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Levi Oakes

Levi Oakes (Facebook/CBC)
Levi Oakes (Facebook/CBC)

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June 12, 2019 "My condolences to the family of Levi Oakes." - Michael OROZCO (BAKERSFIELD, CA)
June 12, 2019 "Dennis Ole Christensen, born 1972
Penal Colony #3 in the Kursk Region,
Primakova Street, 23A, Lgov, Kursk Region,
307754, Russian Federatio"
June 09, 2019 "Huge appreciation for his willingness to serve in such a powerful and unique way" - Phyl Dupre (Dekalb, IL)
June 08, 2019 "Rest in Peace warrior." - Roger Brumfield (Huntington, WV)
June 07, 2019 "Thank you for your service Levi."
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Obituary for Levi Oakes
Levi Oakes was the last surviving member of the Mohawk tribe in Northern New York who was a code talker in World War II. Oakes served in the Pacific...
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