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My beautiful Jeannine

Oh how I miss you sweetheart
Your laughter. Your smile. You
How do I carry on when your all I think about.
How could anyone compare to you
To me you are perfect.

Please Sweetheart can you and Heather send dad something to help him get better. I worry about him so much. His breathing is getting worse. I need him in my life for a long long time. And so does everyone else. I want dad to have lots and lots of fun. He worked to hard to get sick and not enjoy himself. So please send down some healthy vibes to make him better. Thank you

Well another lonely night wishing you were with me and we were living life to the fullest.

All my love. Forever and Ever
Your Bubaloo xoxo143
Happy BC Day Beautiful

I sure miss you sweety.
Lately it's getting really tough. I keep seeing you In the clouds. In trees. When I close my eyes and in my dreams.

Life is much harder without you. You were my everything. I would love how you would light up every room you walked into. Everyone loved you so much. Especially me. And your dad. Each time he seen you,you could see the sparkle in his eyes. He loved you so much. Still does. Says how much he misses his little girl. I just went fishing with your dad and brother. Had a wonderful time. He caught about 6-7 salmon. They both had a great time. Your brother is such an awesome guy. I really enjoy spending time with him.

I want to carry on but how can I. No one could ever measure up to you. You were perfect. Always were. Ever since I first met you 35 years ago. I always put you up on a mantle. And your still there. Literally.

My health is getting worse by the day. Getting more depressed and no energy or don't even want to get out bed. Getting more grumpier too.

Need to find out why and what I need to do to change it. Need to start to feel alive again. Been down at rock bottom for so long. Need to start climbing up. And feeling happy again.

Well. Another day has passed. Just needed to say hi and tell you I love you more than you'll ever know or could imagine.

All my love. Your Bubaloo xoxo143
Happy Canada Day Beautiful

Today was a sad but good day. It was Uncle Jack's celebration of life. He is up there with you now so give him a big hug from me. But I'm sure you've already done that.

Sure miss you so much. Get so lonely every night. Miss cuddling the love of my life.

But enjoy the day and celebrate Canada Day with all the family and friends that are there beside you.

Love always. brad
My love of my life

Thank you for the miracle you gave me last time I asked. It's only half way there thou. I still need your help and heathers help to finish what I started.

Every time I watch a movie about struggles or family I get very sad because I miss you so much. I know I told you almost everyday but I'm telling you again. Thank you for everything. But because you were so incredible makes me feel so empty. I'm really struggling these days.

As well as others are struggling too with their problems. But everyone needs a hand and help once in awhile that is why we all ask our loved ones in our time of need.

I'm just tired of feeling empty inside. But I have my plan. And hope I can do it when the time comes. So again I will try to be happier for everyone on the outside when my inside just feels like it is on pause. And need something or someone to hit play for me. To make me feel alive again. Like that day me and you and the kids were on our boat. That day I felt like I was unstoppable and the happiest I've ever felt. At that moment I had everything. Meaning my heart was full of happy and nothing mattered. Thank you for giving me that feeling.

Love you and miss you sweetheart.
Love and miss you too Heather and Christine.

Brad xoxo
Hi sweetheart

I'm hoping for a miracle. Trying to do something. If you and heather get this message please send down your help and try to make this happen.

Love you and miss you so much.

All my love forever

Hi sweetheart

Hard day today. Almost didn't make it this morning. Collapsed in kitchen with huge pain to chest. But then went away.

Miss you so much. Love you forever.
Hello Sweety

What a great sleep and dream I had last night. Dreamt I was cuddling you all night but woke up and realized it was just your pillow. But still made me feel like you were there last night. And first time in such a long time slept right thru night and I feel great.

Love always
Your bubaloo xoxo
Hi Gorgeous

Just wanted to thank you for the other night for helping me in my time of need and for the way everything worked out.
Thank you. I knew you were there helping and giving me the time I needed to finish what I started.

I love you so much.

Always and always.
Hello Beautiful.

I went to see you yesterday and put some fresh roses there for you. I talked to you for awhile and your awesome mom. Each time I go see you I cry because how much I love you and miss you. You have no idea of the love I have for you.

I said I will be ok and you don't need to look after me and to just enjoy heaven and be with your mom and all your loved ones. I know you have helped me get thru these hard times and got me out the bad places I was heading for. But please stop trying to help everyone. Especially me. Forget about me and go wherever you need to go I dont want to hold you up anymore to go to where you need to be. By your mom and family. Just help yourself be happy. That is all I ever wanted was your happiness. Ever. I tried my best to make you happy. I wanted to give you the life you only dreamed about.

But now I'm just finally staring to work on myself. Was a rock bottom for so long. Put on a fake face for everyone but no one knew the pain I had within myself Only was two options. And I chose the up option. Everyday I'm feeling better and more alive. It's a long long road ahead but I will take that road. Because I am still needed here. And until God needs me I will be here

All my love and respect always
Love your Bubaloo
Good night sweety

Just having a real hard day
Needed to talk to you
I miss you so much
All my love always
Brad xoxo 143

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