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Floyd Carter Sr.

Floyd Carter Sr. (AP Photo/Carlo Allegri)
Floyd Carter Sr. (AP Photo/Carlo Allegri)

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March 16, 2018 "Sending our love and condolences to the Carter family!" - Mabel Washington Jenkins & Family (Yorktown, VA)
March 15, 2018 "Sorry for your loss Floyd and Rozalind. He was a great man and a better father." - phillip rucker (brooklyn, NY)
March 15, 2018 "My most sincerest and heartfelt condolences go out to the immediate and extended family of Mr. Floyd Carter, Sr. I commend Mr. Carter for the sacrifices he made during times of war and peace. In my mind's eye, freedom is never free. But to go above and beyond what was generally expected and not wanted by his superiors...just wasn't the case for this former Tuskegee Airman. I just had to purchase the movie "Red Tails" to gain only a little insight as to what those Brothers went through. Even though he could have given up...he never did!!! Now that Mr. Floyd Carter, Sr. has crossed the bar (something all of us must do at life's end), we can loose him and let him go. He has touched down at an Eternal destination where we have yet to arrive. There is a brighter side somewhere and surely Mr. Floyd Carter, Sr. can walk around HEAVEN all day. "Excellence is to do a common thing in an uncommon way" (Booker T. Washington). Respectfully submitted by:
Artemus Flagg, Ph. D., LPC of Charlotte, Nc."
March 15, 2018 "Thank you Floyd for your Dedicated Service to the United States - We ALL contribute something while on earth - But "YOU" did more than the average person - Job Well Done." - Dave C (Seaford, DE)
March 14, 2018 "May the Good Lord welcome Floyd Carter, Sr. into the Kingdom of Heaven. Why will Floyd and all of the Tuskegee Airmen be remembered in the annals of the history of the U.S. Air Force during World War II in Europe? In the skies over Nazi-occupied France and Germany, small, fast, and powerful German air force fighter airplanes with skilled pilots fought to shoot down American large, heavy bombers (each with 10 men inside.) The bombers' targets for their bomb payloads were war armaments factories deep inside German territory. The Mission: To put these factories "out of business." The bombers on their missions and the German fighter planes were locked in a deadly struggle when these bombing runs would take place.....When American fast, small fighter planes were able to escort the bombers to the targets, the pilots would chase the German fighters all over the sky.....But, when the Tuskegee Airmen in their red (painted) tailed American fighters were assigned to protect the bombers and their crews; these fighter pilots stayed close to the American bombers to protect and save the men when a German fighter would get too close.....These grateful, American bomber pilots and their crews came to look for the pilots and their "red-tailed" P-51 Mustang fighter planes on their missions into Germany. The bomber crews called these small, fast fighters and their pilots, "Our Little Friends!".....Together, all these Veterans helped to win the war and to put Nazi Germany "out of business!"" - Jan F. (IN)
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Obituary for Floyd Carter Sr.
NEW YORK (AP) — Floyd Carter Sr., a Tuskegee Airman who was awarded a Congressional Gold Medal, has died at the age of 95, according to the New York...
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