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Christine Cavanaugh

Christine Cavanaugh (KMazur / Contributor / Getty Images)
Christine Cavanaugh (KMazur / Contributor / Getty Images)

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October 10, 2016 "When I was two years old, I fell in love with the Nickelodeon TV show, "Aaahh!!! Real Monsters!, because I was born in the late 1990's. Then, when I first saw Oblina, I was amazed and mesmerized with what she could really do to scare those humans away. I was really impressed that she wasn't spoiled because she came from a wealthy family, and that's another reason why I like her. As I got a little older, I never stopped drawing pictures of me with her together. Two years ago, I've been having a rough Christmas with my family. And it wasn't until New Year's Eve when I found out Oblina passed away. I was honestly devastated and heartbroken, which I knew was even worse than Robin William's death. I've always considered Oblina as my best friend, and I will never forget her for as long as I live. Thank you, Christine Cavanaugh, for playing my best friend. You made a memory in my childhood I will always keep close to my heart. Rest in peace, Oblina. I love you. :) <3" - Caitlin Sutton (Framingham, MA)
September 04, 2016 "May your hearts soon be filled with wonderful memories of joyful times together as you celebrate a life well lived." - Dizzy Storms
August 16, 2016 "Christine Cavanaugh Will Be Honored On Holidays Plus She Would Of Turned 52 Years Old To Her Husband Plus Other Family Members I'M Sorry For Your Lost Christine Cavanaugh Have Meet And Made Many Voice Over Friends Will Forever Misses Her Including Me And Her Other Fans. Happy Birthday You Always Is A Shining Star Who Cared About Many People And I Always Watch Old Episodes Of Dark Wing Rug Rats On You Tube. You Is Never Forgotten And Still Truly Missed By All Your Voice Over Friends :( Plus You Will Be Honored On Your Next Birthday August 16.2018 And August 16.2019 Plus Every Single Holiday!" - Tiffany Riley (Los Angeles, CA)
December 30, 2015 "That'll do, pig. That'll do. May your memory be eternal!" - David Schimpf (Oshkosh, WI)
October 17, 2015 "Chirstine really was a real life angel. Her eyes, smile, voice and just everything about her makes me love her more and more each day. Although only less than eleven months I ever knew of her, I feel like that she was and always will be more than just a talented actress, both off and on screen. It's strange to say that I never really grew up with most of her skills, the only characters I can ever remember early back was Chuckie, Dexter, Babe and Bud Smith, and yet, not only do I feel that she's an understandable person with past troubles to relate to and such, but in the last fourteen years of my whole life I feel as if I connect with her. Not because of the characters I, and many others, grew and love and adore, but more then that. It is silly to think such a thing but there really is something about her that no one can ever know of, I honestly think of her almost everyday since the first time I've ever heard of her passing. It's like how Lilo from 'Lilo and Stitch' deeply loves and admires Elvis. I'm honestly completely disappointed in myself for never knowing about this incredible woman in the first place, but it would make sense though, due to I was only born in the exact same year she retired. Her name would have appeared in the credits and that was about it. Nothing else I knew of before January this year. I bless and pray for her and her dear family and friends right now and for the rest of my life. Someone should make a book or documentary about her. She's just too much of an incredible lady not to do so. No matter what other people agree or not when I say this, but NO ONE can ever replace miss Christine. Candi Milo, Nancy Cartwright or anyone use can voice all the characters she left behind, but can never BE them. Each and every one of those characters are Christine and always will be a Christine.... <3" - Annabel Hicks
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LOS ANGELES (AP) — Christine Cavanaugh, a prolific voice actress whose characters included the titular character of "Babe," has died. She was 51. ...
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