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Avoiding Inheritance Delays: A Three Step Guide to Inheritance Advances

Inheritance Funding

An Heir's Guide to Inheritance Advances

1. Most heirs are forced to wait 12-18 months for their inheritance.

Delays are everywhere in the inheritance process. It’s taking longer than ever for heirs to receive the inheritance money that was left to them. Even the simplest estate can take months, even years, to wrap up and distribute the money to the rightful heirs.

2. With an Inheritance Advance, heirs can access a portion of their money in just a few days.

With an Inheritance Advance, heirs are no longer stuck waiting. They can access a portion of their inheritance, small or large, and begin using it right away. The process is fast and simple – heirs often receive their money in as  little as 3 days!

3. Start with a free, easy, and confidential consultation to find out how you can access your inheritance now.

To find out if an inheritance advance might be right for you, fill out the request form on this page. After a free, easy, and 100% confidential consultation, you decide how much of your inheritance you’d like to access early.

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