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An Heir's Guide to Inheritance Advances

The passing of a loved one marks the beginning of the most difficult time in many people’s lives. As if the emotional toll weren’t difficult enough, heirs are forced to handle a mountain of logistics and plans right away. Funerals need to be arranged and paid for, bills need to be paid, the deceased’s home and other personal property needs to be taken care of, etc. Unfortunately, while there is no delaying the many logistics and the heavy expenses that accompany them, heirs are forced to wait longer than ever before receiving the rightful inheritance money that was intended for them.

Most heirs wait 12-18 months before receiving any of the inheritance money meant for them.

The court process, called Probate, that controls the distribution of inheritances is notoriously slow moving and riddled with delays. Even the simplest estate can take months or even years to wrap up and distribute money to the heirs. The estate must be opened, the Will and other documents collected and interpreted, homes and other possessions sold. Once all this is complete and the estate is ready to close, the court must verify that everything has been done correctly. This can, and often does, take years to happen. Unfortunately, during this drawn out process, the heirs are stuck waiting for the inheritance money that’s needed now more than ever.

With an Inheritance Advance, heirs can access a portion of their money right away.

Luckily, heirs are no longer forced to wait. By getting an Inheritance Advance, they can access a small or large portion of their eventual inheritance and begin using it right away. The process is fast and simple – heirs often receive their money in as little as 3 days. Inheritance Advances are a fast, easy, and secure option available to almost anyone waiting for a future inheritance payment. It’s up to the heir to decide how much of their inheritance they want to receive right away – from $5,000 to $250,000 depending on the individual’s share of the Estate.

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Inheritance Advance process and features.

1) A free, easy, and 100% confidential consultation with a live person is offered for all heirs. After this consultation, the heir decides if an Inheritance Advance is right for them and how much they would like to receive. There is no obligation to proceed and all information given is completely confidential.

2) Qualifying is easy: Income and credit history are not a factor and no collateral is required.

3) Unlike a loan, there are never interest charges, monthly payments, or hidden fees. Instead, the heir simply sells a set dollar amount of their anticipated inheritance to the company in exchange for immediate cash. All costs are discussed completely with the heir up front.

4) The heir decides how much of their inheritance they would like to receive right away.

5) The entire process takes as little as 3 days.

6) The advance has no effect on any other heirs to the estate. The company is paid back only from the share of the person who received the advance, not from any other heir’s share or the estate as a whole.

7) Once an advance is made, the provider waits to be paid back by the estate when it’s ready to close and distribute. They work with the estate directly meaning the heir avoids the hassle of paying the company back.

8) The oldest and largest provider of Inheritance Advances, Inheritance Funding Company, Inc., has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, has been specializing in Inheritance Advances for over 20 years, and has advanced over $100,000,000 to heirs all over the country.


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