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Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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Hi My Precious Darling,

I miss you so much. I miss seeing you smile all the time and people saying you always smile. You were such a blessing to be our mom. And dad was such a blessing to be our dad. You were wonderful parents full of love. I won't forget when dad took the five of us out on a Sunday so you could sleep during the day. That was before Maurice, Robert and Jimmy. We had such a great time and very special. It is really hard when your parents are not with you here on earth. I miss dad so much too and Jimmy. They say it is much better up there in Heaven so that is comforting.

Today is Wednesday Sept 12 already. We finally got a good dose of rain over the past week which was well needed. This summer was a record for fires throughout BC and very costly to us tax payers as well. But we are lucky to have the resources if needed. It is most difficult for those that lost their homes and any hurt or killed in the fires. We pray for them all.

I should get to bed now as it is getting late. I will walk in the morning then do some housework and I might take in a movie later in the afternoon. I try to go on Telus Tuesdays for the discount but I can use some Scene points to get a free movie if there is one I want to see or I could go look around in the mall. I need a pair of jeans believe it or not. I need new winter boots but want to wait for when Naturlizer's has black Friday which is 50% off. Hopefully the style I want will be included. See what happens.

I bless you all. I bless God our Father. He is so great, so perfect and The Almighty.

All my love to you, dad and Jimmy.
Ann Marie :)
Monday, August 13, 2018

Good Morning Sweetheart, Side Kick, Co-Pilot and everything else!

Just a note to let you know I am thinking about you. You will always be in my heart. I miss you so much. And I am grateful for the time we had and that I was there for you. You are the most sweet and special person. I was so very lucky.

It has been a very hot summer. It has been so hot that I unfortunately want the sun to ease up some and I want a good rain one night at least. It is almost impossible to sleep. But I am still grateful for what I have. I picked 50 lbs of blueberries this year. They are so good. I went to this farm in Pitt Meadow. They charge $1 per pound. I could not believe the price and they are very nice. These berries are about the best I had so far. I should have picked about 20 lbs more as I am concerned I might run out before next season. For next year I will note to pick 70 lbs!

As you know Bingo at Dogwood is off for the summer. We start up again Sept 7. I am not sure if I will have to call or not. Had a problem with one of the callers on our last session in June and he mentioned he may not call anymore. All I can say is PEOPLE! See what happens. If he does not call then we will have bingo twice a month instead of every week. I really do not want to call, only in a pinch. I sure miss your smile at bingo. Margo misses you alot too! I have a great bingo of you at bingo. You were looking at me and smiling that smile of yours. I miss that smile so much and I miss your singing. I try to sing in my head like you did once a week with you singing along. It makes me feel good.

I hope dad and Jimmy are doing good too. Must be so nice for them with you with them. What a blessing for you all. I often think about dad when I was little. He was so nice the time I switched the salt for sugar for April fools day. He went along with my little plan just for me.

Well time to go to get some work done then some housework as it is not too hot right now. I am really behind in cleaning.

All my love to you all. I miss you all. I know you are all in a better place and with our Father. You are all in my thoughts always.
All My Love,
Ann Marie
Wednesday July 25, 2018
Hi My Little Precious One
I am been thinking about you a lot these days. Missing our trips out for a walk, going to Rocky Point Park for ice cream. You really enjoyed the maple walnut. Miss your sweet smile and your singing. I miss you so very much.

I hope dad and Jimmy are doing good. I miss them too. It has been so long. I know you are all in my heart.

We have been having very hot weather this summer. It is to get even hotter later this week. I really hope not! I have already picked the blueberries. I picked 44 pounds, yes 44! I could not believe it myself. $1 per pound at an organic farm. I think I told you about this one. I tried them last year. Very nice people and very clean farm. Hopefully the price won't go up too much next summer.

Talk will you later. Remember you are always with me and in my heart.
Love to you, dad and Jimmy
June 19/2018
Hi My Little Side Kick
Just thinking about you and missing you so very much. I often think about Christmas. We had such a good time icing the sugar cookies, making the ginger bread house and village. And assembling the nativity scene which was just beautiful. Know I miss you so much. You are my best friend, my mom daughter and I am your daughter mom.
All my love to you, dad and Jimmy.

Ann Marie
Hi My Little Side Kick
We are now into June and it is really sad you are not with us. I miss you so much. I know you are most likely busy with knitting dish cloths and taking care of dad and Jimmy. I can't believe how fast the days have gone by. The weather has been nice with the exception of this past week where it has been a mix of clouds, some rain and the sun has come out a bit. Hard to know what to wear as you don't know if it will rain or not so I carry an umbrella just in case.
Sending all my love to you all.
Ann Marie
Hi My little Sweet Heart
How are you? I sure miss you? I am doing my best. I dropped by to visit everyone on Mother's Day. I hope you enjoyed the pink roses. And a happy birthday young lady. 95 years!!

We are having quite a nice spring this year. Looks like summer will be nice too. I hoped August won't be unbearable with the heat as usual. I miss our walks and talks. I miss our dinners and TV times. I miss you so much. I know you are in a better place and with dad and Jimmy. I drop you a note later.
Ann Marie
Hi My Little Co-Pilot
How are you? I am sure you are doing well up there with everyone and God. Just wanted to say 'hi' and let you know I am thinking about you. I sure miss you and our times together. And time has gone by so fast as it usually does. It is not the same anymore without you and that smile but I keep that smile in my heart. I still volunteer at the bingo. Miss you not being there trying to call out 'bingo' for sure. Say 'hi' to Dad and Jimmy.
All my love to you sweetheart and Dad and Jimmy.
Ann Marie
Hi My little Sidekick,
Time has gone by so fast since you had to leave. I really miss you so much. Life has changed so much since you had to leave. We sure had a great Christmas, one to cherish. You did a beautiful job on the gingerbread house and the gingerbread village Bob gave you. And the nativity scene was beautiful. You sure had a way when it came to crafts! And dinner was even more special since it was made by Bob which was a first! You were really impressed. And you really enjoyed the left overs the next day too. Well it makes sense as you always put it, You loved food! Everyone misses you too. Margo at bingo has named her new stuffed animal after you. She said to say hello and really enjoyed sitting with you at bingo. Everyone at home sends there love to you. Our neighbours Vern & Merna send their love. I thanked them for watching over you when I was at work. And Debra the neighbour who gave you some piano lessons sends her love. Then the nurses and care aids at the Madison miss you very much. You should know how loved you were by so many. I know I will see you again. Until then I will keep you in my heart!
All my love sweetheart!
Ann Marie
Love you mom and miss you.
Dearest Aunt Hilda: You are a legacy of sincere dedication and love to all your children and grandchildren. I remember being invited to meet you in your home with Uncle Jim while he was dating you. You made the best apple pie and always had a ready smile with a gentle touch. I will always have fond memories of being in your home cared for like I was your own. I will miss you very much, Lynne Wooldridge Helman
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