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Richmond Remembers Korean War Veterans

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This city of service never forgot the Forgotten War

Others may forget about the Korean War, but a city this connected to its military history remembers all its heroes. With a lifetime of contributions to their families and the community, these Richmond servicemen would be hard to forget.

Alvie Edison Morris

This Korean War veteran went on to serve as an orthotics and prosthetics lab chief for McGuire VA Medical Center, providing life-changing medical care to Virginia's wounded soldiers. Sign his Guest Book.

Guest Book Entries
"Someday we will know, where the pilots go, when their work on earth is through. Where the air is clean and the engines gleam and the skies are always blue."

William Gresham
Mr. Gresham continued his service to the community long after he finished his tour in the Korean War. With his forty-year career as a teacher and assistant principal in the Essex County Public Schools, and his ongoing leadership in civic work and church fellowship, William made an impact on the lives of generations. Sign his Guest Book.

Guest Book Entries
"Mr. Gresham touched so many lives and did so much for the community."

"He was kind, fair and good to the children of Essex High School. We were blessed to have him as an leader/ educator. ​​​​​"


James P. Burleigh, Sr
James spent his post-war life building a successful family and independent business, and his service during the Korean war was remembered. Sign his Guest Book.

Guest Book Entries
"On behalf of a grateful nation, an expression of appreciation for the honorable and faithful service rendered by your loved one."

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