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Richmond Remembers WWII Veterans

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The greatest gift from this generation? A lifetime of service.

They fought the good fight, and America stood stronger as a result of their sacrifices. But what makes this generation of Richmond heroes the greatest is their lifelong commitment to service.

From his "herculean" efforts to assist downed soldiers on the Italian warfront, to his celebrated efforts to fly the American flag on the homefront, this WWII Medal of Honor winner made defending freedom his life's work. The Sitter & Barfoot Veterans Health Care Center at McGuire Veterans Affairs Medical Center was named in his honor. Sign his Guest Book.

Guest Book Entries
"My family feels as if we knew him through his unfailing service to and love of America and it's flag. Such patriots inspire hope for future generations. Hope he and my Dad (WWII& Vietnam) are exchanging stories and laughs and watching over America with their unique grace."

"He embodied what every American should try to be. I mostly remember thinking how gentle and kind he was and comparing that to all the awards he had received."

"We fought with you on your battle with your fight to keep your flag flying high, as we yelled out on our side of the computer. 'You go, Mr. Barfoot!!!'
God holds you now in his hands but we will always hold you in our hearts. You Go, Mr. Barfoot, you have earned your rest."

This proud WAVE followed her contributions during WWII with a lifelong military career, including civilian service at the Navy and with the Army Corps of Engineers. Sign her Guest Book.

Guest Book Entries

"Our daughters stand proudly throughout the military. People like Bonnie made that possible. Thank you for your service!"


He took his faith to the front lines, and after serving in WWII and the Korean War, "proudly wore the Combat Infantryman's Badge under his Chaplain's Cross." He continued his commitment to faith and country during the rest of his 50-year career in military, as a Methodist minister in the VA Conference and an Air Force chaplain. Sign his Guest Book.

Guest Book Entries

"A man of immense integrity and humor, his life was an inspiration to many including myself. The world is a little less bright and hopeful without him here."

"Phil and I became friends while we were assigned to neighboring Air Bases in Japan. We were brothers in Christ."


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