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Remembering René Angélil in Las Vegas

Photo Courtesy of René Angélil's Family

Friends and fans can help honor René Angélil's life by sharing memories in his official Guest Book

A celebration of René Angélil’s life was held at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas on Feb. 3, 2016. Mr. Angélil’s family invited guests to share memories and condolences in his official Guest Book, which was honored to host. Below, we've shared some of our favorite Guest Book entries and moments from the memorial.

Céline Dion may be one of the most talented singers of all time, but she recognizes that without the support of her husband and former manager, René Angélil, she might never have reached the heights of international stardom. As she said in an interview with Paris Match, "It’s due to hard work and René’s intelligence that we are here today."

An avid poker player, Angélil bet all he had on Dion’s talent, mortgaging his house to finance the recording of her debut album La Voix du bon Dieu. The gamble paid off, and she became a star in her native Quebec, Canada. And when Dion later told him she wished to become a pop star on the level of Michael Jackson, he orchestrated a behind-the-scenes transformation, including English lessons, to help her cross over into the American music scene.

Angélil continued to oversee Dion’s career as she became one of the most successful singers in the world. In 2003, she began her series of residencies at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Initially seen as a risky move, the shows have proved wildly successful and offered the couple stability for raising their family.

Angélil had to step down from managing Dion in 2014 to focus on his health. He had two surgeries for throat cancer; he also had a history of heart problems. Through it all, Dion remained by his side. On Jan. 14, 2016, he died of cancer at the age of 73.

René Angélil recognized his wife’s gift and did all he could to share it with the world. Now the family has shared a celebration of his life with the fans.

Céline Dion and the rest of Angélil’s family hosted a celebration of his life at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas on Wednesday, Feb. 3. They invited guests and well-wishers to leave condolences and share memories online at his official Guest Book.

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Featured Guest Book Entries

“Céline, Rene-Charles, Eddy, Nelson, Jean-Pierre, Patrick, Anne-Marie, and the rest of the Dion-Angélil families, There are no words to describe how I feel right now. René and Céline have been ‘in my life’ for 20 years. I want you to know that the fans are here for you, like they always have been, and always will be. Please take whatever time you need to do what you need for you and your family. We love you and always will! I bet René is playing poker/blackjack, watching down on you from Heaven. God Bless you all! Love, Deborah, Kevin, & Harrison Brewbaker.”

“Chère Céline, tu m’accompagnes depuis maintenant près de 25 ans; je t’ai découvert en 1991, alors que j’avais 11 ans. Tu as été l’une de mes précieuses aides, alors que je perdais ma maman, l’année 2000. Toutes mes pensées vont vers toi en ces douloureux moments. Vers tes proches. Je prie pour René.”

“Dear Céline... You were one of my valuable aids when I lost my mom... All my thoughts are with you in these painful moments.”

“You found true love, an eager supporter of all you do, a confidant and a manager. How wonderful, all your dreams come together in one person. You have shared a wonderful life together and were blessed with three sons. There is not that much perfection in many relationships and partnerships. Be blessed with the following years of comfort in knowing that this man has been so rewarding in every aspect. He found a jewel in you and you exhibited each other well. Peace and comfort to you, yours and his in all the years to come. Sorry for your struggling to make him well again. It worked for many years at a time. Your dedication has been remarkable and inspiring. Thank you for sharing him with the world and be happy for his release from suffering. God bless you, Céline Dion with joy and happiness in knowing you did all you could and he would have done the same for you. My sincere condolences. May the memories keep you strong.”

“Dear Céline and family... as a fellow Canadian I am writing to express my deepest condolences to you and your family as you grieve the loss of René. Thank you for sharing your life with René so publicly. I have always been a fan of you both, and have followed your love story with such respect and admiration.I had the distinct pleasure to see you perform in Halifax and will treasure that for the years to come. I recently lost my mom very suddenly and words cannot explain the deep heartache and pain that continues to envelope me. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family as you go through this journey.”

“My prayers are with you and your family Céline as you mourn not only the death of your husband but the death of your brother as well. I know it is the hardest thing in the world but you have to try and stay strong and remember the good times. They would not want you to be miserable. I promise it will get easier when I lost my dad I thought I couldn't go on but time is a great healer and somehow you manage to go on.”

“Céline you and your husband have brought me great joy over the years and have shown the world what true love is really about. You both were so kind making sure I received an autograph photo after my heart surgery and I went to see you in Las Vegas. It was so nice that you mailed it to my home. My prayers are with you and your children during this time. We will never forget René.”