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Maggie Roche

Maggie Roche (Rober Verhorst / Redferns / Getty Images)
Maggie Roche (Rober Verhorst / Redferns / Getty Images)

Guest Book Highlights

January 21, 2017 "Sending love and light and condolences. Thank you for all the joy your music brought to my life." - Elizabeth Hilts (Norwalk, CT)
January 21, 2017 "Oh, Maggie! Bless your beautiful soul. Thank you for singing out so strong and pure and sharing your glorious self with us all. I am forever changed because of your courage and talent and beauty. You will ALWAYS shine bright! Much love to you and your sisters and family. xoxoxo" - Lori Johnson (NYC, NY)
January 21, 2017 "I sang along and shed some tears today. I always identified with Maggie's songs. I used to work in a fun little card shop on Fourth Ave called Farfetched in Manhattan and always hoped Maggie would wander in.

When I was working I'd always monopolize the music and would sometimes play The Roches. It was amazing, how different people reacted to the music, all positive.

From tough guys to blue haired grandmothers, people would remember loving the Roches or they would inquire about purchasing their music.
So thank you, Margaret A. Roche, fare thee well.
Enjoy the universe." - John Ozed (Hoboken, NJ)
January 21, 2017 "Thank you, Maggie, for so many wonderful songs and performances, and also for showing me that it is possible to share your gifts even when you are a shy person. I remember the magic of you and your sisters on stage, especially at the Guthrie Theatre in Minneapolis, and the huge joy you brought. Deep condolences to everyone in your family and those who knew and loved you." - Sabrina Rood (Edmonds, WA)
January 21, 2017 "Maggie you were were so talented and beautiful. I will never forget you or your music." - Emily (CA)
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Obituary for Maggie Roche
Maggie Roche, singer-songwriter in the sister folk trio “The Roches,” died Saturday, Jan. 21, 2017, after a long battle with cancer, according to...
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