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Tony Auth

Tony Auth (AP Photo / The Philadelphia Inquirer)
Tony Auth (AP Photo / The Philadelphia Inquirer)

Guest Book Highlights

October 01, 2014 "At times like these God can give you power beyond what is normal to help you during this difficult time.

2 Corinthians 4:7"
September 30, 2014 "Back in the late seventies, I was an aspiring editorial cartoonist with a portfolio of unpublished work that I wanted critiqued by an expert. I sent Tony Auth a letter hoping that he might spend a few minutes reviewing my cartoons, never seriously believing that I would get any response. However, he telephoned me within a few days and invited me to come to his office at the Inquirer.
A few minutes turned into a whole afternoon of Mr. Auth providing valuable insights and supportive comments. At some point during our meeting, he began sketching and after a couple of minutes handed me a caricature that he had done of me. Of course I had it framed, and proudly exhibit it in my house to this day.

Social work ,not editorial cartooning, became my career. Years later when I read that Mr. Auth was about to retire from the Inquirer. I sent him an email to wish him well and to thank him again for the time that he spent critiquing my cartoons decades ago. To my surprise he sent me a letter inviting me to his retirement party.

I always admired and respected Mr. Auth's brilliance at what he did, but I'll also remember him for the kindness and decency that he showed to me.

Please accept my sympathy at this sad time." - Tom F. (Pittsgrove, NJ)
September 29, 2014 "Tony Auth enjoyed life which was very much illustrated in his work. Those who loved him and knew him well know this all too well. So just for a moment, imagine him in Paradise. Each morning, he awakes feeling rested and eager to begin his day. He has no aches or pains. Any infirmities he once had are gone. All his senses--sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste function perfectly. His energy is abundant, his work is enjoyable, his friends are many, and all his worries are gone. Such will be the blessings he can enjoy under God's Kingdom. What a grand reunion that will be. Our deepest sympathy for your loss!" - Matthew 6:9-10 (FL)
September 22, 2014 "May your family take comfort knowing that your heavenly father is aware of the pain and sorrow you are going through." - (CT)
September 20, 2014 "I admired Auth's way of expressing himself and his point of view though cartoons; projecting a sense of humor while telling the truth of reality... Life always throw curve balls and change our lives drastically. I'm really sorry that the family have to deal with the loss of a loved one, and that he had to battle with such circumstances. Please accept my sincerely sympathy and have into consideration that only our Heavenly Father can become a Strong Tower for those in distress and in tears. May He grant the family inner peace during this difficult times." - Orlando (FL)
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PHILADELPHIA (AP) - Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist Tony Auth, whose sharp and creative commentary appeared in The Philadelphia Inquirer...
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