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Roger Tsien

Roger Tsien (Lenny Ignelzi / AP)
Roger Tsien (Lenny Ignelzi / AP)

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October 12, 2016 "So so sad that we no longer have Roger with us. I feel so honored to have met him, had times to chat - once he even came to my presentation in a conference symposium, which stunned me. He also was so kind and generous with his time. One Christmas season he sent me some powerpoint pictures of bacteria plates that had been 'decorated' with bacteria expressing different colored GFPs that made wreaths, bells, Santa Claus, etc. Such a beautiful creative genius. He will be longed remembered.
Sheila Collins"
September 30, 2016 "Ecclesiastes 7:2 " a good name is better than good oil, and the day of death is better than the day of birth. Better to go to the house of mourning than to the house of feasting, for that is the end of every man, and the living should take it to heart. What a fine scientist Mr. Tsien was, I appreciate his work on cancer research. Please except my sympathies.
Warm Regards to the family,
Renee Buchanan
September 11, 2016 "I attended Collins Elementary School in Livingston, New Jersey. I recall that one year our teacher shared with us that a special new student (who had already skipped one grade) would be joining us in our classroom. With great anticipation, we all walked quietly, but eagerly, down the hall and into our room to see who that student was. As we entered the classroom I spotted the new boy, Roger Tsien, sitting cross-legged in front of a set of encyclopedias located in the back of the classroom. Roger had one of the encyclopedia volumes propped open in his lap and was intently reading from it, hardly noticing that all of his soon-to-be classmates had just entered the room. That moment always left an indelible impression on me. Later in the school year we had a classroom spelling bee and, as expected, Roger took first place; I was the student who came in second. I always thought that my second-place win felt like coming in first because I knew and appreciated how extremely bright Roger was. It was an honor to be a classmate of his. Roger took learning seriously, but could also look up at you and flash a warm smile and have a playful, sparkle in his eye. As an educator of forty-two years and someone who still fondly looks back on her elementary school experiences, I found a number of websites online highlighting Roger. I was truly amazed, but certainly not surprised, by how accomplished and world-renowned my fifth grade classmate, Roger Tsien, had become. I was deeply saddened this morning when I came across the obituary in The Wall Street Journal noting that he had recently passed away. The article also recognized the innumerable scientific contributions he made to the world. What a caring, devoted, talented, remarkable human being! Today my deepest condolences go out to Roger's family members, friends, and colleagues." - Carol Jean (Schmidt) Mulé (Salt Lake City, UT)
September 08, 2016 "An impressive man who made a difference in the lives of many...Hoping for you the comfort that comes from your unique memories of him as a husband, father and friend. John 14:14,15" - (AB)
September 05, 2016 "Dear Dr. Tsien. I'm sad that I wasn't able to say goodbye. Although you didn't know me, I felt like I knew you after hearing your brilliant lecture at the American Society of Nephrology several years ago. I'll never forget how you could explain such a unique concept regarding your work in such a way that the novice could feel like they were able to understand. Your image sitting next to the Queen of Sweden during the Nobel ceremony still remains vivid in my memory. The image depicted a humble man appearing somewhat reserved while receiving an honor of which he so much deserved, but the attention for which, he almost appeared to be uncomfortable. Rest in peace. Your life's work is done. You made the world a better place for each of us. That will continue to live on. You touched my life and that of many others." - C. J. Wheeler, M.D. (Lubbock, TX)
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Obituary for Roger Tsien
Roger Tsien, a Nobel Prize winner who helped develop a method to track cancer cells and follow the progress of Alzheimer’s disease, has died,...
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