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Milt Davis

Milt Davis Photo (AP News)
Milt Davis Photo (AP News)

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January 24, 2013 "To the members of Milt Davis family,
In 1952 I went to camp Max Strauss. It was the first time I as ever away from. I was quite frightened as I was one of the youngest at the camp and probably the shortest. Fortunately for me, one of the counselors with a handsome, muscular and wonderful man named Milt Davis. Milt took me under his wing and really built my confidence. He was the first of many African-American that influenced me in molding my life. When I learned that Milt attended UCLA and played football there, I decided then and there at age 8, that I would go to UCLA. My dream came true in 1962. I use to collect baseball and football cards and treasured my Milt Davis Baltimore Colts card. When I found out that Milt had passed away, I was deply saddened. When I read about what a highly principled man he was and how honorably he lived his life, I was proud that I got to know. Milt reminded me of another principled, scholarly and tremendous athlete that I had the honor of meeting at UCLA, Arthur Ashe,who passed too early in life but left such an important legacy as honorable man and a fighter for civil rights. As you my have determined I am a white American, but I have been positively influenced by so any African-Americans included Pastor Frederick K C Price who led me to the Lord. I am so happy that this web site is still open so you can still see how many people loved Milt and how he was such a positive influence on so mny lives. God Bless You all." - Richard Cowan (Dana Point, CA)
April 25, 2012 "I was saddened to hear of the passing of Milt Davis. In my life I met few men that I truly believed in...he was one. His words of encouragement, kindness and friendship are my standards in dealing with my life today. I will be forever gratefull to my life long brother James Swain for introducing me to this great man. He changed the lives of thousands of students by guiding them through the tough growing years. He is eched in my memory and my heart forever. I still hear you Milt. Rest in peace, till we meet again." - Sheldon Andrens (Los Angeles, CA)
April 21, 2012 "Milt, a man who never used a blue word in all the years that I knew him ('52-'10). A pillar of strength that you could count on to give you the truth on so many subjects. You will be missed and always remembered." - Michael Swain (San Pedro, CA)
February 20, 2012 "I'm sad tonight, because this confirms that Mr. Davis is gone. I was a student at Marshall from 1965 to 1968. He was my favorite teacher. I was as shy as one could be, but he made me feel special. He had kind, sparkling eyes. I remember his stories about his adventures in the Army, and occasionally about pro football. He treated us all fairly. Upon entering LACC in the Fall of 1968, I was shocked when I walked Into a biology class and saw him standing there, smiling that big smile. Suddenly, I didn't feel all alone in this strange place.

For so many years, I tried to find out where he was. He was to attend our ten-year reunion in 1978, but didn't make it. We were so disappointed.

Looking at his pictures, I'm crying. He was an important part of my life, and a major influence in so many ways." - Rhonda Fernandez (Long Beach, CA)
October 08, 2011 "Milt was my councellor at Camp Max Straus boys camp in 1950. He was a good model for boys to emulate, Bobby Hartstein"
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Obituary for Milt Davis
BALTIMORE (AP) - Milt Davis, an All-Pro defensive back who helped the Baltimore Colts win two NFL championships in the 1950s, has died. He was 79. He...
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