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Dr. Oliver Sacks

Oliver Sacks (Thos Robinson/Getty Images for World Science Festival)
Oliver Sacks (Thos Robinson/Getty Images for World Science Festival)

Guest Book Highlights

October 03, 2015 "I had the joy of working with Dr. Sacks for about 2 years in the Bronx at the Jeanne Jugan Residence where Dr. Sacks showed true compassion and caring towards our dear Residents. Thank you, Dr. Sacks. May you receive your reward in Heaven. Rest in Peace now!" - Sr. Mildred (Gallup, NM)
September 20, 2015 "My brother Mark, who passed away in 2009, was also a neurologist. He taught at the Albany School of Medicine and the students who attended his funeral all said the same thing: "He taught us you can't for your patient if you don't care ABOUT your patient." I think Dr. Sacks was the finest exemplar of that ideal. And I hope, for all our sake, that others in his field and all fields of medicine embrace Dr. Sacks' values. Because he was an absolute treasure and we desperately need more like him." - Jane Dentinger (New York, NY)
September 14, 2015 "May God who knows your sorrow bring peace, comfort, and healing. Dr. Oliver Sacks was correct when he said a person will make the most out of their life. And in Gods Word He wants us to also make the most out of our lives. May the family find the inner peace in knowing God cares and Oliver is not forgotten, as Our Creator is readily found in times of distress. Psalm 46:1." - H E (CT)
September 13, 2015 "I had the pleasure to meet and visit with Dr. Oliver Sacks sitting on a bench at Belvoir Terrace in Lenox, MA
He memorized me. I loved watching and listening to him as he walked along side my son and other Williams Syndrome friends and family's. I found him to be kind, Humorous, Patient, and You could see that he genuinely cared about meeting the Williams children. I could see the sparkle of excitement in his eyes when he was talking with them. I felt that He was learning and teaching at the same time. I remember thinking I wish I could hang out with this Man. Wow! what I could learn from this man. May his spirt live on in all the peoples lives that he has touched. My Sincere condolence to all who new him. I will never forget him! T. Ibbotson, Hudson Falls, NY"
September 13, 2015 "My condolences to the family and friends of Mr. Sacks. May God grant you strength, as you reflect on His promise to do away with sickness and death (Isaiah 33;24 & 25:8)." - Mercy R.
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Obituary for Dr. Oliver Sacks
Oliver Sacks, the acclaimed author and neurologist, whose book “Awakenings” inspired a film of the same name, has died of cancer at his home in New...
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