Charity Spotlight: CharitySmith

CharitySmith is participating in's Give to Remember project. Throughout the month of December, Legacy will match up to $50,000 in donations made across the entire event. Donate now and maximize your positive impact.

What is the mission of CharitySmith?

CharitySmith is a registered 501(c)3 public charity that helps users easily create memorial funds, memorial scholarships and charitable funds in full accordance with federal law and tax requirements. Monies raised can be used toward scholarships and grants, medical research, or donated to families in need. By handling the bureaucratic tasks associated with starting a memorial fund and ensuring the fund complies with all the legal and tax statutes, CharitySmith allows families to focus on the meaningful side of their work.  

Dealing with Loss in a Positive Way

CharitySmith user Tim Meadows shared how starting a memorial fund can be therapeutic for a grieving family—something he has firsthand experience with after losing his son Christopher:

“When you lose a child, it’s a particularly devastating loss. A lot of people don’t have a way to channel that energy in a positive direction. The ability to create this memorial was something that would keep us sane, keep us moving forward. A parent’s biggest fear in losing a child is that their child will be forgotten... this helps keep Christopher alive for us.”

Honoring a Life Story for Years to Come

One of the most common questions people have about CharitySmith is how it differs from GoFundMe and other crowdfunding sites. The answer is that while popular crowdfunding sites may be effective for one-time fundraising efforts, CharitySmith is tailored for ongoing projects.

“A GoFundMe approach is just a crowdfunding resource, not an ongoing administrative service. CharitySmith is set up to live on into the future and continue to honor a life. For setting up a scholarship, which is the form a lot of our funds take, you need more infrastructure and involvement (for taxes, etc.) than a GoFundMe provides,” said Meadows.

More than 100 Memorial Funds (and Counting)

CharitySmith has created and currently administers over 100 memorial funds, with more than $500,000 distributed in scholarships grants, medical research, and help for families in need. Make a donation today to keep the love alive for grieving families working to make a difference.