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August 22, 2014

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August 22, 2014

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
July 11, 2014
Paul Walker, the fourth: high standards of excellence
Moments of Extraordinary Momentum by Patrice M., original poem
To respect Angel Paul's powerful angelic presence,
To celebrate Paul's legacy,
To cherish memories of Paul:
To recollect, connect & reflect about Paul,
To appreciate Paul's essence,
To learn from Paul's mentoring capabilities,
To reach out to those in need e g. via R.O.W.W. like Paul did,
To accept others less fortunate,
To have a higher standard of excellence for achieving goals,
To remember Paul's extraordinary qualities,
To aspire to Paul's outstanding level of enthusiasm,
To carry on ... Angel Paul does continue to carry on in an immortal capacity!!!
July 05, 2014
Paul Walker, the fourth: knew the meaning of freedom
Happy Independence Day!
July 04, 2014
Paul Walker, the fourth: abundant stamina & self-discipline
Summer Homefolk Gatherings by Patrice M., original poem
Scrumptious hamburgers, brats & tasty drinks,
Authentic camembert & brie cheese on crackers;
Coleslaw & many kinds of potato salad,
Listening to tunes, including rock ballads.
Baked beans, succulent watermelon,
Chicken salad, ice-cream, popsicles;
Chips, dips & a rainbow of jello,
Laughter, conversations & a most certain mellow.
Ice cold snow cones, luscious fruit smoothies,
Crunchy caramel corn, wispy cotton candy;
Salty pretzels & buttery popcorn,
Beautiful sandy beaches, the norm.
Bicycles & hiking trails,
A bicycle built for two;
Picnic tables, park benches,
Rain showers, getting drenched.
Sailboats, speedboats, water skiing, de-stressing,
Cartwheels on the grass, cantankerous canoes;
Saunas, masseuse massages, waterways,
Many incredible, exciting fun-filled days.
July 03, 2014
Paul Walker, the fourth: medically trained to save lives
Hurricane Hai* Ai Yi Yi by Patrice M., original poem
Hurricane force waves & winds,
Mandatory evacuation begins;
Traveling away from the storm in the opposite direction,
A goal for all to seek protection.
Storm surge lands powerfully ashore,
Then many houses float away offshore;
Despite warnings, some people stay ... insisting it's okay,
They take their chances; meanwhile the storm advances.
Better not to hunker down,
Certainly better not to drown;
Tons of water flooding & destroying,
This formidable impact really scary & really worth avoiding.
Dangerous amounts of moving debris,
Tremendous water & tremendous wind traveling from out at sea;
Adults & children confronting the situation faster,
In order to avoid disaster.
Taking with you only what you absolutely need,
To actually survive ... a matter of timing & a matter of speed;
People's nerves fraying does not justify any kind of delaying,
Get out while you can, by following that emergency action plan!
* Hai (Chinese-English translation: "sea")
July 02, 2014
Paul Walker, the fourth: superstar and sex symbol acquiescence
Moral Support
(original song compilation by Patrice M.)
"A Song of Strength," Fred Hammond
"You're Not Alone," Meredith Andrews
"The Prayer," Carole Bayer Sager, David W. Foster ... Celtic Woman
"Keeper of My Heart," MercyMe
"Gone Too Soon," Simple Plan, Pierre Bouvier, Charles-Andre Comeau
"The Airway," Owl City
"Walking in the Air," Howard David Blake, Celtic Woman
"I Miss You," Beverley Craven
"Remember Me," Zendaya
"The New Ground - Isle of Hope, Isle of Tears," Celtic Woman
"Vanilla Twilight," Adam R. Young, Owl City
"Speed of Love," Adam R. Young, Matthew A. Thiessen, Samuel Hollander, Samuel S. Hollander, Owl City
June 24, 2014
