Miss you so very much. Even after a year, it still seems so raw. I will keep going, for you and the kids.
Peace with your Angels My Love!!
Your Tina
September 11, 2014
My dear brother!!
How can it be 1 year ago that we lost you? Seems like yesterday all over again!!

Oh how you are missed and loved! So many tears still falling, tears will always fall, my heart is broken and nothing is the same anymore!! Not by anything bad, just the heavy loss of you has and is affecting us like no other.
I miss you Bob - - please wrap your wings around us, whatever is left after you wrap your Tina and kids!!

Can you please kiss Amy for me?

As Always,
Your Doodoo
September 11, 2014
It seems like only yesterday that we lost you brother, but the pain of losing you seems like a lifetime. The family is not the same that is for sure. I wish I could turn back the hands of time to happier times.

You were the greatest guy that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and loving. I think of you everyday and look forward to when we will be together again.

Watch over all of us, God knows we need it.

Love Always,
September 10, 2014
Hi my love,
The 1 year anniversary of you leaving has arrived. We are all full of dread and heartbreak. It certainly does not feel like a year. Seems like yesterday that I held you in my arms and felt your last heart beat. My heart broke into pieces and I'm trying real hard to heal it. Everyone has been so awesome helping me whenever I needed it.
Watch for many balloons coming your way. They are filled with love & hugs.
Always Your Tina
September 01, 2014
Hello my love,
just checking in with you. Jason and Andrea took me to the fair yesterday. Wow! Talk about flash backs of the awesome foursome! It hurt my heart to think of all the times we traveled the fair! It's amazing at how much nicer it is now. You guys would love it. The kids watched over me and we had a good time. We done good sweetie, we raised some special babies!!
I hope I am doing as well as you wanted. Not an easy task. September 11th is creeping up on us and it's like reliving that day again. I will never forget your last heart beat.
I love you my Rob, please be there when my time comes. I so look forward to see your handsome and loving face again!
Always, Your Tina XXXXX OOOOO
August 06, 2014
Hi my Love,
Saturday, your Son and I will be visiting you. He needs this, he has not grieved and needs to. Wrap your wings around him honey.
Jen is better and home.
I still miss you and look for you everyday. I wonder if that will ever change?
Peace with the angels my love.
Your Tina,
Always & Forever
July 28, 2014
Hi brother!
Another weekend thinking of you alot!! Hard to believe 1 year is almost upon us ... certainly nothing to celebrate!! I came across this pic and loved it! I think we were in Solvang, CA not sure!
I love and miss you so much Bob!! Stay close to your Tina and the kids.
Give Amy a hug and kiss from me ok??

Love Alway,
your Doo-doo
July 12, 2014
Hello My Love,
It took me a bit to come in here. Rough week. Missing you so very much and our 44th Anniversary, it was painful. I did visit you, but you probably knew that. I struggled with this date of ours. It's when we began our life together. What plans and dreams we had. You and I were blessed honey. We lived a good life and for the most part, a happy life!
Happy 44th my Love! You are always in my heart and soul! Looking forward to your warm, strong hugs.
Always and forever,
Your Tina
July 11, 2014
My dear brother!
Everytime I see this pic of you it just brings tears to my eyes... you were so healthy!
Yesterday would have been your 44th Wedding Anniversary with YOUR TINA! SO heart wrenching as she grieves for you! You two were so made for each other and I want to thank you for being HER ROB loving her so dearly all those years!! That love you had for her is what makes it even harder that you are no longer with us! I couldn't write this yesterday, too painful of a day, a very special day. I know you are with her 24/7, keep comforting her and visit her in her dreams!!
Ra is doing "ok", but has many moments because he no longer has you to reminise your childhood together. I am doing ok, head up, chest out!! :)
Peace with all the angels brother,
I love you always,
June 16, 2014
Hey my buddy brother!

I took some of your strength and put it to good use. I know I will never be 100% healthy, but I have plenty of time if I keep doing the right things.
I know you were happy to see your Tina and kids and grandkids!! Tough day for them ... but I know you touched them for comfort. There is no date we are given to grieve, no manual to go by, so many emotions to get through. It's damn hard!! After almost 6 years we are still in the grieving process with Amy.
I am doing a bit better each day so I will check in with you later!
I miss and love you Bob,
Your Doo doo
June 08, 2014
Hello my dear brother;
I am sorry that I am unable to keep my promise, so I hope you understand. I wish I could turn the clock back 30 years for happier times. I think of you everyday and miss you so very much. Please watch over Deb and Dick. Again, I am sorry!

Love Always,
June 08, 2014
Hi babe,
I hope you are happy knowing Jen and the kids are in a home now. Lot's of work to be done, so far, not much help. They will struggle but in the end, they will succeed. Sierrah always asks when we can come see you, it will be soon, I promise.
Please Hon, watch over Rog, Deb & Dick. Visit them and let them know, all is well. I am going to see Bob, Char and the kids in late June. So looking forward to it. Late fall, your Tina is headed for another cruise. Thanks to our son. Watch out for lil Bobbi, keep her safe and happy for us.
Dan is doing good now. Should be going back to work soon. Katy, your earth angel graduated! I will be in VA but I will keep my promise and give her that something special from you. You never said what, but I think I will know.
I also plan to spend some time with Andrea & Jason at Pathfinder. Looking forward to that too!
I know you are worried about me, but I will be ok. I am working hard at it and still have a ways to go, but I will get there.
I Love You My Rob!! Always know that.
Eternally, Your Tina
June 04, 2014
Hello my Love,
Just wanted you to know that all those people you asked to take care of me, are free not to. I can do it honey, you know that, faults and all, I can do this. Is it easy? Hell no! The ache in my heart never goes away. You are the first I think of in the morning and the last at night. I struggle from time to time. But, I will get there. Don't worry so much my Love! Your Tina is trying as best she can. I will always love you and need you. When my time comes, I so look forward to have your strong arms around me once again.
Peace my Love.
Always Your's
May 26, 2014
Hi My Rob,
So sorry we didn't get to visit you today. I had such nice plans. Hopefully, we will be there when everyone is healthy and no chance of storms.
I Love You Rob!
May 08, 2014
Hi brother!

