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Mac Miller

Mac Miller (Getty/Mauricio Santana)
Mac Miller (Getty/Mauricio Santana)

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September 21, 2018 "We love you Mac. I feel like all the memories I've had of ever listening to your music, is just gone now. I have memories of your songs that I hold close with friends I don't talk to any more. And I feel like now that your gone, those friends and memory's have now dissipated. Not just that, but you yourself, you were such an amazing person. Knowing that your not here now, just kills me. I'll be getribg an awesome tattoo for your rememberance Malcolm ❤" - Mike Matheson (Cape Breton, NS)
September 21, 2018 "Rest in peace never know much you changed my life just by listening to your music...and pulling me away from the dark side amy" - Amy Sheffield (Decatur, IL)
September 21, 2018 "Mac Miller. Malcolm McCormick....I'm 70 years old and my son Bill Ehrin who works in the film industry introduced me to your music before you were famous because he knew a few people you started out with whom I also met. ..Well guess what Mac...I loved your music and your very sparkling personality from the first time my son showed me you .... I enjoyed watching climb that ladder of success son. You shined with talent ...Also your soul shined threw... I know God has you rapping and dancing on the streets of gold..... I'm so sorry for your family. God hold them tight. I will never forget you. Oh my son took me to Blue Slide Park!!! Thank you Mac for the sunshine you shared with all of us... Sometimes God gives us a special angel to teach us something here on earth. I believe that you......" - Sharie Ehrin (Pittsburgh, PA)
September 21, 2018 "Thank you for everything, Mac." - O G (Houston, TX)
September 21, 2018 "My deepest condolences to Mac''s family right now. God bless..." - Elaine Stevenson (EDINBURGH)
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Obituary for Mac Miller
Mac Miller (1992 – 2018) was a popular rapper who just released his fifth studio album titled “Swimming” in August which debuted at number 3 on the...
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