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Donald Cabana

Donald A. Cabana (Associated Press/Stephen Rouse)
Donald A. Cabana (Associated Press/Stephen Rouse)

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June 24, 2014 "Words can't express how I feel about Dr. Cabana. I first met him at Parchman and then again at USM. He guided me through my academic journey and then gave myself and my wife a job after I graduated.

While, at Harrison County, I expressed to him that I was going to get my Masters and he told me to do it.

I called him sometime in 2011,and told him that I had finished and to thank him. However, he was busy and told his assistant that I could use his name anytime and to congraduate me.

After, finishing up with two additional certificate's I wanted to meet with him for lunch and talk with him about learning to teach CJ.

Sadly, I found he was gone. This brought me too my knee's because I had considered him to be alway's there when I needed him. I spoke of him throughout, my academic's and had other academic leaders read his points of view. I will give my entire future to trying to make him proud of me.

To his family he loved you all very much and I will honor him for life. Thank you, for sharing him with the world and especially Mississippi.

Our prayers are with you alway's and forever. My church is across from Highland and going in and coming out of church my eyes search for him and I smile and thank God for him and you all.


Clifton Dale Ealey, M.S."
June 14, 2014 "Father's Day. I never thought this could get any harder. I miss my dad so very much. Everyday I keep looking for him to come walk in the door. I keep waiting. I know my dad is in Heaven waiting on my mom, who will soon be joined with him again. I have no words to describe the sorrow I still feel everyday, especially now on Fathers Day. We are now having to say goodbye to my mama who has lost her battle with leukemia. The only comfort we have is that she will not be by herself. My dad is with her waiting to be together for eternity. I love you both so very much!!! Always remembered and never forgotten." - Angela Cabana (Hattiesburg, MS)
June 02, 2014 "It's been eight months since I have gotten to see or talk to my dad. Everyone says you learn how to deal with losing someone, but I am not so sure. I miss my dad terribly everyday. In one week I have one of my hardest birthdays ever. Not because of what age I will be, but because it was my dad and my mom who made those days special. I will miss my birthday dinner made special by dad. I love you daddy more than words could ever describe." - Angela Cabana (Hattiesburg, MS)
May 13, 2014 "Donnie and I grew up together. I am his cousin and have often thought about him but didn't know where he was. Will miss him even though we had not seen each other in years often thought about him. My prayers are with u and we know what u are going thru as I lost my husband on the 21st of march 2014 Kids and I miss him terrible too God Bless u all." - Betsy Mosher (Walker) (Cushing, OK)
April 19, 2014 "Easter without my dad is just not Easter. My father had the ability to make all of the holidays great ones. This year my mom is stuck in the hospital, once again, and we will only have memories of my father. We will tell great stories, laugh, and probably cry together. None of us will say it, but we will all know it will never be the same without my dad. I miss you daddy so very much!! I love you more than words could ever say. I love you, Happy Easter!!" - Angela Cabana (Hattiesburg, MS)
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JACKSON, Miss. (AP) - Donald A. Cabana, a longtime corrections official who oversaw executions as warden at the Mississippi State Penitentiary in the...
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