Just thinking about you so much lately, my heart is so heavy missing you!

I pray you are doing well, enjoying our loved ones in heaven with you. Please wrap your wings around your Tina and kids!! I know your wings are fluffy enough to include Ra and I too!! :) I wish I could give you one more kiss or one more hug ....

Be at peace knowing we are all trying our best, baby steps Bob, one foot in front of other, it's the best we can do right now.

I will miss and love you forever!!
Your Doodoo
April 02, 2014
Hi my dear Brother!

I love looking at this picture cuz I know you are healthy and enjoying yourself being able to do whatever you want. Of course it is all without "your Tina" and she is going thru the same down here. The sad thing is Bob - we can't help her ... I'm truly relying on you to comfort her, you are all she wants!! I am having her stop over after work and pick up a hot supper I'm making. I'm hoping that will be a treat she won't have to wonder about.
Your brother is just plain outright lost!! He's kind of lost his smile, and just really doesn't want to do anything. He does help me tho Bob when I need it - and I know you are smiling at that!! :) Please come see me in my dreams, I miss you Bob!
Love Always,
Your Doo-doo
March 29, 2014
Hi My Rob,
I pray you are happy and healthy now.
Please watch over Xaviar, Sierrah & so many others who are stuggling.
I am doing ok hon. I know you are close buy, I love that!
So much pain and suffering these days.
I keep thinking about you and all our plans for the future. All the travels we planned.
We were'nt able to do that. It makes me sad. Whatever travels I may go on, you will be right there with me!!
I love and miss you so very much my Love!
Your Tina Always!!!
March 18, 2014
It is your birthday today brother but one without happiness or celebration. But I will always remember and celebrate our 65 years of Happy Birthday's we had together. How wonderful they were! I miss you so very much and look forward to someday you and I reuniting to be together forever! Continue to watch over all of us.

Love with a Broken Heart,
March 18, 2014
Today is your 1st birthday in heaven... Such heavy hearts here on earth!! I know you & the rest of our angels had parts in helping Dan recover and for that I thank you! I would love to give you a hug & kiss and have another of our pictures taken, with smiles on our faces. I will try to remember those days today especially.
In all honesty Bob, since you left us nothing has been the same!!
I love and miss you so very much Brother! Hope the girls made you a chocolate cake.

Love Always,
March 17, 2014
Happy Birthday My Love!
It's going to be a rough day, no cake, no morning happy birthday kiss, no cake. What I will have is knowing we shared so many of these days together.
I love you more than words can express!
The day you left, my heart went with you. You can give it back when I meet up with you.
Enjoy your day with all the family and loved ones in heaven with you.
Kisses & Hugs to my one and only Love!
Eternally Yours,
March 13, 2014
Hi my dear brother! Oh how I wish you were here with us!! All the ball does Bob is keep bouncing, but I pray and know in my heart you and the rest are with Dan. Thank you for your divine intervention!! Your Tina really needs to feel your presence!! She may be strong, but you were the rock that made her strong. Please go see her in her dreams ok? You are so missed and loved, nothing is the same anymore. But we do continue to put one foot in front of the other ... not very good somedays.
I miss you Bob and my love for you is always there! You will never be forgotten!!

Love you Always,
Your Doo-doo
March 11, 2014
Hello my love,
Are you close to Dan? I know there are some that you are very close to, hoping one is him. So much just keeps happening to our family. I wish I had you with me, to talk to and just hold me.
I miss you more than words can say my Rob!!!
Everyday is a struggle but I keep going for you and the kids.
Your birthday is coming up, I am so dreading that! Last year I was planning your lil party, this year, there is nothing. :(
I will celebrate your birth, in my heart. :)
I love you my Rob, always & forever!
February 28, 2014
Hello Brother;
In just a little over two hours it will be my birthday, but it will not be a happy one this year. For the first time in almost 66 years, you will not be here to celebrate it with me. But I know that you will be with me in my heart. Plus learning that brother Dick has terminal cancer just makes my day very unhappy. I know though that you would want me to make the best of it and that I will try and do for you. I miss you everyday. There are so many things that go on that remind me of you, that it breaks by heart. Well you will always be 65, so I guess I am the old fart left here. Watch over brother Dick and give him the same strength that you had.

Love Always,
February 23, 2014
Hi Honey,
Had Ra & Deb over today. We shared some great memories and did alot of laughing. Dick has cancer Rob, please keep him close. He said he is going to fight like you did! This is so very hard on everyone but especially Kathy and Ra. Your loss is felt so heavily these days.
Kirby is acting to weird, I think it's depression. Even though Dan plays with him and we make sure he is clean and healthy, he seems just not himself lately. He misses you!
I hear you walked Pood's to school. She so loved that Rob and she so loves having you close to her.
Need to have a tooth pulled, you know how I feel about that stuff.
It's a rough winter honey, it's really testing what you taught me, but I do remember and I can hear your voice in my head.
Can't wait for spring!!
I love you my precious Rob, you are my heart, soul and the air I breathe.
Always Your Tina
February 18, 2014
I miss you Dad. It's just really that simple. I miss everything about you. This is so very hard.
Nothing prepares you for losing a parent and I just don't know the proper way to grieve anymore. Is there even a proper way, when you lose someone so incredibly special? I keep it to myself most of the time and as you know, talk to you or let the tears come at night when I'm alone. I know you understand and thank you for that.
Everyday I think of you...every single day. Some days are harder than others that is for sure. I miss you so much Dad!

