Because we believe in the power of community, we're bringing grief support spaces to Facebook.

As the world leader in online obituaries and Guest Books, here at, we’ve seen millions of reflections on the nature of loss. We’ve come to understand, too well, the power of death to completely remake the landscape of a griever’s life, and we hear, time and again, how isolating these changes feel. “No one understands how much this hurts.” “I’m in the dark, and no one will turn on the lights.” “I’m alone.”

Not anymore. is honored to announce that we’re launching a series of Facebook grief support groups, starting today with Loss of a Parent. These closed Facebook groups will offer a safe space to explore your grief and connect with others who’ve experienced the same kind of loss. Are you struggling with the death of a parent who abandoned you? The father who attended every hockey game? Would you give anything to have your mother’s pancakes again? This community will be there to understand and share your experience. Post a photo. Start a discussion. Share a resource that helped. All postings are confidential and private, unless you elect to share them separately with your Facebook friends. staff will be available to the group to ensure conversations remain respectful and supportive. 

Here's what current Loss of a Parent members have to say about being a part of the group:

"Thank you for this wonderful site with beautiful people and caring words. I know I do not comment a lot, but I read. The healing process has been a journey for me, but I am very thankful for the stories of others. It has helped greatly."

"So grateful y’all are here - knowing there are others that understand means a lot."

"I love this group. It has really helped me to deal with the passing of my Mother."

More groups will be launched in the coming weeks, such as Loss of a Spouse and Loss of a Sibling. Follow us at to find out when, or explore if you’re in need of immediate support. We hope you’ll join us.

Because pain can be shared.

Because when someone rests their head on your shoulder, your whole body lifts to support them.

Because you’re already a different person, and the journey to the other side of your life is so much better with a guide.

Loss is unique, but grief is universal. Whether your loss was today or 20-plus years, you don’t have to face it alone. We believe in the power of community. If you’ve lost a parent, we’re here for you at