Charity Spotlight: StoryCorps


StoryCorps is participating in's Give to Remember project. Throughout the month of December, Legacy will match up to $50,000 in donations made across the entire event. Donate now and maximize your positive impact.

What is the mission of StoryCorps?

Every person's story, no matter what they believe or where they come from, matters. StoryCorps' mission is to record as many stories as possible so that they can be shared with others and preserved for future generations. Through these stories, StoryCorps hopes to create a world where every voice, and every life, is valued equally.

Where did the inspiration for StoryCorps come from?

StoryCorps founder Dave Isay recounted the inspiration behind StoryCorps in a March 2015 TED Talk. In 1998, he made a radio documentary about the last flophouse hotels on the Bowery in Manhattan. He interviewed men who lived there, many of whom had been there for decades. He later worked the interviews into a book, which he went back and shared with some of the residents; one of them saw his story in print and started running down the narrow hallway shouting, "I exist! I exist!"

This experience inspired him to create StoryCorps, an organization dedicated to collecting, sharing, and preserving the stories of everyday people. 

In what ways does StoryCorps have impact?

StoryCorps collects stories at three different StoryBooth sites, in Chicago, Atlanta, and San Francisco, and one mobile recording booth that travels the country. StoryCorps also has a mobile app that allows users anywhere in the world to record right from their very own smartphones. In addition to sharing some of these stories through public radio broadcasts, animated shorts, and best-selling books, we archive all recordings at the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress so that future generations can hear the voices of today.

By capturing and sharing the stories of everyday people, StoryCorps hopes to foster empathy and strengthen connections between people in an effort to move the country closer toward a culture of social justice.  

What do you hope will be StoryCorps' legacy?

StoryCorps' legacy is contained in the stories of more than 65,000 everyday people, whose wisdom and experiences have been preserved for future generations to hear. 


Why should people support Giving Tuesday (and charitable giving in general)?

Giving Tuesday serves as a reminder of the importance of charitable donations during a season of intense commercial messaging. A donation can be a gift not only to those who benefit directly from the financial assistance, but also to society at large. Every action is part of a story, and every story matters.