I love you always and forever!

February 16, 2014
Hello my dear brother;
The other day I heard Paul McCartney's song "Yesterday" and I found myself yearning for yesterday when you and I were boys. We had some many adventures filled with so much fun. It was a care free time for us with none of the hassles that this life gives us today. I would do anything to relive them with you again. I miss you more than anyone thinks. Trying my best to keep my promise.

Love Always,
February 14, 2014
Happy Valentine Day my Love!
It's my first one without you. I know you loved me dearly and didn't need a day for it. ;)
Still I miss you so very much honey. Just talking or cuddling.
I'm getting better at it hon, I don't cry all the time, just when days like this come around.
Please watch over us, we know you would never leave us in spirit. Your love is so strong it can cross the heavens and earth.
Off to bed, another busy weekend.
I Love You Sweetheart, my first and only Valentine!!

Always in my Heart,
Your Tina
February 14, 2014
Your 1st Valentines day in heaven brother - - wish you were still here to txt it to you. I know you would say "smooches" like you always did!

I miss you so much Bob - - it's so hard to explain to anyone as we all grieve differently. Bit I can tell you, we are all greiving terribly!!

Please keep your wings around your Tina!! I know you haven't left her side spiritually!!

Feel free to come see my in my dreams, I would love it!

Missing and loving you,
Your Doo-doo
February 04, 2014
Oh my dear brother, I miss you so very much!! I see your smiling face here and it feels like yesterday that we lost you!
I pray you make visits to those who need you most. Your Tina especially, your brother and your kids!!
I am trying to fight back like I promised you, it's been a bad few weeks and I forgot what I promised you. Won't happen again, I promise.
I feel your spirit by me and at times almost shudder, but it's a good shudder :)

I miss and love you so much brother,
Love Always,
Your doo-doo
February 01, 2014
Hi Honey,
Today I have a heavy heart. It's one of those days where I see you everywhere but nowhere. Doesn't make much sense does it? I miss you so much Rob!! What I wouldn't give to have a chance to talk to you and hold you close. So much has changed since you left. It's hard for me to face each day knowing you are not here anymore. Today is one of the really bad ones. I know all I have to do is call your name. I do it every night.
I'll get past this, I always do. :)
Thank you for helping lil Bobbi. So proud of Allie, she just jumped in and said, I can help.
I just wanted to check in with you and tell you how much I Love You!!
Your Tina
January 30, 2014
Hi Dad, I want to thank you for being there for Bobbi. Shes been through so much, and needed the best angel heaven has. I know you are so proud of our Allie (your beanie baby) just like I am. She may have her issues, but she has an amazing heart. It came from growing up with you and mama. Best parents/grandparents anyone could have. Please help me get better daddy. I am in such bad shape and have no relief. Please give me the strength to fight it all and not give up. Its hard, and Im no help to my babies right now. Feeling like a lousy mama these days. Keep talking with Poods. She misses you so much. Her love for you is incredible. I wouldnt mind a visit or two either :). I love you sooo much daddy. I miss you even more. Keep tucking in mama, its what keeps her going. And feel free to keep pulling Uncle Dans neck hair. Lol Im sure he doesnt mind. Lol Im thinking uncle rog could use some visits too, and please keep auntie deb fighting hard. I love and miss you to heaven back. Love, your baby girl, forever and always. Xoxoxoxo
January 24, 2014
Hi Daddio, I just wanted to tell you hou much I love and miss you, every second of every day. You should not be gone. You should be here, healthy n happy. You should hear Xaviar when he says " I love you", you should get to see all of Sierrahs school work and seeing how great shes doing. You should be egging Al on with graduating. You should of been here so I could of given you my award for having a 4.0. You should be here to walk me down the isle. You shld just be here. I know Im being delfish, but sometimes I just want my daddy. I LOVE AND MISS YOU BEYOND WORDS! Love, your baby girl xoxoxoxo
January 24, 2014
Hello my Love,
As always, I think about you every minute of every day. I look at pictures of us when we were young and just living on love. :)
I'm doing ok honey. Trying my best to keep things going like I promised. The hardest part is watching our Grandbabies as they come here and still look for you. Yes my love, you were loved by sooo many!! It may have come as a surprise to you, but not to me. I knew that man of mine made a huge impact on so many lives. Doing my best to try to stop smoking. Baby steps but I am trying to cut back whenever I think of you!!
Kirby is attached to Dan now. But, he still looks for you. Your loyal sidekick. :)
Winter has been harsh this year. The Vue is a good vehicle and I've had no troubles. Thanks to everything you taught me.


Our Sierrah is blessed, she knows when you and Mom are near. Continue to talk to her and Dani. They are our link to you. ;)

Time to get to bed.
Rest well my Rob!

Someday, we will be together again, I look forward to have your arms around me again.

Always & Forever,
Your Tina
January 22, 2014
Hello Brother;
I have been thinking a lot about you lately. How badly I do miss you. The Superbowl and Olympics just won't be the same without you here.

I struggle everyday to go on without you in my life anymore. My life is not the same without you. I keep filling my mind with all the wonderful thoughts that you and I shared together and my tears fall. I know that you told me to be strong, but it is so hard. I feel so empty inside. I don't know how many more heartbreaks I can take.

