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Hello Gorgeous

Well another damm Christmas is coming soon. I don't like the holidays anymore. Not the same without you. I miss you so much. Each day harder than the last. So glad to be by myself this Christmas. I don't want to bring others down because I'm not in mood.

But on bright side kids are going to have fun at their moms place this year. It will be so exciting for Kym with her little cutie. He is so awesome. You would of loved Caleb. And Spencer can spend time with his mom and have fun. They enjoy each other's company.

All I can say is I pray next year will be better than this one was. Don't get me wrong we had a wonderful blessing of Caleb. I love him so much and love my kids www too and had the best time I could of ever hoped for with my dad on cruise. We had so much fun. Totally was an amazing time but to many deaths. As I'm sure you know because Heather and grandma are with you as well. Tons of stress. Endless lonely nights. Just want this year to end. 2012 worst year of my life. 2014 just as bad. God I'm praying 2015 will be better.

I miss you sweetheart so much
You were and are my everything
Love always.
Your bubaloo 143
Hello sweetheart

Two years today since you passed and went to heaven.

Thru out these last 2 years
Thru out my pain and tears
And with this real huge loss
Came with hurt and great cost
My life was shattered apart
There's a huge hole in my heart
I Have to keep moving along
And I Need to be real strong
For if I stop and think I'm free
My brain it will torment me
It will make me really think
Then I will slowly start to sink
Moving forward and don't stop
For If I do my heart will pop

I miss you so much
I miss you Jeannine

But I know your in heaven with your mom and heather and now grandma burns. Talking about us and watching over us and keeping us safe. Thank you for that.

All my love always. Bubaloo
One of gods greatest creations
Gone without any explanations
Heaven got a little better that day
God needed you and took you away
And now you look down from above
Our hearts broken without your love
There's nothing anyone could do
To deserve so much love from you
From the hugs when we were sad
Or hearing you say hi mom and dad
The long phone calls we sure miss
The laughter that followed hi sis
You never changed who you were
Fun and full of life that's for sure
I waited for you my whole entire life
No question I wanted you as my wife
When we go to heaven so you know
We will hold you and never let go
We thank you for all those amazing wonderful years you gave us
And for the memories and love that will be in our hearts forever
For all we ever wanted was to spend time with you. Our angel. The love of our lives. Our beautiful Jeannine.

Love you always,Miss you forever Your Bubaloo

This is crazy. Watching a movie tonight and watching couples so happy makes me so sad. Seeing them get excited each time they see each other reminds me of us. How we were.

Then it felt like someone shot me in leg three times. Wow such pain. I don't know what it was but man I thought I was gonna pass out it hurt so much. Then it took my breath away. Then 10 min later was ok.

Well now in bed. Still trying to catch my breath. I know I'll never find another you which makes me so sad.

I love you. Miss you. Adore you

Love Brad
My sweet Jeannine

As I lay on hotel room bed
Lots of things I should of said
I'm not focused,and I'm a mess
Is it worth the pain and stress
But I will keep plugging away
Knowing we will meet someday
We had such plans and dreams
We were the ultimate team

I think about you every day
Your much better in every way
No one will ever be as great
I will never find a soul mate
Mine was you but your not here
I only miss you more each year

I hope you how much I love, miss and adore you so much
I miss your hugs kisses laughter and your gentle touch

I love you always
Miss you forever
Love Brad
Hi Beautiful

Well we are grandparents now. Kym had her baby. So cute. I think Kym is going to call him Caleb. But she's not sure yet. I sure wish you were here with me now to celebrate this amazingly awesome day. But I'm sure you and all your and my family in heaven are celebrating up there as well.
I miss you so much.

Love always. Brad
Hello gorgeous

Having great day today
Spencer and his mom having fun at home
I'm close to Kym incase she has baby
See her tonight. She seems so happy.
Which totally melts my heart
No place in world I'd rather be then Here with my sweet loving daughter.
I sure wish you were here to help me with the joy about to come In to our lives
First time in a LONG time I haven't been upset or depressed.

Just wanted to say hi
Love you always. Xoxoxo

Miss u love you
All my love
Hi babe

Life is such a struggle without you.
Life Really getting to me.
Not getting easier.

Miss you. Love you.
Sweet Jeannine

I'm so depressed and just don't care. I'm sinking each day. Why?
Why is it so hard to move on
Why isn't it getting easier
Everyone else can just move forward but me. I just can't except it. It's not fair

Why are you calling me each night and waking me up. You call my name over and over. But when I look your not there.

I'm gonna try to think of a way to have you remembered always. Well most people will for sure remember you but I want to find a way to leave your legacy forever. I'm working in it.

I just miss you so much and can't believe we won't grow old together.

Have a wonderful day and enjoy heaven full of love happiness and forgiveness.

Always and forever. Brad
Hello Sweetheart

Last day with Kym. Got back to room and cried. I miss her so much when she's not around.

Went to a comedy play at the theatre with her and it was funny but tearss were dripping down face because all I could think about was you. I wiped them away and just said I was laughing hard and the tears came but that wasn't true.

I feel like I'm all alone in this world. And don't know how to deal with that. No ambition or energy to do anything. Feel like I'm sinking deeper and deeper each day.

Just wanted to tell you how I'm feeling and I miss you so much.

You stole my heart when we met. Made it unbreakable when we were together. And broke it into unfixable pieces when you left. Just trying to get the courage to wake up each day and move forward.

Thank god for all your signs you show me each day. It helps each day get easier.

Good night beautiful. I love you and miss you. www

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