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Giving Tuesday: How to Keep Your Loved One's Legacy Alive

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Honor their memory by supporting a good cause in their name

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During the outpouring of love and grief following the news last week that the pop singer David Cassidy had died at 67, one ray of light shone bright. The former "Partridge Family" star, who was suffering from dementia, hadn't waited until growing ill himself, but rather had been supporting Alzheimer's charities for years, in honor of his mother, who had died with the disease.

Back in 2013, Cassidy auctioned off some of his classic stage costumes from his '70s pop-star heyday to raise money for the Alzheimer's Association of America. "I’ve taken care of my mother for many many years," he told Rock Cellar magazine at the time: "You have to be really successful to take care of an elderly parent afflicted with this disease, because it’s incredibly expensive. What I’m concerned about is most of the people in our country do not have the financial resources."

When you're facing tough challenges like sickness or poverty, it's a blessing to have strong organizations standing ready to offer help. That's why, on Giving Tuesday and every day, it's so important -- even for  those of us who aren't pop stars -- to offer a bit of financial help to those good causes that are fighting to make our lives a little better.

It's also a beautiful way to pay tribute to a loved one who has died: making a donation in their name, to keep their goodness alive.

Through, you can give charitably to any one of more than 500 truly helpful causes. The possibilities range from medical support foundations to animal welfare associations to veterans' charities and more. 

(And if you've ever suffered a loss and appreciated the calm, steady support of funeral professionals, you might consider donating to the Funeral Service Foundation's "Fund '45" campaign, which funds scholarships and education to help grow the next generation of trusted, helpful funeral service providers. Through Dec. 31, Legacy will be matching donations to the "Fund '45" campaign dollar for dollar.)

Click to take part in #GivingTuesday right now. It's easy!