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Hi Sweetheart

Life is getting harder and harder for me. Been a real struggle lately. Feel like I'm on the verge of a breakdown. I feel like I'm just gonna collapse. I can't stop thinking about you. You are truly an amazing woman.

Well I guess you know it's your sisters birthday today. Big "50"
You and your mom would be so happy with her. She has done so incredibly well. We are all so proud of her as I'm sure you and your mom are too. She is such an inspiration to all of us.

Days like this I sure wish Heather was here to talk with. She always knew just what to say. I miss her so much. Did Heather tell you all the things I asked her to say to you. I sure hope so. She was an incredible woman as well.

Well I'm sure it will be another sleepless night. But I will kiss your picture and tell you I love you and cuddle your pillow.

I miss you so much. I love you www

Always and always your bubaloo
Happy Canada Day Sweetheart

Two years ago we were at Canada Day in Parksville laughing dancing kissing and just having a great time.

Life is basically to hard for me without you in it.
I'm trying to carry on but just to many memories of us.
I'm taking a four day/ night councilling to help me with all my grieving I still am dealing with. I am really counting on this to work.

When I think about you and what an amazing woman you were and how you were the best at everything. And my love and. Soulmate no wonder I can never even think about dating another person because she would not even come close to you in a comparison. No one ever will. So how do I move forward if there is no one as. Great. As You.

I do pray you are happy sweetheart. And with your mom and my step mom. (I really miss you Heather,so much. Thank you for being there all those years and especially helping me with the loss of Jeannine. I couldn't have done it with out. I miss you love so much)

So I'm praying that you are all happy and healthy and looking over us. Love you all

I love you Jeannine more. Than you'll ever know xoxo

Love your bubaloo xoxo 143
Hello Babe

Just need to say I LOVE YOU
Hi babe

It's 3 am and I'm lying awake at your dads thinking about you like i always do. It's funny how anything good that happens in my life your the first person I want to share it with or if I'm having a hard day your the person I want to talk to about it.

Basically no matter what happens in my life. The highs or the lows you are the person I need in my life to make it all better or worth while.

I miss your laughter, your smile, and just amazing woman you are. I miss hearing hi bubaloo each time I walk in the door or the I love you as we fall asleep. But the hardest is not hearing good morning everyday. That one is the toughest.

Just a little note to say how much I love and miss my beautiful amazing Jeannine.

Love bubaloo 143
Sweet Jeannine

I awoke from sleeping hearing you call my name repeatedly. I looked over but you weren't there. It made me feel so alone and sad. I cried for hours.

But you must have been around because we let buddy out at midnight and he was running all around and flipped over like you were rubbing his belly for like an hour. He was having so much fun with you.

Just letting you know there isn't a day a hour or even a minute that I don't think about you and miss you so so much. I love you forever.

Good Night Sweetheart

Hard day today

It was a tough one

I love you and miss you

Love Brad xoxoxo
Hi babe

Just cut lawn and weedeated but you weren't there when I was done. I miss that so much. I miss everything about you and have real hard time knowing you won't be there each time I open eyes, open the door, or when I call your name.

I just miss you so much sweetheart. I love you so so much.

Forever and ever

Bubaloo xoxo 143
Happy Mothers Day Sweetheart

Just wanted to wish three of the most amazing kind generous incredible women a Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mothers Day Jeannine
Happy Mothers Day Christine
Happy Mothers Day Heather

Love you all

Brad xoxo
Hi my love

Help me please. I'm having real tough hard trying time right now.

Seems my world is crashing down again. And don't know how to make it better. You were always the one that did that and made everything better.

It's Mother's Day on Sunday and three of the worlds most perfect mothers are all in heaven. You your mom and heather. All three of you are super awesome moms. Give yourselves a hug for that.

I love you and god help me get thru these tough days.

Love all of you perfect ladies.

But miss my sweet beautiful Jeannine so much.

Love Brad
Happy Easter Sweetheart.

I hope you are enjoying Easter with Heather and your mom. I sure miss Heather. I hope you guys are having fun like you did in Florida.

I'm getting so confused and having a hard time focusing.

I just can't seem to get past losing you. I'm always mad and upset. No patience either. Just pissed that your not here. How do I go forward I just want to give up.

Show me what to do. Help me move forward. I just can't except your gone. No matter what I do or say or accomplish.

All my love. Brad

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