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Richard B. Scudder

Richard B. Scudder (Associated Press Photo)
Richard B. Scudder (Associated Press Photo)

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July 28, 2012 "july 28 2012

I am from navesink, live and love this town my whole life. The wonderful memories I have either ice skating or sledding on the grounds at the Scudders, especially the warmth of the family. The hot chocolate in the kitchen by Mrs. Scudder was an added plus. Real people seem hard to come by, or we behave so guarded,but with the Scudders I knew it was all real. I hope many people have learned to put a better foot forward knowing Mr. and Mrs. Scudder. My sympathy to the family
I know he will be missed but is with you in your hearts and so many others. The navesink family home will always be called the scudders to me and Im sure by many. I want to thank the Scudders for being real wonderful and in helping preserve our country town.
My sorrow for your loss everyone!
God Bless" - paul Pape (navesink, NJ)
July 27, 2012 "I am son of member of class of 1935 at Princeton of which Dick and his late brother were members. I had a chance to do a story on Dick and his lifetime accomplishments for the Princeton Alumni Weekly two years ago; I also had a wonderful visit this past June 27th. I hope members of the family will attend the Princeton service of rememberance next February at the chapel. The university will send out notices to the next of kin." - Stephen Dittmann (Malvern, PA)
July 24, 2012 "I know I'm late to this page - having only just learned about Mr. Scudder passing away. But I wanted to note that as a kid growing up in Navesink, there were no neighbors better than the Scudders. Not all of the families were rich in our area - just the opposite - Navesink at that time was a place of high contrasts. Mrs. Scudder always rode around on a bicycle, long before any adult that I knew rode one - I rarely saw her drive when she could bike. One day when she spoke with my mother at the Post Office, my mother lamented her problems with raising five young children -- Mrs. Scudder thought my Mom needed a break and recommended the very same YMCA Camp where she sent her daughters - which at $40 a week was a bargain even in the late 60's. I wound up going there for the next ten years and contribute there every summer to send a kid to camp.

If you grew up a real Navesinker, you skated on Scudder's pond in the winter and probably got some bruises sledding too fast down their mini ski slope. You certainly spent plenty of time wandering in their woods and the Huber's woods next door - where the only people unwelcome were hunters. If you were a kid from Hillside, you might get invited to the Scudder's pool on a hot day. And I never understood at that time that some of my schoolmates were under the Scudders' generous wings - or that the family that owned the corner store had help from the Scudders repairing their roof.

Strangely, I also never knew that Mr. Scudder had so many professional accomplishments as I have discovered after reading his obituary. All that I knew was that he and his wife were wonderful neighbors - the best in Navesink - perhaps the best that I ever had. I hope that other people will gain inspiration from their example - decency, generosity and civic-mindedness. When you read about Mr. Scudder, you really do believe in Karma." - Jill Pender (Arlington, VA)
July 17, 2012 "Carolyn and family,
May your memories bring you warmth and happiness.

Rick Bennett, NJ"
July 16, 2012 "To the Scudder Family,
During the late 1930's, my parents worked for the Scudders, truly a blessing in those Depression years. I was a toddler; my brothers 2 & 4 years older. We still fondly remember Dick & Ned Scudder, and the lovely Scudder home on Ballantine Parkway in Newark, New Jersey, where we were welcomed and had some wonderful times. Sincere condolences, Barbara Montee (nee Thatcher), Bellevue NE"
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DENVER (AP) - Richard B. Scudder, co-founder and former chairman of MediaNews Group Inc. who also helped invent a process allowing newsprint to be...
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