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Remembering Vang Pao

Vang Pao (AP Photo)
Vang Pao (AP Photo)

Guest Book Highlights

December 14, 2013 "GVP we wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. RIP. Alex Z. Moua"
June 06, 2012 "Though you have passed on, your legacy and our Hmong people will live forever. We shall be strong and be proud that we are Hmong and never lose our cultural heritage. We will never forget all your heroic sacrifices for our dear people. "Thank you and rest in peace our great leader, General Vang Pao" will forever be missed in our hearts!" - Gianna Lee (St. Paul, MN)
January 14, 2012 "We all will miss our only hmong father General Vang Pao for ever because no one els will ever do what our hero GN VP doese for hmong no more, he was our leader, our hero, our farther and our king of hmong for the whole world wide thank you." - Jackson Xiong (St Paul, MN)
May 13, 2011 "We will remember you forever."
March 16, 2011 "Father..ther has been many things that you have given to the hmong throughout the years. dedicating you life since the time of the french, when you were just 15. your heart was in the rite place and till the day you died it still was. you were a selfless person who put others before yourself and your family..making sure we lived in peace and was as safe as could be. it is a shame i did not know you personally nor you i. i hope that we all could learn from your teachings before it becomes too late...learn to love like you loved and learn to help liek you have helped. we all will have to work togerther and work extra hard bacause "you" are father are no longer with us to guied us/hold our hand. we must learn from you and teach you to futer generations..because you have done so much more than help us get to this put pencils in our hands, paper on our desks, books to read, hats to wear, shoes to gave us a sence of love/respect. you opened the worlds eyes to the are the reason we are where we are at. i thankyou from the bottom of my heart..i only hope i can repay you one day. may ou be rencarnated as our leader,father and general again. TO OUR YOUNGER AND FUTURE GENERATIONS: continue to learn from our father and teach him to our generations and the future generations. dont let his love and passion for his people die with him but let it live on like his love and his legacy. it is now up to us as a family of 1 clan..18 clans in one to unite. dont let our father be the last good person/ the world that we too can be good and live up to the name/reputation of being his children/18 clan children.
as our father said best "eat from on pot of rice, one pan of vegetables and speak one language. if we are good we are all good, if we a re bad we are all bad. this makes us a family...and this will help us live a brighter future..together."" - isaac lee (saint paul, MN)
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Obituary for Remembering Vang Pao
FRESNO, California (AP) - Vang Pao, a fabled military hero and beloved father figure among the international Hmong refugee community, will be honored...
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