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Jack Brooks

Jack Brooks (Associated Press/Lana Harris)
Jack Brooks (Associated Press/Lana Harris)

Guest Book Highlights

December 19, 2012 "may God bless Jack's family and give them peace........~"
December 14, 2012 "May your hearts soon be filled with wonderful memories of joyful times together as you celebrate a life well lived." - lena booker (ft worth, TX)
December 10, 2012 "To the Family and loved ones of Jack Brooks,

My late husband, Paul Bernstein, Mr. Physical Fitness, USA loved Jack like a brother. They were close friends and associates for more than 40 years. They frequently had photos taken together, tried to top each other in story telling, and supported each other politically and professionally. I met Jack 30 years ago, and I know he will be sorely missed.

Sandy Bernstein, BA, MA
Pres. Mr. Physical Fitness, USA, Inc."
December 10, 2012 "My prayers are with the Brooks family. Jack Brooks was always the first person that came to my mind when I needed help with anything having to do with government,no matter if it was local or whatever. I will never forget how he help my father even though he was no longer dad's representative. I just knew if I got Jack Brooks involved,he would move mountains if that is what he had to do. We have truly lost a great human being!" - Cathy Martin (Tombill, TX)
December 10, 2012 "It was a long long time ago that Clark W. Thompson of Galveston introduced my dad & I to Jack Brooks during his retirement after redistricting so Jack Brooks could go on to political victory and remain in Congress to support SE Texas with special mention to our Hurricane & Flood Protection Projects as well as Lamar University. Then, it was Jack Brooks, a WWII Marine & Member of Congress, who came to the aid of this USMC Sgt trying to get enough wall lockers for his squad as the new wall lockers were locked up in a warehouse in Camp Lejuene for safe keeping & not in our barracks in Camp Giger. I also made it home to Texas to be with my family for Christmas 1973 after missing them for three Christmas's in a row as duty was always calling for my MOS due to another phone call to certain persons by The Honorable Jack Brooks = no one had ever heard of Permissive TDY orders before, espescially to my PHR in Texas City, Tx, but the Paris Peace Accords had been signed after the big & long 1972 Easter Offensive & the 1973 War was over in The Middle East so after mission after mission I was worn out and just needed to be home for Christmas with my family and Jack Brooks made it happen because he understood from his WWII & other experiences in his life.

May God comfort his family at this time and May God Bless us with another Jack Brooks some day because not only did he represent SE Texas so very well, he also represented all Americans. Respectfully,

Tarrant B. Boyd II, Romayor, Liberty Co, Texas, USA."
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Obituary for Jack Brooks
BEAUMONT, Texas (AP) — Jack Brooks, who spent 42 years in Congress representing his Southeast Texas district and was in the Dallas motorcade in 1963...
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