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Bruno Sammartino

Bruno Sammartino (Getty/Wireimage)
Bruno Sammartino (Getty/Wireimage)

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April 15, 2019 "I met Bruno 3X he was a man of impeccable character! He was not only the best the business has seen, he remained humble. If you want to test a mans character, give him power or fame. Bruno surely passed the test. He, I'm sure would be in the top 5 of all time, of all men in history, who achieved fame and maintained good character, genuineness etc. Bruno was a true gentleman and his legacy is timeless. Such a terrible loss for mankind. May God bless and keep his family at this time, and the days too come." - David Lehrman (Tazewell, TN)
February 28, 2019 "Pulled over many years ago in my Yellow Cab, to ask a jogger for directions, and as soon as he spoke, there was no question who he was...a man of quiet grace!" - Edward McWhirter (Pittsburgh, PA)
February 22, 2019 "A great professional wrestler and a great human being. He was well respected. He really knew how to wrestle. He wasn't a flashy pro wrestler with expensive robes. He was tough and he wrestled to beat his opponent. Mr. Sammartino was very tough inside that squared circle. Mr. Sammartino was a great pro wrestling commentator who provided a lot of insight into various holds and maneuvers. The comments he made came from experience as a pro wrestler...not some armchair want-to-be individual. I also liked watching his son wrestled. Back in the day I watched pro wrestling to see if a wrestler would go down for the count or submit...nothing more and nothing less. Back then pro wrestling was a sport...not entertainment. Thank you Mr. Sammartino for setting the pro wrestling bar up so high!!! When Mr. Sammartino entered the squared circle...he meant business!!! He was a man of steel and velvet. What a Class Act and an outstanding individual who was humble as well. "Excellence is to do a common thing in an uncommon way" (Booker T. Washington). Respectfully submitted by: Artemus Flagg, Ph. D. of Charlotte, NC" - Artemus Flagg (CHARLOTTE, NC)
February 13, 2019 "I watched Bruno on tv when I was kid. I couldn't wait for saturday night to watch wrestling. Bruno was such a professional, he will be sorely missed..RIP " - Mario Glover Sr (Newark, DE)
December 27, 2018 "In my childhood years, the grand finally to a any week, in those days were to sit with my Dad, Mr. louis m. Chesimard, May he Rest In Peace , and watch, the greatest wrestlers of all time. Our favorites were mr. Bruno Sammartino , cocoa brazil, Andre the giant, to mention a few.God bless Mr. Sammartino and all the best tohis family. Thank you for sharing this great man with us" - Andre Chesimard (Freeport, NY)
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Obituary for Bruno Sammartino
PITTSBURGH (AP) — Bruno Sammartino, professional wrestling's "Living Legend" and one of its longest-reigning champions, has died. Sammartino was 82. ...
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Bruno Sammartino