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Thayer Mills Mackenzie
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July 02, 2014
Dr. MacKenzie was one of the finest and most compassionate fellows I've ever known. I only regret that I did not get to see him again before he passed and I am finding out about it two years later.

Richard Frantz
April 27, 2013
Dr Mackenzie was a wonderfully kind man who helped this artist continue a most interesting life. There is a painting of him in his office that show him at work.
January 25, 2013
My dad was the most humble, patient, disciplined and self-sacrificing person I have ever known. He never once put an extra rasin in his daily oatmeal. His joy was serving others. Love You Dad! Betsy
September 27, 2012
Dr. Mackenzie trully saved my life from certain mental, physical and spiritual death when he became my Doctor in 2004. He remained my friend after his retirement, he wrote wonderful letters to me and my dog Quincy. He cared about people and there wellness, visiting patients in nursing homes or whereever they may be when they were not able to visit his office. He was the first Doctor to stop seeing me as my diagnoses and said "lets find out who Chris is"! God has always put the right people in my life to help me in this journey of life and Dr. Mackenzie saved mine. I am eternally grateful for his proffesional skills to help me and his kindness as a human being.
July 03, 2012
What a blessing it was to spend several hours with your precious husband/father while he was in hospice. I loved his smile & big blue eyes! May you keep his great memories in your hearts forever.