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Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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Happy Mothers Day Sweetheart

Just wanted to wish three of the most amazing kind generous incredible women a Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mothers Day Jeannine
Happy Mothers Day Christine
Happy Mothers Day Heather

Love you all

Brad xoxo
Hi my love

Help me please. I'm having real tough hard trying time right now.

Seems my world is crashing down again. And don't know how to make it better. You were always the one that did that and made everything better.

It's Mother's Day on Sunday and three of the worlds most perfect mothers are all in heaven. You your mom and heather. All three of you are super awesome moms. Give yourselves a hug for that.

I love you and god help me get thru these tough days.

Love all of you perfect ladies.

But miss my sweet beautiful Jeannine so much.

Love Brad
Happy Easter Sweetheart.

I hope you are enjoying Easter with Heather and your mom. I sure miss Heather. I hope you guys are having fun like you did in Florida.

I'm getting so confused and having a hard time focusing.

I just can't seem to get past losing you. I'm always mad and upset. No patience either. Just pissed that your not here. How do I go forward I just want to give up.

Show me what to do. Help me move forward. I just can't except your gone. No matter what I do or say or accomplish.

All my love. Brad
Good morning Sweetheart

Have been at hospital with family seeing Heather. Life not fair. A week ago all was good now heather can't talk and eyes rarely open and is very non responsive. So hard to watch a women that helped all of us just lying there and nothing we can do. She was an amazing mother and helped all of us thru good times and bad times. Without heather I don't even know if if be here. She was the rock that helped me cope with the loss of you. Without her guidance I would of been lost.

We had so many plans heather dad and me going on trips like fishing cruises or just coming over to visit. My heart is aching for my dad. Losing his best friend of over 30 years

It was and is still extremely hard for me losing you and I'm still going thru it. I wish there was a way I can take all my dads pain dad Is going to feel.

I dreamt I was like guy on green mile and sucked all heathers cancer out of her body because if I could change places with heather I would. In a heart best.

But I told heather to tell you how sorry I am and how much I miss and love you and you were my everything. Life so hard without you. But also said that I want you guys to help each other and look out for each other and have an eternity of happiness together.

I am going to miss heather so much and it hurts seeing dad in pain. I want to take away all his pain. Show me how I can take away my dads pain for him. Give it to me so he doesn't get it and feel any hurt or pain. Just give my dad wonderful memories.

I love you www 143
Hello my love

Life is so hard here. I wish I was with you now so this pain will stop. But I guess I'm still needed here for awhile.

Went to visit our step mom at hospital and just found out worst news possible. Cancer spreading to fast. Nothing they can do. She was my rock after you left me and was always there for me. For anything. Heather helped me so much trying to ease my pain since I lost you and now I have huge pain because we might lose her. I need heather to help guide me thru this pain they called Life.
Life is so very cruel. I'm not doing well babe. Not at all.

But on pos side it is Spencer's birthday today. I am so proud of him and love him so much. He will need to be my rock now

And sweet beautiful Kym is going to be a mommy soon. I guess that means I'll be a grandpa. Man I wish you were here to help me celebrate our grandchild. You would of been the best grandma ever.

Have to go now. My eyes are burning from all the crying.

I love you always and forever

Hello my love

I miss you so much
When will the hurting stop

As I lay awake and think of you each night.
The nightmares I get every night I try to fight.
But each morning I awake and see that your not there.
Another day without you I can't bare.
But even if something happens that turns out great
I can't share with you and this I do hate.
So many things have happened that I want to share.
But I carry on each day but my heart it does tear
You are my soul mate always have been and always will be.
Because you are the best thing that ever happened to me.
So now I'll try to fall sleep because it's quarter to four.
What can I say I haven't told you a thousand times before.
God took you when I needed you the most
And without you I am empty inside but thru life I will coast.
Enjoy heaven and time with your mom
And on that day I'm chosen I will come
And we can be together like we should be.
From that moment on until eternity.

Always and forever. Brad
Hello Beautiful

I wake up In the middle of the night and reach over to hold you but you aren't there. And I ask myself why?
I keep thinking this is still a horrible dream and you will be back when I wake up.

I miss you so much. You have no idea how much hurt and pain I feel all the time. I watch a show and something reminds me of you. You are always on my mind. From feeling like life was at its best it could ever be to living the rest of my life missing the only woman I ever loved with all my heart and soul. We had so many wonderful dreams of growing old together. Now I wonder if I will ever be happy again.

I will think of you always. The way you were. So happy and full of life. My energizer bunny. You were always doing something so full of life and energy.

I love you always and forever

Love Your Bubaloo
My sweet Jeannine

Tomorrow is valentines day. Happy Valentines day

I'm getting close. Life without you is too hard. I can finally see things the way you must have.

But my kids are the only reason I still have faith. Without them who knows where I'd be. But I will always be here for them.

Another day. Another cry. Another hole in my heart.

But I will keep having faith. Because I need you and need your guidance. And need to get thru this time in my life.

Always here for you

Jeannine my love

It's 3:30 in morning and can't sleep
Just thinking about life and how unfair it is.
Why would god bring us together after 30 years
30 years of still loving each other even when we weren't
Then have 3-1/2 incredible years together
You were everything I could ever ask for
We were totally made for each other
You brought me into a love that was unmeasurable
I was finally feeling like Life couldn't get better
Because we had each other no matter what
And now your gone and so has my zest for life
Why give me a taste of compete happiness
Then take it all away. To hurt and devastate me.
Life is unfair cruel and mean
God I pray every night for you to take away this pain
Sweetheart please guide me out of this path if am going down and into a path that is brighter and happier
I love you with all that I am.
You were my everything, my soul mate
Till we meet again gorgeous
Love you forever. Brad
Hello Gorgeous

Well stopped taking my meds because they kept me from sleeping. Now I'm so depressed again. Don't even want to get out of bed or care about anything.

I need to find happiness again. You gave me a world of happiness that I could never of imagined. But your gone and so did my love of life.

Please work with me and answer my prayers and help me thru this hard time.

I love you so much. And words can not describe how much I miss you. You were my world.

Forever and ever Brad

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