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Hal Moore

Hal Moore (AP)
Hal Moore (AP)

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February 23, 2017 "Oh General Moore - you have made and successfully completed your final achievement - your destined goal that you longed for. And, we are left with a lifetime of memories and lessons by which to perform the duties of our lives so that we too can "make the cut." I will miss your patient and loving thoughts that you so graciously expressed to me during some of the darkest and also brightest days of my life. You led in battle and you led in the daily occurrences of life. Your desire to be with God and your bride was always met by a strong desire from so many who loved you to stay just a little longer with us. God makes no mistakes on when he calls us home - and he did so in perfect timing with your beloved Julie's birthday and the peace that came with all your children in attendance to celebrate your upcoming 95th! Pictures and books are placed in special areas of my home so that I can be reminded of the many lessons you taught me. We shall meet again - and until then, I will carry a piece of you in my heart. Thank you for providing a steady arm to hold as you walked with me to meet my husband on that beautiful Autumn day ten years ago." - Melissa Phillips (canton, GA)
February 22, 2017 "A great American RIP" - William Lewis (Pensacola, FL)
February 22, 2017 "Having served under Col. Moore during the Ia Drang battle at LZ X-Ray starting November 14th, 1965, I have a respect that only the men that served with him during that terrible battle would understand. To me he was the epitome of great leadership and courage." - Buddy Hunt (Clinton, SC)
February 21, 2017 "Thank you for your leadership and service to America. R. I. P!" - Donald Zollo (Saugus, MA)
February 20, 2017 "Its very encouraging to read and hear his story. I feel so ignorant, I didn't know that his name was behind the "We Were Soldiers" movie. That movie really opened my eyes to the tragic realities of war.

Psalms 46:9 helps us to soon see a world where war will be no more and soon no one will have to give their lives or mental health for things that we already should have." - Jasmin
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Retired Lt. Gen. Hal Moore, a co-author of “We Were Soldiers Once … and Young,” died Friday, Feb. 10, 2017, in Auburn, Alabama, according to multiple...
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