I just wanted you to know that I have not forgotten you and that I will always remember you and look forward to the day when you and I are together again. Please watch over us. God knows were need it!

Love Always,
January 18, 2014
Hey darling!
I'm just sitting here thinking of you (nothing new) and how it still many times does not feel real!!
I so miss your funny texts and such humor that you had!
I'm so fortunate that we had such a wonderful relationship - you were someone who could make anyone laugh, and yet had so much compassion for those who needed it.
I know you are healthy now, so that is a blessing, guess it's our greed/love wanting you back with us when you struggled so hard to stay.
Stay close to your "Tina", she needs your comfort!

We know you are around the East Side so stop in and see us in our dreams.

I miss and love you so much Bob,
Love Doo-doo
January 17, 2014
Hey Dad, I so miss you more than words could ever explain. Ive had a lot of things going on, but I came out ok. Thank you for that. I recieved a very special award today. I got it for having a 4.0 gpa in school. I so wish I had gotten it before you left us. I just want you to be proud of me. Im a little nervous going back. Im praying that I can keep my 4.0. Thank you for the messages, and for being there on Christmas. We will forever treasure those pictures. You kept your promise to me. You said that when you passed, you would let us know that you were here any way you could. Keep talking to Danielle please. I could use my daddios words of wisdom this day. Continue to keep your "princess" close. She misses you. She loves your visits, just not when shes trying to I love and miss you more than I have loved or missed anyone..ever. Love, your baby girl xoxoxoxo
January 08, 2014
Hello My Love,
How was your first New Year in Heaven? Peaceful I hope. :(
The kids loved the quilts I had made for them. All your shirts honey! A piece of you to cuddle with. :) Lil guy is doing better since his surgery. Hoping he can hear better now.
Dan is such a big help Rob. I know you are watching and always close by. I am doing ok. It's a struggle but I keep thinking of what you would want me to do.
Thanks for the visit on Christmas honey!! Also, with Matt when he did volunteer work for school. I would know that beautiful profile of you anywhere!!!
Please give all our angels a hug and a really big one for you!
I Love You Dearly My Rob!!
Your Tina
January 06, 2014
Hi Honey,
So, what do you think these days? :/ That damn rollercoaster just keeps on going. I think I know what I need to do. Pull away before I say or do something I may regret.
Thank you for the visit on Christmas honey. We all enjoyed knowing you are still here and close by. Stick with Dani, she will get your messages to the right people. :)
It's a brutal winter already. Sub zero temps, no work, no school. You know what I think of that, right?
I just wanted to stop by and vent a bit. You were always so good at giving me a hug when I was upset. I miss your hugs Rob!
Off to bed, work tomorrow.
Peace with the Angels my Love!
Forever, Your Tina
December 28, 2013
Hello my dear brother!
I will be the 1st to tell you I am glad Christmas is over!! Christmas Eve was just not the same, I couldn't even play Christmas music. You know Why? You're not here to put your words to the songs!! You are so very loved and always so very missed!! Keep your Tina, kids and Ra wrapped in your wings tight!! I can see the pain in your Tina and Ra. It just breaks my heart ... I know you are healthy now, I know you are with all our loved ones, so please hug and kiss all of them for me. For me? I just say THANK YOU for fighting so long to stay with us!! I miss and love you my brother!!
Your doo-doo
December 24, 2013
Hello My Love,
We made through Christmas Eve. No easy task either! Rog and Deb did fantastic. The void was huge, everyone felt it. What can I say Rob? Nothing feels right anymore, especially the holidays. I hear it gets better, but I doubt that.
Tomorrow the kids will come like they always do. We will try really hard to carry on as much as possible. I gotta tell ya hon, it has been like hell these past few months. Please watch over us as we try to enjoy Jesus birthday and celebrate with each other.
You would so love watching the kids Rob. They have grown so dang much!
Give a hug please to all the others you are with this Christmas and tell them how much you all are so loved and missed!
Peace My Love!
Your Tina Always.....
December 22, 2013
I miss you Dad. I LOVE YOU. Love, your baby girl xoxoxoxo
December 18, 2013
Hi My Brother;
This will be a very hard Christmas for all of us this year, especially for your wife and kids. Your loss is a void that will never be filled.

I like to fill my thoughts of Christmas when you and I were boys. We never got a lot but we made the best of it. We always got toys that you and I could interact with each other that we played together for hours on end. It is during these times that are my favorite memories of Christmas that was always about you and me.

I miss you very much brother and think of you constantly. It is hard not to after the wonderful life you and I had together. Watch over all of us this holiday season and come visit me sometimes in my dreams.

