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Vic Dunlop

Vic Dunlop (Photo: Alexander Sibaja/Getty Images Entertainment)
Vic Dunlop (Photo: Alexander Sibaja/Getty Images Entertainment)

Guest Book Highlights

December 09, 2013 "My husband and I met Vic when he came to Funny Bones in Springfield, IL. that was well over 10 years ago. What a wonderful man we never missed any of his shows as he became our favorite comedian. We are very saddened to learn of his death, as I was going on line to find out when he was coming back to see us, that's when I seen that he passed, it was as if we lost our friend, such a wonderful friend we lost. Our hearts go out to his family, he will forever be in our hearts. A. Nunes"
July 01, 2013 "vic was a blessing from god to us and now hes in comic heaven making our heavenly father laugh. i met vic twice and he had so much love in his heart to me. i miss him very much. long live the king of making us laugh and giggle!" - michael lee (scottsdale, AZ)
March 12, 2012 "I met Vic when he interviewed me on his VH1 "Eggman" show in 1989. His energy, courtesy, friendliness and cheerfulness was infectious. I am sorry to hear of his passing - way too soon. God Bless you, Vic." - Grayson Hugh (Danbury, CT)
September 30, 2011 "First met Vic back in 1978, I worked with his roommate and we went to their place, Vic used to light a lighter as he forted and the flames would go sky high ridiculous "the funniest thing I had ever seen" we became friends ever since, love Vic. We know that every time we think of him he will "Make Us Laugh" :-) lol for Vic Dunlop" - Alexander Sibaja (Van Nuys, CA)
August 29, 2011 "God Bless You Vic" - Tony D'Andrea (Sparks, NV)
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Obituary for Vic Dunlop
GLENDALE, Calif. (AP) - "Make Me Laugh" comic Vic Dunlop has died in California of diabetes complications at 62. His wife, Linda Dunlop, tells...
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