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Jim Sullivan

Big Jim Sullivan (Total Guitar Magazine / Future / Getty Images)
Big Jim Sullivan (Total Guitar Magazine / Future / Getty Images)

Guest Book Highlights

July 27, 2013 "I am so sorry to hear of Jim's passing. What a wonderful man, and talent. I had the pleasure of meeting him way back in the 70's when he was playing with Tom Jones. A very cordial, humble man. In 2008, I received an email from him "catching up with the news of the day". Very sweet indeed. The world is going to miss this gentle giant." - Juanita (RI)
May 28, 2013 "Such a sad loss, he was the man.
I have some fond memories from De-Lane-Le studios when I couldn't get a part right, he put it down in two shakes in one take. I asked him to teach me the solo to 'The Crying Game' he promised me that he would, he would if I traded him some Rock licks at 100 watts, sadly I still can't play the solo right. Jim you really were the man. RM" - Ray Majors (London and, MA)
April 15, 2013 "As a guitarist playing now for 56 years, I was inspired by the sheer skills of Jim from way back in the 1960's. I always wanted to meet him and did so through a friend in Nottingham.He came to South Shields to give a demo and looked over the River Tyne on his break, remarking what a beautiful sight it was. The light has gone and the skills will never be matched. I will always remember the gentle giant whom I met.R.I.P Jim." - Stan Wears (hartlepool)
January 26, 2013 ""My dear, Jim God bless you and may you rest in peace and I will always remember the time we met at the Suffolk Punch pub in Borehamwood in February 1994. I still have the plectrum that you gave me and I will look after it for ever and ever.

Vic Rowntree (Borehamwood)" - Vic Rowntree (Borehamwood)
November 20, 2012 "So pleased to have known you how we will miss your amazing music and you,great guy" - Carole and Mike Jennings (southwick)
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LONDON (AP) — Acclaimed session guitarist Big Jim Sullivan, who played on dozens of hits in the 1960s and 1970s, has died, his wife said Thursday. He...
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