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Dear Bob and Louise,
Today I have looked at the Vancouver Sun/Province Guest Book. Just remembering mom as I do periodically and to view some of the posts. I randomly typed in some names and came across the Memorial site for your daughter, Michelle.
I am so very sorry to learn of your loss. My sincere condolences.

Loretta Hobbs
Robert and Louise

I just heard about your beautiful daughter passing. I am so very sorry! What can one say.Our prayers and thoughts are with you. Our deepest condolences

Joani and Greg Stanley-Jones
Dear Louise & Bob, I just learned today of your sad loss. I don't think there are words that can help when a parent loses a child - my heart goes out to you.
With sincere condolences,
Mary Lynn Cassels
Dear Bob and Louise,
Words do not express the sadness of Michele's passing. I knew her as a child growing up in our close knit neighbourhood, slightly older than my own children. Our families spent a lot of time together, and I can still see her pretty face always smiling and being most respectful to everybody. You were wonderful parents and there was a real sense of family when being in your house, often with your extended family. Eventually we all moved away, but those early memories are most precious and never forgotten.
Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to you both, Mikka and your family.
Dear Mikka,
When your mother was a young girl she and her little sister Nicki lived right behind us at Chelmsford. We had a gate between our yards, so that we could visit each other often. When your mother and friends played in the backyard, I could hear her cute giggle.
I remember your mother as a very sweet and lovely girl. When I saw you at the service, it so reminded me of her, as you look a lot alike, and have the same beautiful smile. Your mother used to come over to our house and play with my little baby boy, Thomas. On Sundays, she and her sister attended Ukrainian Sunday school. Your grandma Louise dressed the girls in beautiful little dresses for the occasion. Your mother was always kind and polite, and I miss her a lot.
Mikka, be brave, remember all your mother taught you and the beautiful times you spent together.

Ps. I love your artwork – the pigs. Never stop painting!
Bob & Louise,
There are no words... I'm so sorry for your loss.
Dear Louise, Robert and Mikka,

I just learned the sad news of Michele's passing. My heart goes out to each of you and your family. I am deeply saddened myself.

I had not seen Michele for a few years but I thought of her so many, many times during these years. Michele left me with such a memorable impression. She was such a lovely, kind and deeply appreciative person with a truly great spirit. I admired her so much for her inner strength during very difficult times. Her focus was always her family. She expressed many times how lucky she was to have the unconditional support of her parents, Louise and Robert, other family and close friends. The biggest love of her life was clearly her daughter. Mikka, your Mom loved you more than words can even describe. You were the absolute joy of her life. She was so proud of you and always wanted you to have the very best in life. Her eyes sparkled and lit up whenever she talked about you and I know she will continue to watch over you, an angel, because you were her angel.

With heartfelt sympathy,

Lisa Hamilton
Dear Bob and Louise,

We just heard of Michele's passing and our heart goes out to you, can't imagine the loss you are feeling. It's been too many years but you and the girls were never forgotten. We are thinking of you and our deepest sympathies, to you both and Mikka.