Love Always,
December 16, 2013
I just wanted to tell you that I miss you more than ever right now. THANK YOU for being at the hospital with the baby. i know thats you in the pictures of sierrah and xaviar. I love you so much Dad. The pain of you being gone is becoming so real now. Xoxo love your baby girl
December 06, 2013
I know you were with me today. I felt your hand on my back. Thank you for making my shaking go away. Tell Aim and whoever else you brought, thank you too. I sure hope you can be there for bubbies friday, and my up coming appts. I love you so very much, and I miss you every second of every day. Love, your baby girl
December 04, 2013
Me again honey,
Please use that power of prayer for your daughter. She is in need of them Rob. Why it doesn't stop, I don't know. Please give us strength and guidance my love. I so need your strength Rob. I am hanging in there as much as I can. Most days, I feel lost. I will keep moving forward, like you wanted.
I so love you honey and miss you so very much!
Everyday is a journey I don't want to take.
I keep you close to my heart at all times my love.
Peace with the angels and watch over your daughter.
I love you My Rob!
November 30, 2013
Hello my Love,
Our first Holiday without you, it was sad. Allie was the only one who got emotional when we toasted to you with milk. Andrea and Jason did a beautiful job Rob, you so would have loved it! Nothing can fill this hole in my heart. I keep trying and someday I might just make it to that place where the pain is a little less. I hope you were met by our loved ones and you all shared a great Thanksgiving. Christmas is around the corner, I need to put my big girl panties on get moving. For you honey, all for you! Give Ra a hug if you can, OK?
I love and miss you so very much Rob! I am at peace knowing you can breathe and laugh again. How I loved your laugh!! Off to do a bit of shopping with Jen and Allie. Not much, but I should start someplace.
I Love you with my whole heart and soul!
Rest well my Love!
November 29, 2013
November 28, 2013
Hi Dad, Its 530 a.m. And I cant sleep. I am missing you so very much. The holidays will NEVER be the same. We are having Thanksgiving at sissys this year. Her and I are doing the cooking and Jays deep frying the turkey. We want mama to relax and visit. I know you will be there with us today, just not the way we want though. I love and miss you more than words could say. HAPPY THANKSGIVING DADDY! Love your baby girl xoxoxoxo
November 27, 2013
Hi Dad

Well this will be our 1st Thanksgiving without you. It is still so hard for me to wrap my brain around it. To not be able to walk through the door and see your smiling face wishing us a Happy Thanksgiving is incredibly hard to even comprehend. But we will make the day the best that we can because we know that is what you would want. We will eat, visit, laugh, watch football and think of you every single moment.
We have given Mom the day off from cooking (and I think she really kind of likes that idea alot) so that she can sit back, relax and enjoy the day with Uncle Dan and some of your grandbabies.
Please continue to watch over all of us and know that you are in my every thought from the moment I wake up until the moment I go to sleep.

I miss you so much Dad! I love you forever and always!

Your Panda Bear and Buttons Larue, Andrea
November 18, 2013
Hi my brother - -

I just can't keep you out of my mind! I can't even delete those last two texts you sent me. I know you are at peace, and with all of our loved ones, but I'm so selfish Bob ... I want you back with us!! I just so beg of you to comfort your Tina .. I know her grief and sorrow is huge, but she puts on a good show for everyone.
Your brother Ra is another one ... those 2 have had you the longest and know you best. Me? I miss everything about you and still am trying to deal with the reality that you are not with us physically anymore. I try not to get all weepy but that's me so I guess that's how I deal with the loss of you! No more "personal dirty lyrics" to songs! Oh how we laughed didn't we?
Enjoy the time you now have with the rest of our family angels!

I love and miss you so very much,
Love Doo-doo
November 15, 2013
Hello my Brother;
It was hard again for Dick and I to stop out and visit with you today. Your stone was all decorated with flowers, garland and a can of soda. Someone loves ya. A little late from Veterans Day but I left you and American flag to honor your service. I also left a flag with Dad and Joe.

Keep watching over all of us especially your honey. She is doing well but I know how much she misses you as we all do. Tougher days ahead but I know that we will get thru them and move forward. I miss everything about you and wait patiently for when you and I are reunited.

Love Always,
November 13, 2013
Hi poppy,
i miss you very much. i feel like ive disappointed you in many ways and im sorry. I want you to be proud of me. I love you lots. it was nice visiting you today... <3 beanie baby
November 12, 2013
Hello my love,
Veteran's Day was very hard this year. Our favorite Vet was not here. How you are missed!!
Did you enjoy the cruise as much as I did? It hurt to watch couples holding hands, laughing & just enjoying each other. I know you would have so loved everything with the Grandbabies. I smelled you, it was slight but there! I miss you so much my love! The hurt never ends and the hole in my heart seems bigger than ever. For you, I keep going and do the best I can.
You must be so proud of our children. They have been there for me every step of the way.
I Love You So Very Much My Rob! Please stay close whenever you can.
Always Yours,
November 11, 2013
It was not a good Veterans Day for me this year brother. My first without my hero. I miss you!

November 11, 2013
Happy Veteran's Day in heaven brother!!
Missing and loving you so very much,
Love Always
Doo-doo xxoo
November 11, 2013
Bob: From one vet to another on this Veterans Day...Thank you for your sacrifice and service. Miss ya Bro.
November 10, 2013
Hey daddio, been thinking of you a lot. Mama gets back today from her cruise. She had such a great time. Your little princess is so excited that grammys coming home. She freaked out and wouldnt leave when we went to see mama before she left. Poods didnt think she was coming back like you. It was sad. Shes been sleeping with moms "bubba" every night. We did the "papa trick" and pulled her first tooth. She was so amazed that it did not hurt.:) i watched lampoons christmas last night and thought of you laughing the whole time. I miss your laugh. I will be starting back at school in 3 weeks. Im excited and a little nervous. i promise to do my best and get more As for you. Keep watching over all of us. We miss you so very much. I love you xoxo love baby girl
October 30, 2013
Hi Honey,
I hope you know how missed you are and that we did pretty good on Sunday. Not easy seeing your name on a stone. I felt like my heart was ripped out, again. Your kids are great and took real good care of me. I have trouble seeing a future these days. There is this wall that I can't push through. Maybe in time.......
The pain in my heart never stops, I look for you and wait to hear your voice. I loved that wicked sense of humor of yours. :) Dan is so helpful Hon, even with his own problems, he is always ready to help with anything! I hope that makes you feel better.
I love & miss you so much my Rob! I am putting one foot forward, a day at a time.
Peace with your Angels my Love!!
October 28, 2013
Bob- you certainly touched alot of lives. I have so many great memories of growing up with the love of our family. We had great times. I am glad you are free of the pain you suffered. Uncle Pal was so happy he got to see you the last time they were in town. I know Aunt Mary knew who you were to a certain point. She doesn't remember much now. Give Grandma Spicer a hug for me. I still miss her so.
October 27, 2013
Hey daddio, we will be seeing you tomorrow. My anxietys pretty high tonight. I know seeing your name in stone will make it even more real. Make sure to wish mama n bobby a happy birthday tomorrow 2. I watched "we were soldiers" the other night and did a little crying. I still light you candles every single night. I go through 8-12 tea lights a night. :) i cant go to bed if they arent lit. I love u daddio. See you tomorrow. Love baby girl xoxoxoxo
October 26, 2013
Hello my wonderful Brother;
I have been thinking about you a lot which in a way is good, means I haven't forgotten you, of course you know that I never will.
Marion asked me back this year to speak on Veterans Day, brother Dick will be joining me this year. So I am excited about that, we are both working on our speeches.
Honey's birthday tomorrow, a tough one for her this year, but she will get thru it. We haven't forgotten her as we promised. I understand that she and the kids will be visiting you tomorrow, I know it will be a tough day for them as it was for me when Dick and I visited with you.
I hope that my uology honored you the way you honored me with your life. How blessed I am to have you as my brother and bestfriend. So many wonderful years together. I miss you very much little brother.

