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Bill Haast

Bill Haast works with a Chinese Cobra (AP Photo)
Bill Haast works with a Chinese Cobra (AP Photo)

Guest Book Highlights

October 22, 2013 "Wow, from all the entries you can easily see how Dr. Haast left memorable impressions. I saw him many times in the late 60's because I lived close to the Serpentarium. Dumping the snakes out on the table right in front of me, catching them & milking them was exciting and amazing to this 11 year old girl. Through the years (I'm now 57) I have often remembered this special time in my life...although I hate venomous snakes I have enjoyed owning many non-venomous and especially love the beautiful Indigos I used to see in south FL. Thanks Dr. are a true legend." - Laura Mosley (Stapleton, AL)
September 27, 2013 "I remember touring his facilities a number of times when I was a younger and watching him work with King Cobras. I have never forgotten these experiences and never will." - Dr. Wright Pearson (Miami, FL)
September 19, 2013 "If it were not for Mr Haast I would not have the understanding or love of all snakes. His was the first book read cover to cover. Your sprit live in all who seek understanding of snakes. Russell Taylor in Texas" - Russell Taylor (orange, TX)
September 15, 2013 "I saw him in '78 in Miami, was very impressed!!! He autographed a book for my two sons that we have cherished!!! During a snake milking demonstration, the huge moccasin got away!!! My great big husband knocked me and the boys down trying to get away!!! Haast had an enclosed area with 30+ types of snakes in trees and bushes, it was a game to see if you could find them all, we played but going to the tree shaded parking lot was traumatic!!! We kept crouching, looking in the trees in case any had escaped!!! He was a wonderful man, going to bedsides to use his own blood for victims if they didn't have the serum!!! Our lives were enriched by his knowledge and contributions!!!"
August 07, 2013 "I used to take snakes to Bill in his office and we had coffee and later took the snakes back in the bathroom shower. I have great memories. I will always remember him." - Caroline
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Obituary for Bill Haast
Bill Haast died Wednesday, he was 100. Haast remained director of Miami Serpentarium Laboratories near Punta Gorda until his death. The...
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