Warren & Vi
Dear Louise and Bob,
You and your little granddaughter have not been from our minds since we first heard of the shocking loss of your lovely daughter Michele. Your were in our thoughts also before Christmas because of the loss of the children in Newtown, USA and we remembered the Christmas we spent with you all at Lynnie and Al's after you had just lost Nicole. To go through this a second time must be almost unbearable. Lynne has told us of your plans of moving. Your granddaughter is sure to be a blessing and comfort to you both going forward. Mikki's loving tribute to her mother is evidence of a special relationship that will always be her's.
Jan and Dave Laundy
Brentwood Bay (Victoria)
Dear Bob and Louise; my heart goes out to you and Mikka and the rest of the family in your tragic loss. Bob, you and I were classmates in the 50s and 60s and our families were neighbours. Please make contact by email at . Sincere condolences,
Dear Mikka,
I can hardly believe that your beautiful mother, Michele has passed away. She was an adoring mother, an affectionate soul and a beauty queen.
You truly are the reflection of your mother's loving spirit. She will always be with you; away, but always there to stay in your heart. Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.
Mrs. Dow ( Blair Elem )
I am sorry i forgot to put my name..the comment i posted was January 20 son and Mikka went to Blair together...
I just heard of Michele's passing today, I couldn't believe it and I still can't. I met Michele at Blair elementary where my son and Mikka were in the same grade together. We used to live in the same neighborhood. You were such a nice person and a very loving mom to your sweet daughter Mikka....thoughts and prayers to the Stasiuk family...
Lovely Mikka, I had the pleasure of chatting with you, and your grandparents at your Auntie and Uncle's house this Christmas eve. I've always heard so many wonderful Mikka stories from Auntie Lynne but I was so happy to finally meet you and see you share stories with me and wonderful pictures of great memories on a recent trip. The love your grandparents have for you is so evident. Please know that you and your family are in are heart and our thoughts. You are a beautiful girl who I now has the love of those around you to lean on. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you. Sean, Jen, Reilly and Rowan O'Callaghan
Dear Mikka, our thoughts and prayers are with you.
Much love,
Chloe and her Mom
My thoughts and prayers for Mikka and family. You will always have an angel watching over you.
My deepest sympathies go to the entire family. Mikka, your mom loved you to the stars and back. She will be watching over you.
I am very sad that Michele is gone. I worked with her for only a short period of time but we went for lunch, talked, it wasn't long ago I was over there, introducing my daughter to her! I will miss you tons Michele! My heart and prayers go out to Mikka and family! <3
For Mikka...may you always carry the love of your Mom in your heart...she truly did adore you and will always be a part of you and know that you will always be nearby...another angel to look over you. Remember the love...the laughter...her special spirit. Hoping that you will be able to smile again soon...the Robins (Chubby's first family)
So sorry to hear about this, Mikka. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
- Kempton Family
Mikka I send you love and healing thoughts at this very sad time. Cherish your memories you will have them forever. Your Mom will always be with you in spirit. Love Libby
Thinking of Mikka and her family during this difficult time.
Dear Mikka, I am SO SO SORRY to hear about this. I want you to know that you are one of my best friends in the whole world! Even though I didn't get a chance to get to know your mom well, she sounds like a wonderful person. I want you to know that I will be there for you whenever you need a friend, or some one to talk to. Sending you a giant ( really giant!) hug! Love, Lauren
Sincere Condolences to the Stasiuk family from Gordon Phillips and daughter Mel~~we lived across the lane from the Stasiuks in Vancouver. Hello to Nellie.
We are so sorry to hear this news, very sad. Sending Love and Hugs to Mikka! - love Uncle Sean and Auntie Melissa
Thinking of you Mikka.

With love,
I will always remember the first time I saw Michele and Nicole with their little pixie haircuts. They were adorable and just like little pixies they got into your heart right away.
Although we didn't live close enough to see them a lot while growing up we enjoyed spending time with them when we could. Nicole was always the more spirited of the two and Michele was the quieter more reflective one and I loved her sweetness.
The first time I saw her with Mikka I knew that that was what she was born for. She was truly a natural born mother and slid into the role effortlessly. I was in awe.
Michele had an amazing inner strength that carried her through some difficult times and we were all so proud of her for how she kept it all together.
She also had such a love of animals which has carried on with Mikka. I think if they could have managed it that the two of them would have a zoo of their own.

We will miss that beautiful smile of yours Michele. We love you and will do anything we can for Mikka.
Love Aunty Pat, Uncle Mike, Chris and Alli
I will always remember the first time I saw Michele and her little sister Nicole. They had little pixie haircuts and the two of them truly were like little pixies who quickly moved into your heart. Although we didn't live close enough to see a lot of them we always enjoyed them. Nicole was always the more spirited one and Michele more reflective and thoughtful which I loved about her.

The first time I saw her with Mikka I knew that that was what she was born for. She truly was a natural mother and slid into the job effortlessly.
She had an amazing inner strength that carried her through such difficult times in her life and we were all so proud of her and loved her for it.
She cared for animals so much and I remember a time at the Old House in Courtenay where she wanted to bring the cat home because she thought it was a stray and couldn't bare to think of it being left. Turns out it was the "house" cat.
We will always love you Michele and miss that beautiful smile of yours. Until we meet again.
Love Auntie Pat, Uncle Mike, Chris and Alli
It is with deep sorrow that I have read the news of Michele's passing.

My memories of Michele are all positive and knowing her enriched my life. Not only did she introduce me to Richmond Island and Japanese cuisine but she passed on to me her love of animals that caused me to have companion cats ever since I first meet her over 20 years ago. I will remember her always as a wonderful friend and very special lady.