Love Always,
Big Brother Rog
October 24, 2013
hey daddio, i miss you so much. will be seeing u on sunday. a lot of changes are going to be happening in my life in the next cpl months. i hope u approve. i want u proud of me daddy. just know, that the decisions im making will change my kids n my life for the best, and i will finally be truly happy. i try n cheer mama up whenever i can. but shes struggling. i think its finally hitting us all. sunday is going to be rough. i love you daddio, love baby girl xoxo
October 23, 2013
Hi honey,
We are coming to visit you on Sunday, be watching for us. ;)
I'm having a hard time not having you with me. One day I feel pretty good, the next day, I'm a mess. I know it takes time and you know how impatient I can be!
Someday, I will close my eyes and see you and no tears will fall. I will see you through clear eyes.
Rest well my Hero....You have earned every bit of it.
Always Yours,
October 23, 2013
Hello my dear brother!

Are you all settled in your new home now? I'm sure all of our loved ones greeted you with open arms and hugs and kisses. Such a gain for them, and such a GREAT LOSS for us.

Ra and I went over to your place last Saturday - your Tina made donuts and monkey buns!! I can just hear you now with that one :)

I looked for you... not there ...
Your Tina is holding up ok, her grief/pain and loneliness is so much more than any of ours, and the same for Ra!

I am very proud of your 2 daughters! They have been helping out wherever they can with your dream girl.

I am so selfish Bob cuz I want you back, but I do know you are now healthy, feeling wonderful! Hope you are proud of all of us taking just very small baby steps right now. In due time my oxy buddy, in due time.

Please give Amy a hug and kiss for me and I will be back later my darling!

Love you Always,
October 16, 2013
Hi Big Bob! Just a note to tell you that I think of you often, though you are not even my blood. Your family keeps your spirit alive by talking about you often. Not to worry, though; they are moving forward beautifully. I know you see them from heaven, so this is not news to you. But I wanted to tell you that the rest of us see it, too; we see the positive steps forward that they are making. And while they miss you every day, they try not to dwell on it, especially your dream girl. :) She is amazing. They love and miss you, every day. Just come around soon, let them know you are with them. Pull a fast one, do something that they will know could only be you. I promise, they will get it!

Until next time,
October 16, 2013
Well daddio, todays my birthday and i have a huge piece of my heart missing. Not hearing "happy birthday baby girl" hurts so much. But i have an amazing mama who said it for you. Birthdays and holidays will never be the same. I just miss you so much. I know you wouldnt want me sad today, so im guna do my very best to enjoy my day. I have amazing family n friends who will help me. I know ur with me today, i can feel it. I love and miss you so very very much dad. Wld sure love a hug n kiss from you right now. Love your baby girl xoxoxoxo
October 16, 2013
Hi Bob. Even though I never had the pleasure of meeting you I feel like I have known you for years. Chris never stopped talking about you. Even though you were ill you sure were a frisky fellow. You were truly loved by your family and friends. You will truly be missed. I know you are looking done at us you are thinking how lucky you were to have such a wonderful family and friends. I know you want them to know you are in a wonderful place were there is no pain and you are standing beside all who left this world before you. I know you wish everyone the peace you feel. You are truly missed by all.
October 16, 2013
Hello my Love,
I had a rough day today. You were there when I woke up and stayed with me all day. I couldn't stop the tears. Not only were you my husband and love of my life. You were my rock even on your worst days. I know I will have these days, I accept that. I cry for you to come back. Pretty silly huh? You are at peace now and free from your illness. Still, I want to hug you! Was it you who gently tossed a blanket on my face the other night? I felt comfort and fell asleep. Visit when you can honey, I always welcome your loving smell. Peace now my sweetheart, you certainly earned it. I will get stronger in time, but it may be a long time for me. Remember what I told you? I could face anything, except life without you! So true and so painful. I will keep my promise Rob, please keep yours. Kirby is doing better, but still looks for you.
You are so loved honey, it's amazing.
My love to you and all the others that met you on 9/11/13!
Always with you in my heart and soul baby!
Forever Your Tina!
October 09, 2013
Hello my Love,
We have celebrated 2 birthdays since you left. Xaviar & Jax. There will always be that empty spot where you should have been. Be proud honey, your children and Grandbabies are doing just what you wanted! We did so much right Rob, we raised 3 amazing children, shared so many family memories. It will continue, I promise!! Do you know how much you are missed? Can't even put it into words! Dan and Irene are here now. Irene will be going back east later this month. Dan is staying with me. Remember how we talked about that? ;) You don't have to worry so much my love, I have so much love and support.
You are always in my heart, mind and soul. You are the first thing I think of in the morning and the last thing I think of before going to sleep. As it should be! Peace and happiness My Rob! I am only a breath away..............
September 30, 2013
I have been waiting to put something in your guestbook because I just didn't know what to say.....until now. I miss you! I miss everything about you! I miss your voice, your laugh, your wicked sense of humor, listening to you complain about TV commercials, watching Family Feud with you, your gift for grossing us out with your talks of you and Mom and just seeing you smile! The lose of you is felt in everything we do each and everyday. We are doing what you would want, getting on with our lives, but honestly Dad it is easier said then done. Mom has been incredibly strong and we are so very proud of her. Oh she has her moments and she is allowed to have them, but she is taking each day as they come with with grace and courage! Like Jenny has said, I don't think it has truly it me yet that you are gone but when it does it will be incredibly painful. But like Mom, we will pick ourselves up and continue to move forward. We are your legacy Dad. Your wife, children, grandchildren and other family members are the ones to carry on the memories and stories. We are the ones to not let the world forget that you were once a part of it and because you were a part of it, we are all better people for it! I carry you with me each and everyday! I love you so very much Dad!!
September 28, 2013
Well brother the Gophers are 4-0 and play Iowa today so you know once they get into the Big Ten it is over for them. I will miss complaining about them to you along with the Vikings and Wild.

