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Alfred E. Kahn

Alfred Kahn Photo (AP News)
Alfred Kahn Photo (AP News)

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February 28, 2017 "Our thoughts and prayers are with you in your time of grief. May your memories bring you comfort." - (GA)
January 27, 2013 "Fred Kahn was my Phd thesis advisor and shaper of many of my views on economics. I took my degree in 1965, have worked in Washington and Ottawa, Canada and am now retired. And I still quote him and his ideas both in conversation and on the net.

Arthur Cordell Ph.D. economics 1965"
February 22, 2011 "Dear Mary, Rachel and Hannah -

What a warm and remarkable person your dad was! My dad's at Kendal and I ran into Fred once; I'm shy so I said nothing but he initiated the conversation, recalled perfectly who I was, and engaged me so kindly with questions about my family.

I was there when Chippie Fogel came bringing pictures of their mutual great-granddaughter and I remember how wry and funny and charming he was about her.

I stopped by yesterday on one of my bi-monthly visits to Ithaca to say hello, but discovered I was too late. I'm so sorry to have missed the opportunity to visit with him and experience again his essential kindness. He was special.

Maddy Parrish Patterson" - Maddy Patterson (Cranbury, NJ)
January 14, 2011 "A truly wonderful man, Fred was never idle with his time. His devotion to his wife, Mary, was so touching and beautiful to watch. He was always kind and interested in everyone he spoke to. It is certain he will be missed by many.

Robin Gavin
Ithaca, New York" - Robin Gavin (Ithaca, NY)
January 03, 2011 "Dear Mary and family,

It was such an honor and a delight to know Fred. He was such a sweet, humble, and funny man. I loved the times I got to talk with him and, more importantly, to listen to him talk.

Our organization, Love Knows No Bounds, is forever grateful for Fred's tremendous generosity when we were just getting started with assisting families recovering from Hurricane Katrina. He is someone whose love and care for others truly knew no bounds, and we will miss him dearly.

Thank you, Fred, for bringing light and joy to our lives and the lives of the many you touched in New Orleans!" - Mike Ellis (Ithaca)
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Obituary for Alfred E. Kahn
ROCHESTER, N.Y. (AP) — Alfred E. Kahn, who presided over the historic deregulation of the airline industry during the Carter administration, paving...
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