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Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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Hi Gorgeous

Another sleepless night of no sleep. This is so hard.

I know you left but you are always in my heart and my tears

Why would God give me a taste of paradise and be so unbelievably happy.
And then take it all away.
It's like giving a child a bike they love and then have someone steal it.
I feel like my happiness and my heart was stolen from me. And it is not fair.

I've talked with people in similar situations and they feel like I do now 8-12 years later. I will not be able to handle this for that long. Too much. Way to much.

Show me a sign of what you need me to do. Because this isn't living if each day I pray that I will be with you when I should be praying for me to be happy again. To love life. To feel like I felt when I held you in my arms. Like the luckiest guy in the world.

Awaiting your help and guiding hand to show me

Love always bubaloo
My sweet Jeannine

I have lost the one person I can not live without.
My heart is shattered and completely broken.
I will never get over the loss of you sweetheart.
But you will live forever in my broken heart because it will never be mended or become whole again.
It has been over a year and I still can't sleep thru the night.
I miss you so so much.
So I am here on earth waiting for the day I can be with you in heaven.
There are so many ifs and whys
No one understands my pain I feel all the time.
To lose someone as wonderful as you there isn't words.
Only heart ache and pain.
I miss you so much.
Good night my angel.
May God fill your heart with love and laughter.

Always loving you
You may be gone from sight but you will always be with us.
One year ago my life changed forever. I miss your laughter, oh how I can hear that laugh. Your smile, it light sup any room. In this last year yo missed a grandchild being born. You missed Tamara's wedding. The things we talked about growing up together, your now missing. And I am so missing you. I miss our 5 hour talks. I miss everything about you. I still cant believe that phone call I got Oct 30, oh how it changed me. There isnt a day goes by I dont think abot you, your dad, Brad...the list goes on. I just wish that phone call had been you calling me. I would have been there in a heartbeat, just as you would have been for me.......I miss and love you with every heart beat.

Good Night Gorgeous

I love you forever.

And ever and ever.

Love Bubaloo.
Dear Jeannine,

It has been one year today and I can still hear the laughter in your voice, see your beautiful smile and feel the love you had for others.

We miss you and will always love you. I am sure you are doing what you can up there to help us work through the pain and fill the void in our lives with the happy memories you so easily gave us.

Missing you with all our hearts.

Hello Gorgeous

Well I'm reliving that weekend this weekend and it's real tough.
Please give me the strength to make it thru.
God, please take care of the love of my life. And help me get thru this extremely hard time.

All my love always. Bubaloo
Happy Thanksgiving Beautiful

We were just talking about last Thanksgiving and how you made 3 amazing turkey dinners. One at your dads ,one here with my mom and step dad and then you made one for our family. Everyone amazing. You are an awesome cook. It's also the same weekend we made our address sign for our home. How come you are not here this year with all of us. We need you.

This has been the worst year of my life.
The hardest, saddest and most
depressing year of my life. I don't work without you. You were my everything.

Everything about us was magical. Everything just clicked. Now everything is such a mess. I'm a mess.

No one knows how hurt I am on the inside. So hard to do normal day to day stuff. Always on the verge of a breakdown.

If you can see or feel this pain I'm in please help me ease it. I can't take another year of this kind of pain. Too hard. Show me or guide me.

Missing you from every inch of my heart and soul.

Love always Brad
Hello Gorgeous

Well. Crappy October is here. This is only day one and it is so hard for me. I sure hope I make it thru this rotten month.

Working out of town is so tough. When I lay down at night all I want to do is call you. And talk about my day. But I can't and have no one to talk with like I could with you. I'm so lonely. I have never felt pain like I have lately. How am I ever gonna get over this. Will I ever be able to stop hurting. Anyway. No sleep again. And I need to go to work.

If you can see or hear this sweetheart. Show me a sign on what to do.

Miss you so much.

Hi Gorgeous

About 11 months gone by and yesterday I was in the kitchen and in a good mood and singing for about 45 min till I realized what I was doing.What was I thinking, I have no right to be happy.
I'm sorry if you seen that.

It's amazing when I think of all the little things you did and never realized how much I would miss them.Each day there are new things I miss so much,you were truly a gift from God.Absolutely perfect in my eyes.

I'm trying my best to carry on but next month will sure be tough on me.Everyday is tough but it will just be harder. When I looked in your eyes it was like coming home.Exactly where I wanted to be.And I hoped you felt the same.

I miss you so much sweetheart. But I know your free and happy and having fun with your mom and family.

Love always, Bubaloo

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