There aren't enough words to describe how much I miss you, but you told me that I had to be strong for the family and I will try as hard as it will be.

I have cherished everyday that you and I have been together and will cherish all the wonderful memories you have left me. You were an amazing brother that will never be matched by anyone else.

You have your wings now, so spread them wide, watch over and protect us all.

Love Always,
Ra Ra
September 28, 2013
Hey Daddio, its 4 am and Im still awake. Was thinking about you so I wanted to write you. I really havent grieved yet. Its wierd. Ive had my moments where I break down, but not often. I dont think it has fully hit me that ur gone. im thinking it will be ugly when it does. Or maybe I havent yet because I want mama to be ok. I see her pretty much daily. Im keeping my promise. Im very proud of her. I know you are too. David n I have been watching your king of queens he had gotten you. We light your candles every night. I love you so very much. I miss your voice, kisses, hand squeezes and texts. Goodnight dad. love your baby girl Xoxo
September 26, 2013
Dear Chris,

I read your last message and I got so teary eyed. I cannot imagine what you are going through losing hubby Rob as I would not know how I would handle it if I lost my hubby way to soon like you did. Anyway honey, I love you and I know your kids and family will make sure you are doing o.k.

Love Ya,
September 25, 2013
Hello My Rob,
I am waiting for the pain to stop. I think it's going to be a long time. I cleaned out the bedroom yesterday. That was so hard honey! I want you at my side! I want to hear you laugh! I need you to hold me and tell me it's ok and just a bad dream! I am doing the best I can Rob. It's a slow process. The kids are following your request. We did alot of things right hon. Sierrah cries every night now. She will get better in time, we will help her.
I love and miss you so very much Rob! My heart hurts.
I thank God that you have peace now and can breathe and do all the things you always loved to do.
I will come back to visit and keep you updated.
You are and always will be my heart & soul!!!
I love you baby!
September 23, 2013
Roger and family,I was sorry to hear about Bob. My thoughts and prayers are with your family.
September 23, 2013
Well Daddio, our lil Bubbies is 2 today. He got a birthday haircut and looks so handsome. I missed you so much at mamas yesterday. I know you were there with us, but it wasnt the same. All 3 of my babies sleep with ur stuffed animals every night. Your watch has not left my wrist. I know today should be a happy day, but i cant help feeling heart broken. I love you soo soo very much, and im missing you every second of my days. Love, baby girl
September 19, 2013
My dear brother!
Not sure I will be able to say all what I want tonight, but in time I will come back to talk to you.

Your entire sevices were very awesome Bob . . .. so fitting for you! Beautiful!

When I sat with you on Mondays I made you promises that will be kept. Your brother will make sure he holds up his end also.

Right now the pain is raw, our hearts are shattered, but I keep reminding myself you are pain free and up with all our other loved ones. I promise you my dear brother "your Tina" will be ok, and not overwhelmed by good intentions!! I'm gonna miss my little pervert brother, nobody can take that place!! NOBODY!!!

I love you, always will and until we meet again, I love you Bob!