Paul Walker, the fourth: nickname 'the vagrant' & a great interest in all sorts of sports
Leisurely Lackadaisical Days by Patrice M., original poem
Surfing all the craze; tropical haze,
Summer's leisurely lackadaisical days;
Soaking up the sun ... by the sea,
Homemade lemonade, southern sweet iced tea.
Music & sound all around,
Convertibles with their tops down;
Fun of a mega beach variety,
Enjoying socializing in society.
Friends gathering & many chattering,
Good cheer, a happy atmosphere;
Picnic lunches; sports scores' hunches,
Food delish; teams' finals list.
Soccer; sunblocker,
Eagles soaring ... ships mooring;
Throwing footballs to catch,
Throwing frisbees for dogs to fetch.
Playing volleyball in the sand,
Beachcombers a.k.a. vagrants jogging & feeling grand;
Kites, hikes, bikes,
Catamarans; longboards on top of vans.
Scuba gear & life jackets,
Tennis & badminton rackets;
Beach cove seclusion,
Low tide inclusion.
Skateboards; swimming,
Daylight dimming;
A whistling wind,
Calling it a night & then doing this all over again.
June 20, 2014
Paul Walker, the fourth: a horseman who could horseback ride
Crowning Glory by Patrice M., original poem
California Chrome (CC) shined very clear,
All the way up to the stratosphere;
One of only 3 horses that ran in each Triple Crown race recently!
CC kept his strides faster than the other two, consistently.
Congratulations CC for your crowning glory!
One of the best all-around; one of the best ever found;
Your hooves barely touched the ground,
Like Secretariat, a joy to watch you race the way you do!
June 15, 2014
Paul Walker, the fourth: Mighty proud of Meadow, his beautiful, well-educated daughter!!!
Penchants by Patrice M., original poem
From Paris to Penzance,
From China to Japan;
All 'round the world, fathers doing the very best that they can!
Many roles, many goals ... legendary Super Bowls.
Responsibility, capability, reliability,
Physicality, formality, punctuality;
Skillful educational aptitudes,
Ingenious intelligent attributes.
Suits & ties; looking industrious & GQ,
Hard hats & steel-toe shoes; ready for action ... work to do;
Some blue collars, some white collars,
Many legendary scholars.
Professions, conventions,
Catching that train, catching that destination;
On the go ... in the know,
Workers earning money a.k.a. dough.
Athletes or civil engineers ... seeing where their paths lead,
D.A.'s, CPAs, producers, directors, actors, actresses;
Captains, scientists, magicians,
Mechanics, physicians, statisticians ...
Children super-proud of their well-respected fathers,
Healthy, happy & safety-conscious homes;
Fathers' GPS locations: mega coordinates of longitudes & latitudes,
Super positive attitudes ... gracious gratitude!!!
May Almighty God bless Angel Paul's and Angel Roger's children. May Angel Paul's and Angel Roger's families & friends find renewed strength.
June 11, 2014
June 09, 2014
Paul Walker, the fourth: mesmerizing superstar
Same Wavelength
(song compilation by Patrice M.)
"Coming Home Part II," Shawn Carter, Skylar Grey
"Cloud 9," Dove Cameron, Luke Benward
"I Believe in You," Joe Thomas
"No One (Could Ever Take Your Place)," Sam Cooke
"The Very Thought of You," Ray Noble, Billie Holiday
"Till There Was You," Katherine Jenkins
"Father and Daughter," Paul Simon
"Forever Young," Bob Dylan, Jim Cregan, K. Savigar ...
"Never Too Far," Jimmy Jam a.k.a. James Harris III, Terry Lewis, Mariah Carey
"Who You'd Be Today," Kenny Chesney
"When a Child is Born," Fred Jay, Frank Farian, IL DIVO
"Thankful," Carole Bayer Sager, Josh Groban
"In His Eyes," Leslie Bricusse, Frank Wildhorn: Broadway soundtrack Jekyll & Hyde, 1997 musical
"The Dance," Garth Brooks

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