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Anne LaBastille

Anne LaBastille (AP Photo)
Anne LaBastille (AP Photo)

Guest Book Highlights

May 30, 2018 "I stumbled upon Anne LaBastille when i was in my adolescent years in the 70's . She embodied the mentor/ heroine model i needed as a young budding woman. I was so inspired by her that i wrote her a letter . I don't even remember what it was i said, but to my surprise she wrote me back! She encouraged me to be myself and to go for my dreams . I hope to some day find that letter in all my memorabilia . I am now 55 years old and i still have that young girl inside of me that reminds me to stay true to my life and to aspire to be a strong. independent woman like Anne LaBastille.
My 19 year old son's girlfriend is graduating from high school this week. I thought what could i give to this young budding woman that would be meaningful ? Anne came to mind. I bought her a copy (and one for myself again) and will present it to her tomorrow after she graduates. I was sorry to hear that Anne had passed a few years back. Her legacy will forever live within me and now i pass it on to my young woman friend in hopes that it will inspire her...
Rest in peace Anne. Thank You for being You." - Juli Choden (Bodega Bay, CA)
March 06, 2018 "I always deeply admired you so when I was a youth myself, and now, all these decades later, with you long gone from us, I do so on an even deeper basis. And so, you shall live on.... You were my role model, my mentor.....RIP, Annie -Darcee V. (NY/MA)" - Darcee
July 21, 2017 "I just found her book Woodswoman at the town dump,,,part of which they have a table of used is signed by her(I think) I have not read since I found my daughter after 15yrs due to divorce. But when I put my hands on this book it brought childhood memories of time spent with my parents in the Adirondack's. I liked her discovery of nature and her description of every living thing and it's connection to each other, as I too as a child would take refuge in the deep woods around our house. I am thrilled that I found her book which brought me to read again. I will read all her books. She is a great inspiration to all who seek solitude in the forest. God our creator has not abandoned her. Penny Miller Vermont" - Penelope Miller (Randolph, VT)
July 05, 2017 "I wish I had found her books when I was younger. She was and is an inspiration to all women. R.I.P. Anne LaBastille. Thank you for sharing your life with us." - Angel Harold (Hope, KS)
January 26, 2017 "Will read all of her books since finding her here. What a strong, purposeful, creative, and loving human being she was. So glad she is buried where she belongs. Surely she is in Heaven while flying through soft clouds and soaring with gentle winds." - Sue Wonder (Fort Collins, CO)
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Obituary for Anne LaBastille
ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) - Anne LaBastille, the environmentalist, sometime hermit and author whose "Woodswoman" autobiographies inspired others to venture...
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