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The love of my life

I don't know what is going on with me. My back is so sore I can barely move. I have pain under both of my ribs. I have a headache that I've had for a month that won't go away. I can't sleep.

But most of all lately I can't stop thinking about you. I constantly look across our bed for you. And lately I keep trying to call you. I don't understand what is happening with me lately.

So glad Kym is spending time with me this summer. We are having so much fun. She learning to drive and we are driving alot so she can get practice in. She is a good driver. Spencer was a natural When he learnt to drive it felt like he already drove for years. So proud of both my kids.

Not looking forward to when Kym leaves to go home. I will be so lonely again.

I miss you so much. I think about you 24/7. You are my everything. God I wish I could hold you one more time.

Another sleepless night.
I pray one day that it won't hurt this much. I miss my baby.

I'm sending you a prayer right now that you are so happy being with your mom and have eternal fun and laughter together.

Always in my heart and forever in my thoughts

All my love. Bubaloo
Heart shattered constant pain,all I do is hurt
I feel like I'm lying in a hole being covered by dirt
As the light above slowly goes away
I have these words that I need to say
Why did you leave me and cause me such pain
My mind can't stop picturing you,it's driving me insane
Now It feels like I can't breath any more air
I pray when I wake up that you will be there
We will walk hand in hand together again
There will be no more tears that flow like the rain
But as I gasp my final breath and close my eyes
I wake up and look for you,that's no surprise
But I am all alone and feel that my pillow is wet
Another night,another nightmare for I surely have wept
To be without you is more than I can bare
Life is so cruel and mean and really unfair
But I made it thru today and hopefully tomorrow
I pray one day I will wake without any sorrow.
Please pray with me and help me to get thru this
For one day we will meet again and forever we will kiss
And live together in eternity
For then I will finally be free
Happy Canada Sweety

I can't believe a year ago today we were walking hand in hand at the Canada day festival. Holding each other as we listened to music. Dancing and kissing each other in front of everyone because we were so much in love.

I love you so much. Forever and ever. There isn't a word that can even come close to how much I miss you.

Sweet dreams beautiful
So tired sweety

All I do is think about what I'm missing. Holding you , talking to you,kissing you,cuddling on couch,sleeping with you,enjoying your amazing cooking,never a meal that wasn't incredible, how organized you were,your laugh,how you looked so gorgeous all the time,everyone loved you,everyone loved coming over,how you would always make sure I'm looking after your dad when I stayed there , everything about you I miss SO MUCH.

I just don't see what I can do make the hurt and pain stop. All our plans our future our goals all gone.

You have NO IDEA how much pain I am in each day. I need this pain to stop or ease because I can't take it anymore. These letters aren't helping like the doctor said it would.

I still wake up everyday and look over to see you there beside me. Or call your name when I come home. Or check my cell to see if you called. I keep hoping that this is just a terrible dream and I will wake up and hold you again. Please be a dream. Please be a dream. Come home sweetheart. I'm here with open arms waiting for you to hold me again.

God. Please make this just a bad dream and ask Jeannine to come home because I need her and miss her and my life doesn't work without her.

That is the only prayer I will ever ask you for. Please ask her to answer when I call for her.

Thank you God.

I will be waiting.
Just a quick note beautiful

Oh my god baby, you were and are my sunshine.

But what can I do now that God has taken that sunshine away.

Everything needs sunshine to survive

What happens when there is no more sunshine ??

God. Please give me my sunshine back.

I won't ever ask for anything ever again.

I've fallen over the edge now and can't get back
Everywhere I look I see you
Every place I go I feel you
Every thing I do I miss you
I just can't get over you
Every person I see just upsets me because I know they miss you and I can't help them
Every day so much pain
You did so many things I never realized. I don't know how you did them all. You were my energizer bunny Remember when we first got together I would call you that and you loved it.
Not sure how much longer I can last with such heart break everyday.
Why go on when the one and only perfect woman for me showed me incredible happiness for four years then left and gave me a lifetime of pain and heartache. I am constinately saying why didn't I do this or work less or just enjoy very second I could of with you. But I put work first and now I have lost everything.

It's scary here a rock bottom. Do I dig deeper or try to find a way up. I'm leaving that decision to you to show me.

So I pray for you to show me what you want me to do
And I pray to God to help ease this horrible pain I live each day and every night

Love your broken,devesated,on rock bottom bubaloo. Xoxoxoxoxoxo
It happened again Sweetheart

I was in Klemtu working and there was so many memories of us there that is was so hard to try to keep it together.
Then when I went into the room where we stayed at night time it hit me hard. My arm went numb, then my leg, and started to get those incredibly bad headaches but thankfully I fell asleep but the whole time I was praying,please God not here.

Then I was so distraught that I had to call a grief counselor and he was quite good. he asked me who my hero was and I told him you and I asked him who his was. I was guessing he would say God.

But then talked to me in a different tone and said.

To me a hero is someone who has had a devastating loss of a loved one (spouse or child) or has lost everything,all worldly possessions (either by fire,flood,hardship,etc) But still has the strength and courage to get up out of bed each day and face the world with a smile and start all over again, those people are my hero's.

I liked what he said, but I can't be a hero because I can lose all my possessions but the one thing I can't get over is losing you. I just can't. And that is why it is so hard for me to get up each day because your not there to share it with.

I am praying you will receive this note I am sending you and pray for God's help to guide me.

All my love
Happy Mothers Day Jeannine!

Hugs&Love -kymberly
On Mother's Day
my sweet Jeannine

The tears are pouring down my face as i write this because I miss you so much. Two huge breakdowns just writing this message to you. My hands shaking so much. My heart beating so fast yet hurting so much. My face is numb. I miss you so much sweety. I need you back. Life is to hard without you. Every time I close my eyes I see your beautiful smile. Every time and I miss it so so much. How much hurt can one man take.

Love you forever.

My prayer I say each night

God. Please look after my baby and treat her the way she treated everyone. With kindness and lots of love.

If anyone reads this and agrees that Jeannine was an amazing mom or a amazing daycare mom that treated her daycare kids like her own please tell me some stories because I need to hear about my beautiful Jeannine and how she effected the lives of others as she did mine.

Thank you God for letting Jeannine hear my prayers.
Happy Mothers Day to one of the worlds best moms

You were an incredibly amazing mother. Everyone who ever knew you, I'm sure will agree that you went way above and beyond to be the very best mother you could be. I have told you for 21 years how great you've been raising your son. I was so jealous of how well you did raising your family. I don't think there was a thing you ever did wrong because you always thought of what is best for your family and you always did such an unbelievably amazing job as a mom.

And when we got together you welcomed my kids with open arms and loving heart. My kids loved you so much. You weren't just an incredible fun step mom but their friend as well. And they miss you like I do as

I'm sure you learnt alot from your mom because Christine was also an amazing mother. Always had a smile and would open her heart and home to everyone. She was an amazing woman as well.

So you two are up in heaven and having alot of laughs and enjoying each others company.

I miss both of you amazing women. You both made a house into a wonderful home full of love.

Cheers to two of worlds best moms.

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