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Tom Hayden

Tom Hayden (Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images)
Tom Hayden (Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images)

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October 26, 2016 "Tom lit the fire of critical thinking and activism in many progressives and others' struggling to participate in the decisions which affect us.

It is an honor to have shared some of life's journey with Tom Hayden and the Campaign for Economic Democracy.

Tom's spirit is !presente!" - Thérèse Cauchon (La Mesa, CA)
October 25, 2016 "A wonderful activist who saved countless lives in his tireless work in the mid 60's through early 70's protesting the U.S. involvement in the Vietnamese civil war. As a Santa Monica, California resident so proud to say Tom Hayden was our State Assemblyman and State Senator for much of the 80's and 90's. He was a friend to teachers ( I am a retired teacher) and I had the pleasure of meeting him a few times of all places in the neighborhood market in Santa Monica. He had very soulful and kind eyes, with a warm smile." - Gerard robinson (santa monica, CA)
October 25, 2016 "real sadness at the loss of a great leader such courage lasts forever wisdom patience graceful explanations heart and mind Tom Hayden,of whom we could say at the end of his life quoting Sartre: A whole man, made of all men, worth any one of them, and any one of them worth him. a real democrat a mensch Vaya Con Dios

Christopher Dougherty Los Angeles, Ca" - christopher dougherty (los angeles, CA)
October 25, 2016 "Thank you for your work in helping animals, Tom. They are the truly the most defenseless and need our unlimited help. It was nice meeting you and Barbara some years ago at a Big Band event at the Universal Sheraton. God Bless and keep you." - Maureen S. (Studio City, CA)
October 25, 2016 "May the God of all comfort be with family and loved ones."
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Tom Hayden, an activist, politician, and author who was one of the famed "Chicago Seven" who protested the 1968 Democratic National Convention, died...
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