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Published Date: 1/17/2015
Entertainer Andy Kaufman – he preferred not to be called a comedian – was a familiar face on TV: a regular on the sitcom "Taxi" who also appeared several times on "Saturday Night Live." But his career was hardly mainstream...
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Published Date: 1/10/2015
Take our quiz and see if you can match the comedian with his funny "last words."
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Published Date: 12/5/2014
No perfect formula exists for creating great leaders. They come from all walks of life, from poverty to aristocracy, and the truly remarkable ones are driven not just to attain power, but also to use it for the betterment of others. Nelson Mandela was such a leader,...
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Published Date: 11/29/2014
Comedian Patrice O'Neal, who died Nov. 29, 2011, at 41 of complications of a stroke, was often described as loud and fearless. A hulking, 6-foot-4 man weighing at least 300 pounds, O'Neal was a large presence onstage and off, intimidating audiences of strangers as well...
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Published Date: 11/4/2014
For three decades, curmudgeonly "60 Minutes" commentator Andy Rooney ranted about this, that and the other. We've assembled eight great Rooney quotes in one quiz. Take the quiz and see if you can tell what Rooney was ranting about.
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Published Date: 10/7/2014
Poet and author Edgar Allan Poe was a master of the macabre, penning some of the greatest works of terror and horror in literary history. His most famous, "The Raven," is a timeless classic, as powerful today as when it was first published in 1845. Take our...
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