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Dick Enberg

Dick Enberg (NBC Sports / NBC / NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)
Dick Enberg (NBC Sports / NBC / NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

Guest Book Highlights

June 06, 2018 "We miss you Dick!!!!" - Camille and Mark Stratton (San Diego, CA)
March 30, 2018 "Grew to love spring time through baseball then the seasons would continue Oh My what a great year I would realize after it was done. Then before you knew it spring began again Oh My! Mr. Endberg carried me through. It's very hard not to follow the rules I'm sorry again there's dick & vin that's it!!!" - Matthew Toole (Rochester, NY)
March 27, 2018 "Although known for his California sportscasts, Dick was a salt of the earth Midwest man with a heart and passion of good.

May God bless you and your family during this very sad time.

Will always remember your Chicago broadcasts for DePaul games with Al McGuire. "Oh My!"

You had great fun times here and Chicago will never forget you.

RIP....." - Buck Roberts (Chicago, IL)
March 11, 2018 "Like, his name, "Dick Enberg", He had to be a really Strong and Tough person, and He probably wants His Family to have Those Traits too and Carry on His Legacy with God Almighty's Strength and Do It With Class!!! Hail to you, Mr. Enberg!!!"
January 31, 2018 "What an amazing life Mr. Enberg lived. The beautiful words of his colleagues and friends speaks volumes of his character.
To the family:
May your mourning soon be overshadowed with hope and strength giving joy. Matthews reminded us, "happy are those who mourn, since they will be comforted,"- Matthews 5:3 No doubt such kind words of others bring you comfort." - MA
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SAN DIEGO (AP) - Dick Enberg, a Hall of Fame broadcaster known as much for his excited calls of "Oh my!" as the big events he covered during a...
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