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Jeremiah Denton

Jeremiah Denton (Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images)
Jeremiah Denton (Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images)

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November 13, 2017 "you were and remain my hero. I did two tours while you were a POW. I purchased the bracelet and other items that your wife and others offered to help you guys when I got home. I lost the bracelet somewhere but have everything else that I was sent. the hippies probably got it when they stole my uniform. I named my son after you, Jeremiah Huddleston. he is 39 now. He is someone that you would be extremely proud of. in fact, I truly believe that he is like you. beyond description. in this crazy world, I would really like to have more people like you. I think that eventually we will have the country that you envisioned. I thought of you guys a lot while I was there. I couldn't believe that you were so close and yet we couldn't help you. I'm so sorry that we couldn't. thanking you for your service seems so inadequate. I cant describe the gratitude I have to be associated with you. thank you very much." - gerald huddleston (kent, WA)
February 01, 2015 "A true American hero. Rip." - Lena Williams (Plano, TX)
November 25, 2014 "" The span of our life is 70 years or 80 if one especially strong but they are filled with trouble and sorrow. They quickly pass by and away we fly"." - Vl
September 09, 2014 "I was privileged while stationed at Armed Forces Staff College to be one of the Admiral's drivers 8/74-8/75. I asked for his picture in uniform and he sign it as a gift to my grandmother for her 75th birthday, he asked you sure she would like that for a birthday gift? We laughed. While on assignments sitting at his house on brick row Naval Station Norfolk in the kitchen he or his aide LT Fischer would slip in while the mess cook's were preparing the meals and ask, 'have you eaten, be sure to eat... I wondered later in life if the ADM did that because of the many years he went hungry while a POW. I respected and loved him dearly. America's dear precious Admiral - Wishing you Fair Winds and Following a Seas. You will be soon in the arms of a Jesus Christ." - M Larcher-Campbell (South Portsmouth, KY)
April 27, 2014 "Dear family of Jerry & Jane,
Our deepest condolences to all of you. We hope to see you when the Arlington Ceremony takes place. You know our loe and prayers are with you. The Zacharias'"
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Obituary for Jeremiah Denton
Prisoner of war Jeremiah Denton declared his loyalty to the U.S. government during a 1966 interview for what was supposed to be a propaganda film....
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