Love Always
September 18, 2013
Well daddio, a week ago today you left to be with your angels. The time seemed slow at first, but when i look back, it was only a lighning bolt of time. I miss you more and more each day. My babies all slept with one of your stuffed animals last night. I tried to steal bubbies, but he wasnt having it. I have your watch on my wrist and your hats on my bed post. Im so proud of you. You faught harder than anyone I know would or could. Mamas doing ok. Us kids are on top of it. I call me her very own stalker with a house key. I know i will see you again. I just wish i could see you now. Love u always n forever, baby girl xoxo
September 18, 2013
Hello My Love!
I wonder when it will hit me that you are gone? Oh my Rob, your wake and funeral showed how much you were loved and admired! You touched so many in your short life. Our children are doing as you asked, they take very good care of me. Our Grandbabies are struggling the most. In time, they will settle down and find complete joy in their memories of you. I find myself watching the clock so I can make you breakfast, lunch and dinner. I found your flip flops, I keep them in the bedroom. I do not think ahead too much, just one day at a time. My heart is broken. You are my heart and soul and I felt blessed that you were in my arms when your angel came for you. The "patriots" & bag pipes were waiting when we brought you to Fort Snelling. It was beautiful Rob. Our Son, along with all the family & friend vets, did a final salute to you. How proud I was of all of them. You had more honors than a President! You deserved a hero's tribute! It's going to be hard, but I will keep my promise & you need to keep yours. We will be together again my love, that I promise.
Peace with the angels My Rob! My love Always, and only for you!!
September 18, 2013
I want to thank all of you for your love and support during my brothers wake and funeral, it means a lot to us. Bobby was a great guy and will be greatly missed, but he has left us so many wonderful memories that will help in the healing process and ease the pain. I know that he is at peace but my selflessness wishes he was still here. My heart is once again broken and it will be so very hard to go on with my life without him beside me. 9-11 will take on another meaning for our family. He will not be forgotten!
September 17, 2013
I miss you daddio
September 16, 2013
Well where do I start today we had to lay you down to rest.. I cant think of where to began to start it was a very nice service. It was very hard for me today just like it was for everyone! its going to be something different without you, you will be missed by everyone but I know that you are happy now and you can rest!! say HI to aunt kelli and amy for us! love you bunches uncle bob may you rest in peace!! love little red and lora
September 16, 2013
There are so many great memories. We were lucky to have such a close family when we were growing up. My prayers to Chris and the rest of the family. He will be missed. God Bless. He is now with his family who has gone before him. RIP Bobby.
September 16, 2013
My dear BoB I am so grateful to have known you and your blessed family my prayers with family at this time. Carla Hospice Aide
September 15, 2013
It's hard to find the words that might bring comfort to you right now, we just hope you'll remember how much we care, and that our thoughts and prayers are with you. I miss our talks over the fence.
Love, Bob & Dorothy Jones
September 15, 2013
Chris and family,
With deepest sympathy and caring thoughts as you honor a treasured life.
Bob's friend from school and neighbor, Jean (Jones) Harrington, and fellow Vietnam veteran Doug Harrington.
September 15, 2013
I will miss you very much Bob. You were always the coolest dad around. My thoughts and prayers are with you Chris and your family. I love you all.
September 15, 2013
Dear Roger, Deb & Family,

I am so very sorry for your loss. I know how much you loved and cherished Bob. He indeed was a great man that put up a great fight.

September 15, 2013
Dear Chris & Family,

My heartfelt sympathy for your loss. I am so glad I was able to meet Bob. He was a great family man and just an all around wonderful person. I know he will be truly missed.

September 15, 2013
It's families like yours that are truely the Pride of the East Side! As neighbors growing up I remember Bob being hard working but always making his #1 priority to have fun with his loving family that he took great pride in. My sympathies go out to you, Chris, Andrea, Bob Jr, Jen & your families - The Bakken family
September 14, 2013
I miss you daddio. I will see you tomorrow. I will look pretty for you. Love, your baby girl xoxoxoxo
September 14, 2013
I offer my thoughts and prayers to Chris and family. Uncle Bob, you will be missed and I will always remember you.
September 14, 2013
To Chris and family, I am very sorry for your loss. I remember Bob when I was very young at the Vincent gatherings at Grandpa and Grandma Spicer's home. Joe Lusk always gave me an update on Bob's health. Bob sounded like a very wonderful man . God Bless you and your family/ (cousin) Patty (Vincent) Sullivan
September 14, 2013
My very best with much love to my friends, Chris, Deb and Rog Lusk and their families. May your mutual love for one another bind you even closer together and bring you comfort and peace. Hope to see you again soon.
September 14, 2013
I am so sorry for your lost. I never had the honor to meet him. I have heard amazing stories from nick when he was growing up about Bob. Just remember its never good by its see you later.
September 14, 2013
Our thoughts and prayers for Bob and Charla and their family.
September 14, 2013
Bob, you were one of the most favorite cousins of everybody in the Vincent/Lusk clan. Your personality welcomed everyone and it was great to hear your stories about your time in Vietnam. Thanks for being there for me when my Dad died, you were a great person to talk to at that time. May you be welcomed by Uncle Roger and Aunt Joyce with opened arms and I'm sure they are happy to be with you again. RIP cuz.
September 14, 2013
September 14, 2013
September 13, 2013
Chris, the love and joy you and Rob shared brought so much to everyone who knew you. He is at Peace and waiting to hold you once again in his arms. God's Angels surround you and yours and grant you comfort.
September 13, 2013
Sis and family, I want to say how very sorry I am for the loss of BOB. He was one special person who I so wanted to meet. But I lived his life thru u. He will be greatly missed by all. And his funny dirty little mind never failed him not even at the end. Love u so much Bob. RIP. and will miss u forever. Love u. Karen
September 13, 2013
Big Bob was a stand-up man, a mentor and a hero to his children. He will be missed by many, and loved forever.
September 13, 2013
rest well Bobby rest well until we meet again....thank you from a grateful Nation foe your ya cuz
September 13, 2013
my heart is heavy for you and your family Chris. You have lost a wonderful man.......he will be looking down at you everyday. Bob will be sadly missed by many. Love you!
September 13, 2013
May you now rest in peace and watch over your loved ones from above.
September 13, 2013
So sorry for your loss. Just know we are thinking of you and are sending our prayers.
September 13, 2013
It is in regret that I saw that Bob had passed away. I worked with Bob at 3M and found him to be a great person and considered him a good friend. To the Lusk family I give my sincere sympathy at this time of loss.
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