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Wayne Rogers

Wayne Rogers (Getty Images / Archive Photos / Bob Riha Jr.)
Wayne Rogers (Getty Images / Archive Photos / Bob Riha Jr.)

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January 06, 2017 "As the song says "Thanks for the memories....RIP" - Alexis Simich (Abingdon, MD)
November 24, 2016 "Wayne Rogers family has fond memories of him.As the creator of life God also remembers those who have passed away, and has a strong desire to bring them back to life. ( Psalms 36 : 9 ) How wonderful!" - Latee (Dayton)
October 30, 2016 "A big shock to learn of Mr.Rogers passing! I have all the seasons of MASH so I can still laugh with him and all the other great MASH characters" - Lynne Sherwin (Cape Town)
October 23, 2016 "I remember back in the mid 80's Wayne came up to my window at Carnation Plaza Gardens at Disneyland. As a fan of MASH I knew who he was, I asked him if he was famous and he looked at me and said, "son what is fame, we're all famous". God bless you Wayne.

David Caranci"
September 29, 2016 "He was great on mash. The show went on without him , but his time there were the funniest to me. Best wishes to those who loved him" - Gregg Juarez (Thousand Oaks , ca., CA)
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Obituary for Wayne Rogers
Wayne Rogers, who starred as the beloved Trapper John McIntyre on TV's "M*A*S*H," died Dec. 31, 2015, of complications of pneumonia, The Associated...
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