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Bill Haast

Bill Haast works with a Chinese Cobra (AP Photo)
Bill Haast works with a Chinese Cobra (AP Photo)

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January 21, 2015 "I want to thank this wonderful man for saving my life many years ago. You will always be one of my heroes. Rest In Peace, Bill." - Enrique Ramirez,Jr. (Plantation, FL)
October 15, 2014 "Bill Haast was a national treasure. His work not only ultimately saved many lives, but enlightened throngs of people about some of the most maligned creatures on the planet. There are countless people working with and studying venomous snakes, but almost all of them find some personal reverence and humility when they hear Bill Haast's name brought up. Bill's work, and his sacrifices will live far longer than most those who have and will benefit from his life and his work." - Mark Nelson Ph.D. (Topeka, KS)
June 23, 2014 "As a very young boy growing up in Miami during the '40s, '50s, and early '60s, I often visited the Sepentarium with my family and friends during family outings and school field trips. The large concrete Cobra along side Dixie Hwy was a familiar icon recognized by many.

Once I was even encouraged by Dr Haast to pose with a large Indigo snake around my neck. Unfortunately I was too young to fully appreciate the research Dr Haast was committed to although I was very impressed with how he'd milk the venomous Cobras. I also recall the time when he was bitten by a Black Mamba. I believe it was during that experience he spent several days in an iron lung battling for his life. A life he unselfishly devoted and often risked toward the research for the scientific betterment of mankind

The world is a much emptier place without Dr Haast.

In closing we must all remember that it's good to have an end to journey towards but its the "Journey" that truly matters in the end. Sincere condolences to his entire family.

RIP Dr Haast - You'll be missed by many...OFTEN!!!

(USAF Retired)" - (Layton, UT)
October 22, 2013 "Wow, from all the entries you can easily see how Dr. Haast left memorable impressions. I saw him many times in the late 60's because I lived close to the Serpentarium. Dumping the snakes out on the table right in front of me, catching them & milking them was exciting and amazing to this 11 year old girl. Through the years (I'm now 57) I have often remembered this special time in my life...although I hate venomous snakes I have enjoyed owning many non-venomous and especially love the beautiful Indigos I used to see in south FL. Thanks Dr. are a true legend." - Laura Mosley (Stapleton, AL)
September 27, 2013 "I remember touring his facilities a number of times when I was a younger and watching him work with King Cobras. I have never forgotten these experiences and never will." - Dr. Wright Pearson (Miami, FL)
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Bill Haast died Wednesday, he was 100. Haast remained director of Miami Serpentarium Laboratories near Punta Gorda until his death. The...
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