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Richmond Remembers Vietnam War Veterans

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Richmond Remembers Vietnam War Veterans

As the times changed, so to did our understanding of what it means to be soldier. These local servicemen weathered an uncertain era and brought that resilience home to bolster a growing nation. 

Gene Franklin Davis
During his 30-year career with the Marine Corps and two tours of Vietnam, Captain Davis earned a battlefield commission and several medals including the Silver Star, Purple Heart and South Vietnamese Medal of Gallantry. Sign his Guest Book.

Guest Book Entries

"Gene lived out the high standards of being an officer and a gentleman. It was my rich honor to know him as a friend."

"He made his mark on this nation with his outstanding military service and on the hearts of all who knew him. The memory of this good man will be with me always."

Robert Brown, Jr.
After tours of duty in both the Korean and Vietnam Wars, Robert's commitment to service and easy warmth touched his community and family. Sign His Guest Book.

Guest Book Entries

"The accomplishments of Sgm. Brown are very remarkable. During his lifetime he touched many people and assisted others."

"We have truly lost a great Patriot, friend, man"

Wilbur Coffey, Jr.
This proud Navy veteran dedicated his post-Vietnam life to mentoring children as a coach and educator who always said that "he would never know if something he said or did may influence someone from making the wrong choice or decision, but he hoped that his efforts would lead to just that". Sign His Guest Book.

Guest Book Entries

"Coach Coffey was a true gentleman. He has inspired me to be a better coach, a better husband, and a better father."

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