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David C. Jones

David C. Jones (Associated Press/U.S. Air Force)
David C. Jones (Associated Press/U.S. Air Force)

Guest Book Highlights

June 01, 2016 "Those with memories seem to concentrate on David Jones Air Force career and extraordinary accomplishments. Rightly so. But there was a corporate side of distinction as well. I knew him when he was a member of the RCA Board of Directors shortly after his military retirement. He adapted to this new world as anyone I had ever encountered...with quiet and studious efficiency. It was an honor to assist him." - W.P. Alexander
April 20, 2014 "Only just found out of his passing...was part of his USAFE Elite Guard, 1973-5. On a TDY to Athens to promote AWACS, the General flew his own plane and was welcomed by his elite guard. He approached me and asked how we were being treated? Always concerned about others. RIP General" - William Clendaniel (Tampa, FL)
October 03, 2013 "As one of several pilots from the 1st Helicopter Squadron at Andrews AFB during the time General Jones was Chief of Staff of the Air force, it was a great privilege and honor to have flown him on several occasions. Recollections of the flights will always be fond memories of having served a great man.
My prayers are with his family.
Joseph Lemieux"
September 13, 2013 "I met General Jones as a E-1 private in 1975. I had recently entered Medic School at Ft. Sam Houston TX. We had a 3 day break so this home sick W.V. boy got leave and signed up for a military hop home. That hop was on General Jones flight! He was on his way to Germany by way Dover AFB where he would depart on a connecting flight while I would continue on to Andrews AFB where my Dad would be waiting to pick me up for our 90 minute drive home. The plane took off and climbed steeply. I was doing my best trying to sit at attention in the back of the plane, my eardrums trying to burst due to sinusitis and the quick ascent. The General saw me grimacing and yelled, "Hold on there soldier," while he quickly opened up his brief case from which he handed me a piece of Bazooka bubble gum! Here I was, the lowest rank in the military being helped by the highest ranking officer in the Air Force and soon to be Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff! That was nearly 38 years ago and I have never forgotten his kindness. Please accept my tearful condolences for such a larger than life, kind, and compassionate man." - Derek Slonaker (Martinsburg, WV)
September 08, 2013 "I had the privilege of serving General Jones as his back-up driver in 1977 and 1978 while CSAF. He was a brilliant man who served his country selflessly. My sincere condolences go out to his family and friends." - Dan Little (Great Falls, VA)
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STERLING, Va. (AP) — David C. Jones, a retired Air Force general who helped set in motion a far-reaching reorganization of the U.S. military command...
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