My deepest condolences to Bob, Louise, Mikka and family.
to the Stasuik family. I am a cousin of your Dad and Mom (Mike and Nellie) and was surprised to see the obit. of Michele's death.We are sorry for the sorrow you will endure with the loss of a second daughter. |We would like your mom (Nellie) to contact us. We live in Parksville now.our ph.# 250 248 8580; e-maill
love George and Lydia Last

I am truly sorry to hear about the loss of Michele. I hope the support of family and friends who knew and loved Michele will bring you some comfort at this difficult time. I am sending you thoughts of peace and love.

Good bye old friend. I will forever have the memories of the laughter and fun we shared growing up.
Dear Bob and Louise - I think of you both often and dropped by your office two days ago. I enjoyed our working relationship for so many years and when i dropped in to say hello I had no idea you had lost Michelle. I amin total shock. My heart goes out to you both and I can't imagine how much you will miss her. She was such a lovely girl. My thoughts and prayers are with you, Mikka and your family
Michele you were important to so many people. You will be greatly missed. You left us far too soon. Mikka was lucky to have you as a mom.

Dear Mikka, Robert, and Louise,
I am so very sorry for your loss. Mikka, your mother loved you more than words can ever say. She will watch over you for the rest of your life.
True friends are hard to find, hard to leave and impossible to forget! You will always be in my heart Michele.
Great Grandma, Bob, Louise, Mikka and family, my thoughts are with you.
I am very sorry to hear of Michele's passing. It's been 20 years since I last saw her but I remember how we became friends during a creative writing course in high school, how we both liked 'big hair' bands like Bon Jovi (it was the 80's) and she was the only person I have known who had a pet ferret! I will not forget her fun, unique personality and lovely smile. My thoughts are with her daughter and her family. Elizabeth Turner- South Surrey
I will remember Michele for the boundless love and support she provided to Mikka... enough for a lifetime.
It is with the greatest sadness that I write these words.
Jeannie's and my heart go out to you, Bob and Louise, for you are both, the most caring and devoted parents and loving grand parents we have ever encountered.
Our thoughts and love go again to your dearest Nicole, whom we all loved her vibrancy and humour, and, we know in our hearts, that the two girls will be reunited in a better place whereupon peace and happiness will surely endure.
Michele has left you Bob and Louise, a delightful legacy in
Mikka, who now more than ever, needs her loving and caring grandparents as you surely are, now, and in this time of healing.
Jeannie and I hope and pray for happy memories.

Love Robin and Jeannie
I am shocked and very saddened by Michele's sudden passing. I will fondly remember the time I spent with her recently when we talked over a cup of coffee, and shared laughs over stories of the silly "Mom" things that we've done. I will miss Michele, and all the cute animal pictures she would e-mail me from time to time. My deepest condolences and prayers to Mikka, Bob, Louise and family.
Wishing the family and Mikka all the strength through this time. Lots of love
Your mommy will always be with you in spirit Mikka. Love you!
We are sending our condolences to the Stasiuk are all in our prayers.
My mommy was the best mommy somebody could ever have! I remember every night her and I would read Catching Fire the second book of the Hunger Games! She would help me with my homework and projects for school! And every time she brought me home from school piggy (our dog) would do his special happy dance for her and I. If I couldn't sleep I would go into her room and ask and even if she was asleep she would still answer me. When she picked me up from anywhere we would give each other big hugs and kisses and say I love you very much! Every mother and daughter has something they both love so very much and our thing was pigs! For Christmas I painted her 2 pigs sitting back to back angry at each other! I don't know why they were angry but I knew it would make her laugh because she had a great sense of humor! Before she died she was so excited for her life we had a showing for our house and she had test results coming back from a job she wanted! My mommy died the best death anybody could have and I was just glad that she died happy and a good death. For her remembrance I am going to give her a picture that I am going to paint of a pig trying different clothes on because we had the love for pigs and fashion and she loved my art work very much! My mommy will live forever in my heart! Her spirit will still be with us forever, I love you mommy!
Your beautiful light will forever shine in your darling Mikka.
It is still so shocking to know that Michele has passed. It was only a week ago I heard her voice as she spoke on the phone to her beloved Mikka. My heartbreaks for Louise, Bob , Mikka and all the family. May knowing Michele has been reunited with her much missed sister Nicole bring some peace and healing to you all. Sending Love Kerrie and Eileen
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